Sunday, January 4, 2009

Another day, another shooting (Update on 1-13-09)

I'm pretty sure you folks saw the 911 calls up here about the shooting on Monticello and Schubert yesterday around 3pm. Well, the shooting really did happen. I've been told quiet a few stories about people on the street looking up in alarm as the shots rang out, the two offenders fleeing the scene and several witnesses to the shots fired. The police also pulled an RD number for yesterday's shooting. Its HR103XXX (didn't catch the last three numbers).

Nobody is sure who, or what, was being shot at, but witnesses do say that this is probably gang related ... again. As always. In fact, one of the two guys I saw fleeing north after the shooting is in a gang. I recognized him right away from Monroe school. He was in 7th grade when I was still going there, so he may be in 8th grade by now. His name is Jose Zuniga (I'm pretty sure he is 15 or 16 years old). I don't have a block where he lives on, but I do know that he belongs to a gang. His older brother (who's also in the same gang) told me a couple of years back that he was a Cobra. The offender(s) is/are known to hang out around George and Hamlin.

All I can say is that ... again, what is going on around here?? Why do we have shootings now almost every two or three days apart (if not every day) now??? Are the gangs really that pissed off at each other where they just have to shoot at each nearly everyday, and on SCHOOL GROUNDS (yes, this shooting happened literally in front of Monroe school), for that fact? Come on now, people, it's not right to shoot on school grounds. Imagine what would've happened if this took place on a school day. Kids, teachers and parents would've still been leaving the school. We would've had mass chaos on the neighborhood streets. There would've been people running all over the place (and end up falling down and getting injured just trying to flee the scene), multiple people shot and Monroe school would've been placed on LOCK DOWN (because school for some people does not end until 5:00pm, even 8:30pm for a select few).

Oh boy, wait until Mr. Rivera (principal for Monroe) hears about this shooting literally being in front of the school. He is not going to be a happy camper. Maybe Zuniga will get caught AND arrested come Monday if someone at Monroe (who maybe heard about the shooting yesterday) does the RIGHT thing and informs school administration that they have an Aggravated Battery offender walking around in the SCHOOL. I would not want to be in the same school with one, I know that's for sure.

One can only hope that a retaliation-style shooting (or, if they don't feel like using guns for once, a big brawl) does not take place today, though I'm pretty sure this shooting has pissed off yet another gang that now wants to hunt down Zuniga and do some "payback" to him for it. I've seen this happen too many times over the years. One can only also hope that Zuniga and his friend (yeah, I probably know who you are too) are caught and held responsible for this shooting.

Peace to everyone out there.


UPDATE, 1-13-09: It looks like an RD was pulled on this shooting too. It's HR104173. It occurred at 15:05:19 hours. No arrests have been made. It is not domestic related. It happened on the street. The block of occurrence is 2600 N Monticello. The UCR code is 051Adam, which would make it as an "Aggravated Assault: Handgun". I wonder why it's not Aggravated Battery. There were shots fired. Unless, the Aggravated Battery is only used when someone gets shot.


Craig Gernhardt said...

Dang, Timmy. Great work.

Dumb question, though. You let the police know about Mr. Zuniga? Keep us updated.

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

Yep, I sure got fired up when thinking about it again, LOL. It just makes me so mad that they do this nearly everyday.

I did in fact call the police yesterday about him walking up my block after the shooting, but I'm guessing that the witnesses told them everything else about him because the police said they had tons of info on him. Maybe they can nail him for it today, tomorrow or sometime real soon.

Anonymous said...

Hi Timmy,

My name is Mike and I would just like to say it is very impressive to me for someone to put so much effort in educating the local public as to what is happening where they live. I recently moved to Logan about 6 months ago and had no idea what kind of neighborhood it was but i love it either way! But i think its great what you're doing and i just wish more people in this neighborhood, city, state, country and world payed more attention to the events that are happening within the places they live even if it doesn't immediately affect them thanks again and keep up the great work!