Saturday, July 31, 2010

Animal Dragging On Wrightwood

Good evening, everyone, it's 9pm. Sorry for almost no post today, but I was resting this morning then I went to the hospital, for my tooth. My mouth got really swollen. The dentist worked on it, took the swelling down somewhat. It's better than it was. Anyway, I'll be posting up the CAPS meetings for August up in a post right after midnight. Here's crime for this evening.

9:08pm - Animal abuse. Wrightwood and Lawndale. Females dragging animals west, towards Ridgeway. One animal appears to be dead.

9:10pm - Beat car 2524 has a traffic stop at Central Park and Wrightwood.

9:25pm - Some call for 2829 N Kenneth.

9:38pm - Disturbance. 4147 W Fletcher. Kids on scooter bikes.

9:47pm - Disturbance. Palmer and Springfield. Car keeps revving up it's engine.

9:48pm - Disturbance. 1828 N Harding.

10:01pm - Loud music disturbance. 2051 N Keeler. Loud party.

10:19pm - I'm sleepy, so I'm going to bed. Good night, everyone.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Call On Harding

Good morning, everyone, it's 12am. Day 12 of this sickness stuff. I virtually have no stomach pains, but now my cold's acting up and the left side of my teeth are hurting. Ugh. I need to get better already. Anyway, I'll try to stay up until 5am, but I doubt I will. I'll probably be in bed by 2 or 3. If that's the case, I'll get up during the overnight hours tomorrow or some other time. So, here is crime for today.

12:25am - Some call at 2833 N Harding.

12:40am - There was a call involving a male walking west on Cortland from Central Park. The call came from that group home on the corner, 3601 W Cortland.

12:48am - Report of a gang fight at Kostner and Parker, by the park. One officer comes over the air right after Dispatch reads it out to tell her that he cleared out the people in the park.

1:44am - Beat car 2534 has a traffic stop at Springfield and Wabansia.

3:46am - I can't stay up any longer. I'll finish this off tomorrow, maybe. See you all later.

11:05am - I'm back. Good morning.

11:22am - 1) Suspicious vehicle. Diversey and Kostner. Blue Windstar had grabbed some children off the street last night. It's out there right now. 2) Burglar report. Fullerton and Monticello.

11:24am - Burglar alarm. 2329 N Monticello.

11:39 to about 12:30pm - I fell asleep. Sorry. But, there seemed to be repeated calls from 2329 N Monticello.

12:55pm - Person w/ a gun. 2242 N Avers.

1:08 to 2:40pm - Fell asleep, again. Sorry.

3:00 to 4:11pm - Again, I fell asleep.

4:12pm - Domestic disturbance. Avers and Armitage. Baby momma's daddy tried to ram the caller's car.

4:13pm - The 4:12pm job is now being called in as Shakespeare and Hamlin, with now a brother involved.

4:33pm - 1) Criminal trespass in progres. 2933 N Avers. Male in the rear. 2) Disturbance. 2842 N Kostner. Something about scoping out someone regarding garbage.

4:40pm - Domestic disturbance. 2522 N Kildare.

4:41pm - Criminal damage. 1646 N Springfield.

4:59pm - A unit needs another car, with a working computer, is needed at Wrightwood and Ridgeway. 2573 will go.

5:01pm - Check the well being. 2020 N Hamlin. Elderly male screaming in an apartment.

5:04pm - Narcotics. On 2525's Beat.

5:11 to 5:42pm - Fell asleep, again.

5:52pm - Person w/ a gun. Kostner and Schubert. Three males with guns.

5:58 to 6:29pm - Again. I apologize.

6:37pm - Traffic accident. Diversey and Pulaski.

6:48pm - The 6:37pm accident is under the viaduct west of Pulaski.

7:13pm - Burglar report. 3621 W Wrightwood.

7:20pm - Battery in progress. Fullerton and Springfield. Gangbangers fighting.

8:04pm - Burglar alarm. 4055 W Parker.

8:13 to 8:46pm - Fell asleep.

9:12 to 10:34pm - Fell asleep.

10:34pm - Battery in progress. 4031 W Nelson. People pulling up in a black SUV to fight someone.

10:39pm - I can't stay up any longer. Goin' to bed. Good night.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Homless Sleeping Near Nursing Home, Burglar Report On Harding

Good morning, everyone, it's 9:27am. Feeling better. Believe it or not, I'm still not 100%, but I should be there by early next week. I hope, at least, because I'm sick of this. This is day 11. Anyway, it's supposed to be cooler today. In the low to mid 80s with tons of sun. Also, I'll be taking a nap at some point tonight, before midnight, so I can monitor overnight tonight, hopefully. Here is crime for today.

Around 8:30am - There was a disturbance with homeless sleeping by the nursing home at 4021 W Belmont. Also, around 8:45, there was some sort of carbon monoxide incident at 2141 N Karlov.

9:27am - Burglar report. 3123 N Harding.

10:31am - Domestic disturbance. 4137 W Barry. Two females arguing.

10:45am - Assault report. 3737 W George. Landlord's son threatened the complainant yesterday.

10:53am - Burglar alarm. 2218 N Kedvale.

11:21 to 12:12pm - Fell asleep. Sorry.

12:13pm - They're calling back on the 10:45am job.

12:15 to 1:47pm - Fell asleep again.

3:12pm - Parker. Shakespeare and Hamlin.

3:46pm - Suspicious vehicle. 2701 N Kildare. Something about a car in a parking lot.

4:45pm - Bus alarm. Belmont and Pulaski. Heading towards Milwaukee Ave. is CTA bus #6797, that has it's alarm sounding.

5:03 to about 5:19pm - Fell asleep again. Sorry.

5:34pm - Some at 2912 N Central Park.

5:47pm - Battery in progress. Barry and Tripp. Two males fighting in the street.

5:55pm - Suspicious person. 3747 W Palmer.

6:03pm - Gang disturbance. 23X6 N Springfield. At least seven causing a ruckus.

6:05pm - Battery in progress. 1625 N Harding. Two males fighting with a family surrounding them.

6:12pm - Another car needed at the 6:05pm job. Some hollering can be heard in the background. The wagon is also needed.

6:15pm - Disturbance. Beilfuss Park. By the soccer field, there's two males and on female drinking.

6:30pm - Theft. 3910 W Wellington. $2,000 stolen from the 86 yr old grandma.

7:02pm - I have to go eat. I'll be back.

7:44pm - I'm back.

7:45pm - Fire. Springfield and Diversey. Smoke coming from a building.

8:00pm - The 7:45pm job is coded 15Paul.

8:44pm - 1) Burglar alarm. 4246 W Fullerton. 2) Disturbance. 3834 W Palmer.

9:05pm - Some call at Belmont and Monticello.

9:39pm - Criminal damage in progress. 4300 W Diversey.

10:09pm - Gang disturbance. Karlov and Palmer. Three of them acting up.

10:10pm - Traffic accident. 1920 N Lawndale.

10:11pm - Shots Fired. Diversey and Kostner. Two heard, followed by two males running towards Parker.

10:18pm - Municipal ordinance violation. 3133 N Milwaukee.

10:33pm - Information for the police. 3100 block of N Milwaukee Ave. Black SUV involved in a sexual assault was seen parked on the block.

11:32pm - Fire. 1931 N Hamlin. Garage.

11:41pm - Gang disturbance. 38X6 W Diversey.

11:48pm - Disturbance. 4325 W Schubert. Teens on the elderly neighbor's porch.

11:54pm - Disturbance. 3737 W McLean. Loud group in front.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Beat 2523 CAPS Meeting This Evening (7-28-10)

Good evening, everyone. The meeting this month had a pretty good sized crowd, I would say. I have no old problems I personally have to report, so I'm going straight to the new problems.

New problems:
* Milwaukee and Belmont - Five Latin guys disguise theirselves as day laborers are really selling and doing drugs.
* On Kostner, there is drinkers and loud music.
* On Hamlin, there was a bike theft, several problems with drunks, among other things.
* A building in the area is getting tagged heavliy.
* Large gathering of drunks in the alley behind Mulica's (Milwaukee and Haussen). They gather in groups of 15-20.

Other observations:
> This was one of the greatest meetings I've ever been to. I was applauded for the work I've been doing by CAPS Sgt. Timothy Weiglein and the entire room. I was applauded because they say I've been doing great work. I appriecate the praise I got for my work. Remember, it's for all of you. I'm here to help make this community safe for all. And, right back to the CPD, thank you so much for the work you do to keep all of us safe. You guys put your lives on the lines everyday, and I thank you for serving and protecting all of us.
> The most incidents took place in the 2900 block of N Avers. As usual, the most crimes were battery (24 reported incidents), theft (14 reported incidents) and criminal damage (12 reported incidents). The most incidents took place on Saturdays and Fridays. Most incidents took place on the street (38 reported incidents) and on the sidewalk (16 reported incidents). The most incidents took place in the 6pm, 8pm and 10am hours.

As I do in every Beat meeting post, I extend my thanks to all for being involved in this meeting. We are making progress for sure, I think, but work still needs to be done. Further more, I am very thankful to be welcomed at the meetings by everyone. At first, I thought I would get the boot because of this blog, but the complete opposite has happened, which I am grateful to everyone there for. Once again, I ask for those residents who read the blog but don't come to the meetings (because they don't want to), please, come! It only takes ONE hour of your time, and we need all of the help we can get.

Just FYI -- I will NOT be attending the August CAPS meeting, which is on the 25th of August. I will be on my small vacation from the blog and CAPS at the time of the next meeting. As much as I like coming to the meetings and doing the blog, I need a break :). But I definitely plan on coming back in September.

Thank you,

"Homeless" In Belmont Alley

Good morning, everyone, it's 9:57am. Today would be the 10th day that I've been sick with the stomach virus. Of course, it's not nearly as half as bad as it was last week, but my stomach still hurts me. Now it's really interfering with my things to do. Tonight, I'm going to the CAPS Beat 2523 meeting on Milwaukee Ave. anyway. This isn't going to stop me. Now, if the meeting was last week, I would've missed it, but this has been going on for too long now. Luckily, though, I read somewhere these things start going away after 10 days. Anyway, it's supposed to be in the upper 80s with sun, clouds and storms. Here's crime for today.

11:28am - Disturbance. 3743 W Belmont. In the alley, the "homeless" are setting up shop.

12:09pm - Public service announcement from Alderman Mell's (33rd) office. Sent to me by a reader via email:
Dear 33rd Ward Resident,
We have begun the process of applying for flood assistance from the Federal government for the storm we had on July 24, 2010, and we need your help in establishing a claim.
Please click on and provide the necessary information so the 33rd Ward community can participate in any assistance the federal government may provide.

Sincerely yours,
Alderman Richard F. Mell

3:51pm - Disturbance. On the 20 sector of 25.

4:11pm - Disturbance. 4441 W Diversey. Problem with the manager.

4:12pm - Disturbance. 2630 N Central Park. Problem with the neighbor.

4:38pm - Person w/ a knife. 3851 W Schubert. People fighting with knives in the hallway.

4:59pm - For those of you who have a hard time understanding the codes, there's a section on the right of this page. It is labeled "What The Codes Mean". Hope that helps readers keep theirselves informed as into what the codes mean.

5:11pm - Ok, I'm going to grab a bite to eat, then I'm going to be making my way to the Copernicus Center for the CAPS Beat 2523 meeting.

9:24pm - I'm finally back. Good evening.

9:28pm - There's a call involving a garage at 3125 N Davlin.

9:33pm - Narcotics. 37X7 W George. Male giving out liquor and marijuana to a kid.

11:00pm hour - Didn't pay attention. Sorry.

12:00am - I'm going to bed. I'll be back in the morning. Night, everyone.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Handwaver At Fullerton And Hamlin

Good morning, everyone, it's 8:02am. I still don't feel 100 percent. Although I'm way better than I was last week, I'm still not all that there. My stomach still hurts. Hopefully that goes away, as I've got things that have to be done, and this is really holding me back from doing those things. Anyway, I'm monitoring 14 for most of the day. I'm starting at 9:44. It'll take too long to write the whole schedule here, but that will take a while to write. Also, it's going to be about 90 degrees, so it will be hot again. Here's crime for today.

8:08am - A unit has a handwaver at Fullerton and Hamlin.

8:09am - Check the well being. 2623 N Hamlin. Grandma needs to be checked on.

9:26am - Criminal trespass in progress. 2425 N Avers.

9:29am - Beat 2593Boy has a street stop at Diversey and Harding.

9:31am - Beat 2593B asks for a park check at Koz. Event number is 04797.

9:44am - I'm now listening to 14 until 10:29. Then, I'll go on a break until 10:54.

9:58am - Disturbance. 2409 W Moffat. Kids, aged six to 12, are causing a ruckus on the street.

9:59am - Disturbance. Damen and Fullerton. Homeless female sleeping on the bench.

10:01am - Missing person report. 2649 W George. Male Hispanic, 25, brown button-up shirt and shorts, and blue backpack, went missing at 9am yesterday morning. He has some sort of condition.

10:11am - Person down. 2534 W George. Male down since 7:30. They're just now calling.

10:13am - Beat 1406Boy has a street stop at Lyndale and Western.

10:16am - Domestic disturbance. 3010 W Palmer. Problem with the girlfriend. Anonymous caller says that the victim just came out of court regarding a court order for her.

10:29am - Ok, I'm going on my break now. I'll be back at 10:54.

10:54am - And I'm back.

10:59am - Tree blocking a lane. Kedzie just north of Armitage.

11:05am - Disturbance. 2604 W North Ave. Problem with the neighbor over property.

11:19am - Beat car 1432 asks for a park check at Holestin.

11:28am - I'm going on my second break. I'll be back at 12:20pm.

12:20pm - I'm back. Good afternoon.

12:21pm - Some call at 2731 N Elston.

12:24pm - Person wanted. 3554 W Diversey. Woman wanted for a warrant.

12:33pm - I'm done with 14 until 2:06.

12:35pm - The sequence of monitoring 25 (until 2:06) has begun...

1:48pm - EMS run. Koz Park. Three males passed out.

1:53pm - EMS isn't needed at the 1:48pm job. The guys are drunk but aren't passed out.

2:06pm - I'm monitoring 14 again. Until 2:26, then I'll have a three minute break (to 2:29), then I'll monitor 14 through 8:30.

2:26pm - I'm taking my real quick break.

2:29pm - Ok, now I'm here non-stop until 8:48.

2:36pm - Traffic accident. On California. Involving a CTA bus.

2:38pm - Disturbance. Cortland and Drake. Three males on bikes, loitering. Caller is concerned because of the gang activity that's been occurring in the area.

3:07pm - Suspicious person. 2836 W Dickens.

3:10 to 3:18pm - Kind of fell asleep. Sorry.

3:16pm - Some call at the Bank of America on Milwaukee Ave.

3:21pm - Burglar alarm. 2539 N St. Louis.

3:28pm - Disturbance/battery. 2124 W Armitage. First call came in as a disturbance, as a problem with a male. Then, a second call came in, which then said the caller was punched in the face. The offender is in front of 2141. He's highly intoxicated, and the caller wants him locked up.

3:39pm - Whoever was affected by the flooding from the storms last Friday or Saturday, in order for you to get help from the federal government if you need it, you need to sign a petition at your local alderman's office. The more signatures, the better. Good luck.

3:55pm - Burglar alarm. 3131 N Bernard.

3:58pm - Assist the citizen. 3036 W Fletcher.

4:04pm - The 3:58pm job is now coming in as a "battery in progress". There's a female hitting the mom.

4:05pm - Battery in
progress. 1900 N Sawyer. Kids from the group home fighting in front.

4:09pm - 1) Assault in progress. 3035 W Belmont. Group of females threatening the complainant. 2) Check the well being. 1838 N Washtenaw. Caller would like CPD to see if everyone at the location is ok, because there is a history of violence at the location. 3) Suspicious vehicle. 1636 N Mozart. A car has been "left behind" there.

4:12pm - Traffic accident. Fullerton and Kimball. Bicyclist hit by a truck.

4:13pm - Parker. 2502 N Artesian. Car blocking the handicap space.

4:25pm -
Battery in progress. Damen and Fullerton. Female beating a male in the parking lot.

4:28pm - A slow down is being given on the 4:25pm job.

4:29pm - Deceptive practice. 2838 W North Ave. At Burger King. Male trying to cash a fake check.

5:07pm - Suspicious vehicle. 3501 W Belden. Car parked at the location has a number of plates inside of it.

5:13pm - Beat car 1412 is doing park checks at Unity and Fireman. Event number for Unity is 12830 and Fireman is 12833.

5:16pm - Disturbance. Humboldt and Wabansia. Group of males harassing people, throwing rocks.

5:26pm - Battery. Kimball and Fullerton. Caller was attacked by a male with a stick.

5:31pm - Municipal ordinance violation. Fullerton and Sacramento. Oil from the car shop is spilling onto the street.

6:17pm - Parker. 2447 N Central Park.

6:38pm - Disturbance. 3036 N Albany. Five males drinking in a car in front.

6:43pm - Beat 1432Henry has a traffic stop at Bloomingdale and Spaulding.

7:05pm - Beat car 1431 has a stop at Milwaukee and Francis.

7:06pm - A unit has a stop at 2834 W Fullerton.

7:09pm - Beat 1480 and the 1481 team are doing something at Kedzie and Logan.

7:12pm - Battery in progress. Albany and Diversey. Multiple calls for a gang fight breaking out. First calls originally were gang disturbances, with seven of them loitering. Now there's a fight.

7:14pm - A slow down is being given on the 7:12pm job.

7:15pm - Violation order of protection. 2754 W Fullerton. Caller's got an order against the 30 yr old son and he took the car.

7:16pm - Contact cards are being done from the fight at Diversey and Albany.

7:24pm - 1) Disturbance. 25XX W Lyndale. Male chasing a group, going towards Maplewood on Lyndale. 2) Gun turn-in. 2948 W Schubert. Caller was cleaning out the vacant garage and found a gun.

7:27pm - Beat 1405 is doing park checks at Holestin and Haas. Event number is Holestin is 14401 and Haas is 14405.

7:34pm -
Battery in progress. 1730 N St. Louis. Bunch of kids fighting in the street.

7:40pm - Domestic battery in progress. 2455 N Albany. 17 yr old daughter and mom are fighting.

7:41pm - Two males going east on Logan Boulevard from Kedzie, attacking citizens. They're on the north side of the street. This is per Beat 1480.

7:44pm - Burglar alarm. 2333 N Milwaukee Ave.

8:02pm - Barking dog. Barry and Bernard. In the red building, on the west side of the street.

8:04pm - Disturbance. Elston and Logan. In the Target parking lot, a couple of teens under 15 are throwing rocks at the parked cars.

8:12pm - 1) Disturbance. 1742 N Humboldt. The neighbor in the next apartment keeps knocking on the door. 2)
Battery in progress. 1619 N Maplewood. Two males fighting in front.

8:15pm - Beat 1405 asks for park checks at Skate, Unity and Maplewood. Event number for skate is 16231, event number for Unity is 16232 and Maplewood is 16234.

8:38pm - Disturbance. Logan and Western. In the skate park, there's a group of kids in there with bikes.

8:46pm - Gang disturbance. 29X1 N Kedzie. Nine of them throwing bottles.

8:47pm - 1) Disturbance. 2743 N Spaulding. Two males turning over trash cans. 2) Parker. 2822 N Christina. There has been a car parked there for four days straight.

8:48pm - I'm finished listening to 14 until 10:10. Here's 25 in the meantime.

9:15pm - Traffic accident. Belmont and Pulaski.

9:28pm - Burglar alarm. 2200 N Hamlin. At Mozart school.

10:10pm - I'm now listening to 14 for the final time until next month. I will stop monitoring at 10:43, then I'm going to do a couple of other things then hit the hay.

10:12pm - Battery in progress. Diversey and Sacramento. Two men fighting with baseball bats.

10:33pm - 1) Assault in progress. 1643 N Talman. 2) Disturbance. 2870 N Drake. 3) Suspicious vehicle. Kedzie and Palmer.

10:43pm - I'm finished blogging for the night. See you all in the morning. Good night.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Noise Complaint On Hamlin

Good morning, everyone, it's 6:40am. I'm currently listening to 17 on this really beautiful day. It's gorgeous out there. Ok, so my schedule will be listening to 17 until 8am, then take a little nap and come back with 25 for the rest of the day. Anyway, I would just like to say thank you to all of you for your support. I'm extremely grateful for it. Here's crime for today.

7:09am - Noise complaint on Hamlin.

8:00am - Ok, I'm gone with 17 until August. Be back with 25 by 9:15.

9:57am - I'm back, with 25. Sorry I wasn't back sooner.

10:08am - A unit asks for a check at Diversey and Kostner. Event number is 05868.

10:21am - Beat 2506 needs a Polish speaker at 3020 N Hamlin. 2515 is coming over.

10:47am - Domestic disturbance. 2932 N Hamlin. Baby daddy at the door.

10:51am - The 10:47am guy is an IG, and he threatened to blow up the building.

11:12am - Disturbance. 2300 block of N Monticello. Drinkers.

11:43am to 12:00pm - Fell asleep. Sorry.

12:46pm - Car battery (LOL! But seriously, it's criminal damage) in progress. Diversey and Avers. Caller's car is getting beaten up.

1:08pm - Traffic accident. 2739 N Pulaski.

1:13pm - Disturbance. 3959 W Armitage. Three males loitering in front of Pioneer Liquors.

1:53pm - Beat 2565Boy asks for a burglary mission event number on the 20 sector. It's 09783.

4:28pm - Narcotics. 37X6 W Lyndale. Five to six teens selling out of a green vehicle.

4:47 to 4:57pm - Fell asleep, again.

5:07pm - Recover stolen vehicle. 4000 block of W Nelson.

5:12pm - Suspicious vehicle. 3069 N Haussen. Red car in front has some guy parked in it.

5:14pm - The 5:12pm job is now a "theft in progress". The car belongs to a neighbor, and it's being driven off by a male White in his 30s.

5:15pm - A unit has a stop in the alley of 4407 W Diversey.

5:16pm - Beat car 2525 has a traffic stop at 3951 W Fullerton.

5:19pm - A unit has a stop at 1745 N Springfield.

5:39pm - Criminal trespass in progress. 3714 W Wrightwood. Female Hispanic with a pink t-shirt has been going back and forth in the property that has four locks on it.

5:53pm - Disturbance. 4100 W Fullerton. At U-Haul. Drunk male is camped out behind a truck there, refuses to leave.

6:39pm - Person shot. 4237 W George. Shots were fired from a BB gun and a neighbor was hit.

7:07pm - I have to go eat. I'll be back.

7:27pm - I'm back.

7:54 to 8:23pm - Fell asleep. Again. Sorry.

8:47pm - Domestic disturbance. Pulaski and Dickens. Male told a female to get into a car, or he was going to shoot her.

8:48pm - Disturbance. 2121 N Keeler. At Nixon school. Group of kids trying to break a ladder attached to the school.

9:46pm - Battery victim injured. Milwaukee and Avers. Homeless male was battered near the barber shop and appears to be unconscious.

10:06pm - Person w/ a knife. 2500 block of N Avers. Two female Blacks fighting with knives.

10:26pm - Gang disturbance. 4400 block of W Parker. 4 to 5 of them involved in gang activity.

11:14pm - Sex offense. 2540 N Ridgeway. Evening delight going on in a car in the alley.

11:35pm - Parker. 2800 block of N Ridgeway. Permits.

12:00am - I'm going to go. I'll be back with 14 for most of the day tomorrow.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

"Homeless" Mission Near Diversey And Kostner

Good morning, everyone, it's 11:30am. I'm still feeling a little sick. Today's a week. I need to get better already, I've got things I need to do. Anyway, it's much more cooler out. Beautiful day out. If I weren't still a little sick, I'd be out there. I don't want to keep you guys on my personal notes (because it'll make a few people mad), so here's crime for today.

11:30am - Beat 2520 asks for -- what he's calling it -- a homeless mission in the alleys around Diversey and Kostner. Event number is 07979.

12:16pm - Sex offense. 2990 N Milwaukee. Male Hispanic, 30s, striped shirt walking down the street, with his pants down I guess.

12:31pm - Pit bull running loose. 2430 on Kildare.

12:35pm - Disturbance. 3035 N Pulaski. By Autozone. Panhandler.

2:19pm - Backlog in 25 at 14:19 hours.

2:41pm - Sounds like there's a municipal ordinance violation at Parker and Kostner.

4:20pm - Commercial alarm. 4200 W Diversey.

6:15pm - Person w/ a gun. 3055 N Milwaukee. Five gangbangers trying to make a guy throw up gang signs. The one with a Pittsburgh Pirate's hat has a gun. This is in the alley.

6:25pm - I have to go eat. I'll be back.

6:42pm - I'm back.

7:27pm - Burglary. 2236 N Central Park. Ladder is up against one of the windows to an apartment. The window is open. Someone is either breaking in or may be breaking in.

7:30pm - A total disregard is given on the 7:27pm job.

7:36pm - Assault. 1929 N Pulaski. At the Gevena Foundation. 18 yr old resident was hit by a car. His baby momma was driving.

8:00 to 8:39pm - Fell asleep. Sorry.

9:19pm - Foot chase. Wellington and Hamlin. Two males running north, towards Milwaukee, from 2524. One has on a blue t-shirt, another has on a white t-shirt.

9:20pm - Someone's in custody. 2932 N Hamlin.

9:21pm - Beat 1462Boy was the unit that did the chase.

9:23pm - Officers are talking about George just west of Hamlin. Something must've jumped off while I was sleeping.

9:26pm - Battery in progress. 3604 W Schubert. Domestic related. Fight in the basement involving the brother in-law. There's also a fight on the street.

9:27pm - 1) Assault. 3138 N Lawndale. Car with a plate of K4704705 had a known male in it. He threatened the caller's husband. 2) Burglar report. 2959 N Lawndale.

9:54pm - Some incident at the Fullerton Hotel, 3919 W Fullerton.

10:02pm - Reckless driver. Milwaukee Ave. and Central Park. Car going the wrong way on a side street? Must be Gresham, then.

10:11pm - An RD number has been pulled from 2800 N Kimball, from a traffic accident. It is HS429412 with the event number of 187X3.

10:49pm - Battery in progress. 2911 N Kostner.

10:51pm - A slow down is being given down on the 10:49pm job.

11:12pm - Assault in progress. 3801 W Wabansia. Neighbor's bothering the caller over permit parking.

11:13pm - Battery in progress. 2409 N Ridgeway. Tall male White beating a female, dragging her towards Fullerton.

11:23pm - Beat car 2524Robert is transporting the female party somewhere from the 11:13pm job.

11:41pm - 1) Traffic accident. 2918 N Avers. Two cars, no injuries. In the alley. 2) Burglar report. 2153 N Karlov.

11:43pm - Beat 2561Adam has a traffic stop at Ridgeway and Armitage.

11:52pm - Battery in progress. 2400 block of N Lawndale. In the alley between Ridgeway and Lawndale, people are fighting.

11:57pm - Battery in progress. 2512 N Harding. Two males going at it from an auto accident. Also coming in as Altgeld and Harding.

12:00am - I'm going to go. I'll be back with 17 tomorrow from 6:40-8am. Good night, everyone :).

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Burglary Mission On The 20 Sector

Good morning, everyone, it's 11:30am. I'm feeling the same as I have been for the last two days. Anyway, I need to address something with all of you. I feel I need to say something. What I will address here is the lack of respect that I have been getting from some of you lately. Most of you are really nice and thoughtful with your comments, but there are some out there who need not say anything and still do. For example, on a recent post, there was a debate about bikers and their race. It got very heated, and a reader ended up accusing me of being racist, just because I mentioned a race. I'll just say this, there is NO way in hell that I'm racist. Just no. So, to wrap this up, I honestly don't care if you guys disrespect each other. That's your thing (but, of course, if you'd like me to say something to the person who's disrespecting you, I can). But I will NOT tolerate disrespect towards myself. Why? Because I'm nice enough to care about you guys to blog crime for this community. I'm even doing it when I'm sick, when I should be doing nothing but sleeping. I don't have to do this, just know that. Quite frankly, a teen like me should be outside, looking for girls and what not. But I care enough to do this. So, I feel insulted when I get accused of things that are clearly false about me. After today, no more of it. I'll just delete your comments. So, yeah, sorry for the long entry, but this has gotten me somewhat pissed off. Without further a do, here's crime for today.

11:35am - Beat 2565Adam asks for a burglary mission on the 20 sector of 25. I can't confirm this, since event numbers this high are NEVER given out this early, but Dispatch says the event number is 10836.

11:42am - Landlord/tenant dispute. 2441 N Kildare. Landlord turned off the water.

12:04pm - Person w/ a gun. Milwaukee and Belmont. Call is coming from the Shell gas station. I have no other information on it.

12:08pm - A slow down is being given on the 12:04pm job.

12:38pm - Battery in progress. 2137 N Lawndale. Something about a guy hitting a crying caller.

1:01pm - A unit asks for a call back on the 12:38pm job.

1:06pm - Domestic battery. 3018 N Hamlin. Male and female fighting in front.

1:08pm - The 12:38pm caller came out. Spanish speaker needed.

1:51 to 4:06pm - I fell asleep. Sorry.

4:35pm - Battery. 3143 N Milwaukee. Behind Taco Bell.

4:58pm - Beat car 2524 has a stop at Kelvyn Park.

5:02pm - Beat 2500, the 25th District Commander, is holding an outdoor roll call at 18:00 (6:00pm) hours at Kelvyn Park, on the Wrightwood side.

5:07pm - Battery in progress. 4106 W Armitage. Males beating on a female.

5:17pm - 1) Disturbance. 3101 N Haussen. The "homeless" are by the garage, refusing to leave. 2) The 1:06pm job is now a disturbance. Guys refuse to leave the porch.

5:46pm - Beat car 2523 is taking one in from Milwaukee and Avers.

5:49pm - Battery in progress. 28X2 N Avers. Five males beating on one.

5:52pm - A disregard is being given on the 5:49pm job.

5:57pm - Distubance. 3620 W Wolfram. Five kids playing basketball in the parking lot of St. Hyancinth's. Cars from a service are still there.

7:10pm - We've got a disturbance, sex offense and criminal damage all rolled into one. Here's what I got. First call came in as a disturbance with three drunks arguing. Then, another call had one of them throwing a brick through a window. At the same time, another dropped his pants. This involves our "lovely" Milwaukee Ave. drunks that have control from Belmont to Central Park. Location of this 911 call is at 3060 N Avers.

7:58pm - Beat car 2523 gets some things on the Beat after lunch.

9:44pm - Some call over at the Fullerton METRA station. The one by Pulaski.

10:41pm - Suspicious person. Palmer and Keystone. Male that is in a parked vehicle has been there for a while. So has the vehicle.

10:44pm - Third call today at 3018 Hamlin. Now it's an EMS run.

10:58pm - Parker. On 2524's Beat.

10:59pm - Backlog in 25 at 22:59 hours. Also, there is no Beat car 2524Robert tonight.

12:00am - I'm gone for the night. Should be back tomorrow. Good night, everyone.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Gangbang Call On Avers

Good morning, everyone, it's 10:52am. I'm starting to feel a lot better. I have still a bit of a ways to go before I'm 100 percent again, but my health is better than it has been in a few days. Anyway, it's REALLY hot out. My God, it's like an oven out there. It's almost 100 degrees. This will lead up to storms, so that should make the bad guys go in. Here's crime for today.

12:28pm - Some call at 24X5 N Avers regarding a gangbanger. Sounded kind of like an assault.

2:36pm - Some call in the coverage area. Wasn't a major call or gang related, but still...

2:59pm - Municipal ordinance violation. Kelvyn Park. People selling ice cream.

3:23pm - Landlord/tenant dispute. 3018 N Hamlin.

3:40pm - 1) Open hydrant. George and Hamlin. Kids are playing in it. 2) Disturbance. 3636 W Oakdale. Elderly man screaming.

5:18pm - They're calling back on the 3:23pm job.

5:42pm - Two reports for a open hydrant at George and Ridgeway. First, I got a comment about it, then on the radio, Beat car 2523 reported it.

5:52pm - Third report for a open hydrant at George and Ridgeway. The hydrant at Oakdale and Ridgeway is also open. Ridgeway from George to Oakdale is completely flooded. This is per Beat 2584.

6:29pm - I have to go eat. I'll be back soon.

6:38pm - I'm back.

7:08pm - Battery in progress. George and Ridgeway. Male and female pushing each other.

8:32pm - Assault. Barry and Karlov. Gangbangers threatened someone.

8:53pm - 1) Loud music disturbance. 3101 N Haussen. 2) Parker. Somewhere in the coverage area.

9:08pm - Person w/ a knife. Somewhere on Milwaukee.

10:43pm - Fire. Fullerton and Kostner. Car.

12:04am - I'm gone for the night. Be back tomorrow. Good night.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Domestic On Nelson

Good afternoon, everyone, it's 2:01pm. I'm feeling a little better today. Well, now, anyway. Wasn't feeling well at all earlier. But I think my health is starting to improve somewhat. I hope it continues to get better, as I've got things to do, and all of this has kept me from doing those things. Anyway, I may monitor 14 again tomorrow or Saturday, depending on how good my health is. So, here's crime for today.

2:03pm - Domestic disturbance. 4103 W Nelson.

3:04pm - Some call for Milwaukee Ave. and Central Park.

3:33pm - Recover stolen vehicle. 3068 N Avers.

4:49pm - Narcotics. 23X2 N Springfield. Teens in front, doing drugs.

5:25pm - Assault in progress. Koz Park. Group of males about to fight on the playground.

6:27pm - EMS run. Hamlin and Milwaukee. Male face down on the ground.

6:30pm - Robbery. Somewhere in the area.

6:45pm - Battery in progress. 3850 W Fullerton. Four males fighting in front and they've got guns.

6:46pm - A slow down is being given on the 6:45pm job.

6:54pm - 1) Disturbance. 2427 N Ridgeway. Group of guys throwing bottles. 2) Disturbance. 3620 W Wolfram. Kids playing and knocking stuff into nearby windows.

6:55pm - Beat 2520 reports that there's an open hydrant in front of Our Lady of Grace.

7:18pm - I have to go eat. I'll be back.

7:31pm - I'm back.

7:32pm - Disturbance. 3110 N Milwaukee. One male is laying on the sidewalk and seven others are blocking the sidewalk.

8:27pm - 1) Gang disturbance. 23X6 N Springfield. 2) Disturbance. Wabansia and Hamlin.

9:04pm - Person calling for help. George and Ridgeway. Female screaming loudly on the corner.

9:35pm - Check the well being. Diversey and Kostner. At the gas station.

10:16pm - Person calling for help. 2400 block of N Hamlin.

11:19 to 11:44pm - Wasn't paying attention. Sorry.

11:45pm - Criminal damage. Kostner and Wrightwood. Male White is tagging.

12:00am - I'm going to go. I'll most likely be back tomorrow. Good night.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Missing Person On Spaulding

Good morning, everyone, it's 8am. I am STILL sick. I've been like this for three days. This sucks. I'm a little worried about it, so I might go to the hospital just to have a doctor to check me out. If I do have something wrong with me, I bet it can most likely be treated by them. Anyway, it's supposed to be in the upper 80s with sunshine today. Just FYI, I may not monitor 14 all day, so whatever times I miss will be monitored in a couple of days. Here is crime for today.

8:16am - Missing person report. 1650 N Spaulding.

8:18am - Some call for 2644 N Mozart.

8:27am - Beat car 1424 has a traffic stop at Fullerton and Spaulding.

8:43am - Traffic accident. Wrightwood and Spaulding. Female hit by car.

8:44am - 1424 is clear from the traffic stop.

9:03am - Missing from 1650 Spaulding is a male White Hispanic, 13 yrs old, medium build and complected, 110 lbs, white t-shirt and blue jeans. He has some sort of ear ring post on his left eyebrow. He is suspected to be a Latin King in the area. Was last seen at 8pm last night. He has had two prior arrest, for unlawful use of a firearm, and for battery.

9:44 to 10:29am - Fell asleep. I'll have to monitor this time period in the next upcoming few days.

10:30am - Beat car 1431 has a traffic stop at Stave and California.

10:38am - Beat 1472, the wagon, is needed at North/Milwaukee/Damen, NW corner at the bus stop. Female is laying on the bus bench and won't get off. She needs to go to a shelter.

10:41am - A sewer is caved in on the corner of Caton and Milwaukee.

10:45am - Landlord/tenant dispute. 1832 N Kimball.

10:54 to 11:28am -
Fell asleep, again.

11:40am - Person w/ a gun. Armitage and California. Male with an orange backpack has a gun. It's in his backpack. He's walking towards McLean.

11:41am - The 11:40am job is domestic related. The suspect battered a woman.

11:44am - Theft. 3415 W Diversey. Caller had their bike stolen by a male in a white t-shirt and brown shorts. He's in his late 20s to 30s. He fled towards Drake. Caller was "very rude" to the call taker.

11:49am - The 11:40/11:41am jobs are coded. Also, Beat car 1412 asks for a call back on the 11:44am job.

11:54am - Disturbance. 1621 N Richmond. Neighbor is dragging things across the floor.

12:03pm - Burglar alarm. 2650 W Cortland.

12:20 to 12:33pm - Wasn't paying attention. Sorry.

12:44pm - Beat 1406Adam has a stop at 1633 N Francisco.

12:47pm - Person calling for help. 3028 N Sawyer. Tow driver is trying to tow a vehicle, but a citizen is getting in the way.

1:01pm - Holding the offender. 2053 N Milwaukee. At CVS.

1:42pm - Open hydrant. Whipple and Wellington. Large group of kids opened the hydrant and are playing in the water.

2:00pm - 1) A unit has a stop at Fransisco and Fletcher. 2) Some call at 2001 N Milwaukee.

2:06 to 2:26pm -
Fell asleep, again.

2:29 to 8:48pm - Went to the hospital to try to figure out what exactly is wrong with me. Turns out I have a stomach virus. That's what has been really hurting me, to be truthful. The cold I can deal with. But I've had stomach pains since Sunday. I'm getting some medicine tomorrow for my virus. I should be completely better by next week.

9:13pm - Narcotics. Somewhere in 14.

9:49pm - 1) Disturbance. 1632 N Fairfield. 2) Some call at 1918 N Mozart.

10:10 to 10:43pm - Wasn't really paying attention. I apologize.

10:55pm - Traffic accident. 2475 N Milwaukee. Three cars, no injuries.

10:56pm - Loud music disturbance. 2755 W Belmont. Auto shop is still open and is blasting music.

10:57pm - Parker. 2925 N Talman.

10:59pm - Person w/ a gun. 1829 N Drake. Male walking towards Bloomingdale with several others has a gun.

11:10 to 11:17pm - Some officers are talking about a situation at Lyndale and Oakley which involve bolt cutters.

11:25pm - Person w/ a knife. Armitage and Western. Male threatened another guy with a knife.

11:44pm - The 11:25pm job is now coming in as a "battery in progress", with a male beating a female.

11:59pm - Shots Fired. Maplewood and Lyndale. Couple of calls coming in for five gunshots heard.

12:00am - Ok, I'm gone for the night. I should be back tomorrow. Good night.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Gun Call At Nelson And Karlov

Good morning, everyone, it's 10:13am. I'm still feeling under the weather. I don't know why. Hopefully, I'll feel better by the end of this week. I really hope so, because I have things to do. I have nothing else to say, so here's crime for today.

10:14am - Person w/ a gun. Nelson and Karlov.

10:15am - The 10:14am job is domestic related.

10:43am - Vandalism in progress. 1853 N Pulaski. Couple of guys tagging and one has a gun.

11:25am - Some call in the area.

11:52am to 12:57pm - Was sleeping.

1:05pm - Disturbance w/ a mental. 2307 N Harding. 27 yr old son is out of control. He's a mental.

1:54pm - Battery in progress. 3847 W Fullerton. Two calls. The first one had a man fighting the bakery manager, then the second call had people fighting.

2:15pm - Beat car 2532 needs a wagon at the 1:54pm job. They've got an arrest, but the guy is really big guy and won't fit into the squad car. 2573, the wagon, is coming out of roll call early to come help.

2:31pm - Parker. 2424 N Keeler.

3:03pm - Suspicious person. 4325 W George. Male in his 30s came to the caller's door, asking who lived there. When the guy left, the caller noticed that his screen had been cut.

3:30pm - Assist the citizen. 2920 N Ridgeway.

3:48pm - EMS needed at the 3:30pm job.

4:24pm - Gang disturbance. Belmont and Monticello. Group flashing signs, acting like they want to chase passing cars.

4:53 to 7:14pm - Was sleeping, again.

7:17pm - Domestic disturbance. 2938 N Hamlin. Argument with the husband.

7:18pm - Disturbance. 2432 N Kildare.

7:47pm - Gang disturbance. 23X8 N Springfield.

7:48pm - Beat 2563Charlie is on a stop at 2743 N Avers.

7:49pm - I have to go eat. I'll be back.

8:00pm - I'm back.

8:35pm - Disturbances at 1721 N Springfield and 3850 W Fullerton.

8:55pm - 1) Parker. 2300 N Karlov. 2) Narcotics. Mozart Park.

10:41pm - Burglary. 4306 W Parker.

10:44pm - Fire. 1700 N Lawndale.

10:56pm - Disturbance. 1904 N Harding. Loud female on a cell phone.

10:57pm - Loud music disturbance. 2517 N Tripp.

12:00am - I'm out for the night, people. Good night. I might be back tomorrow, with 14 (I was scheduled to monitor 14 tomorrow, but that may have to be pushed back). Depends on how sick I still am in the morning.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Bank Alarm On Milwaukee

Good morning, everyone, it's 8:11am. I'm feeling a little bit better today. I don't have a fever like I did last night, and I've actually felt like I was going to start sneezing at one point. So I may be getting a little better, but time will tell. Hopefully, I'll feel 100% by Wednesday, or maybe even tomorrow. Anyway, it's supposed to be in the mid 80s today with sun. I have nothing else to say at this point, so here's crime for today.

8:12am - Burglar alarm. 2965 N Milwaukee. At the bank.

8:27am - Battery in progress. Belmont and Lawndale. Two guys fighting with sticks.

8:32am - Beat car 2522 says two drunks were fighting on Belmont, according to witnesses. But he does not see anything.

10:19am - Beat 2520 asks for a premise check at Kelvyn Park HS.

10:54am to 12:36pm - Fell asleep. Sorry.

12:37pm - A slow down is being given for a "battery in progress"/"person w/ a knife" at 3143 N. Milwaukee, the Taco Bell.

12:38pm - An offender from the 12:37pm job is standing on the corner of Milwaukee and Hamlin (the north side of the street, closer to the Taco Bell). He's got no shirt on.

12:42 to 1:53pm - Went back to sleep.

1:54pm - Disturbance/narcotics. Koz Park. Group of men drinking in the park near the baseball field. Also, there's a couple of guys selling drugs nearby in the park.

2:02pm - Suspicious vehicle. 3119 N Pulaski. In front of Northwestern University is a blue vehicle with it's windows broken out.

2:38pm - 1) Robbery. 27X4 N Central Park. Caller was pushed to the ground by a male Hispanic, dark complexion, who grabbed their chain off their neck. He ran towards Diversey. 2) Disturbance. 3636 W Wolfram. Woman refusing to leave the church.

3:14pm - Backlog in 25 at 15:14 hours.

3:21pm - 1) Holding the offender. 3940 W Fullerton. At CVS. 2) Burglar alarm. 2516 N Kostner. 3) Disturbance. Belmont and Milwaukee. Dispute with the day laborers.

3:34pm - Beat car 2521 has a traffic stop at 3572 W Shakespeare.

4:13pm - Assist the citizen. Koz Park. 15 yr old son, who ran away from home, is in the park right now.

4:40pm - 1) Assist the citizen. 2814 N Lawndale. Caller needs help getting belongings from the ex-landlord. 2) Traffic accident. 2914 N Hamlin. Hit and run to a parked car.

4:43pm - Disturbance. 2337 N Monticello.

4:50pm - Gang disturbance. 36X4 W Schubert. They're loitering and flashing signs.

5:06pm - Backlog in 25 taken out at 17:06 hours.

5:07pm - Criminal trespass in progress. 1719 N Harding. Gangbangers in the abandoned building.

6:28pm - Shots Fired. 23X1 N Harding. Gangbangers shooting.

6:54pm - Sex offense. 1800 block of N Ridgeway. Female Black prostitute having sex with a male in a car.

6:55pm - I have to go eat. I'll be back.

7:05pm - I'm back.

7:32pm - Battery in progress. 2334 N Keystone. Two males fighting.

8:01pm - Disturbance w/ a mental. 2638 N Pulaski. Some guy just came into the public storage place and started throwing watermelons at the caller and their family.

8:10pm - Disturbance. Wabansia and Hamlin. Kids loitering, up to no good.

8:53pm - Beat car 2534 just got a call from an off-duty PO, who says there is a gang disturbance on the 3700 block of W Lyndale.

8:54pm - Disturbance on 2523's Beat with kids playing in an alley.

9:03pm - 1) Disturbance. 2132 N Springfield. Noise in the alley. 2) Disturbance. 2247 N Springfield. Kids playing on a front lawn.

9:49 to 10:19pm - I fell asleep, again. Sorry.

10:28pm - Suspicious person. 2421 N Monticello. Two known males trying to get into the caller's house.

10:29pm - Person w/ a gun. 3900 block of W Wrightwood. Group of guys on the block with guns.

10:31pm - 1) Traffic accident. 3727 W Lyndale. 2) Missing person. 3123 N Milwaukee. 88 yr old female went missing.

10:34pm - The 10:29pm job is coded.

11:03pm - 1) Domestic disturbance. 4415 W Wellington. 2) The 10:28pm job is now coming in as an "assault". Complainant was threatened with baseball bats.

12:00am - I'm going to go. I may or may not be back tomorrow. Depends on how sick I am in the morning. Good night, everyone.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Burglar Alarm Sounding At Copernicus Center

Good morning, everyone, it's 8:12am. I don't feel too well this morning. I have a case of summer colds. My throat's sore and my head feels ... you know, like when you have a cold. Anyway, we have a chance for storms today. It's going to be warm, but stormy. Hope they're not too bad. Also, I'll be gone for about an hour or so between 12:15 and 1pm. I'm on another mission, LOL. So, here's crime for today.

8:26am - Burglar alarm. 3160 N Milwaukee. At the Copernicus Center.

8:59am - Loud music disturbance. 2321 N Ridgeway.

9:13am - Beat car 2524 asks for foot patrol in the 4100 block of W Wrightwood. Event number is 06706.

9:36am - Parkers at 4164 W Wellington and at 2747-9 N Kilbourn.

11:21am - Beat 1506 has a high speed pursuit. Chicago and Central. Green vehicle with a plate of K436794 has an occupant who definitely has a gun. Vehicle is going at a high rate of speed. Heading towards Parkside.

11:22am - West on Chicago from Menard.

11:23am - North on Mayfield from Walton.

11:24am - The chase has entered Oak Park. I'll stop monitoring it for now.

11:25am - East on Austin from Augusta. Coming back into Chicago...

11:26am - North on Monitor from Division.

11:27am - Offender is in custody. 1706 N Linder. A slow down is being given.

12:22pm - Disturbance w/ a mental. 3849 W Wrightwood.

1:00 to 1:19pm - The radio was turned down. Sorry.

1:33pm - I'm off to my "mission". I'll be back.

2:50pm - I'm back.

3:34pm - Battery in progress. George and Avers. Gangbangers fighting.

4:52pm - For those interested, I was looking at St. Hyacinth's website, and their annual carnival fest this year is from August 19th to the 22nd.

5:23pm - Person down. 2919 N Avers. Female laying in the grass in front.

6:01pm - Beat car 2524 has a traffic stop at 3706 W Palmer.

6:18pm - Loud music disturbance. 2923 N Kostner.

6:28pm - Gang disturbance. 23X8 N Springfield. They're flashing signs, drinking and smoking marijuana.

6:40pm - I have to go eat. I'll be back.

6:55pm - I'm back.

6:58pm - Some call at 3629 W Dickens.

7:26pm - 1) They're calling back on the 6:28pm job. 2) Disturbance. 2300 N Central Park. Male urinating under the stairway.

8:48pm - To Whoever lives on the 2900 block of N Ridgeway on this list: Shoot me an email, please. I'd just like to ask something. Also, for those who have Facebook, check out my page for this blog.

9:36pm - Criminal trespass in progress. 2337 N Monticello. Males going into a vacant building.

9:39pm - I believe Beat car 2534 has a traffic stop at 2700 N Pulaski.

10:05pm - Everyone, I ask of you for yet another favor. If you are not busy on Monday, July 26th, a trial will be held at 555 W Harrison at 9am. I'm asking for at least a few of you to go in support of a neighbor who was involved in a hit and run on May 3rd of this year at Milwaukee/Diversey/Kimball. The victim emailed me and asked me to ask all of you if you have time to spare on the 26th. This would be a good opportunity to show an interest to make our streets safer. Here is the information, if you'd like to know about the incident:
What: hit 3x by Denise Regalado (19yr old girl with priors for manufacturing and distributing drugs and illegal fire arm possession)
Here is the new article and video produced by CBS:
Case: 10-207298
RD: HS291201
Charges: Leaving the scene of a crime, no proof of insurance, assault ... unfortunately not charged with damage to property, reckless driving, not providing aid to victim.

10:08pm - Vice complaint. On the 20 sector of 25.

10:13pm - Gang disturbance. 44X6 W Altgeld. They're flashing signs and acting like they have a gun.

10:27pm - Shots Fired. 2053 N Avers. Two heard from the alley.

10:29pm - A slow down is being given on the 10:27pm job. It may be fireworks.

10:59pm - Burglar report. 3700 W Dickens.

11:07pm - Criminal damage in progress. 2133 N Karlov. Male breaking windows to the vacant building.

11:08pm - 2140 N Keystone is believed to be being burglarized.

11:10pm - 1) Loud music disturbance. 1714 N Springfield. 2) 2131 N Karlov is calling into to say they've been burglarized.

11:14pm - 1) Loud music disturbance. 2839 N Avers. 2) Traffic accident. Diversey and Pulaski.

11:25pm - Diversey and Pulaski is coded 19Boy. Also, Beat 2552 needs an ambulance at Armitage and Pulaski, for a man in his 30s having a mental episode.

11:30pm - The stuff over on Karlov is coded.

11:31pm - Domestic disturbance. 4439 W Deming. Problem with the pregnant daughter.

11:47pm - Municipal ordinance violation. 1825 N Pulaski. People working on cars in the alley.

11:54pm - Person w/ a gun. Pulaski and Altgeld. Intoxicated male has a gun.

11:58pm - Beat 45Tom71Eddie is on scene of the 11:54pm job, talking to the parties.

12:00am - I'm going to go. Good night, everyone, and I might be back tomorrow. Not totally sure yet.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Homicide On Springfield Overnight

Well, whadya know? Logan Square has officially had it's first Homicide of the year, of 2010. A man was shot in the lower chest around 12:45am this morning in the 2100 block of N. Springfield, according to this Chicago Breaking News article. He was taken to Illinois Masonic, where he was pronounced dead. Also, a woman was shot in this incident. She suffered a graze wound to an unknown part of the body. Her condition is not known at this time.

It is confirmed. First homicide of the year in Logan Square. Well, people, what are we going to do about this? Besides gripe, that is. Every CAPS meeting I go to lately is nothing but this, and my patience with it is getting VERY short. It's only a matter of time that I snap at a meeting because of it. I'm sick and tired of it. People, the police can't do this on their own. We need to help them. We have the information, so why not tell them? What we need to do is work together to find solutions, not just complain. Otherwise, if you just want to complain, then you are NOT a part of the solution. If anything, you're part of the problem. So, what I suggest to KEEP COMING TO CAPS MEETINGS, not just come once. Seriously. In the meantime, I'll be here, keeping you informed, which most of our elected officials won't do.

Shooting On St. Louis
Possible Homicide On Ridgeway Last Night
Shooting On Hamlin Overnight
Hit And Run Kills Woman In Avondale
Shooting On Hamlin This Morning
Stabbing At Milwaukee and Central Park Wednesday Night
Man Shot In Neck Yesterday On Cortland
Child Possibly Shot @ Harding and Wabansia Last Night
Two People Shot In Traffic On Schubert
Two Men Shot Near Foodsmart On Armitage
Noon Time Gunfire @ George and Hamlin
Sixteen Year Old Shot In Logan Square
Two Women Attacked With Bat In Logan Square
Police Helicopter Flying, Squad Cars Going Wrong Way
Stabbing On Milwaukee This Morning
Shots Fired @ Milwaukee and Drake Last Night
Shooting On Cortland Friday Night
Teen Shot In Head On Armitage
Shooting On Dawson?
Homicide And Beating In North Avondale
Letter To Alderman Reboyras Re: Shooting at Belmont and Monticello
Shooting At Altgeld and Ridgeway This Morning
Shooting In 2100 Block of Lawndale
Shots Fired On Belmont Last Night
17 Year Old Murdered In Logan Square Club
Shooting At Lyndale and Campbell

Yeller Outside Of Fullerton Hotel

Good morning, everyone, it's 6:41am. I'm up early, again. This time, I'm up because I'm going to a session in the 25th District. I'm leaving here around 8am, and won't be back until maybe 1 or 1:30pm. Then, after that, I have to post up a shooting article from a shooting that happened this morning in the neighborhood. Anyway, it's going to be warm again. 90s are forecasted. So, here's crime for today.

6:56am - Disturbance. 3919 W Fullerton. Female yelling in front.

7:45am - I'm going to get going. I just need to finish getting ready then make my way over to my destination.

2:00pm - I'm finally back. Good afternoon, everybody.

2:30pm - 1) Burglar alarm. 1920 N Hamlin. At Ames school. 2) Disturbance. 1900 block of N Hamlin. Motor scooters.

2:33pm - 1) Disturance. Somewhere on Lawndale. People loitering. 2) Disturbance. Diversey and Monticello. Female in a car, heading towards Schubert, threw trash out the window.

2:40pm - Theft. 4015 W Oakdale. Male Black, white shirt, blue jean shorts took the 5 yr old son's chain off his neck. He ran towards George in the west alley of Pulaski.

3:32pm - Disturbance. 2312 N Springfield.

3:41pm - Open hydrant. Belden and Springfield.

4:32pm - The 3:32pm job now comes in as an assault.

4:34pm - Spanish speaker needed at 2834 N Ridgeway for a burglary. Never heard a call go through, though.

4:58pm - EMS run. 3133 N Harding.

5:03pm - The 4:58pm job is a DOA.

5:38 to 5:45pm - Went to the store.

5:46pm - Battery in progress. Pulaski and Wrightwood. Men fighting in the street.

5:47pm - A slow down is being given at the 5:46pm job.

6:03pm - Battery. Kildare and Diversey. Blue Honda, tinted windows with a plate of X314141 had a group of females in it. They jumped out, jumped the caller with baseball bats, and got back in and fled towards Parker on Kildare.

6:19 to 6:33pm - Fell asleep. Sorry.

6:44pm - I have to go eat. I'll be back.

6:51pm - And, I'm back.

7:08pm - Disturbance. Ridgeway and Oakdale. People loitering, with an open hydrant on the scene.

7:19pm - Person w/ a gun. 3612 W Wolfram. Three males in the foreclosed property are waving a gun out the window.

7:22pm - Beat car 2515, who responded to the 7:19pm job, needs another car or two at 3603 W Wolfram. He's got possibles. 2522 is coming over to help.

7:31pm - Beat car 2522 is pulling up to 2515 now, so a slow down is being given.

8:17pm - 1) Battery. 2228 N Karlov. 2) Person w/ a knife. 1936 N Ridgeway. Domestic related.

9:34pm - 1) Battery. Diversey and Hamlin. A kid was jumped on by someone. Kid is laying on the ground. 2) Parker. 22X3 N Kedvale.

9:49pm - Diversey and Hamlin is coded. No one's laying on the ground.

10:02pm - Person w/ a knife. Armitage and Pulaski. Male in a gray tanktop has a big sword in his hand.

10:05pm - The 10:02pm offender got on a #53 Pulaski bus, numbered 1473, heading towards Dickens.

10:07pm - Bus 1473 has been located. Milwaukee and Pulaski.

10:32pm - Battery victim injuried. 2718 N Hamlin.

11:03pm - There's a crime scene at the 10:32pm job. Witnesses are talking to CPD, victim's going to Masonic, etc.

11:07pm - Shots Fired. Shakespeare and Central Park.

11:08pm - Beat car 2515Robert is saying that the 11:07pm job is fireworks.

11:12pm - Beat car 2521R gets a loud music disturbance on Monticello.

11:15pm - Domestic disturbance. 2958 N Pulaski. Problem with the son.

12:02am - I'm going to go. I'll be back tomorrow. Good night, everyone.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Burglary Mission On 1412's Beat

Good morning, everyone, it's 6:40am. Yes, I'm monitoring 14. But only until 8. Then, I'm going back to sleep until 9:15, then I'll get up and monitor 25 until 3:30pm. At 3:30, I'll be taking a 30 minute break, until 4. After 4, I'll be here until midnight. So, it's going to be another scorcher out there today. Hot weather, I tell ya. Anyway, tomorrow, I may not be here until about 2pm, because I'm attending a meeting at the 25th District Police station. It should be good. So, here's crime for today.

6:55am - Beat car 1412Robert asks for a burglary mission on the Beat. Event number is 02430.

7:36am - Suspicious person. On Elston, on 1411's Beat. Didn't catch the exact address.

7:50am - EMS run. 2510 N Richmond. Male laying in the grass.

8:00am - Goin' back to sleep until 9:15. I'll be back.

9:15am - I'm awake, again.

9:59am - Beat 2573 is doing something over at 3140 N Milwaukee.

10:08am - Burglar report. 4141 W Belmont.

10:53am - Fire. 2457 N Lawndale. House.

11:04am - Beat 2544 is on the 10:53am job with 2524.

12:05 to 12:25pm - Wasn't paying too much attention. Sorry.

1:03pm - Battery. 3721 W Belden. 18 yr old hit someone.

1:18pm - Disturbance. 1713 N Harding. Problem with some kids.

3:18pm - Fire. Springfield and Wrightwood.

3:30pm - I'm on my break now. Will be back at 4pm.

4:00pm - I'm back.

4:27pm - Shots Fired. Fullerton and Springfield. Gangbangers were representing on the corner, then gunshots were heard.

4:33pm - A slow down is being given on the 4:27pm job.

4:51pm - Gang disturbance. 28X4 N Avers. 5 to 6 hanging out and flashing signs.

5:40pm - Disturbance. 3804 W Diversey. Landlord's arguing with the caller. He threw the husband's clothes out. Dispute's getting a bit heated.

6:11pm - Drag racing. Belmont and Tripp. Motor scooters.

6:21pm - Domestic disturbance. 4254 W George. Problem with the 16 yr old.

6:34pm - 1) Gang disturbance. Barry and Monticello. SE corner. 2) Disturbance. 2515 N Monticello. 3) Burglar report. 3629 W Dickens.

6:52pm - 1) Criminal trespass in progress. 2933 N Avers. 2) Burglar alarm. 2200 N Hamlin. At Mozart school.

7:07pm - The 6:21pm job is now a domestic battery. 16 yr old hit the caller, left and threatened to do damage to the car.

7:10pm - Beat car 2524 is taking one in from 2933 on Avers. Before they got there, they were mobiling with 2522 about it, who said they were out there earlier. That's funny, I didn't hear anything for that location. Maybe it was between 4:45 and 5:05, when I was falling asleep.

7:15pm - The 6:21/7:07pm jobs is now coming in as a "request for supervisor". Caller's unhappy with the service they got earlier.

7:18pm - 1) Traffic accident. Cortland and Hamlin. 2) Domestic disturbance. 3004 N Karlov. Problem with the 13 yr old daughter who's breaking dishes.

7:42pm - 1) Parker. 3137 N Harding. Permits. 2) Battery in progress. Belden and Pulaski. Male beating a female under the viaduct, then he dragged into a vehicle that went towards Palmer, and was beating on her in the back seat.

8:27pm - Shots Fired. Lawndale and McLean. Rival gangs shooting at each other. Several shots fired. A guy with no shirt is going towards Hamlin on McLean. He was involved.

9:00pm - Gang disturbance. 2856 N Avers. Eight of them, shouting slogans. Wearing white tanktops.

9:04pm - Gunshots going off, again, at McLean and Lawndale. Large crowd out there, taunting each other, and gunshots are being fired again. Someone's going to get shot if this keeps up...

9:07pm - Beat 2562David has seven on the hood at McLean and Lawndale.

9:08pm - Narcotics. 23X3 N Pulaski. Four people doing drugs in the alley.

9:10pm - Battery in progress. 3140 N Monticello. Two gangbangers fighting in the hallway.

9:19pm - Couple of cars needed at 3646 W McLean. I think there's a big group out there fighting or something.

9:22pm - 3004 Karlov is calling back. She's fighting mom too now.

9:42pm - A unit has a traffic stop at Diversey and Pulaski.

9:48pm - Beat car 2524 has a handwaver in the 2800 block of N Harding. After that, Dispatch gives them a narcotics call.

10:13pm - 1) Disturbance. 3912 W Barry. Kid playing soccer ball in front. 2) Fireworks. 4154 W Oakdale.

10:27pm - Some call in the area.

10:47pm - Domestic disturbance. 3019 N Milwaukee. Husband threw the caller out.

11:03pm - Gang disturbance. Wellington and Hamlin.

11:13pm - I'm going to bed. I don't feel like doing anything but going to sleep, so good night. Be back tomorrow.