Saturday, January 10, 2009

Shots fired at Central Park and Fullerton

Good evening, everyone, it's 9:09pm. Earlier, at 12:37am, there were shots fired from a white van at George and Pulaski. Not sure if it was bona fided or anything. Also, I apologize for almost not making a post today, but I was doing other stuff today. Here is crime for this evening.

9:04pm - Shots fired. Central Park and Fullerton. 5 shots fired. As soon as the job is given, someone saids they've been at Shakespeare and Central Park and have not heard anything, so a slow down is given.

9:05pm - The 9:04pm job is coded out 19Paul.

9:14pm - Beat car 6758David pulls an RD at 1921 N Springfield for an 1811. The RD is HR115607 and the event number is 16012.

9:16pm - Domestic Battery. Keeler and Dickens. Someone got hit by her boyfriend and his friends.

9:29pm - Domestic Battery. 2424 N Avers. Intoxicated husband hit the caller.

9:35pm - One of the Beat cars is going in with one from Diversey and Avers.

9:51pm - Disturbance. 1634 N Hamlin. Male and female arguing in front.

9:56pm - Disturbance. 41XX W Barry. A neighbor tried to clean up the snow but the neighbors tried to throw snowballs at the person.

10:06pm - Beat 2524 asks for a call back at 41XX W Barry.

10:07pm - The caller said that they're in the alley on the call back.

11:00pm hour - Did not pay attention.

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