Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Crime blotter for January 14, 2009

Good morning. It's 6:39am. Here is crime for this afternoon.

3:00pm hour - Nothing major happened. Just some disturbances and stuff.

4:32pm - I'm finally back. 1) Disturbance. 2703 N Ridgeway. A problem with the new neighbor. 2) Parker. 2300 block of N Avers. In the Avers/Hamlin alley. A black dodge ram is blocking the alley.

5:07pm - 1) "Vicious" animal. Wellington and Pulaski. A pitbull is wondering the streets. 2) Parker. 3637 W Palmer. The caller cannot park because of chairs all over the place.

5:24pm - Beat car 2543 has a traffic stop. Altgeld and Lawndale.

5:29pm - Battery vitcim injured/Assault. 2243 N Monticello. The caller states the boyfriend's ex girlfriend attacked him and threatened her.

5:40pm - A call back is asked for on the 5:29pm job. Dispatch does call back but there's a language barrier.

5:41pm - The 5:29pm job is coded out 19Paul.

5:44pm - Suspicious person (more like "Criminal trespass in progress"). 2455 N Springfield. A male with a flashlight is in the vacant building, checking it out.

5:58pm - Beat 2524 is running two names somewhere. They came back clear and valid.

6:04pm - Traffic accident. 4357 W Belmont. No further information.

6:08pm - Battery/Assault. 2032 N Pulaski. The landlord threatened and hit the caller with a bat.

6:19pm - Traffic accident. Fullerton and Pulaski. 2 cars. No injures. Per a passerby.

6:23pm - Suspicious person. 3935 W Cortland. A male is knocking on the caller's back door.

6:31pm - I have to go eat now. Also, the 6:08pm job is coded out 19Boy. It was just an altercation.

6:55pm - I'm back and ... there's been a traffic accident. Springfield and Schubert. City salt truk VS parked car.

7:09pm - Dang. Sounds a large fight breaking out at 163 N Lockwood, in 15. Multiple units rushing to the scene.

7:10pm - A slow down is given on Lockwood.

7:13pm - A total disregard is given on Lockwood. It will be a code in a few minutes.

7:17pm - I know this is way out of coverage area, but there is a burglary report at 11 S Austin. Apartment 310. No further information.

8:05pm - I'm going to go now. It got rather quiet and I need to go do stuff before bed.

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