Monday, January 5, 2009

My observations on school today

Hi everyone, school was pretty decent today.

All was calm before 9:21am this morning. When I exited my 2nd period class at 9:21, all was going pretty good, but then some kids started to act real goofy (yelling, screaming) in the hallways. I left the scene before I saw anything else.

During my 3rd period class, some kids were running real late, and when asked why, they disrespected her (as in yelling at). One person flashed gang signs at some others just before the class ended, including myself. To me, it wasn't even worth commenting on.

As I was getting into the lunch line to get my lunch, some kids from the previous lunch period decided to stuck around to take pictures of each other flashing gang signs. They were also being loud and getting in other people's way. Security removed them after a minute or two.

Other then that, nothing else happened (worth saying anyway), so it was a pretty calm day. I wonder what tomorrow will be like (won't be in school because of a field trip, this time to Lincolnwood Town Center).

- AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter

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