Friday, January 2, 2009

Crime blotter for January 2, 2009

Good morning, everyone, it's 10:14am. Well, I will not be here between probably 12pm and 6:30pm because my mom is taking the radio at that time, but I'll get it back after dinner. Here is crime for today.

10:00am - Landlord/tenant dispute. 2707 N Hamlin. No further information.

10:19am - Parker. 3641 W Dickens. Car parked in the handicapped spot.

10:23am - Request for a supervisor on the 10:00am job. I'm guessing either the tenant or the landlord are unhappy with Beat cars 2523 and 2524 that are on scene as I type this.

10:36am - Theft. 3934 W Diversey. At the Walgreens. Male Black, slim build, black hat, black jacket and blue jeans just stole a bunch of merchandise from the store. He fled westbound. Note: This is the second time Walgreen's has been "hit" over the last few days. If I remember correctly, there was a call of a theft on December 30 as well.

10:50am - Beat car 2522 asks for a call back from the 10:36am job. There's no answer when dispatch tries.

11:09am - Fire. North and Lawndale. No further information.

11:29am - Theft. 4021 W Belmont. The offender from the 10:36am job may have struck again, this time stealing a bike from the backyard.

11:31am - EMERGENCY on Zone 12. Foot chase. Male Black wearing a fur coat and blue jeans is running in the west alley of Lawler north of Chicago I'm guessing.

11:32am - The offender is in custody.

11:34am - Person with a knife. Diversey and Pulaski. An unknown female just tried to stab the caller.

11:49am - Person stabbed (sounds like more like a disturbance with a mental). Milwaukee and Central Park. In front of the bank. A man is stabbing himself in the finger. He has no shirt on and he's bleeding all over. The 14th district is also responding.

11:54am - Beat car 2544, along with a couple of 14th district cops, are talking to the man who stabbed himself at 2914 N Central Park.

12:01pm - Beat 2544 saids this guy is a regular. He's going to take him home to 3300 N Ridgeway. This is the last call I'm covering until after my dinner, so have a good day everyone and I will be back later.
I'm back. It's 7:31pm.

7:24pm - 1) Landlord/tenant dispute. 2724 N Harding. A tenant called to say that he's being evicted for no reason. The landlord put chains on his doors also. 2) Parker. 4242 W Wrightwood. A car is blocking something.

7:28pm - Now the 7:24pm job comes in as a "Criminal Trespass in progress". The landlord's calling, saying that unknown people are in the rear.

7:49pm - Traffic accident. Pulaski and Belmont. No further information.

7:53pm - 1) Assist the citizen. 2911 N Springfield. A woman needs assistance picking up her son. 2) Disturbance. 3909 W Belmont. Male White (Polish) causing a disturbance.

8:05pm - Somehow there is now an injured person at OLR from the disturbance at 3909 W Belmont. Also, the job on Springfield is coded out 19Frank because the mother got her son.

8:10pm - Beat car 2525 has a reckless driver and a parker on the beat on the box.

8:19pm - Beat 2524 codes out both 7:24pm jobs as either 5Paul or 6Paul and asks for lunch.

8:35pm - The 7:49pm job is an 18Boy.

9:07pm - An RD number is given out for the 7:53pm/OLR job for "simple" Battery. It's HR103023.

9:08pm - Battery vitcim injured. 3636 W Armitage. Ambulance is en route for a Battery vitcim.

9:13pm - Battery in progress. 2436 N Lawndale. Someone is trying to move out of their apartment but is getting hit and threatened by their girlfriend.

9:16pm - Now the other half of the party calling from the 9:13pm job is waiting in the pizzeria at 3644 W Fullerton.

9:50pm - The 9:08pm job is coded out since the person was drunk and he fell down. He was not battered.

10:05pm - Disturbance. 2727 N Ridgeway. There's a loud party either on the first or third floor.

10:18pm - The car that responded to the 10:05pm job is asking for a call back.

10:52pm - One of the Beat cars has an on view criminal damage at 4358 W Fullerton. He will be pulling an RD soon. Also, I'm heading to bed now (to catch up on my sleep), so good night everyone and I'll be back in the morning.

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