Monday, January 12, 2009

Crime blotter for January 12, 2009

Good morning, readers, it's 6:44am. Today, I'm returning to Sullivan HS after a quick weekend off. I hope it's calm today. I'll have my observations of school in an article here later today. Well, below is crime for this afternoon.
4:00pm hour - Nothing too major happened. A domestic battery happened on Monticello, a gang disturbance occurred at Tony's, 3607 W Fullerton, among other things.

5:06pm - Something went down at Cortland and Ridgeway. Not sure what.

5:20pm - I'm finally back. My computer was running real slow and I was doing some other stuff. An article of school is coming very shortly. Here is crime for this fine evening.

5:30pm - An outdoor roll call is being held at this time at Wellington and Central Park.

5:51pm - Disturbance. 2828 N Killbourn. At the Barry school. A parent is causing problems.

6:16pm - Disturbance (more like Assault in progress). 3755 W Dickens. Two pregnant females are about to fight.

6:17pm - Suspicious vehicle. 2828 N Kildare. A suspicious vehicle's been parked there for weeks.

6:31pm - I'm going to go eat my dinner now. I'll be back.

7:26pm - Parker. 41XX W Dickens. No further information.

7:35pm - Reckless driver. 2700 N Pulaski. Someone is speeding southbound on Pulaski recklessly.

7:55pm - Hand waver. Beat car 2524 gets flagged down at 3944 W George. Two males, possibly Hispanic, one with a ski mask and another with a puffy coat, pulled a gun out on the hand waver. They fled north on Harding.

8:08pm - Person with a gun. Fullerton and Pulaski. Two male Blacks have guns.

8:10pm - I'm going to go now. Good night everyone. I'll be back tomorrow.

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