Saturday, January 24, 2009

Boyfriend keeps calling

Good early morning, everyone, it's 12:04am. Well, for the last 30 minutes, there's been stuff about a traffic stop at Diversey and Central Park. Kind of intense if you ask me. I will not have the radio after dinner tonight. In conclusion, here's crime for today.

12:00am - Violation order of protection. 2114 N Keeler. The boyfriend, who the caller has a order of protection against, keeps calling. Also, this is the only call I'm covering for a few hours while I sleep. Good night everyone.

9:16am - I've been back for the last hour, but it's been real quiet.

9:20am - Beat car 2525 on views an accident at 3647 W Palmer. She's going to do a report.

10:11am - Sounds like Beat 2524 has a D.O.A on a job. Yeah, wasn't paying attention AGAIN, sorry.

10:47am - EMERGENCY on Zone 12. Foot pursuit. Lamon and Potomac. Male Black with a grey hoodie is running. About 40 seconds later, the guy is in custody at four houses east of Lamon and Kamerling. Good job to the cops who caught this guy!

11:05am - Parker. 2728 N Hamlin. Premits.

1:04pm - Beat car 2523 is on foot patrol. 3000 block of N Milwaukee. Nice of the officer to do that, but 3000 N Milwaukee is not the block that needs it, in my opinion. 2) Domestic disturbance. 3944 W Wrightwood. Someone is having a problem with the brother.

1:11pm - Beat 2524 needs CFD for a transport to the hospital on the 1:04pm domestic. Apparently, the brother is a mental. Update, at 1:12pm: Fire is in route.

1:16pm - Parker. 3600 block of W Oakdale. Car(s) blocking the hydrant.

1:31pm - Beat car 2524 is following an ambulance to St. Mary's from the domestic on Wrightwood.

1:51pm - Dispatcher's shift change.

2:07pm - Criminal damage to property. Fullerton and Pulaski. Male Hispanic threw a rock and broke the caller's car window.

2:13pm - Beat 2525 asks for a call back from the 2:07pm job.

2:19pm - The 2:07pm job is coded out 19Paul.

2:37pm - Narcotics. 3600 W Dickens. No further information.

2:55pm - A backlog has been put into 25.

3:34pm - Domestic disturbance (more like Criminal Damage to property). 1901 N Pulaski. Ex boyfriend shot out a window with a pellet gun this morning.

4:01pm - The 3:34pm job is coded out 1Ocean.

4:07pm - Battery in progress. 2520 N Central Park. Male beating on female on the porch.

4:14pm - There is a selling on 2525's beat. On the box.

4:17pm - Beat car 2535 has a traffic stop at Armitage and Pulaski.

4:22pm - Domestic disturbance. 3123 N Ridgeway. Caller is having a problem with the intoxicated parents.

4:23pm - The plate on the 4:17pm traffic stop comes back clear and vaild.

4:31pm - Person down. 3635 W Armitage. Male down in the parking lot of the store.

4:39pm - Domestic disturbance. 3131 N Ridgeway. Someone is intoxicated.

4:42pm - 1) The 4:31pm job is being "duked" to Ambulance 44. 2) The backlog is taken out of 25.

4:52pm - Selling on 2523's beat.

4:54pm - Battery in progress. North and Central Park. Four males fighting.

4:55pm - The 4:54pm job is also coming in at North and Lawndale.

4:56pm - A slow down is given at North and Central Park.

4:57pm - The 4:39pm job is coded out 1Paul.

5:02pm - The 4:54/4:55pm jobs are coded out 19Paul.

5:18pm - Beat car 2524 is running a plate somewhere.

5:22pm - Something went down at 3851 W Belden.

5:31pm - Parker. 4172 W Wellington. Premit parkers.

5:59pm - Parker. 2138 N Karlov. No further information.

6:28pm - I'm going to go eat now. I'll be back tomorrow with more crime. Good night and stay safe.

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