Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Cops try to prevent group fights last night

Good morning. It's 6:42am. Besides the large group gatherings/fights (in the area of Barry and Monticello) last night around here, nothing else really happened. Wait, I take that back. A reader over at "Broken Heart" really pissed me off this morning. On Craig's post yesterday (about my observations at Sullivan), this guy decides to talk down on my disabled peers and myself, about why we went to a shopping mall (to learn how to SPEND MONEY, perhaps?) and about how we go on weekly trips. Personally, that's nobody's business on why we go. If you want to know so much, come travel with us weekly. I explained to this guy, scarcastally and in a very pissed off mode, why we do this. He isn't going to like my response, but too bad. He should have never asked in the first place. He should've only discussed what goes down at my crazy school instead of deciding to talk down on my disabled peers and I. We don't deserve that treatment. We've never done anything to anybody. Here is crime for today.
I'm back. It's 4:42pm.

4:39pm - Recover the stolen auto. 2535 or 2440 N Tripp. Either way, it's a '95 Grey Nissan.

4:40pm - Disturbance. 3084 N Milwaukee. Group of people causing a disturbance.

5:19pm - I'm going to go until dinner time, because I have some other things to do. I'll be back. Catch you guys later.

7:34pm - I'm back. It looks like there's been a shooting at Dickens and Konster. Person was shot in the leg. Crime scene was found at 2054 N Konster.

8:03pm - I have to go now. Good night everyone. I'll be back tomorrow. It's been rather quiet around here today.

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