Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween Coverage, 2014

Good afternoon, everyone, it's 5:04pm. Happy Halloween to all of those who celebrate and endorse it. I personally don't, but I provide this coverage to all of you so that you are up-to-date with what is going on in the community. On this Halloween, I will start out my coverage with 25, and depending on what occurs, I will switch over to 14 around 7pm or so for about an hour, then I'll see what's going with 17 for a little bit before going back to 25 until midnight or so. It feels good to be blogging after being off for a few months. Getting this blog up and rolling once again on a regular/daily basis is something I'll have to pursue in the next few months or so. Here's crime for this Halloween.

5:07pm - Suspicious person. Shakespeare and Central Park. Male Black with a black hoodie and orange lettering is looking at the cars parked in the area.

5:36pm - Beat 2505 is doing a park check over at Kelvyn Park.

6:05pm - Disturbance. Central Park and Milwaukee Ave. People inside a green van with a Michigan plate of KGG051 are throwing debris at people. Headed towards Oakdale on Central Park.

7:18pm - I have to go eat. I'll be back soon.

7:34pm - I'm back. Good evening everyone.

7:39pm - Disturbance. 3167 N Milwaukee Ave. At the Burger King. Two intoxicated homeless males urinating inside.

7:42pm - Disturbance. 39XX W Barry. Male kicking on the door.

8:05pm - Suspicious person. 20XX N Kedvale. Guy standing on the porch smoking a cigerette.

8:36pm - Parker. 22XX N Central Park.

9:32pm - Alarm. 2415 N Pulaski Rd.


Hello, everyone! I hope all of you are doing well. I wanted to let all of you that I am resuming this blog, for tonight only, at least for now. With it being Halloween, despite the colder weather, along with having some free time, I thought it would be neighborly as well as informative to get this blog back up and running for the night. I do want to wish all of you well and hope all of you have been doing great. I sincerely apologize for all of those out there who were let down by my announcement in July when I announced that I was ending this blog. I am hoping that the neighborhood outside of my immediate area has been very quiet and despite my absence from being involved, things continue to improve. To give a brief update on what I'm doing nowadays and everything, I still attend Wright College and will be graduating in May with my Associate's in Criminal Justice, though Criminal Justice is not a field I really want to go into anymore. With the job I had over the summer, it changed my mind a lot on what exactly it is I want to do. I am planning on going into Business Administration or in a related field so that I can work and have a career in an office environment, serving others. Though, I may also go into a career related in Criminal Justice. I have a number of plans and time will just have to tell what God wants me to do (I am a born-again Christian for those who did not know, and not ashamed whatsoever to admit it). I am still involved in Student Government at school with three classes this semester (originally had four, but dropped one). I'll only have two classes next semester, plan to still be involved in SGA and I am also currently job hunting, trying to find a part-time position. My time management skills are still pretty bad, and I still have a lot of obligations to fulfill. Lastly, I still have a LOT of archives from this blog from months and years ago, going back to I think 2012, to listen to.

With that said, here is the latest status on whether this blog will permanently end or not. In all honestly, I do not have the time at all right now to keep the blog updated daily or even once a week. There is simply too much I still need to get done. Though, with my semester ending in about five weeks from now, and depending on whether I find a job or not, there is a good chance that I will be able to catch up on a lot of archives as well as personal things. So with that said, if everything works out the way I plan for it to, I plan on making a full come back for this blog by March or April. By that time, I also want to begin putting my foot back in the door of neighborhood involvement. Since I ended this blog in July, I have not attended any community meetings or CAPS Beat meetings. I would my own CAPS meetings for my Beat, but I'm taking a class this semester that conflicts with the time of my Beat meetings. .

If anyone wants to at all help keep this effort going after tonight, or to even contribute ideas, please do let me know. I will still be checking my crime blotter e-mail address ( The Facebook page was deleted due to inactivity, but if and when I make a come back, I will create a new one. I will also have a Twitter account. The blog will NOT be deleted, as I want to keep it up to give people an idea of how things have happened over the years, and there is possibility that I may return in the near future. I truly want to have this effort keep going. There are not many words I can describe to say how I would feel if there was another strong leader who could take charge and pick up from where I left off. I want this momentum to be revived and brought back to my original vision of being a neighborhood voice, to unify people and keep each other informed.

Without further hesitation, please read the above post for tonight's festivities.

Truly Yours,
Tim "Timmy" Granzow
Author, Avondale/Logan Square Crime Blotter

Monday, July 21, 2014

BULLETIN: End Of Blog (For Me)

Hello, everyone. I hope all of you are doing well. I wanted to give an explanation on why I have not been updating at all in the last couple of months and want to also explain my reason for completing my vision for doing this blog, at least at this moment in time. I have lost the battle I was fighting in time management. I have horrible time management skills. I am taking a summer class at school (which, thankfully, ends this Thursday) and have a part-time job on campus, in addition to being involved with the Student Government Association. I also have family, church-related and "religious" (spiritual) obligations I've been attending to. I've been getting swamped with homework and other things, and also have a large number of archives to catch up on.

To be completely honest, I have also lost considerable interest in updating regularly and also being involved in the community. With little efforts being put in by others to improve the neighborhood (at least from my view point from the part of the area I live in), and also with the busy life I am leading, I am starting to feel as if it is no longer a necessity for me to update. I have lost my fire and passion to update and to keep going with this effort. When I started this blog nearly six years ago, I saw a clear vision for it. That vision was to keep the neighborhood informed and to have community build relationships with the police, elected officials and among each other. I saw our community improving significantly and a light at the end of the tunnel to many of the problems we face in Logan Square and in Avondale. Fortunately, to report, that vision has came to pass considerably. There has been certainly much effort made, especially in the 14th and 17th Districts, and with listening for the amount of time I have been listening, so much has changed and for the better. There has been major improvements and honestly, it really seems as if crime has gone down dramatically in those parts of the area. The 25th District is another story. Although I have not seen or heard any activity in my area much at all this summer, there are other parts of 25 that are getting hammered and little to nothing is being done about it by anyone. With that said, and I have said this elsewhere too, I do not have the time or energy to respond and do something about problems that are not particularity in my area anymore. That does sound selfish, but I want to be truthful.

If anyone wants to at all help keep this effort going, or to even contribute ideas, please do let me know. I will still be checking my crime blotter e-mail address ( I am going to be deleting the Facebook page due to inactivity, but if and when I do decide to return, I will create a new one along with a Twitter account. But for now, I am ending my reign of doing this blog. The blog will NOT be deleted, as I want to keep it up to give people an idea of how things have happened over the years, and there is possibility that I may return in the near future. To be honest, I have very mixed emotions about making this big decision, but I strongly feel it is time for me to move on at least for now and to further investigate what my life's purpose is. I am not really too sure what I am supposed to be doing and want to discover it. I also am honestly just burned out from many things in life, in need of time to really reevaluate myself, and in need of time to discover life. With that said, I truly also want to have this effort keep going. There are not many words I can describe to say how I would feel if there was another strong leader who could take charge and pick up from where I left off. I want this momentum to be revived and brought back to my original vision of being a neighborhood voice, to unify people and keep each other informed. I don't want the little fire that is left to completely burn out.

I am so grateful and thankful to where this blog has taken us -- me in having so many doors opened in my life and this leading me to a path in life where I otherwise would have not known, and meeting so many great people such as yourselves -- and you guys in talking to the police and elected officials to demand change in the area where we all love and call home. Not many words can describe what this blog has done, and it is not because of just me at all. Many of you have been part of the effort and no amount of words or even gifts could tell the appreciation I have for all of you for sticking by my side for so long. Spiritually speaking, this blog honestly helped me to come into relationship with God by meeting someone very special to my heart a couple of years ago in the CAPS program who I would not have met through this blog and who told me about God's love for me in such a profound way that has changed the very fiber of my being. I also feel honestly as if this blog has been God's Will for me to do in life. I don't know what my next assignment in life is, but with the faith I have, as well with the education and skills I am obtaining, I will discover it. It may even lead me back to where I started, which is here. I truly, truly love and appreciate every single and last one of you. I will be always grateful and thankful for all of you, even the "haters". I owe a special thank you to Craig Gernhardt, the author of the Broken Heart AKA The Morse Hellhole blog in Rogers Park, who helped me to discover my interest in doing this blog. A special thank you also goes out to the CAPS Beat 2523 program, as well as the Avondale Neighborhood Association, who has supported me so much in the last few years. A special thank you goes out to my mother and sister for encouraging me from day one, as well as many of you who have been with me since the beginning.

Please note that no one but me has made this decision. I am not being pressured into doing it under any circumstances. This is a choice I am making for many reasons. Please also note that this is NOT goodbye, but more of a "see you later" decision. While I will not make the promise for certainly that I may return, I definitely have the option and definitely have it in consideration for the future.

Also, if anyone is at all interested, my church will be showing a family move this coming Wednesday, July 23rd at 7:15pm, called "God's NOT Dead". You can get in for FREE. We're located at Mont Clare Banquet Hall, 2957 North Harlem Avenue. Would love to see all of you!

Truly Yours,
Tim "Timmy" Granzow
Author, Avondale/Logan Square Crime Blotter

Friday, July 11, 2014

Man Tries To Grab Person @ Cortland/Humboldt, DOA On Paulina

Good morning, everyone, it's 10:30am. .

10:31am - Assault. Cortland and Humboldt. Man just tried to grab the caller.

10:44am - DOA. 1734 N Paulina. At one of the apartments, a resident has passed away.

11:05am - EMS run. 3004 W Armitage. Man laid out in front.

11:14am - Parker. 2222 N Western. Truck parked on the residential.

11:24am - Battery. 2634 W Barry. At the moving place. The manager attacked an employee. The offender is a male Hispanic, 48 years of age with a hammer.

11:27am - Parker. 2200 block of N Lister. Vehicles parked in violation of street cleaning.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

People Fighting On Hamlin, Gang Disturbance In 20 Sector Of 25

Good morning, everyone, it's 12am. .

12:04am - Battery in progress. 16XX N Hamlin. Eight people fighting in front.

12:06am - 1) Gang disturbance on the 20 sector of 25. 2) Traffic accident. Wrightwood and Springfield. Car traveling at a high rate of speed towards Avers on Wrightwood.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Fourth Of July 2014 Coverage

Good morning, everyone, and happy 4th of July to all! It's 11:34am. . We'll just see how it goes for this evening in terms of my monitoring. I truly hope everyone has a great holiday with their friends and loved ones, and remembers how hard we had to fight to gain our independence back in the 1700s. With that, here's crime at various points for today.

12:04pm - Municipal ordinance violation. 24XX N Tripp. Man working on car in front.

12:46pm - Parker. 41XX W Barry.

1:21pm - Disturbance. 31XX N Lawndale. People and drinking in the alley.

2:05pm - Beat 2583 is asking for a foot patrol event number on the 4400 block of W Diversey. It's 09117.

2:50pm - Fire. 16XX N Springfield. Van.

4:51pm - Loud music disturbance. 26XX N Springfield.

5:27pm - Parker. On 2525's Beat.

5:38pm - Battery in progress. 40XX W Oakdale. People fighting.

5:46pm - Battery in progress. 31XX N Lawndale. Upstairs tenant is being beaten up.

6:40pm - I'm going to go until later. I'll be monitoring 14 and 17 at different times throughout the night alongside with 25. I'll see you all later.

7:20pm - I'm here with 14 for the next ten minutes.

7:21pm - Residential alarm. 19XX N Wood.

7:26pm - Parker and burglar alarm on 1411's Beat.

7:27pm - 1) Fireworks. 23XX W Wolfram. 2) Fireworks. Diversey and Oakley. 3) Beat 1400XRay is telling Dispatch to code out all fireworks complaints that do not have a caller's name on them.

7:28pm - Burglar alarm. 21XX W Cortland.

7:30pm - I'm going to go for a little while. I'll be back.

8:36pm - I'm back, with 14. Good evening, everyone.

8:38pm - Reckless driver. Francisco and Schubert. Kids "flying" around on scooters.

8:40pm - Fireworks. 21XX N Hoyne.

8:45pm - Fireworks. 27XX N Mozart.

8:50pm - Fireworks. Lyndale and Hamilton.

8:52pm - Fireworks. 18XX N Hermitage.

8:53pm - Alarm. 21XX W Cortland.

8:54pm - Fireworks. Maplewood and Lyndale.

8:57pm - Fireworks. Homer and Leavitt.

9:01pm - 1) Fireworks. Hoyne and Moffat. 2) Alarm. 19XX N Leavitt. 3) Beat car 1434 is advising Dispatch that there are some real heavy fireworks going off on their Beat, so there will probably be more alarm calls.

9:02pm - Fireworks. 2100 N Oakley.

9:03pm - Beat 1461Eddie is doing a premise check at the Damen Blue Line station, and will also be taking one into 14 from there.

9:04pm - Alarm. 1940-42 N California. At the healthcare place. Foyer glass break motion.

9:09pm - 1) Fireworks. 17XX N Paulina. 2) Fireworks. 21XX W Homer.

9:12pm - Fireworks. 34XX W Belden.

9:17pm - Fireworks. 31XX N Christiana.

9:19pm - Alarm. 20XX W McLean.

9:20pm - Fireworks. 27XX W Medill.

9:28pm - 1) Fireworks. 2200 N Hamilton. 2) Fireworks. 21XX N Oakley.

9:29pm - Alarm. 18XX N Washtenaw.

9:31pmShots Fired. 17XX N Drake. Male in the alley has a gun and just fired off eight gunshots.

9:32pm - 1) Fireworks. Dickens and Wolcott. 2) Fireworks. 22XX W Dickens.

9:33pm - Fireworks. 21XX N St. Louis.

9:36pm - 1) Fireworks. 28XX N Sawyer. 2) Fireworks. Hoyne and Homer. 3) Fireworks. 18XX N Wilmot. 4) Assault in progress. 3048 W Fullerton. At the liquor store. Male Black, 30s, with a green cap and a white t-shirt just threatened the caller.

9:39pm - Fireworks. 3100 N Christiana. Group of teens lighting off fireworks and disturbing the peace.

9:40pm - 1) Fireworks. 28XX W Lyndale. 2) Fireworks. 

9:44pm - Fireworks. 2254 N Milwaukee Ave.

9:45pm - Fireworks. 18XX N Humboldt.

9:48pm - Fireworks. 30XX N Elbridge.

9:50pm - Fireworks. Pulaski Park.

9:52pm - Disturbance. 2525 N Milwaukee Ave. Male Black with a gray hoodie and black jacket is going through trash cans in the rear.

9:53pm - 1) Shots Fired. 25XX W Moffat. 2) Fireworks. Whipple and Schubert.

10:00pm - Robbery. 2700 W North Ave. By the liquor store. 30 year old man was robbed and was injured, EMS is en route.

10:01pm - Fireworks. 27XX N Washtenaw.

10:03pm - Fireworks. 2100 block of W McLean.

10:07pm - Fireworks. 3242 W George. At the Logandale school. Kids lighting off fireworks in front.

10:08pm - They're calling back on the 9:12pm job. They're throwing fireworks under cars this time.

10:10pm - Disturbance. 25XX W Moffat. Drunk woman causing problems. She's the same woman who called in the 9:53pm shots fired.

10:14pm - Fireworks. 25XX W Moffat.

10:22pm - Fire. Kimball/Diversey/Milwaukee Ave. At one of the buildings on Milwaukee Ave., a porch is on fire. Possibly because of fireworks.

10:29pm - 1) Fireworks. 31XX N Christiana. 2) Fireworks. Cortland and Campbell. 3) Fireworks. Point and Chanay.

10:30pm - EMS run. 28XX N Milwaukee Ave. Someone's hands and legs was injured due to fireworks.

10:32pm - Fireworks. 3200 block of W Dickens.

10:37pm - Fireworks. Somewhere in 14.

10:38pm - Check the well being. 1700 block of N St. Louis. Woman screaming that she's been hit in the head, she sounds drunk.

10:42pm - 1) Disturbance. belmont kedzie. Male approaching vehicles very aggressively. 2) Fireworks. schubert kimball.

10:45pm - 1400X is advising the units to pay attention to the Damen and Western CTA stops on the Blue Line, as there are large groups of people coming off of the O'Hare-bound trains from the Navy Pier fireworks.

10:47pm - Beat 1480 is saying that the street lights are out on the 2100 block of N Western.

11:08pm - Shots fired/person with a gun. 1700 block of N St. Louis. Man in a orange t-shirt and khaki shorts is firing off a gun.

11:09pm - 1) Person down. 29XX N Allen. Man passed out in the alley. 2) They're calling back on the 10:30pm job. 3) Fireworks. 20XX N Campbell. 4) 

11:10pm - 1) Fireworks. 19XX N Kimball. 2) Fireworks. 1900 block of N Sawyer.

11:11pm - Check the well being. 19XX N Humboldt. Woman with two small children appears to be disoriented, one of the children approached the caller.

11:20pm - Switching over to 17, please standby...

11:50pm - Loud music disturbance. 34XX N Hamlin.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Woman With Sucidial Thoughts @ Novak Construction, Traffic Accident On Belmont This Morning

Good morning, everyone, it's 8:49am. .

9:36am - EMS run. 3423 N Drake. At Novak Construction. 22 year old woman with suicidal thoughts.

11:00am - There was a three-car accident at 3453 W Belmont this morning. It's under RD number HX327893.

12:46pm - Disturbance. Avondale Park (3516 W. School St). Male Hispanic, 19 years old, tattoos on his forearms and biceps, wearing a white t-shirt and blue jeans, was told to leave once already today. He refused and is now being told to leave for a second time, and this time, he is mouthing off something.

2:18pm - Reckless driver. Milwaukee and Pulaski Rd. Sliver Dodge Caravan with a partial plate of 1644 is driving recklessly.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

CAPS Beat Meetings For July 2014

1411/1412 - No meeting in July.
1413/1414 - Thursday, July 10th @ 7:00pm, Logan Square Public Library (3030 West Fullerton Ave.)
1421 - Wednesday, July 9th @ 6:30pm, Humboldt Park Library (1605 North Troy St.)
1422 - No meeting in July.
**1431 - Thursday, July 17th @ 7:00pm, Haas Park (2402 North Washtenaw Ave.)
1432/1433 - No meeting in July.
1434 - No meeting in July.

1732 - Wednesday, July 9th @ 7:00pm, Athletic Park Fieldhouse (3546 West Addison St.)
1733 - No meeting in July.

2523 - Wednesday, July 23rd @ 6:30pm, St. Joesph's (4021 West Belmont Ave.)
2524 - No meeting in July.
2525 - Tuesday, July 15th @ 6:30pm, Mozart Park (2036 North Avers Ave.)
2535 - Meeting occurred today. Next meeting will be in September.

* In addition to CAPS Beat 2523's meetings, the following Beat meetings I need/want to attend are: 1411/1412, 1413/1414, 1431 and 1432/1433.
** I plan on attending this meeting in July.

Males Flashing Gang Signs @ Altgeld/Monticello, Gangbangers @ Monticello/Fullerton

Good evening, everyone, it's 9:08pm. It's good to finally be able to blog after a couple of weeks of being inactive. I've been extremely busy with school, especially now that I have a part-time job on campus as a Student Ambassador. I do truly apologize. Although I cannot promise July will be much better, I will try my very best to update more regularly. I am looking into ways of getting additional resources to assist me in doing this blog, so that the community is updated on information. I actually do have an additional resource already, which could be a new Twitter page I have created. This Twitter page is solely going to focus on giving the community live updates on what's going on as I listen to the scanner. My handle is @ALSCBCrimeBlog if you want to follow me. This evening, I am monitoring 25 from now until midnight, then I plan on covering 17 all day tomorrow. Here's crime for this evening.

9:09pm - Gang disturbance. Altgeld and Monticello. Group of males on the corner flashing gang signs.

9:22pm - Gang disturbance. Monticello and Fullerton.

9:44pm - 1) Commercial alarm. 4446 W Diversey. At the dental place. Front glass side break. 2) Fireworks. 31XX N Davlin.

10:46pm - Disturbance. Armitage and Central Park. Group of males drinking in front of the liquor store.

11:46pm - Shots Fired. Hamlin and North Ave. Three gunshots heard.

11:47pm - Beat 2506Boy is saying they're fireworks.

11:55pm - Shots Fired. 3610 W North Ave. Two gunshots fired per the shots blotter.

12:00am - I'm going to go for the night. I'll be back tomorrow. Have a good night, everyone!

Monday, June 30, 2014

BULLETIN: Note About The Lack Of Posts In June 2014

Hello, everyone. I hope all of you are doing well. I wanted to give a brief explanation on why I have not been updating at all in the last two or so weeks. In all honesty, I have lost the battle I was fighting in time management. I have horrible time management skills. I am taking a summer class at school and now have a part-time job on campus, in addition to being involved with the Student Government Association. I also have family, church-related and "religious" (spiritual) obligations I've been attending to. I've been getting swamped with homework and also have a large number of archives to catch up on. That, with the demand that I want to monitor everyday in the summer, has caught up to me and I honestly do not have the time right now to blog everyday or even to get these archives updated. I feel regretful that I have not kept my word about blogging regularly and updating archives. I sincerely am sorry. There are not many excuses for this, and I need to learn how to manage my time better.

This is why I will now reach out for help. I truly need help keeping this blog going. ANY help I can get with doing the blog on a regular basis or even having someone listen to archive tapes would help so much. I cannot guarantee that anyone who assist me will be paid, since I am on a very tight budget, but I can try my best to pay a small salary. If anyone is interested in assisting me, please send me an e-mail at Again, I would be forever grateful for any help I receive. I am asking for help because I don't want the mission of this blog to ever die out, and that is to unify this community and bring people together in a positive way.

On a brighter note, I will be on WBEZ FM 91.5 Tuesday afternoon from 2:05pm to 2:40pm on the "Afternoon Shift" show talking about the work I do in the community as a community activist that I've been doing for the last six years now -- with this blog included in that -- which I do to bring about change. For all of you interested, please be sure to take a listen in as I am on this show. I want this to be an opportunity to bring to light the problems we have in Chicago, particularly in Avondale and Logan Square.

Also, if anyone is at all interested, my church will be showing a family move this coming Wednesday, July 2nd at 7:15pm, called "God's NOT Dead". You can get in for FREE. We're located at Mont Clare Banquet Hall, 2957 North Harlem Avenue.

Hope all of you have been staying cool and dry!

Tim "Timmy" Granzow
Author, Avondale/Logan Square Crime Blotter

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Teens Break Into Vacant Garage On Ridgeway, People Harassing Each Other For Money At Gas Station

Good afternoon, everyone, it's 3:41pm. Hope all of you have been well. I'm so sorry for being gone all week. I lost my battle in time management, unfortunately, and got really caught up with school and obligations. I am so sorry for letting you all down this week. I will try my absolute best to make it up this week into next week. .

4:04pm - Criminal trespass in progress. 2835 N Ridgeway. At the vacant apartment building. Four teens just broke into the garage.

4:19pm - Disturbance. Fullerton and Pulaski Rd. People harassing other people for money at the gas station.

4:30pm - Two parkers. On 2524's Beat.

5:24pm - Couple of things on 2535's Beat.

5:57pm - Battery in progress. 24XX N Ridgeway. Group of six fighting in front.

5:59pm - Disturbance. Pulaski and Diversey. Two people approached the caller's vehicle, threw something at the car then walked away. Looks like they're also fighting and acting a fool.

7:14pm - Reckless driver. Pulaski Rd./Diversey. White Honda Civic and a black car racing each other, headed towards George.

7:15pm - Loud music disturbance. On 2524's Beat

7:20pm - I have to go eat. I'll be back soon.

7:40pm - I'm back. Good evening, everyone.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Employee To Be Terminated On Keeler, Parker On 2523's Beat

Good morning, everyone, it's 5am. Sorry I've been gone this weekend, but Saturday was my birthday and I was on a special schedule yesterday for Father's Day, in which I heard nothing at all in our area during the times I monitored. Hope all of the wonderful dads out there had a great Father's Day and hope all of you had a wonderful weekend. Today, I plan on monitoring 25 the entire day. We'll see how that works out. First signs of summer are here in Chicago. Supposed to be warm today and tomorrow with temperatures in the 80s and possibly even lower 90s. Hopefully that doesn't occur. Here's crime for today.

6:45am - Disturbance. 2634 N Keeler. Employee who was last there on Friday was verbally abusive and made some threats, he is going to be fired this morning and the manager wants CPD there when it happens since they don't know how he's going to act.

6:51am - Beat 2599, 25th District Watch Commander, wants to know if there's anything about this call other than what the person calling 911 has said. Dispatch says no. 2599 gives a "Sam" code.

7:54am - They're calling back on Keeler.

8:36am - Beat 2520 needs a car at the Keeler job, no emergency though. They're just concerned about the employee going postal when they fire him.

8:37am - Parker. On 2523's Beat.

9:57am - Suspicious vehicle. 31XX N Davlin. White 4-door vehicle parked in the alley.

9:59am - Beat 2582Foot needs another car at Diversey and Tripp. No emergency. Beat car 2524 is coming over.

11:04am - Traffic accident. 26XX N Lawndale.

12:34pm - Per Beat car 2522, wanted from an auto accident (hit-and-run) at 2400 N Tripp is a black Toyota 2005 with a plate of R992225. Last seen headed towards Kildare on Fullerton. There were injures. The passenger side is also damaged.

12:36pm - Suspicious vehicle. 19XX N Harding. White 4-door van and a red van behind it are opening doors, caller is concerned because they heard the media mention similar vehicles in a kidnapping recently.

12:40pm - Disturbance. 2400 N Pulaski Rd. On CTA bus #1890, a man is refusing to put a shirt on. Standing southbound.

2:11pm - Beat 2583 is doing foot patrol on the 4400 block of W Diversey. Event number is 09724.

2:28pm - A corner seal needs to be removed from 3919 W Fullerton.

3:14pm - Traffic accident. Monticello and Diversey.

4:09pm - Beat 2505 is doing a park check at Kelvyn.

5:18pm - Per Chicago Park Security, a white full-sized conversion van with a green stripe was just spotted at Lawndale and Armitage that is full of gangbangers. It's got a firefighter plate of 80645. The driver was wearing a mask. Last seen headed towards Ridgeway on Armitage.

7:26pm - I have to go eat, and with that, I have to go for the night. I'll be back either tomorrow or later this week. Have a great evening, everyone!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Puerto Rican Festival, Day #2 (2014)

Good afternoon, everyone, it's 5pm. .

5:00pm - Gang disturbance. 1800 block of N Mozart.

5:19pm - EMS run. Cortland and Western. CTA bus #6487 has an injured passenger on the bus who hurt their left arm.

5:42pm - 1) Vicious animal. 18XX N Humboldt. Caller’s mom was bitten by a pit bull. 2) Beat car 1434 needs a wagon at the 5:19pm job. They need to take this person to the hospital for a psychological evaluation. Beat 1471 is coming over.

5:44pm - Suspicious person. Hoyne and Crystal. Male with a blue polo shirt has a coat hanger, trying to open up a door on a purple car.

5:49pm - Beat 1400XRay is over at the 5:44pm job and is coding it out as a 19P.

6:12pm - Disturbance on 1423’s Beat.

6:38pm - Hold-up alarm. 14XX N Maplewood. General.

6:43pm - Beat 1480 says that Beats 1481Charlie and 1481David will be on a special attention on the 2700 block of W Division.

6:53pm - Beat 4314Boy needs a transport unit at Kedzie and North Ave. Beat 1472 is coming over.

6:54pm - Disturbance. 1904 N Western. Female customer refusing to leave the Subway.

7:03pm - Found property. 15XX N California. TMA found a knife.

7:08pm - Criminal trespass in progress. 20XX 1/2 W Pierce. Three people in the parking lot of the private business, they shouldn’t be back there.

7:17pm - A unit says someone on a bike was hit by a car at Concord and Milwaukee Ave. EMS is needed and a paper car for the report as well. Beat 1494 is being sent over by Dispatch.

7:22pm - Fireworks and parkers on 1423’s Beat.

7:35pm - Person wanted. 26XX W Crystal. Male Hispanic, 29 years old, tattoos on the face, last seen wearing a white t-shirt and blue navy shorts is on the scene. He’s wanted under RD number of HX296476 in regards to stealing the caller’s cell phone. He’s known to carry a gun.

7:40pm - 1494 is pulling an RD number from the 7:17pm accident. It’s HX302268 with the event number of 14503.

7:44pm - Criminal trespass in progress. 18XX N California. Two male Hispanics wearing black just entered a vacant building.

7:47pm - 1494 is headed into 14 to finish the report.

8:06pm - Beat 1462Adam has a street stop at California and Wabansia.

8:10pm - Battery in progress. Cortland and Spaulding. Five people fighting on the corner.

8:15pm - A slow down is being given on the 8:10pm job.

8:24pm - Person calling for help. 26XX W Homer. Neighbor is screaming for help on the 1st floor.

8:26pm - Fireworks. Artesian and Hirsch.

8:34pm - I’m going to go eat. I’ll be back soon.

8:51pm - I’m back. Good evening everyone. Went to the festival this evening (thus the reason why this post is up so late) and will have a post on it by Sunday.

8:53pm - Some disturbances on 1423’s Beat after their lunch.

8:56pm - 1480 needs a unit to help a citizen with getting into their car.

8:59pm - Narcotics. 32XX W Crystal. Selling.

9:06pm - Assault in progress. Humboldt and Division. Large group of teens headed towards the Lagoon on Humboldt getting ready to fight.

9:07pm - Beat 6732Adam is with the large group from the 9:06pm job. Also, Beat 1400, 14th District, is reporting that a big group of Latin Kings are walking towards Humboldt on Division.

9:33pm - Gang disturbance and selling on the 20 sector in 14.

9:37pm - Beat car 1422 is going down on a gang suppression mission under event number 07965.

9:41pm - Shots Fired. 18XX N Whipple. One shot heard.

9:43pm - Gang disturbance. 16XX N Washtenaw. 20 of them on the block.

9:44pm - Burglar alarm. 34XX W Potomac.

9:48pm - Beat 6761Eddie has a street stop at 2653 W North Ave. Running three I.D’s. Event number is 17505.

9:49pm - 1422’s getting some stuff on their Beat.

10:20pm - All units working the festival must switch their radios to Zone 3.

10:35pm - Beat 1450 says that all of the perimeter foot units working the fest as well as the wagons are now released. The radios need to be turned in. 1450 thanks all units for their help tonight.

10:36pm - Beat 6736 needs officers to pay attention on Division from Homan to Kedzie. He’s initiating a “zero tolerance” policy, to lock all of the people out there. This is because there’s a large crowd of people throwing bricks out there.

10:37pm - Car 43 is saying that the Mobile Gang Enforcement Area Saturation teams neither the 14th District Tactical units are released yet. They must stay at the festival.

10:50pm - Command Post is asking that all units that had activity at the festival call them.

10:51pm - Gang disturbance. North and California. Group running in the street throwing gang signs.

10:52pm - Traffic accident. Kimball and Wabansia. Car VS bicyclist, EMS is en route.

10:54pm - Assault in progress. 17XX N Drake. Caller’s brother is about to get into a fight with a known male, they’re screaming at each other.

10:55pm - 1) Beat 6739 has about 60 people near the corner at Wabansia and Washtenaw, they’re breaking up a bit but still out there. A few units are going, including Beats 1462 and 6733Charlie. 2) Beat 6732Charlie has a street stop at 3200 W LeMoyne.

10:58pm - Disturbance. 27XX W LeMoyne. Four people screaming at the top of their lungs, they sound drunk.

12:00am - I’m going to go for the night. I should be back on Sunday or sometime next week. I did go to the Puerto Rican Fest.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Puerto Rican Festival Coverage, Day #1

Good afternoon, everyone, it's 3pm. Sorry I've been gone for most of this week, but I've gotten busy with school and some other obligations. I'm starting to really get all of these things out of the way, so I'll be able to start doing more coverage in the next week or so. Today, I'm monitoring the Puerto Rican Festival. This is day #1 of the festivities. It runs through Sunday and it is centered in the Humboldt Park area. I'm monitoring the festival through midnight. I know a lot of you have been skeptical about me monitoring the festival in part years and may not approve of it, so that's why this year, I will be going down there on one of the days it is taking place for an hour or two. I will be going tomorrow and will be down there around 5:30pm until 7pm or so, and although I cannot promise I will be touring the entire area of the festival, I will try my very best to do so. I will be focusing my time down there on North and the streets immediately surrounding Humboldt Park. If there is not much violence that I observe, I'll be staying a bit longer, but if it gets really violent, I will be leaving immediately. For the festival, at least today, I will have special boundaries in effect. I'll be monitoring 14 between Armitage to Division, Central Park to Damen. This is Beats 1421, 1422, 1423, and parts of Beats 1424 and 1434. On my other blog, I'll be monitoring Beats 1211 and 1212 (Division to Chicago, Kedzie to Wood). Also, tomorrow, from noon to 5pm, I'll be covering all of the schools in the area for their last day of schools. I have to make up a schedule for what I'll be monitoring when, but there will be definitely be coverage. Coverage of the Puerto Rican Festival tomorrow will largely depend on the calls that come through tonight. Here's crime for this afternoon and evening.

3:00pm - Suspicious vehicle. 32XX W Cortland. Sliver vehicle in front, it's been there for a while.

3:03pm - Parker. 2418 W North Ave. Car parked in the loading zone.

3:06pm - Vice complaint. On 1423's Beat.

3:07pm - All of the gang and tac units in 14 are at the Puerto Rican Festival.

3:16pm - Beat 1400XRay wants Beat 1465Eddie to come back over to the field house.

3:29pm - Vice complaint. 13XX N Campbell. Couple of guys passing around a dollar bill, looks like they're snorting something from it.

3:44pm - Dispatch wants to know who's covering the Command Post.

3:46pm - Suspicious vehicle. Cortland and St. Louis. Unknown male Hispanic in a burgundy car with a plate of V147933 is following the caller, trying to pull up to them and is saying things to them.

5:35pm - Safe passage is over in 14.

5:38pm - 1400X is doing an "L" check at the Western Blue Line station. Event number is 12367.

5:43pm - Disturbance. 26XX W North Ave. Something about a tenant moving out and someone in an apartment.

5:46pm - Beat 1463 needs Beat 1463Adam to come over to Humboldt and Luis Munoz Dr.

6:05pm - Parker. 35XX W Cortland.

6:11pm - Gang disturbance. 16XX N Washtenaw. Ten to 12 of them loitering in front and selling drugs, wearing black and blue clothing.

6:27pm - Burglary report. 18XX N Sawyer.

6:30pm - I have to go eat. I'll be back soon.

6:48pm - I'm back. Good evening, everyone.

6:59pm - Attempted suicide. 35XX W Evergreen. 20 year old man had a shirt tied around his neck and has been taking drugs.

8:19pm - Vice complaint. 18XX N Spaulding. People drinking and playing loud music in the alley.

8:29pm - Beat car 1423 has a street stop at miwaukee western.

8:56pm - Beat 1480 needs to call Beat 1490 over at the Command Post.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Traffic Accident @ Addison/Elston, Off-Duty P.O's Wife Needs Assistance On Pulaski Rd.

Good morning, everyone, it's 4:19am. I'm monitoring 17 today from now until 1:51pm, then I plan to monitor 25 for the rest of the day afterwards. Here's crime for today.

8:11am - Traffic accident. Addison and Elston.

9:11am - Beat 5352 needs a unit to come over by 3119 N Pulaski for an off-duty P.O's wife who locked her keys in a car with a slim jim. This is in 25, though, so he'll have to switch over to Zone 12. Dispatch tells him this 30 seconds later.

9:49am - Battery in progress. 33XX N Pulaski Rd. People fighting in the alley.

9:50am - Traffic accident. Monticello and Belmont. Two cars, one is leaking fluid. EMS and CFD are en route.

1:47pm - 10-1. 10-1. Edens Expressway and Peterson. Inbound ramp. State Police has a violent individual fighting with them. All available units in 16 and 17 are to go. Multiple units are going.

1:54pm - A slow down is being given on the 10-1. The offender has been placed into custody. With that, I'm going to begin 25, but not at the moment. Have to go run a couple of errands but I should be back by 2:45 or 3:00.

2:44pm - I'm back. Good afternoon, everyone. Sorry I'm late.

3:15pm - Traffic accident. Tripp and Belmont. Three cars, one hit a pole.

3:28pm - Traffic accident. Wrightwood and Avers. Hit-and-run, Cook County Sheriff may be involved.

5:26pm - Missing person report. 24XX N Tripp. 4 year old daughter who was last seen wearing a pink outfit is missing.

5:47pm - Gang disturbance. Kostner and Altgeld.  They're harassing passerby.

6:18pm - Landlord/tenant dispute. 43XX W Schubert.

6:48pm - I have to go eat. I'll be back soon.

7:06pm - I'm back. Good evening, everyone.

7:19pm - Fireworks. 17XX N Harding. In the alley.

7:30pm - Gang disturbance. 24XX N Lawndale. Several males flashing gang signs on the corner and harassing people.

8:05pm - Battery in progress. Fullerton and Ridgeway. Three males beating up on another guy, they're trying to see if he's in a gang or not. Headed towards Belden on Ridgeway.

8:10pm - 1) Assist the citizen. 18XX N Central Park. Caller's trying to get the 15 year old daughter from this location. 2) Burglary report. 16XX N Central Park.

9:40pm - They're calling back on the 7:19pm job.

10:06pm - I have to go. I'll be back tomorrow or later this week. Have a good night, everyone!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Loud Music Disturbance On Central Park, Parker On Hamlin

Good afternoon, everyone, it's 1:48pm. .

2:40pm - Loud music disturbance. 33XX N Central Park.

2:51pm - Parker. 33XX N Hamlin.

3:28pm - Assist the citizen. 35XX W Melrose. Caller's stolen property may be at this location.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Traffic Accident @ Belden/Kedzie, Car Parked In Tow Zone @ Fairfield/Logan Blvd

Good morning, everyone, it's 7:37am. I'm monitoring 14 parts of today. I'll be monitoring from now until 9:20am, then again after :pm. Sorry I haven't been monitoring as consistently as I promised. I started my summer class yesterday and have had some other things to do in the last few days, but once I get my homework done over the weekend, I should be able to catch up on everything from the last few days. I realize I've broken my habit of monitoring everyday all day so far, and promise to try my absolute best to try and really start doing it over the next few days. Beautiful morning we have, it'll be in the 70s today. Here's crime.

8:17am - Traffic accident. Belden and Kedzie. Possible hit-and-run, EMS refused.

8:20am - Parker. Fairfield and Logan Blvd. White Nissan parked overnight in the tow zone, it has a plate of K500631.

8:23am - They're calling again from the parker.

8:43am - Beat car 1422 has a street stop at 16XX N Spaulding and will be issuing some ANOVs.

8:44am - Parker. On 1412's Beat.

8:45am - 1422 needs a car with a working PDT to come over. Beat 1452 will.

8:53am - Recover the stolen vehicle. 17XX N Washtenaw.

8:57am - Reckless driver. Milwaukee and Western. Maroon Dodge Chrysler minivan with kids in it is driving out of control. Last seen heading west on Armitage towards Rockwell.

9:06am - Traffic accident. 3505 W Belmont. Bicyclist ran into an open door, he's on the ground complaining of chest pains.

9:08am - Suspicious object. 20XX N Campbell. On the west side of the building. Package wrapped in a newspaper left alone, it's about three or four inches thick.

9:15am - Beat car 1431 needs a supervisor over at the 9:08am job. Beat 1410 is being sent over. This object is actually behind the CVS on Milwaukee Ave.

9:30am - I'm going to go. I'll be back at 12:20. See you all then. Have a great morning, everyone!

12:20pm - I'm back. Good afternoon, everyone.

12:21pm - Beat 1495 is getting a parker on his PDT.

12:26pm - Traffic accident. California and Milwaukee Ave. Two cars, injuries.

12:42pm - Beat car 1412 is being sent over to 35XX W Medill to speak with someone. Not sure about what.

12:45pm - 1) Traffic accident. 2231 N Milwaukee Ave. 2) EMS run. 1850 W Cortland. At the Drummond school. 12 year old student fell and injured her head.

1:08pm - Traffic accident. 3200 W Wellington. Kids in a car are injured.

1:12pm - Traffic accident. Belmont and St. Louis. Two cars, non-derivable.

1:13pm - Disturbance. 34XX W Diversey. Four homeless guys hanging out behind the building.

1:24pm - Suspicious person. 28XX N Spaulding. Female neighbor says that a guy came into the building from George St., stating that two males were casing and looking around the house. One was possibly in a white Cadillac and the other in a white van.

1:29pm - 1412 is asking for a call back on the 1:24pm job. Coded 11Boy since there is no call back per Dispatch.

1:34pm - Residential alarm. 20XX N Richmond.

1:35pm - Residential alarm. 19XX W Armitage.

1:42pm - Disturbance. 2824 N California. Male White with a white t-shirt and shorts is standing in the middle of the street harassing people.

1:52pm - Beat 1495 is pulling an RD number from the 12:45pm accident. It's HX292409 with the event number of 07433. Beat 1463Adam is assisting 1495.

2:05pm - 1442 has a street stop at Kimball/Milwaukee Ave./Diversey.

2:09pm - 1422 has a traffic stop at 27XX N Kedzie.

2:17pm - 1) Vice complaint. On 1422's Beat. 2) 1422 is going into 14 with one from the 2:09pm stop.

2:25pm - Disturbance. 1909 N Western. At the Western Blue Line station. Male Black, 6 feet tall, 190 lbs, early 50s and has no teeth wearing all black clothing is harassing passengers in the station.

2:43pm - 1) Municipal ordinance violation. 29XX N Richmond. Debris being dumped in the caller's garbage can. 2) Traffic accident. Diversey and California. Hit-and-run. White Sedan 4-door was involved. Went towards George on California.

2:46pm - Person down. Milwaukee Ave./Kimball/Diversey. Male in a gray winter jacket is down on one of the corners.

4:16pm - Narcotics. Diversey/Milwaukee Ave./Kimball. Female Hispanic with a blue bandanna hanging out of her pocket with a dog and three guys selling drugs.

4:35pm - Parker. On 1431's Beat. 

4:48pm - Person w/ a gun. Milwaukee and Sawyer. Male who is 5'7, 20 years old, 140 lbs and has on a white shirt, black shorts and a blue hat. 

4:55pm - Traffic accident. 2130 N Milwaukee Ave.

5:07pm - Disturbance. 2010 N Damen. At the Subway. Problem with the tow driver.

5:15pm - Beat car 1411 has a street stop at Diversey and Kedzie.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Burglar Alarm On Artesian, Person Needs Help Opening CTA Storage Unit

Good morning, everyone, it's 9:30am. Sorry for my absence yesterday, guys, but I became busy working on several projects. I'm monitoring 14 today. As I mentioned a few days ago, I will only be monitoring 14 once a month this summer, with the exception of the Puerto Rican Fest, which is next week. I believe it starts on Friday, the 13th, but I'll have to verify that. I'm only going to be monitoring it the one day, unless I find out it starts on Thursday or if it becomes absolutely necessary to monitor it on Saturday as well. Next Saturday is my 21st birthday so I'm really not looking to monitor anything. Due to popular demand, I will be stopping at the Fest on the 13th for at least an hour to see it in the flesh. Also, today is my last day of vacation from school, as my summer class will begin tomorrow morning. We'll see how that goes. I'll be home after 3pm tomorrow. My class ends at 10:40am, but I have to do Student Government-related work for a couple of hours. Cloudy day we have here in Chitown with temps in the 60s. Here's crime for today.

9:31am - Burglar alarm. 25XX N Artesian.

9:32am - Assist the citizen? Western Blue Line station. Citizen needs help opening up the storage unit at the station. Wouldn't CTA do that?

9:35am - Municipal ordinance violation. 27XX W Wellington. Construction trailer parked on the sidewalk.

9:42am - The CTA job is a 14Paul.

9:46am - Battery in progress. 2147 N Western. Two guys fighting inside.

10:17am - We have three units on a gang violence retaliation mission today on 1434's Beat, for the entire day.

10:20am - Parker. 18XX N Marshfield. Parking space being blocked by a gray Honda.

10:26am - Traffic accident. McLean and Damen. Two cars, one guy doesn't have insurance.

11:13am - 1) Person down. Mozart and Armitage. Man laid out on the corner, EMS is en route. 2) Burglar alarm. 17XX N Talman.

12:06pm - Narcotics. 27XX N Spaulding. Drug deal in the alley.

12:09pm - Some call in the area.

12:14pm - Traffic accident. George and Western. Two cars.

12:20pm - I have to go. Something has came up for today and I have to get this taken care. I should be back tomorrow and will be back Friday for sure. I'm really sorry about this. Have a great day, everyone!

Monday, June 2, 2014

CAPS Beat Meetings For June 2014

1411/1412 - Thursday, June 5th @ 7:00pm, St. Nicolai's Church (3000 North Kedzie Ave.)
1413/1414 - No meeting in June.
1421 - No meeting in June.
1422 - Tuesday, June 3rd @ 7:00pm, Simons Park Fieldhouse (1640 North Drake Ave.)
1431 - No meeting in June.
**1432/1433 - Thursday, June 19th @ 7:00pm, St. Mary Of The Angels Church (1850 North Hermitage Ave.)
1434 - Wednesday, June 18th @ 6:30pm, Bucktown-Wicker Park Library (1701 North Milwaukee Ave.)

**1732 - Wednesday, June 11th @ 7:00pm, Avondale Park Fieldhouse (3516 West School St.)
1733 - Thursday, June 12th @ 7:00pm, Brands Park Fieldhouse (3259 North Elston St.)

2523 - No meeting in June.
2524 - Thursday, June 19th @ 7:00pm, Our Lady of Grace Church (2446 North Ridgeway Ave.)
2525 - No meeting in June.
2535 - No meeting in June.

* In addition to CAPS Beat 2523's meetings, the following Beat meetings I need/want to attend are: 1411/1412, 1413/1414, 1431, 1432/1433 and 1732.
** I plan on attending this meeting in June.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Stolen Vehicle Recovery On Kilbourn, Hit-And-Run Accident @ Schubert/Ridgeway

Good morning, everyone, it's 6:20am. .

6:26am - Recover the stolen vehicle. 28XX N Kilbourn.

7:38am - Traffic accident. Schubert and Ridgeway. Hit-and-run.

8:20am - They're calling back on the accident.

8:31am - Burglar alarm. 36XX W Palmer.

8:56am - Parkers. On 2523's Beat.

9:22am - Traffic accident. 24XX N Hamlin.

9:28am - Family of geese headed west on Fullerton from Pulaski per an anonymous caller.

9:41am - Beat 2544 is asking for a call back on the 9:22am job.

10:07am - Criminal damage in progress. 37XX W Wabansia. Two offenders spray painting graffiti in the alley.

10:08am - 2544 has a TVB from that accident, he's headed into 25.

11:34am - Parker. 4400 block of W Parker. Four to five residential permit parkers.

11:50am - Disturbance. Pulaski and Armitage. 20 bicyclists blocking the road.

12:22pm - Beat car 2525 has a street stop at Palmer and Keystone. They're okay.

12:28pm - Beat car 2535 is getting some parkers on their Beat.

12:35pm - Disturbance. Koz Park. At the playground. Seven males drinking and causing problems.

12:59pm - Beat car 2523 is doing a name check from a street stop at 3107 N Milwaukee Ave.

1:02pm - Traffic accident. 1700 N Central Park. Three cars with injuries, EMS is en route.

1:39pm - Traffic accident. 31XX N Central Park. Hit-and-run, car ran into a parked car on the street.

2:16pm - Person calling for help. 29XX N Ridgeway. Child heard screaming.

2:32pm - Gang disturbance. On the 20 sector of 25.

2:40pm - 1) Disturbance. Milwaukee and Monticello. Homeless people camping out on the corner. 2) Disturbance. 36XX W Oakdale. Intoxicated man passed out behind the garage.

3:35pm - Beat car 2523 is getting something on the PDT.

4:18pm - Person down. 37XX W Palmer. Man down by the gate, EMS is en route.

4:42pm - Traffic accident. 41XX W Nelson. Hit-and-run, no injures.

4:52pm - Alarm. 29XX N Kenosha.

5:42pm - Disturbance. 36XX W Oakdale. Guys drinking in a green 4-door Pontiac in front.

5:53pm - 2523 needs EMS at 36XX W Oakdale for a highly intoxicated male, just off the alley near Central Park over there.

5:54pm - Battery. Pulaski and Fullerton. Two males were just attacked on the street, offenders fled towards Belden on Pulaski in a car.

5:56pm - 2523 is giving EMS a disregard from on Oakdale. The guys just walked off.

6:06pm - Person w/ a knife. 20XX N Pulaski Rd. Guy tried to attack the caller with a knife.

6:23pm - They're calling back on the 3600 Oakdale guys.

7:18pm - I have to go eat. I'll be back soon.

7:40pm - I'm back. Good evening, everyone.

7:54pm - Speed chase. Speed chase. Quincy and Central. Red van with temp plates just sped off from the scene of "loud reports" per Beat 1562Adam over at Lotus and Van Buren, which is likely a shots fired incident. Headed north on Central to Jackson. Beat 1565Adam is also involved, as well as a second vehicle, which is green car. One car has a plate of 424R911.

7:55pm - Approaching Lockwood on Jackson.

7:56pm - South on Laramie, at Gladys. Probably headed towards the Eisenhower Expressway. Beat 1565 is now involved as well.

7:57pm - On the Eisenhower now, approaching Independence Boulevard. Headed east. Also, it's being confirmed that the occupant of this red vehicle did shoot two people at the corner of Lotus/Van Buren. They're arriving at Loretto now with a couple of gunshot wounds.

7:58pm - Passing Sacramento on the Eisenhower. Also, Dispatch has multiple calls of "Shots Fired" at Lotus/Van Buren. 11th and 12th Districts as well as a Police Helicopter need to be notified.

7:59pm - They lost the vehicle at Paulina on the Eisenhower. Probably got off at the Damen exit.

8:00pm - Oh, never mind. South on Ashland from the Eisenhower. One victim is confirmed to be at Loretto.

8:01pm - Okay, this incident is a little confusing. Now they're saying we've got two people shot in the vehicle and it's probably headed to Cook County Hospital.

8:02pm - 1) 1562A lost the car at Flournoy and Ashland. 2) Beat 1220 says that he didn't see the car as he was sitting at the intersection of Ashland and Roosevelt. 3) UIC Police and the 11th District have the vehicle approaching 16th on Halsted.

8:03pm - Passing 18th on Halsted.

8:04pm - Beat 1551 says that there is indeed a victim at Loretto, and he's in stable condition. They're working on him now. Also, the vehicle is approaching 26th on Halsted.

8:05pm - South on Emerald from 26th.

8:06pm - Beat car 2525 is getting some stuff on their PDT. Also, 1551 is saying that the vehicle that dropped off the guy at Loretto is a 2000 burgundy Chevy Venture with an Illinois plate of V336457. It has a dent on the front of it, on the driver's side, and there are six people in the van. Four guys and two girls.

8:07pm - The vehicle has been lost at over by 27th and Union. The Chevy is coming back to a McDonald from 302 N Parkside.

8:08pm - The 15th, 11th, 12th and 9th Districts are involved in this incident. 7th District is being notified now.

8:09pm - 1) The vehicle was spotted just now at Emerald and 29th. 2) We now have a third person shot. Man shot in the arm and also has a graze wound to the head. 1551 is going to drive him over to Loretto from Harrison and Central.

8:11pm - The vehicle was just seen again, approaching Wentworth on 26th. Also, Beat car 1522 is looking for a crime scene at Lotus/Van Buren.

8:12pm - The vehicle has most likely made it past the Dan Ryan Expressway on 26th, possibly headed towards State St. Also, wrong van from Wentworth and 26th.

8:14pm - East on 27th from Lowe. The offender is wearing a green shirt. Also, 1522 says that one of the guys who was shot says he was shot in the alley between Van Buren and Gladys on Lotus. A revolver was involved, and the offenders were in that red van.

8:15pm - This is even more confusing. A maroon van is involved in another chase now, headed east on Roosevelt from Halsted. Not sure if this is the same thing or not. Oh, Lord.

8:16pm - An RD number is being pulled on this whole thing. It's HX285750 with the event number of 15565.

8:17pm - All 15th District units are being advised to terminate per Beat 1599. As far as the chase goes, we're getting two locations for where this vehicle was last seen at. We've got either 2200 S Union or 26th and State St.

8:19pm - The 9th District is the only District still involved in this. Since there is no longer an active speed chase on this side of town, regular neighborhood coverage will resume as of now...

8:21pm - Check the well being. 3812 W North Ave. Two people from England are lost and are scared. In front of the laundromat.

8:22pm - Backlog in 25 at 20:22 hours. Everything's backed up now due to this whole chase.

8:24pm - Getting a couple of reports of the vehicle passing 56th on Shields. This is in the 7th District now down in Englewood.

8:26pm - Now we've got reports of the vehicle fleeing a unit at Kedzie and Roosevelt. Really not sure what's going on at all.

8:58pm - Battery in progress. 37XX W George. 20 people fighting in front. Oh jeez....

9:03pm - Police Helicopter #2 says that no one is out there on the 8:58pm job. Coded 19Boy. Event number is 16651.

9:07pm - Parker. 36XX W Diversey. Red van parked in the alley.

9:22pm - Disturbance. 38XX W Diversey. People arguing.

9:35pm - FYI, but one of the vehicles from earlier's incident was found in the alley at 30XX S Union.

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Fight @ Belmont/Central Park, Traffic Stop @ Rockwell/Belmont

Good morning, everyone, it's 2:54am. Sorry for being gone for a couple of days. Got extremely busy Wednesday and Thursday, then went out of town to Milwaukee yesterday. Had a very relaxing time in Milwaukee, which was much needed. Anyway, I'm monitoring 17 this overnight until 7:21am. I'll be monitoring 25 tomorrow. Speaking of tomorrow, tomorrow will be the first day my new summer schedule will go into effect for this blog. As many of you are probably aware, every year from June to September, I go on an all day everyday monitoring schedule, or at least try to, and this summer will be no exception. Although, I will have to warn you guys now, there will probably be some days I don't monitor in the summer, especially from mid June to late July. In addition to a summer class that I'm taking starting next Thursday that meets on Tuesdays/Thursdays from 8am to 10:40am, I will have Student Government responsibilities as well as be working, as I was hired for a summer job at my school. I'll only be working part-time during June and July as registration is not all that busy and the fact I'm taking a class, but I'll be full-time in August until classes for the fall starts, when the job ends. I'm sorry to be going on and on, but I do want to let all of you know so you are not caught off guard. With that, here's crime for this overnight and early morning.

3:32am - Battery in progress. Belmont and Central Park. People fighting on the corner.

6:38am - Beat 1795 has a traffic stop at Rockwell and Belmont.

7:06am - Parker. 33XX N Harding. Car parked in the handicap spot.

7:21am - I'm going to go for the day. I'll be back tomorrow. Have a great day, everyone!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Burglar Alarm On Cortland, Man Shot @ Fullerton/Pulaski

Good morning, everyone, it's 12:32am. .

1:13am - Burglar alarm. 35XX W Cortland.

1:18am - Person Shot. Norweigan Hospital. 23 year old man was shot in the left eye at Fullerton and Pulaski Rd.

1:21am - Battery in progress/Person with a knife. 2928 W Fullerton. At the lounge. Big fight in the bar and someone's got a knife.

1:22am - Traffic accident. Cortland and Ashland. Two cars, non-derivable.

1:24am - Beat car 1432Robert is giving a slow down on the fight.

1:38am - Beat car 1241Robert, the unit assigned to the "Person Shot" call over at Norwegian, is asking Dispatch if there were any "Shots Fired" calls on the 2300 block of N Avers. The victim is refusing a report, though.

1:39am - Dispatch says there were no calls from Avers.

1:40am - The victim's XRays are confirming that the victim was not shot after all. No wonder he's refusing a report.

1:56am - Theft. Kimball/Milwaukee Ave./Diversey. Flash cab #3199's fare is refusing to pay her fare and is banging on the windows, call-taker can hear the female. Caller says they're facing westbound at a stop sign, which there are no stop signs at that intersection, and they say they are one block south of Kimball, which would also be impossible.

1:58am - Beat car 1431Robert is pulling an RD number from the accident. It's HX277821 with the event number of 00841.

2:01am - Loud music disturbance. 3039 W Fullerton. In the alley.

2:18am - Assist the citizen. 2401 N Milwaukee Ave. Cab driver left an elderly man stranded because he was confused with the address of the man's nursing home.

2:23am - Beat car 1412Robert is asking Dispatch if they can get permission from their supervisor to transport the 2:18am caller back to his nursing home over at Fulton and California.

2:24am - Beat 1410Robert is giving 1412R the ok to take the citizen.

2:34am - Car alarm. Richmond and Milwaukee Ave.

2:57am - Commercial alarm. 1733 N Damen. At the restaurant. North/middle patio front door.

3:00am - 1431R has an open back door at the 2:57am job. Another car needed. 1432R is headed over.

3:11am - Check the well being. 21XX N Bingham. Son's been drinking since the weekend, not answering his phone or his door. Caller think something bad has happened since the son is suicidal. Caller came from Wisconsin to check on their son.

3:18am - The 2:57am job is being coded out as a 14Nora per 1431R. They secured that back door.

3:24am - EMS run. 1951 N Western. At the McDonald's. Man laid out on the ground in the parking, he's breathing. EMS is en route.

3:40am - Holding the offender. 2200 N Ashland. At the Green Dolphin club. Man being held for trying to hit a security guard.

6:25am - Assist the citizen. 28XX W Logan. Caller's cell phone was stolen and is over at the X-Sports.

6:26am - Beat 1410 is coding the 6:25am job. CPD doesn't do that. Victim needs to call 311.

6:35am - Residential alarm. 21XX W Dickens.

6:51am - Parker. Wellington and Francisco. Gray Madza was left parked on the corner, school bus can't make the turn.

7:01am - Alarm. 21XX N Humboldt Blvd.

7:23am - Beat 1484 is doing foot patrol on Milwaukee from Central Park to Kedzie, and also Blue Line checks this morning at Logan Square. Foot patrol is 02872 and Blue Line is 02875.

7:30am - Commercial alarm. 2484 N Elston. At the Staples. Front entrance doors.

7:33am - Sex offense. Sawyer and Armitage. At the CTA bus stop on the northeast corner. Male pulled down his pants at the bus stop.

7:38am - Parker. 2845 W Barry. At the UNO Fuentes school. Sliver Honda Civic Sedan is sitting in the tow zone.

7:51am - I'm going to go. I'll be back tomorrow or later this week. Have a great day, everyone!

Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day 2014

Good afternoon, everyone, and Happy Memorial Day to everyone! It's 1:20pm. Let's honor all of our veterans today who protect our country, whether if they are dead or alive. Those who have died fought for our freedom that we have here in the United States and those who are active are still fighting for our freedom. On this holiday, I'm going to start my monitoring out with 14 until 1:40pm, then go to 25 from 3:40 to 4pm. I monitored 17 from noon to 12:20pm with no calls, and I will monitor it again this evening from 11:50pm to I will be monitoring 25 again from 9:30pm to 9:40pm, then 14 from 11pm to 11:10pm. As you all know, Memorial Day is also the unofficial start of summer here in Chicago, so I anticipate crime to begin picking up in the next few days to the next few weeks for the summer. Hopefully this summer will be the best and the most peaceful one Chicago has experienced. Here's crime on this Memorial Day.

1:25pm - Beat 1462Eddie is doing a gang suppression on 1421's Beat.

1:36pm - Burglar alarm. 20XX N Hoyne.

1:40pm - I'm going to go. I'll be back at 3:40 with 25. See you all then!

3:40pm - I'm back. Good afternoon, everyone.

3:45pm - EMS run. 36XX W Oakdale. Man has been drinking too much, EMS is en route.

9:40pm - I'm back. Good evening, everyone. I'll be here with 25 for the next ten minutes.

9:47pm - Gang disturbance. 23XX N Lawndale.

9:50pm - I'm going to go until 11, at which time I'll be back with 14. See you all in a little while.

10:41pm - Change of plans. I'm here with 14 for the next ten minutes.

10:50pm - And now I'm gone until 11:20. I'll be back at that time with 17.

11:20pm - I'm back with 17 for the next ten minutes.

11:30pm - And just like that, I'm gone. I'll see you all tomorrow. Have a good night, everyone!

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Loud Music Disturbances In 25, Traffic Accident @ Wabansia/Central Park

Good morning, everyone, it's 1:10am. Monitoring 25 from now until 5:29am, then again from 11:18 until 1:20pm. Cooler day today with temps in the mid 60s. Not sure what my monitoring schedule will be for tomorrow, but I will be on a special schedule for Monday, as it is Memorial Day, which also unofficially is the start of summer here in Chicago. And it's going to be a warm Memorial Day, too, so the crime report should be interesting. Here's crime for this overnight, early morning into this early afternoon.

1:33am - 1) Loud music disturbance. 28XX N Ridgeway. Loud music coming from the basement. 2) Loud music disturbance. 24XX N Kildare. Drum practice.

1:40am - Traffic accident. Wabansia and Central Park. Hit-and-run, no injures.

1:55am - Loud music disturbance. 28XX N Ridgeway. Loud party in the backyard.

2:19am - An RD number is being pulled from the accident per Beat 2593Robert. It's HX274201 with the event number of 01337.

2:49am - Support unit request. 22XX N Lawndale. Someone's son is in custody at the juvy detention center.

3:35am - Assault. 3035 N Milwaukee Ave. Two males just chased the caller.

4:28am - Disturbance. Lawndale and Armitage. At the Las Vegas nightclub. People loitering.

5:29am - I'm going to go. I'll be back later this morning. Have a great start to your morning, everyone!

11:18am - I'm back. Good morning, everyone.

11:39am - Landlord/tenant dispute. 29XX N Lawndale.

12:14pm - Reckless driver. Wellington and Kostner. Headed east on Wellington from Kostner is a blue Chevy Malibu with a plate of H792560 that's driving at a high rate of speed.

1:20pm - I'm going to go for the day. I'll be back tomorrow or Monday. Have a great day, everyone!

Shots Fired @ Diversey and Talman

Hello everyone. I'm getting word that there were "Shots Fired" at Diversey and Talman about an hour and a half ago, at 11pm (Friday, May 23rd). 

Per the anonymous commentor....
"SHOTS FIRED, SHOTS FIRED. 11pm Diversy and Talman."

Did anyone else in the area hear the shots, or does anyone have any insight? Please leave anything you have here, on the Facebook page or at

I'll be pulling up the archive in the next 30 to 45 minutes and will detail the calls below.

Tim AKA "Timmy"
Author, Avondale/Logan Square Crime Blotter

Update #1, 12:58am - First call came in at 10:58pm, for Diversey and Rockwell. Shots Fired. One shot was heard. Then, about 15 seconds later, another call came in on the 2800 block of North Talman.

Update #2, 12:59am - Beats 1462 and 1462Charlie were responding to the calls at 11pm.

Update #3, 1:00am - Beat 4310 asked Dispatch at 11:03pm if she had anything further on the shots fired. Dispatch said they had one more call to come in.

Update #4, 1:02am - Beat 1462Eddie was told by a citizen at 11:06pm that these were NOT shots fired; they were fireworks. Unless anyone else has anything, that concludes my updates on this incident.