Saturday, January 17, 2009

Need assistance? Call the police

Good early morning, folks, it's 12:21am. Well, it's still bitterly cold as I type this, but it's supposed to get a little warmer today. Here is crime for today.

12:17am - Assist the citizen. 3637 W Shakespeare. A citizen needs some assistance.

12:20am - They're calling back at 3149 N Springfield (from last night's call). There's another disturbance.

1:02am - Parker. 2446 N Avers. No further information. This is the last call I'm doing for the night since I'm going to go to sleep. Good night everyone and stay warm!
11:10am - I'm back. Anyway, there's a Burglar alarm. 4036 W George. General motion.

1:14pm - Ride with fire. Milwaukee and Central Park. Male is passed out. Note: It's been real quiet, so that's why there's nothing for the 12:00pm hour.

2:11pm - Assault in progress. 2940 N Milwaukee. At the bank. Security guard is threatening someone.

2:52pm - Information for the police. 3059 N Konster. A water main just broke.

3:38pm - Parker. 2424 N Pulaski. Green Jeep parked in front of the driveway.

3:43pm - 1) Loud music disturbance. 2328 N Kedvale. Loud music coming from the basement. 2) There is a selling on 2525's beat.

4:40pm - Parker somehere on 2524's beat.

5:08pm - EMERGENCY on Zone 12. Foot chase. Two are running from 1543 at Washington and Latrobe. Running east.

5:09pm - The two offenders are in custody.

5:22pm - Parker. 3757 W Belden. No further information.

5:26pm - 1) Burglar alarm. 4009 W Parker. Motion unknown. 2) They're calling back on the 3:38pm job. 3) They're also calling back on the 1:02am job.

5:41pm - Check the well being. 3750 W Armitage. Someone needs to be checked on.

5:42pm - Parker. Belden and Ridgeway. One car parked by the hydrant, one parked in the middle of the street and another tow zone.

6:35pm - They're calling back on the 5:42pm job. It's automatically coded out.

6:36pm - Loud music disturbance. 2327 N Kedvale. No further information.

6:42pm - I have to go eat now. My mom is also getting the radio until 10pm, so I'll be back then.

10:00pm hour - I got the radio for the hour, but nothing happened in the area during that hour. It's 12:53am so I'm going to head to bed now. Good night everyone.


Grammar Gal said...

Good morning, Tim! You were awake very late last night, but being the "Watchman" you are, I guess that's not unusual.

I just wanted to thank you again for all your info. Your perspective is very important to ALL.

Also, congratulations to all who worked hard to get the grant! The new "store" will be a great learning experience for every student...and I think you guys will have fun while learning, too. That's the best! Hi, too, to your mom!


AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

Good morning :-). I sure was awake late last night, but that's actually early to me compared to the times I've stayed up on some weekends (didn't go to bed til like 3 or 4am on those weekends), LOL.

I'm excited to see the new store opening up. I can't wait for it to open (I'll let everyone know when it does). I feel that it's really going to help us learn about preparing food and choosing the right things to eat. I'm sure we'll have fun learning this stuff too :-).

You're quiet welcome for all of my info, as well as everyone else. I'd like to see my neighbors and other citizens informed about things going down around here.

Mom saids hi back :-).