Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween Coverage, 2014

Good afternoon, everyone, it's 5:04pm. Happy Halloween to all of those who celebrate and endorse it. I personally don't, but I provide this coverage to all of you so that you are up-to-date with what is going on in the community. On this Halloween, I will start out my coverage with 25, and depending on what occurs, I will switch over to 14 around 7pm or so for about an hour, then I'll see what's going with 17 for a little bit before going back to 25 until midnight or so. It feels good to be blogging after being off for a few months. Getting this blog up and rolling once again on a regular/daily basis is something I'll have to pursue in the next few months or so. Here's crime for this Halloween.

5:07pm - Suspicious person. Shakespeare and Central Park. Male Black with a black hoodie and orange lettering is looking at the cars parked in the area.

5:36pm - Beat 2505 is doing a park check over at Kelvyn Park.

6:05pm - Disturbance. Central Park and Milwaukee Ave. People inside a green van with a Michigan plate of KGG051 are throwing debris at people. Headed towards Oakdale on Central Park.

7:18pm - I have to go eat. I'll be back soon.

7:34pm - I'm back. Good evening everyone.

7:39pm - Disturbance. 3167 N Milwaukee Ave. At the Burger King. Two intoxicated homeless males urinating inside.

7:42pm - Disturbance. 39XX W Barry. Male kicking on the door.

8:05pm - Suspicious person. 20XX N Kedvale. Guy standing on the porch smoking a cigerette.

8:36pm - Parker. 22XX N Central Park.

9:32pm - Alarm. 2415 N Pulaski Rd.


Hello, everyone! I hope all of you are doing well. I wanted to let all of you that I am resuming this blog, for tonight only, at least for now. With it being Halloween, despite the colder weather, along with having some free time, I thought it would be neighborly as well as informative to get this blog back up and running for the night. I do want to wish all of you well and hope all of you have been doing great. I sincerely apologize for all of those out there who were let down by my announcement in July when I announced that I was ending this blog. I am hoping that the neighborhood outside of my immediate area has been very quiet and despite my absence from being involved, things continue to improve. To give a brief update on what I'm doing nowadays and everything, I still attend Wright College and will be graduating in May with my Associate's in Criminal Justice, though Criminal Justice is not a field I really want to go into anymore. With the job I had over the summer, it changed my mind a lot on what exactly it is I want to do. I am planning on going into Business Administration or in a related field so that I can work and have a career in an office environment, serving others. Though, I may also go into a career related in Criminal Justice. I have a number of plans and time will just have to tell what God wants me to do (I am a born-again Christian for those who did not know, and not ashamed whatsoever to admit it). I am still involved in Student Government at school with three classes this semester (originally had four, but dropped one). I'll only have two classes next semester, plan to still be involved in SGA and I am also currently job hunting, trying to find a part-time position. My time management skills are still pretty bad, and I still have a lot of obligations to fulfill. Lastly, I still have a LOT of archives from this blog from months and years ago, going back to I think 2012, to listen to.

With that said, here is the latest status on whether this blog will permanently end or not. In all honestly, I do not have the time at all right now to keep the blog updated daily or even once a week. There is simply too much I still need to get done. Though, with my semester ending in about five weeks from now, and depending on whether I find a job or not, there is a good chance that I will be able to catch up on a lot of archives as well as personal things. So with that said, if everything works out the way I plan for it to, I plan on making a full come back for this blog by March or April. By that time, I also want to begin putting my foot back in the door of neighborhood involvement. Since I ended this blog in July, I have not attended any community meetings or CAPS Beat meetings. I would my own CAPS meetings for my Beat, but I'm taking a class this semester that conflicts with the time of my Beat meetings. .

If anyone wants to at all help keep this effort going after tonight, or to even contribute ideas, please do let me know. I will still be checking my crime blotter e-mail address ( The Facebook page was deleted due to inactivity, but if and when I make a come back, I will create a new one. I will also have a Twitter account. The blog will NOT be deleted, as I want to keep it up to give people an idea of how things have happened over the years, and there is possibility that I may return in the near future. I truly want to have this effort keep going. There are not many words I can describe to say how I would feel if there was another strong leader who could take charge and pick up from where I left off. I want this momentum to be revived and brought back to my original vision of being a neighborhood voice, to unify people and keep each other informed.

Without further hesitation, please read the above post for tonight's festivities.

Truly Yours,
Tim "Timmy" Granzow
Author, Avondale/Logan Square Crime Blotter