Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Shooting at Diversey and Albany last night

Yep. The title's right. There was a shooting last night at Diversey and Albany. From the two emails I recieved about it, it happened at about 6:30pm by the store. From what I'm gathering, two gang members were shot. A total of six shots were fired, I'm told. It is not known if the vitcims were just wounded or if they died. It's also not known if the shooting was gang related but I will try to gather information on it.

It seems the non sense of shootings has started up again. This is like the third shooting, I believe, in about three weeks in the neighborhood. It's getting out of hand again. Why are these shootings happening? Gang related stuff, a grudge, boyfriend/girlfriend issues or all of the things listed? I think everything listed, but whatever it is, it has to stop. For crying out loud, the shooting happened on a special holiday. It also took place about two or three blocks from the Blue Line station at Milwaukee and Kedzie, where tons and tons of commuters are at almost every minute of each day. Imagine if this happened at the station. We would've had a major mess on our hands.

I really hope the offenders are caught and arrested. This kind of non sense shouldn't be happening. If you really want to shoot someone, go to a war zone or something and battle it out there.

- Thank you,

UPDATE, at 6:19pm: I'm told that one vitcim was shot in the arm, leg and face and is due for plastic surgery while another vitcim was shot in the head and is in critical condition.

UPDATE, 1/23/09: The incident is confirmed to be gang related. I'm told that this incident did not "start" at Diversey and Albany, but "ended" there after a police chase. Also, the vitcim that was shot in the head is now brain dead.

UPDATE, 11/24/09: I recieved a comment from someone claiming to be a relative of one of the vitcims. They're saying the vitcim wasn't a gangbanger. They allege he was saying "hi" to some of his friends when he was shot.

UPDATE, 1/31/09: Here are the statistics on this shooting:
RD: HR128875
Date/time: Mon, 19 Jan 2009 18:38:00
Address: 2800 N ALBANY AVE
UCR code: 041A
Arrest: No
Location: SIDEWALK
Domestic related: No
Beat: 1411


Anonymous said...

Two people were mugged and violently beaten in the same general area last night, as well. Please be careful, folks.

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

Really?? Could you give me more details on that incident, please? I wonder what made the neighborhood around Diversey and Albany pop off last night.

At 5:00 tonight, I think I'm going to switch my scanner over to Zone 3(14th district) for a little while.

Anonymous said...

It happened last night (don't know the time) at Schubert and Spaulding. So it was pretty close to the shootings. The victims were robbed and beaten in a courtyard. I'm wondering the same thing...

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

My godparents live not even a block from there. That's scary. I hope the two people that this happened to are okay.

Yep, I'm definately switching over to the 14th District for a while.

Anonymous said...

I know the Two individuals shot,one was shot in the arm,leg and face,He's due for plastic surgery.Other individual is in critical condition,shot in the head.

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

OUCH. That had to hurt to get shot in those three places. Hope the vitcims recover well.

Craig Gernhardt said...

Good coverage, Timmy. Keep letting your neighbors what's going on! They need this information.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update. There has been a lot of gang activity on Albany, north of Diversey and the next few streets east and west. My guess is that they are fighting for this corner. I heard a couple of gun shots this evening again. And there have been many shots recently that have woken me up in the middle of the night. Your efforts will hopefully keep concerned neighbors in the know. I would love to see a neighborhood effort established to combat this war. Maybe your blog will be the place to get it started!

Thanks for all that you do.
A concerned neighbor

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

I'm guessing this is the situation as well. There's been way too many incidents around that area lately to say anything serious is not happening.

I am hoping you called 911 when the shots were fired again last night.

I will continue to do my part to make this a better neighborhood for all. I would also love to see a neighborhood effort to stop the nonsense.

And to everyone: You are very welcome for everything I do :-).

Anonymous said...

I heard that this particular incident was gang/turf related, and that it did not start at Albany & Diversey, but ended there after police chase.

Also heard that the one shot in the head is now brain dead.

"A concerned neighbor" could start by getting involved with the local CAPS.

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

Why am I not surprised by the news that it was gang related? This has really got to stop with the gang crap.

If this incident did not start at Diversey and Albany, could you say where it did or is that information private?

I feel really bad for the vitcim who is now brain dead. They have been damaged for life by nonsense. They probably will not ever speak again, eat right, etc.

You're right, a concerned neighborhood could start getting involved.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I don't know where it began. The information I received was that it was a high speed chase that was called off due to concern for safety, but the incident ended here.

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

That's okay :-). I think why the officers called off the chase was probably because these gang members may have been armed and the officers probably did not want to endanger anybody or theirselves.

Anonymous said...

Here's more discussion from neighboring residents:


AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

Thank you for the link. It seems that lots of people think the neighborhood is getting worse. I agree.

Anonymous said...

I live on the block. I held that kid's head together until the paramedics got there. I hear every shot. I call 911 every time.

Afterwards, I called the Alderman and suggested he stop on by and talk to us. I called the police earlier that day about a gang incident. I filed 12 complaints about the graffiti in the alley (10 feet from the shooting) that has been telling the story for 2 months.

I attend the CAPS meetings.

I have heard nothing from the alderman, no follow-up from Beat 14 community outreach officer (Torres) after asking for follow-up and plans to secure this block.

We have gone through this before. I made sure Vilma did not get re-elected because of her lack of action. I am feeling the same about Rey. Come on by Rey - I have left you messages! Hope you had a boondoggle at the inauguration! Meanwhile I am covered in some 14 year olds blood - again - in front of my house.

I have lived in this city my whole life. And that includes the south side. I have never been more disappointed or felt more disenfranchised as a citizen and law-abiding resident. I am angry. The police would not help stem this kid's bleeding - and they even hesitated when I asked for a flashlight.

The is atrocious. We have had 5 murders (4 unsolved) in 2 block radius. On the very evening of the 'El-Rey' murder I phoned in a dropped weapon to 911 (two kids were fighting and one drops a weapon) and the police took 25 minutes to show up. One hour later there is another murder.

I will always leave my home to help anyone bleeding on my front stoop - but right now I might hesitate if that is a cop or our alderman. Nobody is helping us.

Come and talk to us - we have been calling, waiting and leaving you all messages. Last time I checked we pay your salaries.

Oh, and by the way, thank you after 2 months of telephone calls for getting rid of the SWASTIKAs outside of my front windows. They were great for Christmas celebrations and my Jewish friends loved them!

Keep up the great work! Can't wait for the Olympics! By the activity on the street (which nobody wants to talk about) there will be a retaliation for this retaliation in the next week or so.

Come talk to us! We actually know what is going on!

Angry on Albany!

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

Darn, AA (calling you Angry on Albany as a nickname). You've made a great post about your alderman (I live in the 30th ward, under a different but mute alderman)!

Unfortunely, I do not think Mr. Colon will do much about this shooting and the events following it. He doesn't seem like an alderman who will do too much.

It also seems to me that the 14th District police will probably do nothing about this. If you ask me, I think they're a bunch of slackers with real bad attitudes.

I also have a feeling that Alderman Colon may not get reelected next time around either for his lack of action. That is probably a reason why Vilma was thrown out, besides her doing some other corrupt stuff.

As for the cops who responded there, they just probably felt that only had to a report rather then HELP someone. This makes me furious.

The 25 minute police response is nothing new to me, but still outrageous. We should NEVER wait 25minutes for those kind of calls. That is an extremely important call. God forbid if those gangbangers decided to shoot an innocent citizen. Then what, 14th district cops? Would we 25 freaking minutes then too??

I can certainly wait for the Olympics and I'm sure many other people can too. We don't need the Olympics if we're just going to have uncontrolable crime in this city.

You certainly have every right to be angry over this. If the alderman/police don't want people angry at them, then they should start doing a little more about these incidents that pop off all the time.

Thank you for your comment.

Anonymous said...

Nobody died in this shooting. Get your facts straight.
I know for a fact one kid was a gangmember, the other wasnt. He was just saying hi to his friends and got caught in the middle of it.

Anonymous said...

For the record, the swastikas are not from nazis, they are from Maniac Latin Disciples that's one of their symbols. Just putting that out there.

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

Anonymous 11:24, sorry for not responding to your comment. I didn't see it until now.

Anyway, I never said nobody died. All that was said that someone was BRAIN dead. Their brian doesn't work anymore. They're not physically dead. And get my facts straight? I recieved that information from fellow citizens. I just put what what I was told happened.

I'm sorry to sound rude, but how do we know that this other kid wasn't a gangbanger? I was told by two others that s/he was. And in this neighborhood, it's hardly innocent people who get shot. It's mostly gangbangers. But if you have some physical proof or other sources to confirm that the kid wasn't a gangbanger, I will change the number of gang members shot from two to one.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Well I cant give you proof about who was the gangmember and who was not, only because I do not want to put names out there or my identity. But I can tell you that the kid who was thought to be brain dead was the one who was openly involved with gangs. The one who was wounded 3 times has never been affiliated with gangs. I know this because he is a relative a lot closer to me than any of the people you received information from, I can be sure of that. So like I said before, my relative was simply saying hello to old neighborhood friends when he was caught in the middle of it.
I dont blame people for making the assumption that both kids were involved in gangs. I would most likely have made the same assumption myself had I read a story like this.It is truly sad what is happening in our community.
Almost 1 year since this happend and the police never arrested anyone for this crime. Big surprise.
Boy, this gun ban really works magic!
All the criminals get to keep their guns because they dont give a damn about the law or the police anyway, and we get to call 911 and wait 20 mins before the boys in blue show up.
What a country.
What a city.

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

You're telling me that he wasn't a gangbanger, but yet you can't get me proof? How am I supposed to believe this? I'm sorry, but I really can't. Living here for the last 16 years makes you that way.

I always see the idiots flashing gang signs being the ones end up getting hurt, which to me is good since it's not innocent people, but I've also seen innocent people get shot and killed over this stuff. I lost my best friend to gunfire a few years ago while he was on Diversey, coming out of a store, just doing some shopping for his mom when these idiots started firing out of nowhere. He was shot and died a short time later. This is why I stay in most of the time and when I do go out, I never travel alone.

Kids don't say "hello" to their friends anymore. If anything, they say things like "what's up?", "what's crackin'?" and stuff like that.

As for no arrests, that's not surprising. The cops working over there in 14 never try hard enough, nor do they want to. They don't even care for any residents. They just respond just to get their check and because they have to.

You're right about the gun ban. It does not work and I wish the so-called mayor would drop it already. Residents need guns in neighborhoods like this.

I will post an update to this story with your comment though.

Not on Albany, but still angry said...

Wow. Sounds like anonymous knows quite a bit about the shooting. Just like all the bangers around who had plates and names but nobody would talk. None of your relatives bros came to his rescue either. Only I did. Even his dad chickened out. Nobody talks - everyone walks.

Keep your family a little closer dude - and maybe learn to look out for one another. The dudes who shot your relative came looking for me the next week 'he was supposed to die'... It was a lovely incident. If I had less distance between me an my own weapons you would have three more dead bangers. But us yuppies keep our AK's locked up and inside. I don't usually carry it taking out the garbage. (appropriate activity to waste you fools).

14 does suck. I gave them a plate and description the next week. I stared at some 14 year old kid with a .38 pointed at me. The cops never even came to our house. So they could get those three guys - but why bother?

I am glad to hear the other one lived. He was not hit as bad and my hope was the face wound was only superficial. He was still coherent at the shooting - so I worked on your relative. Did he live? I feel bad either way - if he did I imagine he is not in very good shape. If he died I am sorry.

angry on albany said...

Oh and yes - just sayin' about the swastikas - you poor fools don't even know where that symbol comes from! Ha - some stupid (obviously non-white) thought it was cool. Glad he failed history. It looks a little dumb for an organization that is majority hispanic to be using a sign a of white supremacy! I laugh at the irony every day - until I realize how truly uneducated and dumb you bangers are. And where did you guys learn to shoot? You all need some serious range time and less TV.