Monday, January 19, 2009

Toyota broken into on Avers

Good morning, everyone, it's 12:46am. Well, I'm going to have the radio until about 6pm tonight since I have to go to bed extra early for tests tomorrow. I'm not looking forward to the tests, LOL. I'll have info posted up about it tomorrow if anyone's interested. Here is crime for today.

12:42am - Criminal damage to property. 2910 N Avers. A male Hispanic broke into a black Toyota and fled north on Avers. This is the only call I'm covering until 8am. Good night everyone.
I'm back. It's 8:23am.

8:20am - Beat car 2523 asks for an S.O.B mission on the beat.

8:28am - Parker. 2439 N Avers. Something about a ticket and a car being doubled parked.

8:32am - Traffic accident. 2219 N Lawndale. Hit and run.

8:45am - Domestic disturbance. 3048 N Hauseen Court. Someone is having a problem with the boyfriend. Note: There's been calls at this address recently.

9:04am - Parker. 3601 W Wrightwood. Moving truck parked out in front.

9:21am - Beat 2523 is doing a premise check at 3181 N Milwaukee.

10:16am - Traffic accident. North and Pulaski. With injures. Fire is in route.

10:29am - Burglar alarm. 3844 W Wabansia. No further information.

10:38am - Theft. 2990 N Milwaukee. Male White with dark clothing just stole $100. Fled north.

11:00am hour - An RD was pulled from the 10:38am job. It is HR128124.

12:34pm - Loud music disturbance. 3071 N Hauseen Court. Loud music coming from the 2nd floor.

12:45pm - Traffic accident. Diversey and Killbourn. Two car accident. No injures.

12:55pm - The 12:45pm job is coded out 18Boy because nobody is there.

12:56pm - They're calling back on the 12:34pm job.

1:03pm - Beat car 2522 made the "pooky" girl from the 12:56pm job turn down her music. It's coded 5Frank.

1:06pm - Traffic accident. Pulaski and Diversey. No injures.

1:08pm - The burglar alarm from the 10:29am job is going off again.

1:13pm - Beat 2544 is doing some traffic control at the 1:06pm job.

1:24pm - Beat car 2523 has a "Tinted Window" mission at Wrightwood and Keeler. Event number going on the PDT.

1:25 to 2:00pm - Some stuff was going down, but I wasn't paying attention to what was happening.

2:11pm - Disturbance. 4021 W Belmont. Unwanted female at the nursing home.

2:18pm - Beat 2524 has a traffic stop at Pulaski and Diversey.

3:02pm - Theft. 2516 N Lawndale. A grill was just stolen from the backyard. The offender fled south in an older junk truck in the alley west of Lawndale.

3:23pm- Traffic accident. North and Pulaski. No injures.

3:24pm - Recover stolen property. 1717 N Ridgeway. Something about a cell phone recovered.

3:40pm to 4:20pm - Was not paying attention. Sorry.

4:33pm - Person with a gun. 1949 N Pulaski. A male Black, heavy set, sliver hat, known as "Terry", pointed a gun at the caller and went into the cell phone store with a female.

4:34pm - Parker. 2517 N Avers. Red truck blocking something.

4:36pm - Update on the 4:33pm job: It appears the vitcim's at Cortland Foods, 1854 N Pulaski.

4:53pm - The 4:34pm job is coded out 6Boy.

4:54pm - Dispatch and Beat car 2593Tom have a dispute over Indiana dealer plates.

4:59pm - Disturbance. 2129 N Springfield. Someone is having a problem with their brother.

5:10pm - Beat 2524 is running a Michigan plate somewhere.

5:16pm - DUI driver. Ridgeway and Altgeld. Male Hispanic, 50 years of age, navy jacket is drunk and is driving a Ford Windstar recklessly. By the way, the plate came back clear and valid.

5:34pm - DUI driver. Hamlin and Wrightwood. Male driver nearly crashed into several cars. He is also going in and out of lanes and drove up on the sidewalk at one point.

5:40pm - The 5:16pm job is coded out 6Boy.

5:42pm - Domestic disturbance. 2447 N Konster. 19 yr old causing problem.

5:54pm - I'm going to go eat now.

5:59pm - Parker. 2557 N Monticello. No further information.

6:04pm - Traffic accident. North and Lawndale. No injures

6:09pm - I'm back from dinner.

6:29pm - I have to go do some stuff before I go to bed. Good night everyone and I'll be back tomorrow.

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