Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Shooting At Belmont and Monticello - LIVE BLOGGING

Hey, everyone. I have few details on this, but a shooting occurred at Belmont and Monticello about 35 minutes ago, approximately 8:44pm. I first heard word of this when I received two comments about ambulances and squad cars speeding down Kimball, and Milwaukee, towards Belmont. That was at 8:56. So, the details I've gotten are that a man was shot in the head, and one man was grazed. Both victims were taken to Illinois Masonic Hospital. At the scene, a car crashed into three other cars, leading me to believe there was a speed chase involved of some sort. There's one crime scene at 3216 0n Monticello, and another one at Belmont and Kimball.

I'll update this post more as I get more information on it, which will probably be in the morning. Remember, if you have comments or insight regarding this, send them here, or email them to me. And, eyewitness accounts are definitely encouraged.

Update #1, 9:47pm - Here's a report that Chicago News Report has.

Update #2, 12/1/10, 6:41am - The victims were young. The one shot in the head was 16, and the other victim was 18. A source tells me this was a rival gang shooting, and Chicago News Report reports that CPD is excepting a retaliation shooting soon from this one.

Suspicious Person On Barry, Gang Disturbance

Good afternoon, everyone, it's 3:14pm. It's a cold, cloudy afternoon. The temps are falling and there's flurries of snow falling out there. To me, it just serves as a reminder that winter's coming, that tomorrow starts December, and that the snow parking ban goes into effect. So, to celebrate winter and Christmas coming in one way, I'll have this blog's colors in red and green for the whole month. Anyway, for those on Beat 1422, there's a CAPS Beat meeting tomorrow at 7pm. It's at Hispanic Housing, 1402 N Kedzie. Here's crime for this afternoon and evening.

3:28pm - 1) Suspicious person. 4182 W Barry. 2) Gang disturbance. "On the east end of 25".

3:47pm - Gang disturbance. Wrightwood and Kildare. Thanks to ProdigalOne for getting this while I napped.

4:13pm - Residential alarm. 2656 N Hamlin. Thanks to ProdigalOne for getting this while I napped.

4:39pm - Robbery. 2978 N Ridgeway. Caller's purse was stolen. Thanks to ProdigalOne for getting this while I napped.

4:59pm - Beat car 2523 has a bona fide robbery at 2978 N Ridgeway.

5:58pm - A unit is taking one in from Wabansia and Monticello.

6:31pm - Gang disturbance. 40X0 W Armitage. They're throwing things.

6:32pm - Traffic accident. On 2523's Beat.

6:41pm - I have to go eat. I'll be back.

7:00pm - I'm back.

8:27pm - Disturbance. 2126 N Avers. Problem with the landlord.

8:48pm - Fire. Palmer and Keystone. Car.

9:00pm - I have to go. I'll be back tomorrow. Good night, everyone.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Shots Fired @ North and Harding

Good afternoon, everyone, it's 3:10pm. Glad to be home from school. I swear, some days are just drama-filled at Sullivan. It's like the teen version of the Chicago Tribune. Anyway, this is going to be a pretty short week for me. Tomorrow and Thursday, I've got regular school, but I'm going to see a play with the class on Wednesday. And, Thursday, I actually have to stay after school, for a Student Government meeting. There's no school Friday :). Anyway, as I said yesterday, I'm beginning my Christmas colors on the blog on Wednesday. So, here's crime for this afternoon and evening.

3:46pm - I have to go hang up some flyers in the neighborhood for a meeting. I'll be back shortly.

4:06pm - I'm back.

5:54pm - Shots Fired. North and Harding. Few calls coming in on it.

6:35pm - Disturbance. Avers and George.

6:40pm - I have to go eat. I'll be back.

6:51pm - I'm back.

6:52pm - Beat car 2523 asks for a gang dispersal from 2901 N Avers. They're dispersing two. Console time is 18:52 and the event number is 14225.

9:26pm - I have to go. I'll be back. Good night, everyone, and I'll be back tomorrow.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Woman Found Dead In Alley On Homer, Ruled As Homicide

Hey everyone, I've gotten a few reports, including this article from Chicago Breaking News, about a woman being found dead in an alley on the 3100 block of West Homer Street yesterday morning. At 7:30am, police responded to a call of a "person down" in the alley, in which they found, and pronounced as dead. This woman was indentifed as Bozena Straggs, 36, according to Chicago News Report. This would be kind of a normal case, actually, as it is almost winter time in Chicago, and it's getting cold. But the thing that's making me report this to all of you is that the Coroner's office ruled this as a Homicide. They say Straggs was strangled to death.

I have no further information on this, but anyone who does, please put it in the comments section or shoot me an email. And, of course, if you do have information on the circumstances surrounding Stragg's death, I encourage you to contact the 14th District Police at (312)-744-8290. Also, please contact Area 5 Detectives (unfortunately, I have no number for them).

My thoughts and prayers go to all who knew Straggs, and this is sad that this happened.

Tagging Offender Held On Lawndale

Good morning, everyone, it's 12am. It's still cold out, but that'll be so for the rest of the winter. And, on that subject, it's the last week of November already. Wow. Time's gone by fast. So, for it being the last week of November, I'll have Christmas colors starting Wednesday, the 1st of December, all the way until 2011. Anyway, I'll be here most of the day, with the exception when I have to go to the store and run an errand, and the unexpected nap. Here's crime for today.

12:34am - Holding the offender. 2800 N Lawndale. Male being held for tagging.

12:38am - I'm gone for the night. See you all in the mornin'. Good night, everyone.

9:30am - I'm back. Good morning.

10:59am - Beat 2552 is doing a premise check at the pumping station, 1747 0n Springfield.

11:16am - Traffic accident. 2433 N Monticello.

11:30am - An RD number has been pulled from the 11:16am job. It's HS636179 with the event number of 05932.

12:58pm - I'm going to store. I'll be back.

1:11pm - I'm back.

2:30pm - Information for the police. 3600 block of W Belmont. Caller saw someone driving around in her husband's '91 white/tan Chevy Surburban, no plate or RD number. Thanks to ProdigalOne for obtaining this call while I was doing my business with the flyers.

3:08pm - Criminal damage. 3842 W Wabansia. Male Hispanic, brown gloves, blue sleeveless t-shirt just broke out the caller's car windows.

3:11pm - And now there's a fight at 3842 Wabansia. The caller's husband is fighting with the guy.

3:34pm - Suspicious person. 2856 N Ridgeway. Male Hispanic or Black, green coat, black pants, 5'7, 180 lbs, keeps going in and out of the building. It is presumed he may be involved in gang activity because he looks like a gang member from the area. And, a gangbanger on a bike was seen going down George right before this guy was seen. Dispatch doesn't know what's suspicious about him, and this is even though the caller told them why. Well, I know what's "suspicious" about it. There's a "no loitering, no trespassing" sign on the building.

3:41pm - The cops arrive at 2856 Ridgeway. They're checking it out.

3:44pm - Beat car 2523 codes the 3:34pm job as 19Boy. Yes, they're the ones who responded. And, they investigated the call properly like they always do. Good job, guys!

3:46pm - 2523 has a street stop at George and Springfield.

4:03pm - Narcotics. Fullerton and Central Park.

4:04pm - Traffic accident. 2605 N Keeler.

6:37pm - I have to go eat, and with that, I'm gone for the night. I'll be back tomorrow. Good night, everyone.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Parker On Harding

Good morning, everyone, it's 1:57am. It's now the last Saturday of November, and it's cold outside. It's currently in the low 20s. That's just a part of winter approaching, I guess. Anyway, I'm going to (or at least try to) stay up until 5 this morning to monitor 25 overnight, then I'll come back after dinner this evening. Tomorrow, I'll be monitoring until dinner. Yep. I'm finally back on my weekend schedule. So, here's crime for this early morning and evening.

3:00am - Parker. 2430 N Harding. White Bonneville.

3:16am - Assist the citizen. 4316 W Fullerton. Caller's boiler is about to explode, and they want the police on scene so they can go to another apartment and turn down the thermostat.

4:56am - Theft report. 1800 block of N Hamlin.

5:00am - Ok, I'm out for the day. I'll see you all this evening. Have a great day!

6:58pm - I'm back. Good evening.

7:05pm - Disturbance. 4048 W Barry. Male, 30s, tear drop under his right eye is throwing bricks at the 2nd floor windows.

7:50pm - Battery victim injured. 3919 W Fullerton. At the hotel, in the 1st floor hallway, a female was battered by the boyfriend who is still on scene, arguing with another female in the next room. Fire en route. A second call reports that the victim is on CTA bus 1866, stopped at Pulaski/Grand waiting for the Fire dept. Thanks to ProdigalOne for obtaining this call while I was napping.

7:52pm - A unit is taking one in from Diversey and Pulaski, from a traffic stop. Thanks to ProdigalOne for obtaining this call while I was napping.

9:30pm - Municipal ordinance violation. 3701 W McLean. Illegal rehab construction going on.

9:31pm - Commercial alarm. 3055 N Milwaukee. At the deli.

11:11pm - A unit is going into 25 with one from 2923 N Springfield.

11:20pm - Battery victim injuried. 4155 W Fullerton.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Commercial Alarm On Harding

Good morning, everyone, it's 8:01am. It's freezing out there! It's only like 19 degrees right now, and it's so cold that I don't want to get out of bed (being under the covers is rather warm). This is the coldest weather I've seen almost all year. Anyway, it's Black Friday, meaning it's time to SHOP for the holidays. I bet at least some of you rushed or are rushing to the mall to buy what you want/need. I've gotten some reports of "stampedes" already occurring at places like the Brickyard Mall (Diversey and Narraganset) and the WalMart on North Ave. Also, I'm going to take a little bit of an extended dinner break this evening (because I didn't take one yesterday) along with a nap right after that, so I can stay up until 5am. I'd like to monitor 25 from 1:57-5am overnight. So, here's crime for today.

8:49am - Commercial alarm. 1749 N Harding.

10:39am - Burglar alarm. 3927 W Belmont.

11:13am - Here's an article about a domestic situation turning violent around 3 this morning in the Avondale neighborhood.

11:26am - Backlog in 25 at 11:26 hours.

11:27am - Landlord/tenant dispute. 3741 W Shakespeare. Landlord's threatening to kick the caller out.

11:58am - Burglar alarm. 2253 N Keeler.

12:00pm - Theft. 3963 W Belmont. Two males broke into a vehicle, then fled east towards Harding in a purple Dodge Durango.

12:02pm - Disturbance. 2048 N Hamlin. Female heard yelling and fighting in background. Thanks to ProdigialOne for getting the narrative on this call.

12:17pm - Theft report. 3940 W Fullerton. At the Jewel-Osco. Call is nearly two hours old.

12:45pm - Landlord/tenant. 2516 N Central Park. Landlord causing problems, and threatening, the caller. Multiple calls coming in on it.

2:34pm - Fire. 3022 N Kenneth. Garage. Fire returned to quarters.

2:35pm - 1) They're calling back on the 11:27am job. 2) Landlord/tenant dispute. 2537 N Lowell.

2:56pm - Parker. 1620 N Central Park. Blue Toyota parked in front of the dealership.

3:19pm - Person wanted. Diversey and Kilbourn. Male named Gilbert is walking towards Kenneth on Diversey in a red coat. He's wanted for Homicide. So, no one try to apprehend him. Leave that up to the boys and girls in blue. This guy has an IR number of 845979.

4:29pm - Person wanted. Armitage and Hamlin.

4:40pm - Parker. On 2523's Beat.

5:08pm - Here's a suggestion. If you're traveling on Fullerton going west, you'll need to reroute at Kedvale or Keeler. There's an auto accident between Tripp and Keeler with injuries.

6:18pm - Backlog is taken out of 25 at 18:18 hours.

7:10pm - I have to go eat. I'll be back.

7:23pm - I'm back.

8:21pm - I'm laying down for my nap now. I'll be back a little later.

8:52pm - I'm back.

9:12pm - Narcotics. 24X3 N Hamlin.

9:47pm - A unit has a traffic stop at Wrightwood and Kostner.

10:23pm - Beat 4517Boy needs a female for a search at Monticello and Wrightwood.

11:45pm - Beat 2563David has a street stop at 3615 W Cortland.

11:59pm - Loud music disturbance. 3975 W Barry.

12:00am - Ok, I'm gone. Until 1:57am tomorrow morning. See you all then.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving 2010

Good morning, everyone, it's 8:09am. Happy Thanksgiving to all!!! Today is the day of the year where you give thanks to what you have in your life, and it's also a time to spend with your family. For me, there are so many things to be thankful for, but I can take up a whole page just listing them. So, anyway, I'll be leaving here at 9:55, and will return some time this evening. I'll be at St. Hyacinth's from 10 to 3, giving food to the needy, then I'll spend a couple of hours being with my mom :). Well, here's crime for some of today, and Happy Thanksgiving, again!

8:28am - Beat 2520 has an on-view domestic at Diversey and Kostner.

9:48am - Child left alone. 4408 W Diversey.

9:53am - I'm going to go. I'll be back later. Have a great day!

12:22pm - I'm back.

12:48pm - Fire. 3901 W Belden.

1:09pm - Parker. 3633 W Shakespeare.

1:56pm - Thanksgiving backlog in 25 at 13:56 hours.

3:26pm - Reckless driver. Diversey and Pulaski. Burgundy vehicle speeding towards Harding.

8:29pm - Traffic accident. Fullerton and Central Park. In the Tony's parking lot.

8:42pm - Suspicious vehicle. 3063 N Davlin. Males in a Toyota have been sitting their vehicle for a while now.

9:41pm - Beat car 2525Robert is down for the night. Meaning, there's no Beat car for Beat 2525 tonight.

11:11pm - Loud music disturbances at 2510 N Ridgeway and 3060 N Haussen.

12:00am - I'm going to go. I'll be back tomorrow. Good night, everyone. Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Trespassing On Springfield

Good afternoon, everyone, it's 3:30pm. It's rainy out there, making it a messy drive home from work and school. But I'm glad to be here, and I'm glad it's the holiday. I get four days off, and with very little homework :). Speaking of the holidays, I'll be gone most of the day tomorrow. I'll be at St. Hyacinth's from 10am-3pm giving out food to the needy in our community, then I'll have Thanksgiving dinner with mom. Then, Friday, I probably have to make a trip with mom somewhere. So, here's crime for this afternoon and evening.

3:36pm - Criminal trespass. 3149 N Springfield. Someone's trespassing.

4:01pm - Some call at 2701 N Kildare.

4:32pm - Traffic accident. Fullerton and Kostner.

5:59pm - Battery. George and Lawndale. Two males jumped on the caller.

6:57pm - I have to go eat. I'll be back.

7:22pm - I'm back.

7:48pm - Person w/ a gun. 2537 N Lowell.

7:55pm - A slow down is being given on the 7:48pm job.

8:15pm - Battery report. 2423 N Hamlin. Neighbor hit the caller.

9:51pm - Robbery. Fullerton and Hamlin. Here's the details.

12:00am - I'm going to go. Have a good night, and Happy Thanksgiving!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Disturbance On Ridgeway

Good evening, everyone, it's 7pm. It's cold out there. I mean, literally. I definitely felt the cold when I woke up this morning. But the clear skies beats yesterday afternoon's violent storms. Anyway, as I've been saying, today is my two year anniversary of this blog. It's been that long already. I could remember when I was first starting out, which was a real struggle. But you know what? It payed off in the end. Also, I'll be coming home at my regular time tomorrow. Originally, there was a Student Government meeting scheduled for tomorrow after school, but it was rescheduled for next Thursday, the 2nd. So, here's crime for some of this evening.

7:13pm - Disturbance. 2847 N Ridgeway. Two kids playing football, hitting the parked cars, which sets off their alarms. Funny, I don't see or hear anything.

7:15pm - Disturbance w/ a mental. 2537 N Lowell.

7:19pm - Disturbance. 3720 W Fullerton. Something about a guy selling his car to Mexico or something.

7:20pm - I'm going to go until 8:36.

8:36pm - I'm back.

9:00pm - Ok, time for me to hit the bed. Good night, everyone, and once again, thank you for providing me two years of this blog! See you all tomorrow.

Two Years Ago, On This Day...

Today was the day two years ago that I started this blog. Yup. I started it on November 23rd, 2008. It was at 4:30 in the afternoon. At the time, I was trying to figure out what kind of layout I should use for the blog, but more importantly, what kind of information to put up here. So I started the blog, and at the time, I chose only to live-police scan 25, and put Chicago Journal articles up from 14. There was no coverage of 17 whatsoever planned. But in the next few weeks, I realize 14 and 17 also needed the live scanned action. So, then, I decided to blog those two districts only once a month (which still applies, except for 14 in the summer).

This blog grew. More and more people looked at this blog daily, and within the next few months, I had about 200 daily readers. And back then, people made comments so useful, and respectful towards each other. It's not really like that today, but one can dream.

Then came June of 2009, which was a very bad month for my family and I. At the time, the economy sinked so low that it threatened to cut our internet off completey. After all of you read that, you volunteered to help continue the blog. A week later, I switched to Windy City, for the summer. I got a lot of more readers when I made that switch. And my blogging was almost non-stop that summer. If you never caught on my purpose, I switched over in case I needed more readers to help me fund my internet to continue the blog.

In August 2009, I had an interview with Time Out Chicago magazine. That was my first, and so far only (because I've turned all of the others down), interview with the media. I felt great about being interviewed, and that also gained me some more readers. More importantly, it told people about me, and why I do what I do. Then, a month later, I switched my blog back to Blogger, and have been here ever since. I remember a lot of you were so happy when I came back to Blogger, so that made me happy, too.

In the last year, this blog has grown so much. I've been getting more and more comments, and readers, each and every single day, which has benefited a lot of people, I feel. It has benefited the Chicago Police because they get more information on certain crimes by reading this blog (believe me, guys, I've got cops reading this blog). It has benefited you, the reader, because of that, too, but also because you have spread the word and have gotten more people to read this blog. Lastly, it has benefited me. Doing this blog has benefited me because I've established many relationships which I thought were never possible. I have a mostly good relationship with the CPD and my alderman because of the blog, I've gotten better relationships with my teachers at school because of it, and most importantly, I've met SO many good people from doing this blog. Prior to doing this blog, I was always at home (besides going to school). I never went anywhere or did anything. I would just watch TV or do my homework. But in time of doing this blog, I've met many community members, which has gotten me involved with many community meetings. Currently, I'm a member of CAPS, I'm a member of the Avondale Neighborhood Association, I helped form a block club on one block, and I formed a block club of my own.

So, to wrap this up, I would just like to give a special thank you to EVERYONE who reads this blog. Thank you so much for all of your support over these last two years. In particular, I owe a really special "thank you" to Craig Gernhardt, the author of "The Broken Heart of Rogers Park" blog, the Edgewater Community Buzz (formerly Blotter), and my mom (I love you so much!!!). Thanks to these people, I've gotten this blog to where it is today. I owe a special thanks to the people who have read this blog since I first started it. You are my loyal and faithful fans. I also owe a thanks to Brad Flora from Windy Citizen for letting me host my blog on his site last summer. I probably have a ton of other people to thank, but can't remember everyone I need to. So, I'll just say it again: thank you SO MUCH for all of your help and encouragement over the last two years. You don't know how much it means to me, and thanks to all of you, I will be forever grateful for living in the community I live in. Yes, it does have crime and violence, but as I always say, it takes determination to rid of it, and I feel most of you are determined to help me fight this battle. Together, we can change our communities and so much more!

I will continue to provide this service to my community, and your community. I hope this blog lasts for many, many years, even if I don't run it anymore someday.

Thank you for everything, everyone!! I appreciate it so much, and to no end!!


Monday, November 22, 2010

Gang Disturbances On The 20 Sector Of 25

Good afternoon, everyone, it's 3:19pm. It's a pretty rainy afternoon outside, and it's actually supposed to storm some, then a cold front's coming through and it'll get under 30 degrees tonight. Tomorrow will only be in the low 40s, or upper 30s. So enjoy today while you can, because it's in the mid 60s right now. Anyway, tomorrow is my two year anniversary of this blog. Yep. I started this blog on November 23, 2008. I can't believe it's been two years already. Well, all I hope is that my reporting's been beneficial to all, and that this blog sticks around for many more years to come. So, here's crime for this afternoon and evening.

3:22pm - Gang disturbances at 3647 W Diversey, and Fullerton and Harding.

3:34pm - Parkers on 2524's Beat.

3:57pm - Traffic accident. Wrightwood and Keeler.

4:00pm - Theft report. 2856 N Central Park.

4:38pm - Parker. 3979 W Barry. Car blocking the garage.

6:28pm - Crminal damage. 3963 W Belmont.

6:37pm - I have to go eat. I'll be back.

6:55pm - I'm back.

7:00 to 7:20pm - Had something important to do. Sorry.

8:36 to TBA - Fell asleep, then left for the night. Have a good night, everyone. See you all tomorrow evening, starting at 7.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Cars Being Worked On In Garage On Harding

Good morning, everyone, it's 9:28am. It's not so cold today, but it is cloudy. They say we're supposed to have morning drizzle, and it's supposed to remain cloudy. But it is supposed to be rather warm, in the upper 50s, to be exact. Tomorrow, it'll be in the mid 60s with thunderstorms in the afternoon. So we'll see how crime plays out today and tomorrow. Anyway, Tuesday marks two years of this blog. Wow. Can't believe it. Well, here's crime for today.

9:29am - Municipal ordinance violation. 1818 N Harding. Cars being worked on in the garage.

10:10am - Suspicious person. 4054 W Dickens. Two male Blacks in a gray pick-up truck pulled up in the alley and went inside into a building across the alley from this location.

10:36am - Burglar alarm. 4130 W Oakdale.

11:33am - Theft. 3035 N Pulaski. Male Black, brown jacket, black hat and blue jeans just stole merchandise from the AutoZone. He fled towards Barry in a black Honda Civic with a plate of 2741824.

11:51am - 1) Narcotics. Central Park and Milwaukee. Two people in a building doing drugs. 2) An RD number has been pulled from the AutoZone. It's HS625988 with the event number of 06709.

1:26pm - Assault. 2530 N Hamlin. Caller was threatened.

1:41pm - I have to go to the store. I'll be back in a few minutes.

1:50pm - I'm back from the store. But I've got news to share. When I was coming home, I observed three men at Diversey and Ridgeway, by the bar, checking out the brand new gang taggings that just went up as recently as last night. These men are gangbangers. I recognized them, and I'm sure you're all about to know who I'm about to talk about. There was a male White, 18-21 yrs old, 5'8, short blonde hair, black baseball cap, red hoodie and black pants with two male Hispanics in black hoodies. As I said, they were checking out brand new taggings. They went towards George on Ridgeway. Now I believe we're going to have some trouble in this area tonight.

1:56pm - Narcotics. 31X0 N Monitcello. Gangbangers getting high.

2:37pm - Parker. 2300 block of N Avers.

2:42pm - My "call" is dispatched.

3:02pm - Beat car 2523 has a traffic stop at 3034 N Pulaski. And they never came to my call. As a matter of fact, it's coded a 2B0y. It's not the regulars on the car today, so no surprise. Oh well. At least I sent the text and the information was taken. This way no police officers can say no ticket was made for this when we have a shooting later...

3:20pm - Disturbance. 2850 N Lawndale. Kids jumping on a trampoline in the rear of a vacant building that burned down about two months ago.

4:03pm - Parker. 2537 N Hamlin. Thanks to ProdigalOne for getting this while I napped.

4:15pm - Gang disturbance. Armitage and Pulaski. They're throwing up signs and loitering.

4:38pm - Battery. 3853 W Palmer. Caller was struck by three males in their garage.

4:44pm - Assault. 2537 N Lowell. Tenant threatened the landlord. This tenant is a mental. The officers know him well, and this a regular place they go to.

4:45pm - Some call at 2339 N Avers.

4:59pm - Beat car 2523 is recovering a stolen vehicle from 2933 N Harding.

6:46pm - I have to go eat. I'll be back.

7:04pm - I'm back.

7:44pm - Gang disturbance. Armitage and Pulaski. They're on top of pick-up trucks, flashing signs, acting stupid. Doing other foolish things too.

9:07pm - I have to go. I'll be back tomorrow. Good night, everyone

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Traffic Accident On Harding

Good morning, everyone, it's 8:56am. I'm monitoring 17 for our good residents North of Belmont. It'll probably be quiet as usual, especially since it's cold out. It's in the upper 30s right about now. But that's a part of it being late November. Anyway, I'm going to go out to Target so I can buy ink for my printer. I'll do that a little later. So, here's crime for today.

12:36pm - Traffic accident. 3307 N Harding. Hit and run. Thanks to ProdigalOne for getting this while I was at Target.

1:40pm - The 14th District needs assistance traffic control at 3219 W Belmont. There's a car
flipped upside down under the underpass of the Kennedy. Thanks to ProdigalOne for getting this while I was at Target.

2:05pm - Municipal ordinance violation. 3244 N Drake. Cars being worked on in the rear.

3:37pm - Holding the offender. 3500 N Kimball. At the Home Depot.

5:02pm - Disturbance. 3200 block of N Monticello. In the west alley, there are several cars blasting loud music.

6:39pm - I have to go eat. I'll be back.

7:01pm - I'm back.

8:46pm - Disturbance. 3411 N Pulaski. Intoxicated male refuses to leave.

11:30pm - Traffic accident. Belmont and California. Cab involved.

12:00am - I'm done blogging for the night. I'll be back with 25 tomorrow. Good night, everyone.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Selling @ Armitage and Pulaski

Good evening, everyone, it's 5:52pm. School was ok, but I'm glad to be home, and TGIF it's Friday. This has been a really long week for me, so I'm glad I've got two days off. I need to work on some stuff, and organize some things, so this weekend will give me some time to do those things. Anyway, I'm monitoring 17 for most of the day tomorrow, except for when I need to go to Target for an hour or two to buy some more ink for the printer. Also, Tuesday is my two year anniversary of this blog. God, it's been two years already. Time flies by so fast. So, here's crime for this early evening.

5:52pm - Narcotics. Armitage and Pulaski. Selling.

7:54pm - Shots Fired. 3659 W Armitage. A "known Spanish Cobra" complains that someone shot at him. No description, no other info. Anonymous call. Thanks to ProdigalOne for getting this call while I was on the phone.

8:12pm - Battery. Wabansia and Pulaski. Female White got beat up by a male Black. They appear to know each other. They're heading towards North Ave. on Pulaski. Thanks to ProdigalOne for getting this call while I was on the phone.

9:00pm - I'm going to go. I'll be back tomorrow with 17. Good night, everyone.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Crime Blotter For November 18, 2010

Good morning, everyone, it's 12am. It's pretty cold outside. It's in the 30s right about now. It'll get into the low 40s today. It's supposed to be sunny. Anyway, today, I might (and I say might now, because mom doesn't feel too well) go with mom to get my report card at school, but I've definitely got a block club meeting tonight at 6:30pm. I'll stop blogging around 5:45 or s0, and won't come back for the night, as it's a school night. So, here's crime for today.

1:57am - There's been no crime so far as I've been listening in, so I'm off to bed. Good night, everyone. I'll be back in the morning.

9:31am - I'm back. Good morning.

11:14 to 11:17am - My radio was still on Citywide 6, which is where Zone 12 was until 11:07 (because of their radio problems) from last night and this morning, and I forgot to switch back.

1:29pm - Battery. 2010 N Central Park. At the Funston school. A teacher shoved a student. Thanks to ProdigalOne for getting this while I was at the store.

1:59pm - I'm getting a report of a lot of smoke in the area of Kimball and Belmont. I'm not hearing anything over on Zone 12 so far.

2:10pm - Beat 2570 is heading over to Ames Middle School on Hamlin.

2:13pm - Gang disturbance. Armitage and Pulaski. They're arguing in the gas station.

4:40pm - Disturbance. 1704 N Springfield. Dispute with a 15 yr old over stolen property.

5:32pm - Gang disturbance. 31X0 N Monticello.

5:52pm - I'm going to get ready for this meeting. I'll be back tomorrow at this time. Good night, everyone!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Shots Fired On Ridgeway

Good evening, everyone, it's 9pm. Sorry for not being here earlier, but I was really tired. This school week has just gotten me tired, in addition to all of the meetings I've had to go to. Well, that's almost over. The only thing I've got tomorrow is a block club meeting, in addition to probably going to my school to get my report card. Otherwise, I'm done with community meetings (except for the next couple of Student Government meetings until the 8th of December. Anyway, it's pretty cold out. Tonight will get into the low 30s, and tomorrow, it'll get into the low 40s. So, here's crime for this evening.

10:11pm - Shots Fired. 1716 N Ridgeway. Multiple gunshots heard.

10:14pm - Sounds like there's an officer on the scene. Dispatch reports only one call.

10:17pm - The call is a 19Boy.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Gangbangers Fighting On Belmont

Good afternoon, everyone, it's 3:44pm. I've had a pretty bad day, and just glad to be home. I've got another meeting this evening. It's a block club meeting. After tonight, I've got a Student Government meeting after school tomorrow, then on Thursday, I have to go to school with mom to pick up my report card, then I've got a block club meeting. My busy week is halfway through already, which is good :). So, here's crime for this afternoon and early evening.

4:08pm - Battery in progress. Belmont and Ridgeway. Gangbangers fighting in the west alley of Ridgeway, south of Belmont.

4:14pm - The gangbangers are now fighting at Lawndale and Belmont.

4:26pm - 1) Parker. 2530 N Hamlin. 2) Check the well being. 2600 block of N Springfield. Male and female arguing.

5:17pm - Burglar alarm. 2131 N Avers.

5:53pm - I have to go eat. I'll be back tomorrow, so good night, everyone.

8:41pm - I'm baaaaack, for a few m0ments. The block club meeting I went to was great. They've got so much going for them, I think.

9:00pm - And now I'm going to bed. Good night.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Male Beats Female @ Pulaski and Nelson

Good afternoon, everyone, it's 3:59pm. School was ok but tiring. Just glad to be at home now. Anyway, I have my first of four meetings tonight for this week. Tonight is the Avondale Neighborhood Association meeting at St. Hyacinth's at 7pm, which I'm going to. Then, tomorrow, I've got a block club meeting to attend. On Wednesday, I have to stay after school for a Student Government meeting, then finally, on Thursday, I've got my block club meeting to go to, in addition of going to my school to pick up my report card. It's going to be a really busy week for me, and blogging will be very limited. Just thought I'd let you all know that. Here's crime for this late afternoon and early evening.

4:19pm - Battery in progress. Pulaski and Nelson. Male beating on a female.

4:29pm - EMS run. 1625 N Harding.

5:31pm - 1) Barking dog. 2747 N Ridgeway. 2) Landlord/tenant dispute. 2921 N Ridgeway.

6:13pm - I'm getting ready to go the meeting. If I don't return by 8:30, I'll probably see you all tomorrow.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Suspicious Person On Monticello

Good morning, everyone, it's 6:56am. It's cold out this morning, and it's still cloudy. It's in the 30s right now and will only make it to the upper 40s. This is just beginning of the cold, I believe. Anyway, this is just the beginning of a really busy week for me. As I said the other day, I've got meetings starting tomorrow, everyday until Friday. Tomorrow is a Neighborhood Association meeting, Wednesday is a Student Government meeting after school, and Tuesday and Thursday are block club meetings. Not to mention, on Thursday, I have to go with mom to my school for about an hour to get my report card. I'm not sure if I'll have time to blog. Depends on how much homework I get on top of the meetings, and then Thursday, I'll likely not blog at all, because of it being such a busy day. Well, here's crime for today.

9:06am - Suspicious person. 1834 N Monticello.

9:58am - Disturbance. 3809 W Altgeld. Dispute with neighbors over a smashed door.

10:19am - Disturbance. 4023 W Oakdale. Problem with the neighbor.

10:37am - Parker. 4100 block of W Dickens. Permits.

11:32am - Assault in progress. 2456 N Hamlin. Neighbors arguing.

1:33 to 1:43pm - Had to go to the store.

3:19pm - Fire. 2700 block of N Avers. Smoke coming from a house.

3:23pm - The 3:19pm job is a code. They're just burning leaves.

3:36pm - Burglar alarm. 2121 N Keeler. At the Nixon school.

3:53pm - Battery in progress. 3601 W Wrightwood. Male slamming things around on the 2, sounds like he may be hitting a female because a female can be heard screaming.

5:06pm - Burglary in progress. 1841 N Monticello.

5:53pm - Person calling for help. 2200 block of N Avers. There's a man yelling for CPD. He might be in the west alley.

5:54pm - Another call just came in for the 5:53pm job. Hamlin and Belden. The guy's running towards Fullerton, yelling for someone to call 911.

5:55pm - Shots Fired. 3806 W Belden. Male Hispanic, 16-18 yrs old, chubby, white stocking cap, shaved left eyebrow, gray ski mask, gray hoodie with designs on it, brown shoes and a bookbag knocked on the caller's door. When they answered, the man demanded all of their money. A struggle ensued, and one gunshot went off. The guy ran down Hamlin.

6:09pm - Report of a coyote in the community. This is being called in at 4014 W George St. I ask that everyone in this general area to use caution.

6:19pm - An RD number has been pulled from the whole thing over on Belden. It's HS615452 with the event number of 11726.

6:32pm - I have to go eat. I'll be back.

6:45pm - I'm back.

7:55pm - Disturbance. On 2525's Beat.

8:14pm - Traffic accident. 3632 W Fullerton. Bicyclist hit by a car.

8:17pm - The 8:14pm job is a 18Henry for now. The bicyclist is currently refusing medical attention and a police report.

8:19pm - A unit asks for a follow-up from 2644 N Harding. Event number is 13991.

8:28pm - Fire. Keystone and Palmer. There's a lot of smoke in the air within the vicinity.

8:29pm - Another call to 911 from Palmer and Keystone reveals that the smoke is from fireworks in the air.

9:00pm - I have to go. I may be back tomorrow, and if so, good night. But, if not, take care :).

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Peace Disturbed Inside McDonalds

Good morning, everyone, it's 8am. Today, I'm monitoring 14 for all of you east of Central Park. Hopefully, it's not too busy, but we all know how busy 14 is. Anyway, I'll be leaving here for an hour or two because I have to run some errands. While I'm gone, I'll try to get archives on what happens, though. Also, I've got a busy week ahead of me. I've got the Avondale Neighborhood Association meeting to go to on Monday (at St. Hyacinth's at 7pm, in Resurrection Hall), then a block club meeting on Ridgeway (not my block) at 7pm on Tuesday, then I have to stay after school for a little bit on Wednesday for a meeting, then finally, on Thursday, I have to go with mom to my school for report card pick-up, and then I have a block club meeting for my block that night. I'm going to be really, really busy, and blogging may become VERY limited on those four days. So, here's crime for today.

8:20am - Disturbance. 2707 N Milwaukee. Male White, 30s, white shoes, black coat, with a large cup of coffee, is disturbing the peace inside the McDonalds.

8:44am - Parker. 3221 W Cortland. Car parked on sidewalk.

8:50am - Beat car 1412 is doing a Sex Offender check at 3049 N Spaulding.

9:00am - Burglar alarm. 2204 N Leavitt.

9:01am - 1412 is now on one at 2951 Gresham. Event number is 04960.

9:32am - EMS run. 2367 W Logan. Male broke his ankle. About 20 seconds, EMS declares that CPD is not needed.

9:33am - Now 1412 is doing a check at 2853 N Christina.

10:06am - Burglar alarm. 2139 W Churchill.

10:11am - Sex Offender check is being done by 1412 at 2611 N Sawyer.

10:12am - Beat 1455 is doing a Sex Offender check at 3021 W Diversey. Event number is 05733.

10:19am - Sex Offender check at 3501 W Diversey.

10:23am - Beat car 1431 is doing a Sex Offender check at 1921 N Milwaukee. Event number is 05915.

10:32am - Sounds like Beat car 1422 may have an emergency at Wabansia and Kimball.

10:35am - Traffic accident. 2830 N Milwaukee. Multiple calls on it. Injuries.

10:40am - Traffic accident. Diversey and Central Park.

10:41am - Traffic on Milwaukee, eastbound, needs to be blocked off at Wolfram.

10:43am - An immediate reload is needed on the Milwaukee accident. There's a car on the sidewalk.

10:56am - Beat car 1412 asks for an RD number from the accident. It's HS613411 with the event number of 06133.

10:58am - Traffic can be opened up on Milwaukee.

10:59am - 1455 is doing a Sex Offender check at 2914 Richmond, and 1431 is doing one at 3119 W Wabansia. Event number for Richmond is 06460, and event number for Wabansia is 06463.

11:03am -
Sex offender check, 3208 W Wabansia. Thanks to ProdigalOne for getting this while I was out.

11:07am - Sex offender check, 2525 N Milwaukee.
Thanks to ProdigalOne for getting this while I was out.

11:08am - Sex offender check, 1945 N Kedzie.
Thanks to ProdigalOne for getting this while I was out.

11:12am - Assist the citizen. On Gresham. Individual wants to get stuff out of a house on Gresham. Caller does not know the exact address, but knows the house.
Thanks to ProdigalOne for getting this while I was out.

11:13am - Criminal damage. 3000 W Lyndale. The caller's mother, and a male Black, broke in the door and fled.
Thanks to ProdigalOne for getting this while I was out.

11:14am - Sex offender check, 2750 W Nelson.
Thanks to ProdigalOne for getting this while I was out.

11:15am - Sex offender check, 1637 N Washtenaw.
Thanks to ProdigalOne for getting this while I was out.

11:21am - Holding the offender. 1232 W North. At the Home Depot. Male being held for shoplifting.
Thanks to ProdigalOne for getting this while I was out.

11:30am - Sex offender check, 3021 W Wellington.
Thanks to ProdigalOne for getting this while I was out.

11:32am - An RD number has been pulled from 2600 N Elston for a "type A" (auto accident). It's HS613473 with the event number of 06937.
Thanks to ProdigalOne for getting this while I was out.

11:59am - Sex offender check, 2841 N Rockwell.
Thanks to ProdigalOne for getting this while I was out.

12:00 to 12:12pm - Was out running errands.

12:20pm - Disturbance. Kedzie and Palmer. Car beeping it's horn.

12:47pm - 1) EMS run. 2247 N Milwaukee. Man passed out in front of Blockbuster. 2) Narcotics. 3004 W Wabansia. Teens smoking pot in the hallway.

1:06pm - Battery in progress. 2246 N Milwaukee. Two drunks fighting in the store.

1:10pm - Disturbance. 2249 N Milwaukee. In the Bubbleland, there's a drunk causing problems. Hmmm...seems like there's a real problem with drunks around Milwaukee and Washtenaw/Prindiville this afternoon.

1:12pm - Beat 1455 is doing a Sex Offender check at 2718 N Campbell. Event number is 08502.

1:19pm - Traffic accident. 2601 W Diversey. Black Jeep SUV, last seen heading towards the Kennedy, crashed into the caller's car and took off. No injuries.

1:24pm - Parker. 2100 N Humboldt.

1:27pm - Found property. 2657 N Kedzie. Something about a bike.

1:30pm - 1) Beat car 1421 asks for a gang and narcotics mission on the Beat. Event number is 08832. 2) Panic alarm. 2045 N Honore.

1:38pm - Traffic accident. Fullerton and Oakley.

1:40pm - DUI driver. Elbridge and Drake. Red Jeep with a drunk driver hit the caller's car, and fled down Drake towards Barry. The Jeep registers back to 3057 on Drake.

2:13pm - Traffic accident. 1600 W Armitage. Bicyclist hit by a car. The car fled south, either on Ashland or Elston, towards Homer.

2:25pm - Check the well being. 3530 W Armitage. There were gunshots fired from the 3rd floor apartment at 9am. The caller didn't call police because they didn't know it was gunshots until someone told them. So, then, the caller, who owns the building in question, went to check on the tenants of the apartment where the gunshots were fired, who say nothing happened. Obviously, the caller doesn't believe that, and is requesting police.

2:27pm -A unit is pulling an RD number from 3600 W Diversey. It's
HS613740 with the event number of 08952.

2:32pm - Traffic accident. Kimball and North.

2:33pm - Traffic accident. 2000 W Armitage. Two cars, no injuries.

2:38pm - Beat 1446 is doing a park check at Skate, and is doing a burglary mission from Wrightwood to North Ave., Central Park to Kedzie. Skate's event number is 10014, and the burglary mission is 10016.

3:05pm - Narcotics. 1772 N Ashland. At the Walsh Playground.
5 males smoking drugs in playground area. Thanks to ProdigalOne for getting this while I napped.

3:09pm - A Community Concern is being done on the 2900 block of Dawson. Event number is 10519.
Thanks to ProdigalOne for getting this while I napped.

4:19pm - EMS run. Fullerton and Elston. Male appears to be passed out by the Staples.

4:34pm - Disturbance. 1740 N Sawyer. Teens drinking in the hallway. This is the same building where a domestic Homicide occurred (which Chicago Breaking News incorrectly reported that it happened in Logan Square, when it happened in Humboldt Park) on Tuesday, 11/9/10. 1422 says they're called here at least two times a day.

4:35pm - Suspicious person. 2515 W Fullerton. Caller reports that two male Blacks are following him after they saw him get a large amount of money.

4:44pm - Assault. 3517 W Dickens.

4:49pm - Check the well being. Elston and Fullerton. Male White, black jacket, brown mint hat is walking in the middle of the street. When the caller asked him where he was going, the man said he didn't know.

4:50pm - Theft. 2033 N Milwaukee. In the Value Discount store, the caller's wife got pick-pocketed by a female White.

4:53pm - Parkers on Drake. One at 1636, and the other at 3042.

4:55pm - Disturbance. 2312 N Kedzie. Neighbor banging on the wall.

5:04pm - Beat 1405 needs an ambulance at Kimball and North. A passenger on CTA bus #1994 is suffering from chest pains.

5:08pm - Barking dog. 1650 N Campbell. Three dogs barking, and it's an on-going problem.

5:55pm - An RD number has been pulled from the 4:44pm job. It's HS614025 with the event number of 11844.

6:15pm - Disturbance. 2640 N Milwaukee. Problem with the employees in the jewelry store.

6:20pm - Gang disturbance. Francis and Bingham. They're loitering.

6:35pm - Narcotics. 35X1 W Fullerton. Female White, known as "Wille", 5'2, 170 lbs, black coat and brown pants is selling cocaine. Now she's on a '20 inch bike, heading towards Central Park.

6:42pm - I have to go eat. I'll be back.

7:02pm - I'm back.

7:25pm - Shots Fired. Cortland and Drake. Several gunshots.

7:26pm - Beat car 1413 is at Armitage and Central Park, with several citizens, who say they heard those shots from Drake and Cortland.

7:32pm - Getting another call for "Shots Fired" at Drake and Cortland. Male Hispanic, black hoodie and blue jeans involved, running towards Bloomingdale on Drake. He fired three gunshots. Also, there's Shots Fired at 18X1 on Drake. Male in a baby blue hoodie and black jogging pants is hiding in the alley.

7:35pm - Suspicious vehicle/people. 3525 W Belmont. Four people in a car in the alley, scoping out the house under construction.

7:37pm - Beat 1495 is on a traffic stop at 2840 W Armitage.

7:38pm - Beat car 1422 has one male at 1800 N St. Louis, who is possibly involved in the shooting.

7:39pm - Nevermind. 1422 says it's nothing. 19Paul.

7:48pm - Suspicious person. 1819 N St. Louis. Caller overheard the police talking about a man in a black hoodie who was shooting in the area, and the caller saw this man go over by the vacant lot.

7:55pm - Parker. 2600 N Francisco.

8:18pm - Assault in progress. Armitage and California. Caller's getting threatened. No further info...

8:22pm - A slow down is being given on the 8:18pm job.

8:23pm - Beat car 1413 has a street stop at 2822 N Richmond.

8:38pm - Parker. 1630 N Winchester.

8:56pm - Traffic accident. Cortland and Ashland. Bicyclist hit.

9:17pm - Some call in the area. I missed it.

9:47pm - Shots Fired. Wabansia and Drake. Five shots heard. Male Hispanic in a black hoodie and blue jeans with a chrome handgun was seen running towards North Ave.

9:48pm - Beat car 1412 asks for a robbery mission on the Beat. Event number is 16593.

9:50pm - A couple of more calls are coming in for Drake and Wabansia.

9:53pm - Citizens around the area of Wabansia and Drake are saying they haven't heard anything. Coded 19Paul.

9:54pm - Loud music disturbance. 2318 N Oakley. Party.

9:57pm - Narcotics. 24X8 N Drake. Male Hispanic, 20-22 yrs old, 5'8, dark complected, is selling in front.

9:58pm - Person w/ a knife. Milwaukee and California. Male Hispanic, black jacket, blue pants threatened the caller with a knife and fled northwest on Milwaukee.

9:59pm - Traffic accident. 2216 W Palmer.

10:22pm - Burglar alarm. 2934 N Farifield.

10:28pm - Some call in the area.

10:30 to 10:47pm - I believe that there were one or two calls in the area, and if there were, I forgot the details. Sorry.

10:49pm - Reckless driver. Armitage and Drake.

10:56pm - Theft. 3427 W Diversey. Jewelry was stolen from someone at Dunkin Donuts.

11:04pm - Suspicious package. 1710 N Ashland. Someone left a bookbag on the scene.

11:06pm - Person calling for help. 1805 N Washtenaw.

11:11pm - Traffic accident. 3521 W Diversey.

11:17pm - Check the well being. Fullerton and Sacramento. Male in a stocking cap layed out on the sidewalk between Milwaukee and Sacramento on Fullerton.

11:20pm - Traffic accident. 2319 W Diversey. Car hit a bicyclist.

11:23pm - Now the 11:20pm job is coming in as a battery. Seems like the bicyclist was hit intentionally.

11:26pm - Wanted from the 11:20/11:23pm job are two male Blacks, unknown clothing or vehicle, who pulled up, jumped out of the vehicle, struck the victim with fsts, took a wallet, then fled in an unknown direction in the vehicle. The victim has a cut over his left eye, but has no life-threatening injuries.

11:32pm - Battery in progress. 3147 N Kimball. People fighting in an apartment.

11:36pm - Loud music disturbance. 2054 N Albany.

11:47pm - Beat car 1434 asks for a burglary mission on the Beat. Event number is 18438.

11:54pm - Burglar alarm. 3134 W Bloomingdale.

12:00am - I'm going to go. I'll be back tomorrow morning. Good night, everyone.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Crime Blotter For November 12, 2010

Good morning, everyone, it's 5:04am. I'm up early despite it being a day off for me. That's because I have an all day meeting to attend at Malcolm X College. I'll be leaving here at 7, and won't be getting back until 3. But I'm not blogging again until 9:01pm this evening. Then, tomorrow, I'm going to monitor 14 for a good portion of the day (except for when I go to get my haircut, go to the store and the currency, but I'll do all of that at once). Also, enjoy the nice temperatures while you can. It's supposed to end Sunday. We'll be barely making it out of the 40s after then. Here's crime for this early morning and this evening.

6:56am - I have to go. I'll see you all tonight. Have a great day, everyone!

9:01pm - I'm back. Good evening.

9:03pm - A unit says that there were a bunch of kids who tagged up a building at 2118 N Lawndale. They were last seen at Palmer and Lawndale. Officer is requesting a Tactical unit.

9:23pm - Beat car 2523 is taking one juvy in from 3100 N Milwaukee.

9:46pm - EMS run. 2841 N Pulaski. Female having trouble breathing.

9:47pm - Traffic accident. Hamlin and Fullerton. Debris fall on top of someone's car.

9:59pm - Landlord/tenant dispute. 2427 N Kildare.

10:02pm - Burglar report. 2242 N Avers.

10:11pm - Narcotics. Milwaukee and Central Park.

10:31pm - Suspicious vehicle. 3739 W Belden. Guys sitting in a car in the alley, appear to be doing narcotics.

11:09 to 11:31pm - I fell asleep. Sorry. And, I'm told there is no archives of 25 for tonight, so, sorry.

11:34 to 11:52pm - Again, fell asleep.

12:00am - I'm going to go. I'll be back with 14 tomorrow morning. Good night, everyone.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veteran's Day 2010

Good morning, everyone, it's 10am. I just got up, LOL. I went to bed around 2. Anyway, I'm monitoring 25 today, and plan on monitoring 14 Saturday, but I'm not so sure if I should. I wanted to get a haircut on Saturday, and obviously, that takes an hour or two. So I'm thinking about doing most of my monitoring Saturday, and then doing whatever I didn't get from 14 on Sunday. Also, tomorrow, I'll be gone all day. From 8am-2pm, I have a meeting to go to at Malcolm X College. I have to be up at 5am, so I can get ready and be out of the house by 7, so I can make my way there. I'll only blog from 5am-6:45am tomorrow morning, then 9:01pm to midnight tomorrow night. Here's crime for today.

12:25pm - Disturbance. 3620 W Wolfram. Kids playing in the parking lot of St. Hyacinth's.

12:30pm - Suspicious vehicle. 3122 N Lowell.

1:33pm - Disturbance. 4140 W Wellington.

2:46pm - Suspicious vehicle. 3746 W Altgeld. Vehicle with hazard lights on. It's been parked there since Tuesday. Thanks to ProdigalOne for getting this call while I went to the store.

2:57pm - EMS run. 3111 N Milwaukee. There's a drunk out there with slurred speech.

4:04pm - Loud music disturbance. 3614 W Palmer. Thanks to ProdigalOne for getting this call while I was napping.

4:06pm - Person w/ a gun. 2018 N Keystone. Male Hispanic, scruffy face, black sweater, had a gun in his hand. He's running down the east alley of Keystone towards Dickens. Dispatch notes that this is a regular call. Thanks to ProdigalOne for getting this call while I was napping.

4:45pm - EMS run. 1627 N Pulaski. At Walgreens. Caller's daughter was "partially" hit by a minivan. Thanks to ProdigalOne for getting this call while I was napping.

5:34pm - Beat car 2521 needs a female on the scene of a Criminal Sexual Assault at 2957 N Karlov.

6:00pm - Check out this report of an armed robbery that happened a little after midnight, guys.

6:01pm - Suspicious person. 2702 N Ridgeway. Someone keeps ringing the caller's doorbell, and they're afraid to answer the door.

6:14pm - Some call at 2139 N Karlov.

6:25pm - Battery victim injured. 1622 N Avers.

7:08pm - Person w/ a gun. 2025 N Keystone. Two males in black hoodies have guns.

7:23pm - A unit has a traffic stop at Armitage and Lawndale.

7:52pm - Hold-up alarm. 2053 N Pulaski. At the Dollar Bill

7:58pm - Wanted from the 7:52pm job is a male Black, dark complected, black carheart-type jacket, 160-170 lbs, who may have had a revolver on him. He robbed the business.

8:01pm - 1) CSA report. 3741 W Shakespeare. 2) Disturbance. Belmont and Kilbourn.

8:34pm - Person w/ a gun. 31X0 N Monticello. Large crowd of gangbangers all over the street, and in the back, and they're believed to have guns.

9:01pm - I have to go to bed. I'll be back tomorrow morning. Good night, everyone.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Theft @ Wrightwood and Lowell

Good afternoon, everyone, it's 3:10pm. School was good, but yes, tiring. We went on a field trip part of the day to a fire station at Peterson and Clark, to learn more about the service CFD provides to the city of Chicago. I learned a few new things, but I already knew a lot of what they do. The thing that impressed me the most about today's trip was that the station we went to had two calls while we were there. I was told that most stations in Chicago handle 8 to 10 calls a day, while others handle 12 to 14 calls. There's even some (like Engine 91 at Diversey and Pulaski, it seems) that get 15 or more calls a day. Anyway, tomorrow, I'll be here most of the day (except for maybe when I have to go grocery shopping with mom). Here's crime for this afternoon and evening.

3:11pm - 1) Theft. Wrightwood and Lowell. 2) Some call on the 4300 block of W Schubert.

3:29pm - I'm going to take a nap. I'll be back a little later.

4:27pm - I'm back.

4:30pm - Person w/ a gun. 2230 N Keystone.

5:00pm - Beat 1510 needs help at 736 N Menard. More units are needed to help break up a large fight. Sounds like it may be a 10-1. All available units are asked to go.

5:01pm - Person w/ a gun. North and Central Park. In the alley behind Speedway, there's about four men with guns. This is on 14's side.

5:03pm - A slow down is being given on the 5pm assist call.

5:32pm - Zone 12 is experiencing technical difficulties. The Zone went out for a minute, and although they're back up, the mobile is off (meaning people with scanners can't hear the officers responding to Dispatch) and they're on back-up radios.

6:09pm - Fire. 2031 N Keeler.

6:11pm - Multiple calls coming in on the 6:09pm job. 2522 is being dispatched over there as well, in addition to 2521 already being dispatched over.

6:14pm - The fire is bona fide. Traffic control is being done. 2520 is notified of the fire.

6:15pm - There's a report of four people trapped on the 2nd floor in the burning building on Keeler.

6:38pm - Ok, here's what I got from the fire at 2031 on Keeler. There are 9 displacements from the building that was on fire. A warming bus is being sent and the Red Cross is being notified. A police report is going to be done (I'm thinking it might be an arson). The RD number is HS609170. Everyone seems to be ok. The Chicago Fire Department is investigating.

6:41pm - I have to go eat. I'll be back.

6:54pm - I'm back.

6:59pm - Person w/ a gun. 20X9 N Karlov. Man in the alley with a black hoodie on with a gun. Running towards Keystone.

7:06pm - Person w/ a gun. 2121 N Keeler. At Nixon school. Male Hispanic, white t-shirt, blue jeans and white shoes hid a gun under the wood chips of the school playground. A male Hispanic in a gray sweater is also involved. These guys were walking towards Palmer on Keeler, and have been loitering in the area.

7:48pm - Criminal trespass in progress. 2948 N Ridgeway. Male White going into the back door of a vacant building.

8:19pm - Disturbance. 4141 W Wellington.

8:29pm - Parker. On 2523's Beat.

8:54pm - Battery in progress. George and Avers. 10 people fighting in the west alley with sticks and bats.

8:59pm - Battery in progress. 4219 W Schubert. Six to eight males fighting in front.

9:41pm - A unit needs a unit with a computer at 4153 W Belden.

10:02pm - Missing person report. 3730 W Shakespeare.

10:53pm - Shots Fired. Kildare and Diversey. Several heard.

10:56pm - A slow down is being given on the 10:53pm job.

11:04pm - Gang disturbance (it was made a "suspicious person" ... *eye roll*). Hamlin and Wabansia. Gangbangers hanging out, both on the corner and all near the train tracks.

12:00am - I'm going to go. I'll be back tomorrow. Have a good night, everyone.