Sunday, November 30, 2008

A snowy Sunday

Good morning, it's 10:01am and going to be a snowy day here in Chicago. I will have coverage on it probably every one or two hours (i'll put how many inches we got so far up here when I go outside to measure the snow). Here is crime for today:

10:02am - Municipal violation. Monticello and Fullerton. Food vendors on the street with no permits.

10:50am - Breaking news. A large "fight" is breaking out at 2644 N Monitor. Officer on scene is calling for more cars from a job there involving a crowd i'm guessing.

10:51am - A slow down is being given at 2644 N Monitor.

10:52am - A total disregard is given there.

11:05am - It appears that the snow/rain has begun.

12:19pm - Person with a knife. 2812 N Parkside. Caller saids her son has a knife and is fighting with some boys. He is heading towards Koz Park. Don't know how possible that is, since Parkside is at least 2 miles west of Koz Park. Maybe this person with the knife is on Pulaski or something. Details to follow.

12:20pm - A couple of cars are going to check Koz Park.

12:21pm - 2563D coded out the Koz Park part of the 12:19pm job.

12:24pm- Officer responding to the Parkside job wants a description.

12:25pm - Officer saids the kid may have to go to Hartgrove because of what just happened.

12:28pm- The Parkside job has been coded out 19Henry.

12:50pm - Reckless driver. North and Avers. No further.

1:56pm - Criminal trespass in progress. 3137 N Springfield. A lanlord states a former tenant is trespassing.

2:04pm - Battery. 2850 N Lawndale. Caller was battered by roomate.

2:11pm - Something's going on at George and Wolfram. Not sure what.

2:12pm - Beat car 2523 is asking for a Polish speaker at the 2:04pm job.

2:37pm - Auto alarm. Lawndale and George. Alarm on a van has been going off since 10am.

3:04pm - Parker. 3127 N Lawndale. Car parked in the handicapped space.

3:34pm - Check the well being. 2658 N Harding. Caller states she wants police to check on a "slow" client of hers who was evicated from his house.

3:50 to 3:54pm - A foot chase has ensued at 1929 and 1937 N Pulaski. 2563D had a male running from them. Other officers arrived on scene and chased this guy. One officer on scene screamed to the offender "don't f--ing move!". The offender has been arrested.

3:54pm - Criminal trespass in progress. 3100 N Tripp. Caller states someone is trespassing.

4:16pm - Wires down. Cortland and Hamilin.

4:33pm - Assault in progress. 3950 W Fullerton. Male is threatening employees and costumers.

4:34pm - Damage to property. Tripp and Barry. Someone is breaking out windows.

4:35pm - The 4:34pm job has been coded out. Beat car 2523 advises a woman is doing repairs to her home.

4:43pm - Domestic disturbance. 3700 W Wrightwood. Caller is having a problem with grandma.

6:56pm - Criminal trespass in progress. 3709 W Wrightwood. Several teens are trespassing.

7:41pm - EMS run. Central Park and Wolfram. Intoxicated male's head is bleeding.

8:30pm - Domestic Battery in progress. 2448 N Harding. Brother and husband fighting in front.

Note: The comments in the original "A snowy Sunday" were removed because that post got messed up (something involving HTML or whatever), so I had to remove it, and this is the new post.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

A great day for this site

Hi folks. Today has been a great day for this new crime blotter site and myself. Today, Craig Gernhardt from "The Broken Heart of Rogers Park" mentioned this website on his blog. He saids "Timmy, AKA 'Sullivan High School Kid', has started a neighborhood blog modeled after yours truly. It's called Avondale/Logan Square Crime Blotter. Tim has gotten himself a scanner and monitors his neighborhoods 911 calls,".

Also, I have been offered to do a weekly column regarding Sullivan high school for his website. This offer is an honor to me and I have accepted this honor, so every Tuesday, on that site, you will see an "article" from me regarding my high school. I will link it up here.

Craig told me today that I did some quality reporting for yesterday's blog. That was very nice to hear. I didn't think anyone would appreciate my work on this site or would even care, but it has been proved to me that people do care and want to monitor crime. Eventually, there could be ways to stop all this crime in the neighborhood.

Craig also informed me that he was going to "recommend you to the Chicago Tribune best neighborhood blogs,". I feel that this is also an honor because I have never been recommended to anything or anybody, and neither have my websites, so this is a big honor. I really hope people read this crime blotter from there. They have a right to be informed.

So, this is Timmy, doing a blog here. Peace out everyone. I will try my very best not to fail anybody on this crime blotter.

Crime blotter for November 29, 2008

Good morning everyone, it's 8:57am right now on this Saturday morning. I will not be here nearly all day like I was yesterday. Around 10 or 11am, I will be leaving for a couple of hours to take care of some personal business and I should be back around 1 or 2pm today. Well, let's begin the blotter for this morning:

8:56am - Domestic disturbance. 3653 W Palmer. Caller is having a problem with her intoxicated husband.

9:51am - Beat car 2535 has a vice complaint going to the box.

10:01am - EMS run. 4221 W Belmont. At St. Joesph's of Chicago. Room 216. Male is unresponsive. EMS is requesting police.

10:12am - Officer responding to the 10:01am job saids the address is wrong. He's correct. It's 4021 W Belmont, not 4221. Also, this is the last call i'm doing for a couple of hours because i'm leaving now to take care of my personal business.
4:38pm - I'm finally back. Domestic disturbance. 2857 N Killbourn. Caller saids he is having a problem with his wife and daughter.

4:50pm - Traffic accident. 2935 N Lawndale. A fire truck was in an accident.

5:13pm - The fire truck from the 4:50pm job is back at the fire house, 2827 N Pulaski.

5:50pm - D.O.A. 2935 N Lawndale. A person is dead at this address.

6:03pm - Gang disturbance. Fullerton and Ridgeway. Caller states there are gang members on the corner.

6:04pm - Beat car 2535 has narcotics going to the box.

6:16pm - Disturbance. 3105 N Daviln Court. Caller states she's having a problem with a female neighbor.

6:21pm - I have to go eat and take care of some stuff. Will be back by 8:30pm. See you guys later.

7:38pm - Person with a gun. Pulaski and Diversey. Big gang fight aboard bus 1043. One person has a gun.

7:40pm - Beat car 2523 has 10 people stopped on Pulaski just north of Diversey.

7:46pm - A total disregard is given at Pulaski and Diversey.

7:58pm - Beat car 2521 is going in with a few people from Pulaski and Diversey.

12:41am - Shots fired. 4136 W George. No further information.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Crime blotter for November 28, 2008

Good morning everyone. I should be here nearly all day, so i'm going to begin the crime blotter:

10:06am - Landlord/Tenant dispute. 2437 N Avers. Caller states that her neighbors turned off her electricity. She thinks they were told to do it by the landlord.

10:46am - Robbery/Holding the offender. North and Lawndale. First ticket states that a male hit a female and took her purse. Second ticket stated they were holding the male at the gas station.

10:48am - Beat car 2520/2534 state the offender took off in a black Volkswagen going the wrong way on Lawndale from North Avenue.

10:53am - Beat car 2520 saids the vitcim told her that the offender is her estranged husband.

11:55am - Ride w/ fire. 2529 N Kildare. Possible forced entry. Basement.

12:46pm - 2562D has an EMERGENCY at 1244 N Mason. Two males took off on him. A large fight is also ensuing. Back up is called.

12:47pm - All hell's breaking loose on Mason. Car on scene still asking for more cars.

12:48pm - A 10-1 is given at 1244 N Mason. All units that are available are advised to head to the 10-1.

12:51pm - A slow down is given at 1244 N Mason.

12:56pm - 2513 is taking one in from 1244 N Mason. 2562D is also taking one in. I'm guessing the fight is over on Mason.

1:06pm - Ride w/ fire. George and Avers. Large fire at the 2nd house down on George.

1:11pm - Parker. 1824 N Pulaski. White truck blocking the alley between Pulaski and Harding.

1:14pm - George and Avers coded out 16Adam. It's just a BBQ.

1:32pm - Burgular alarm. 3854 W Wrightwood. Burgular alarm sounding.

1:49pm - Disturbance. 3630 W Armitage. Caller states that a drunk male on the stairs is refusing to leave.

1:51pm - Shift change.

1:54pm - Found property. 2354 N Keystone. Female states she found some property.

2:46pm - Disturbance. 4434 W Parker. Males openly drinking at Kelyvn Park.

3:05pm - CTA bus disturbance. Pulaski and Diversey. Drunk male on bus #1021 talking crazy, scaring the other passengers.

3:23pm - Reckless driver. Pulaski and Wrightwood. White Chevy suburban speeding and not stopping. Going north on Pulaski.

3:40pm - Traffic accident. Fullerton and Lawndale. Property damage only. One car not drivable.

4:00pm - Assault in progress. Dickens and Central Park. Crowd of people have gathered on both corners. They are yelling, screaming and hurling objects at each other.

4:34pm - Disturbance. 3653 W Shakespeare. Caller states that his brother's friends are refusing to leave even though the brother has been passed out for a couple of hours now for some very odd reason. He can't make them leave himself because he is disabled.

5:02pm - Suspicious vehicle. No occupants. Kedvale and Shakespeare. Car has been sitting there for a while.

5:04pm - The 4:34pm job is calling back.

5:06pm - Beat car 2523 has something on the box.

5:34pm - Domestic disturbance. 2959 N Hamilin. Some kind of domestic.

5:36pm - Traffic accident. North and Pulaski. An accident happened in the intersection.

6:04pm - Person calling for help. 1610 N Harding. Couple of calls coming in. Person screaming on the 2nd floor.

6:06pm - Ride w/ EMS. 3753 W Dickens. One 16 and one 18 yr old acting odd. They are high. EMS in route.

6:10pm - Domestic disturbance. 3648 W George. Female states an intoxicated friend's stepson took her phone and causing a scene. Female is calling from a neighbor's house.

6:16pm - Beat car 2523 is asking for a Polish speaker at 3648 W George.

7:07pm - Parker. 2219 N Keystone. No further information.

7:24pm - Burgular alarm. 3027 N Pulaski. At the American General. Front motion.

7:47pm - Traffic accident. 4127 W Wellington. No further information.

7:55pm - Beat car 2555 is dispering three for narcotics loitering at 3936 W Armitage. Event number is 14453.

8:18pm - One of the 2568 cars needs a female to search someone at Diversey and Hamilin. 2566David said they'd do it.

9:02pm - Disturbance. 3141 N Hamilin. Female states a drunk male is trying to come into her house.

9:06pm - A slow down is given at 3141 N Hamiln per beat car 2555.

9:36pm - Traffic accident. Pulaski and Wrightwood. Ms Lopez states that she was involved in a traffic accident. No injuries.

9:42pm - Missing person. 2317 N Keeler. Franscisco states that his daughter has gone missing. She was wearing no coat and a black jogging outfit. She has been missing since 4pm today.

9:49pm - Domestic disturbance. 3800 W Fullerton. Female states she is arguing with her boyfriend in the bakery.

9:55pm - Shift change.

10:21pm - Child abuse. 3625 W Belmont. No further information.

10:36pm - Missing person. 3033 N Avers. Female states an elderly female is missing from that location.

10:48pm - The parties of Friday have started. Battery in progress. 2430 N Lawndale. 30 people fighting from a party. Couple of calls coming in. One ticket also states that this is a "Criminal Tresspass in progress".

10:51pm - A slow down is given at 2430 N. Lawndale, but beat car 4410 asks if he could have a couple of his cars come by.

10:54pm - Not sure what's going on at 2430 N. Lawndale, but a large group of people is out there. A few people took off running from the police.

10:56pm - Officer on scene at 2430 N Lawndale is requesting more cars. A crowd is coming out, from a house i'm guessing.

11:02pm - Person with a gun. Same location from the previous 4 or 5 jobs. Male Hispanic with a black or red jacket has a gun.

11:05pm - BREAKING NEWS. Large fight breaks out at Lorel and Augusta. The crowd is going NUTS. They are screaming over the officers on scene. 45David on viewed this call as it was coming out.

11:13pm - A flash has been given out from the 10:36pm job. Missing is a male Black in his 70s. He suffers from Alzheimer's diease. The caller(s) can't remember what he was wearing, but his known to frequent the area of Cicero and Van Buren because a home of the family was there many years ago.

11:24pm - Person with a gun. North and Central Park. Male caller states four male Hispanics pulled out a gun on him.

11:26pm - Beat car 2561Boy is about to pull over a white Nissan Maxima over at North and Central Park.

11:28pm - A slow down has been given at North and Central Park.

11:37pm - Domestic disturbance. 3625 W Wabansia. Female caller is having a problem with someone. Also, this is the last call i'm doing for tonight. I'm too tired to stay up. Good night everyone and be safe.

11:47pm - Cars are STILL on scene at the 10:48pm job.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

A little explanation

Okay, I feel like I have to explain something here. Here goes. Even though west of the tracks on Beats 2523, 2524, 2525 and 2535 fall within Hermosa, I will still cover that area because if I didn't, there'd be too small of a coverage area for this blotter. Also, even though south of 1800N on 2535's beat falls within Humboldt Park, I will also cover that area still as well because again, if I didn't, there'd be too small of a coverage area for this blotter.

Happy Thanksgiving

Good morning everyone, happy Thanksgiving to everyone out there. Well, I will be here until at least noon monitoring crime, but after that, I will be gone until sometime this evening. In the mean time, here is crime:

10:44am - Beat car 2523 has a burgular alarm on the box on the beat.

11:41am - Burgular alarm. 4111 W. Parker. At the candy factory.

12:42pm - I'm leaving now. Good bye. See you all later. I will be back with more crime later.
7:05pm - Criminal tresspass in progress. 3020 N Karlov. Caller states that a drunk male is hiding in the first floor apartment, when it should be vacant. By the way, i'm back (been back since 6:15 though).

7:13pm - Multiple and multiple calls of a car on fire at North and Pulaski.

7:34pm - Assist the citizen. Konster and Fullerton. Caller states that help is needed getting a child from a buliding.

7:59pm - Suspicious person. 3750 W Armitage. Male with a hat on has been standing there for 20 minutes.

8:08pm - Person calling for help. Woman is crying and screaming for help. 2834 N Kildare.

8:09pm - Battery in progress. Details to follow. 2834 N Kildare.

8:21pm - Beat car 2524 has a parker going to his box.

8:41pm - Loud music disturbance. 3117 N Ridgeway. Loud music is being played.

9:10pm - EMS run. 2417 N Springfield. Male bleeding from the head.

9:24pm - Traffic accident. Fullerton and Harding. 2 cars. One car doesn't have insurance.

9:52pm - Shift change. Dispatcher saids good night and happy Thanksgiving.

10:37pm - Suspicious person. 4140 W Barry. Male caller states a male in all black is standing near his car.

10:48pm - Battery in progress. Either 3601 or 4601 W Wrightwood. People fighting in the street.

10:59pm - Domestic disturbance. 3044 N Central Park. Female states her husband is drunk and causing a rackus.

11:02pm - Battery in progress. 3600 block of W Dickens. Two male Blacks and three female Blacks fighting in the street. Police are rushing to the scene and I can confirm this because I saw the police car from my bedroom window speeding down Diversey at Ridgeway, heading east, towards the call.

11:16pm - Gang disturbance. Fullerton and Central Park. Male gang members throwing up signs. Also, beat car 2548 is transporting someone from the 11:02pm job to 3635 W Armitage.

11:34pm - Burgular alarm. 3021 N Pulaski. At the beauty salon. A keyholder is responding in 20 minutes.

12:04am - Assault in progress. 3600 block of W Schubert or Wolfram (couldn't hear the exact address because the dispatcher's stupid partner was yelling in the background). By the school. A male is being threatened. This is the last call i'm doing for the night. I'm too tired to do anymore. Good night everyone.

12:29am - Person down. 2420 N Springfield. Male is slumped over in his car. A witness tried to wake up the person, but he didn't respond. EMS in route.

12:34am - EMS run. Pulaski and Cortland. 44 yr old male cut his wrist.

12:36am - Domestic disturbance. 3044 N Daviln Court. 20 yr old sister fighting everyone. Could be heard screaming in the background.

12:37am - Person down. Killbourn and Wrightwood. Male slumped over in a van.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

16 yr old shot down in Logan Square

Good morning, everyone. It's 6:21am right now. I woke up a bit late this morning, at 5:45am (I have to be up at 5:30am), so i'm a bit off this morning. I will be monitoring crime for the next 15 minutes before I have to go, then I will be back in the afternoon. Here is an artice from the Chicago Journal, coming from the 14th district:

16 yr old shot down in Logan Square

A homicide occurred on the 3000 block of W. Wellington at 7:32 p.m. on Nov. 21, police said in a report. The victim, a 16-year-old Chicago resident whose name was redacted from police reports, was shot in the back and hip and pronounced dead at Illinois Masonic Hospital shortly after the incident, according to reports. A witness told police that he was walking on Wellington when he saw an old car, heading north on Albany, pull to a stop and a man between 18 and 25-years-old step out. The offender yelled and fired several rounds at the victim before speeding off, according to the report. At the time of the report, no arrests had been made.

Logan Square muggers punch first, ask questions later

A robbery occurred on the 2200 block of N. Kimball at 6:40 p.m. on Nov. 17, according to authorities. The victim told police that he was on the sidewalk, talking on his cell phone, when two young men surrounded him and started punching him in the face and body. "Give us your money!" one of the men yelled. One of the men took out a blue steel handgun and threatened to shoot the victim, who handed over his cell phone. The victim suffered minor injuries to his face but refused medical attention, according to police. At the time of the report, no arrests had been made.

Alright, I am gone until 3pm now, so have a good day everyone. Oh, by the way, I will not be here tomorrow (Thanksgiving) until about 8 or 9pm tomorrow and I will monitor crime from that time 'til I go to bed.

Good evening everyone. Sorry i'm late. Let's get to work on this blotter.

5:49pm - Person down. Orginally came in as 2000 N. Central Park, but now it comes at 3601 W. Artimage. Male is down on the sidewalk. EMS not in route.

5:52pm - Disturbance. First call came out as George and Hamilin. Now a call comes in at George and Avers. Large group of males on the corners, causing a disturbance.

5:53pm - Beat car 2525 requesting an ambluence at the 5:49pm job.

5:54pm - Person with a gun. A male is flashing a gun. George and Hamilin.

5:58pm - Beat 2590 is on scene asking for some more cars. Large group of males have gathered and are attempting to fight.

6:00pm - Beat car 2523 is on scene, giving a slow down.

6:12pm - Beat car 2523 still on scene at George and Hamilin, doing a couple of contact cars (don't know what that means) per 2590.

6:33pm - Disturbance. 2341 N. Monticello. Males drinking on the porch. They don't live there.

6:33pm - Parker at 4100 W. Fullerton. A car has been sitting there for a couple of weeks.

6:51pm - Vicious animal. 2309 N. Kedvale. Female states that a dog attacked her cat and now is refusing to leave.

6:55pm - Burgulary report. 3051 N. Central Park. A female is waiting for the police for a report. Also, I have to go eat now and have to do some stuff, so I will be back a little later, but will write down anything I hear. See you later, everyone.

7:32pm - Burgular alarm. 2931 N. Kenneth. A resident. General motion.

8:00pm - Person with a gun. 2615 N. Konster. Female states a man with a gun is trying to kill her son.

8:02pm - 2400, 2500, 2600 and 2700 blocks of N. Konster have a Battery in progress. Two calls on this. 7 male white teens fighting with bats.

8:03pm - 2615 N. Konster is calling back for a Battery in progress. Family fight.

8:10pm - All calls on Konster are related. A slow down has been given per 2530 on scene.

8:11pm - 2561 on views a dispute at Armitage and Monticello. He asks for another car.

8:59pm - Battery in progress. Fullerton and Central Park. Two females fighting in the street. Crowd gathering to watch.

9:01pm - A slow down has been given for Fullerton and Central Park.

9:15pm - I'm finally back. I'm here with you all 'til about 12 or 12:30am. Anyway, there was a missing at 2033 N. Avers. The missing is a female black, 17 yrs old and carrying a black backpack. She hangs out at Madison and Lockwood with her boyfriend (he lives in that area; no exact address). Last seen at 4pm on today's date.

9:54pm - Time for the shift change. Dispatch saids stand by for the new crew and good night.

10:08pm - Domestic Battery. 4034 W. Palmer. Female stated her husband battered her.

10:40pm - Domestic disturbance. 1732 N. Monticello. Female is having a problem with her husband.

10:47pm - Suspicious person. Pulaski and Wellington. Male hispanic who was last seen wearing a red jacket with a black hat is watching people take their money out of an ATM machine.

12:02am - Curfew violator. Wolfram and Central Park. No further.

12:14am - Assault in progress. North and Central Park. The caller is being threatened by some males.

12:17am - A slow down has been given at North and Central Park. Also, the offenders chased the caller after he called police.

12:21am - The vitcim is drunk. He will be transported to Wabansia and Harding from beat 2535. A code will be given shortly.

12:22am - Criminal damage to property. 3611 W. Wolfram. The caller stated the offender, who's on the first floor, damaged something in his/her apartment. Also, this is the last call i'm writing down for the night because i'm heading to bed. Good night everyone. Happy Thanksgiving.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Scanner disturbing last night

Good morning to everyone out there reading this. It's 6:12am and i'm monitoring crime for about 20 minutes before the school bus comes to pick me up. Anyway, just before the shift change last night (around 9:45pm), I was told that a police officer and the dispatcher had started flirting with each other, right? Well, from the sound of things, that flirt was very disturbing, because the dispatcher said at one point "oooo, you make me wet" and other dirty things to the officer. That officer was liking it, but the other officers were reportedly very disturbed by this. One officer reportedly said "What??". I think this is disturbing because that dispatcher was obivously saying maybe she masturbed since she said "oooo you make me wet" and the officer whom she was flirting with was like "ooooo yeeeeah!!". The dispatcher i'm talking about is one of the ladies who is "detailed to the citywide", but was "filling in over here for a little while". Personally, I think whoever was in charge for assigning people their zones/citywides last night should've kept her on the citywide. She's known for being a smart butt, making comments about almost every job she reads out to these cops. She gets a real nasty attitude with the police as well. She doesn't let them have "travel time" to lunch. Very mean lady in general. I just hope her supervisor heard all of this last night and maybe take some action. We, the listening public, and the officers shouldn't have to be subject to some cocky mouth like that woman on the radio last night. Now my rant is over and I hope everyone has a good day. I'll be back later today, around 3 or 4pm.
Good afternoon. Let's get to work here on the blotter.

4:19pm - Disturbance. 3102 N. Karlov. Man sleeping in the hallway.

5:45pm - Disturbance. Fullerton and Tripp. Four male Hispanic teens throwing bottes. Note: there would have been more calls in the 4/5pm hour, but I fell asleep.

6:47pm - Robbery. 3753 W. Belmont. Male was robbed at gunpoint inside the bar. No further at this time.

6:48pm - Beat car 2523 advises the bar is in the 17th district.

6:59pm - Robbery. 3181 N. Milwaukee. At the Burger King. Male was robbed.

7:07pm - The calls at 3753 W. Belmont and 3181 N. Milwaukee are related. Beat car 1732 or 2548 are (is) taking the report on this.

7:19pm - Beat car 2523 has a burgulary report going to his box on the beat.

7:59pm - EMERGENCY on Zone 12. Beat car 2548 has a foot chase from a job at 2259 N. LaCrosse. Male Hispanic with a black jacket, black pants and red hat running eastbound in the alley of that address. The air is being kept open. This situation will continued to be monitored very closely.

8:03pm - The suspect from 2548's chase has a name of Sanchez. He is 5'5 and possibly 150-160 pounds.

8:04pm - Beat 2524 gives a slow down at 2243 N. LaCrosse because the running offender is in custody.

8:06pm - Offender is NOT in custody on LaCrosse. The person they caught was running for a different reason.

8:12pm - All right my beloved people, it's time for me to go, but I will write down anything I hear before bed and put up here tomorrow morning. Good night to you all. By the way, 2548's offender has not been caught yet.

8:20pm - Domestic disturbance. 2946 N. Hamilin. Ivan states that a male who he lives with took $20 from him.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Crime blotter for November 24, 2008

Good morning to everyone out there. It's 6:09am and currently raining/snowing out here. Let's see if that slows down crime in the area.
Good afternoon everybody, it's 3:57pm right now and I am now monitoring crime until dinner time for my neighborhood. This will be just like yesterday's blotter. Hope you enjoy the details.

4:16pm - Domestic dispute. 2957 N. Lawndale. I guess a female is having a problem with her brother who returned after police left the first time (I wasn't here when that first call came out). Also, i'm going to restart my computer at this moment, so I will be back in a few minutes for more of the crime blotter.

4:43pm - Municipal ordiance violation. 2454 N. Springfield. Something about a car blocking a driveway or something. I didn't catch the last part of what the dispatcher said.

6:10pm - I am off to eat dinner. It's been very quite on the scanner for the neighborhood tonight. Everytime's been happening west of Cicero and south of North Avenue tonight.

6:18pm - Domestic Battery. 2118 N. Hamilin. Caller stated that her baby's daddy beated her up.

6:21pm - Caller saids another motorist hit the back of his black Infinity. 2437 N. Hamilin.

6:32pm - I am leaving until about 8pm. I have something to do. I will be however writing down anything down I hear for the area and will post it up here in the morning, or if I have time, later this evening.

6:34pm - Disturbance. 1820 N. Harding. People are yelling, loitering and fighting (shouldn't that be a Battery in progress then?).

6:35pm - Lights out/disturbance. Fullerton and Hamilin. Beat car 2522 was on the way to the 6:21pm job when the dispatcher advised them that a call had came in for lights being out on the corner and a group of males were loitering there.

6:37pm - Traffic accident. 4100 W. Fullerton. U-Haul truck VS perhaps three vehicles.

7:25pm - Person down. 4420 W. Diversey. Male down on the sidewalk. Possibly intoxicated.

7:51pm - Kedvale and Belden. Two suspicious males jump out of a car. One male was wearing a black hoodie.

7:52pm - Gang disturbance on the 3100 block of N. Monticello. Crowd of gang members representing.

7:53pm - Shots fired. 3125 N. Monticello. About two shots heard. Gang members scattering in all directions.

7:55pm - Gang disturbance. Fullerton and Ridgeway. Gang members on the corner.

7:58pm - A slow down is given at 3125 N. Monticello. Beat car 2523 offers to code the call a 19B (Boy) for 2548.

7:59pm - Officer on scene at 3125 N. Monticello advises a black Nissan Maxima or green van involved in shooting.

8:08pm - I have to go do some stuff before bedtime. Good night. But if I can, i'll write down anything I hear for the area and will post it tomorrow morning before I go to school.

8:16pm - Two arrests made from Fullerton and Ridgeway. 2568A is going in with them.

8:34pm - Battery. 4419 W. Diversey. Caller said that a group of males who he doesn't know jumped on and beat him up. EMS is in route. Note: This could be related to the 7:25pm call in some odd way, since the address on that job was 4420 W. Diversey.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Quite Sunday in the neighborhood

As of 5:04pm, it is quiet today on the scanner for our neighborhood. It's actually getting kind of boring listening to the scanner, lol, but something could always go down.

5:38pm - Breaking news. Beat 2512 has a chase. Grand and Oak Park. The offender is a male Hispanic, wearing a red jacket and a hoodie. He is in his 30s. He was on a bike, going southbound on Oak Park from Grand. Note: Even though this in the Belmont-Cragin neighborhood, I thought I would inform everyone of this.

5:39pm - A slow down has been given for Grand and Oak Park. An officer saids the offender is wanted for narcotics.

5:49pm - Disturbance at 4400 W. Altgeld. Four male and female teens throwing rocks.

5:56pm - Person with a gun. Armitage and Pulaski. Male and female Hispanic are circling the area in a black Magnum. The gun is being pointed out the passenger window.

6:03pm - A slow down is given at Armitage and Pulaski.

6:09pm - Battery in progress. 3100 block of N. Pulaski. Male is punching female in a car. They are going southbound.

6:12pm - A slow down is given for 3100 N. Pulaski.

6:28pm - Domestic Battery. 2943 N. Hamilin. 50 year old female was beaten by her boyfriend. EMS is in route.

6:39pm - Beat car 2523 is asking for a Polish speaker to help him out at 2943 N. Hamiln. Beat car 2514 (there's a Polish officer aboard that car) said they would help out.

7:06pm - I am off to eat dinner. I will be back before 7:30 or 7:40. Hopefully someone knows about this blog already and covers for me. Yeah, right. LOL.

7:08pm - Reckless driver. Tripp and Nelson. A black car is recklessly speeding southbound on Tripp from Nelson.

7:09pm - Battery in progress. Milwaukee and Lawndale. Group of males fighting.

7:29pm - I'm back from eating dinner. Will be monitoring crime until about 7:40, then I have to do some stuff before I head to bed for the night.

7:37pm - Battery in progress. Two calls coming in. First call is at Belmont and Central Park while the second call is on the 3600 block of W. Belmont. 10 males are supposed to be fighting.

7:40pm - A slow down is given for the 3600 block of W. Belmont for the Battery in progress.

Welcome to the Avondale/Logan Square Crime Blotter page!

Hello everyone, welcome to the Avondale/Logan Square Crime Blotter page! I'm Timmy, the creator of the site. This site is about the crime in the Avondale and Logan Square neighborhoods on Chicago's Northwest side. I was inspired by "The Broken Heart of Rogers Park" (made by Craig Gernhardt) and the "Edgewater Crime Blotter" to create this website. Those two websites are very good with details of crime in their areas, so I decided to make a website for crime in my neighborhood, Avondale.

About me: I am a 15 year old male, with a condition known as Autism. You'd think a 15 year old like myself would be comitting lots of crime, or thugging outside, but I don't do that in any way. I'd rather STOP crime in my neighborhood. I attend Sullivan High School, in the Rogers Park neighborhood (it is a pretty decent school, except for when the everyday brawls happen. Read Craig Gernhardt's "The Broken Heart of Rogers Park" about this topic). My hobbies are watching TV, going out on weekends to travel to various places in Chicago (also to take photographs of CTA buses, my favorite hobby of all time), being with family and friends, being on the computer, and of course, listening to Zone 12 on my police scanner.

I am a nice person, but I won't take crap from nobody in comments (if anybody is nice enough to comment) on this blog. Any discrimation or hate in the comments will NOT be tolerated. Also, comments regarding crime are welcome at ANY time, but again, please, no racism or hate.

All information on this crime blotter will be coming from my police scanner, but I may post some Chicago Journal articles (they have a crime blotter for Logan Square as well, but not as extensive on details as I have planned for mine) on crime.

The police district that will be monitored on this blog is the 25th District, Grand Central. I will be covering Beats 2523 (the beat I live on), 2524, 2525 and 2535 (north of North Avenue). I wish I owned another scanner or two to pick up the 14th and 17th Districts (they also cover Avondale/Logan Square), but I don't, so crime info on this blotter will only be coming from the 25th District.

I hope everyone is well informed of crime in the neighborhood by reading this blotter. And, if you can, enjoy!

- Timmy