Monday, January 12, 2009

My observations on school

Hello everyone, this week wasn't too out of control.

January 6: On Tuesday, we went on a field trip to Lincolnwood Town Center to shop around and learn how to spend money (which I almost missed, due to oversleeping). It was pretty interesting, to me anyway. When I got back to school, we just did circle time then went home.

January 7: There was an assembly regarding school safety.

January 8: On Thursday, things got crazy in the afternoon. In the morning, it was pretty calm (with the exception of an altercation or two), but in the afternoon, things started exploding. Two girls were fighting on the 1st floor hallway as I was returning to my classroom from my 7th period class, but that's not all. One boy almost knocked over some people running up the stairs from a girl. Now here where things really get crazy. One of the aides in my classroom (I will not reveal his name out of privacy/protection) was monitoring the hallways and when the second bell rang, he walked up to a boy still getting stuff out of his locker and told him simply (not in a mean or nice way) to get to class. The boy snapped. He was yelling at the aide, telling him things like "don't tell me what to do!" and other things. As the altercation drew out, it got louder. The boy started to threaten the aide and walk up to him, trying to hit him, screaming profane words and "whatcha gonna do?!" at him while the aide just remained calm and kept telling him to go to class and stop acting out. After a minute or two, security was notified of what was happening and they came. When security tried to restrain this boy and to take him calmly to the police room (since he was going to be arrested for threatening a CPS employee), he started to fight with them, so they called in for police. Two officers came over and when they tried to handcuff the boy, he was still fighting with them, so it took at least eight or nine officers to restrain him. He probably got put in either a cage car or a wagon, because from where I was sitting in my classroom, I saw through the classroom door window that at least four officers were leading him out and the aide was talking to another officer. That sure was crazy, and I only witnessed about 15 seconds of it (the rest of it was either heard from someone else or hearing it from my classroom so nobody complained that I was being nosy or standing there too long).

January 9: On Friday, things were calm compared to Thursday afternoon. While going to/coming from/in my classes, I only observed the here and there argument and an incident of disrespect towards a teacher (it got on my nerves, but it wasn't nothing compared to Thursday afternoon). Otherwise, things were calm. In other news, I helped one of my teachers cook the food for movie day in the classroom along with three other students.

January 12: Today, Monday, things were so insane that it wasn't funny. A major brawl broke out shortly after noon, at about 12:10pm. I have no clue on many people were involved in the melee, but it was huge. Security couldn't get it under control. Even the police had to call for back up. I'm guessing the fight was stopped after a few minutes. Other then the brawl, I observed a teacher being cussed out by a student, more disrespect to a teacher, arguments, etc. I'll be glad if we go on our field trip tomorrow (may be cancelled to the forecasted blizzard). I'll get to escape from there.

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Grammar Gal said...


I am pleased to hear you are OK and were not injured today, physically. Keep up your studying and blogging. Use (or find out more about) MIND OVER MATTER, which can put you in control of yourself when occasions like today arise.

You are doing well, keep your EYE ON THE PRIZE


AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

I'm glad I wasn't injuried either. Sullivan would've have hell to pay if I was (from my mother because she'd sue in a heart beat). Thanks for the encourgement also :-).