Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday is here

Good morning, everyone, it's 10:09am. Well, today is Friday, so you all know what that means. Pay day, a weekend and of course, more crime (possibly). It also means that next week, I have exams all next week at school. I have 2 tests Tuesday and one test Wednesday/Thursday. The schedule's a bit different. I'll put the complete schedule up on Tuesday if anybody wants to know what I have. Anyway, last night was the coldest night in about 12 years. It got to nearly -20 degrees here in Chicago. I woke up this morning at 5:30 to a temperature of -18. It sure was cold! Well, here is the "list" of crimes for this afternoon below. Hope you all be warm and safe this morning and I'll be back later. See you all then!
I'm back. It's 4:01pm.

3:54pm - Assist the citizen. 2107 N Hamlin. A citzen was told to go back to a scene of an accident that happened last night.

4:36pm - Suspicious person. 2428 N Hamlin. Someone is going through the garbage can, possibly looking for papers.

4:58pm - Parker. 1725 N Ridgeway. Car parked in the handicapped spot.

5:18pm to 5:20pm - EMERGENCY on Zone 12. A car takes off on one of the Beat cars at around 3000 N Luna. It was speeding north on Luna then eastbound on Belmont. It's nearing Lavergne.

5:21pm - Going south on Lavergne towards Oakdale.

5:22pm - Going westbound on Oakdale and southbound on LeClarie. About 45 seconds later, the person is in custody.

5:23pm to 5:26pm - Police/dispatch chatter about this speed chase. Also, this chase was from 5645 W Diversey, where a salon was robbed at gunpoint.

5:27pm - Beat car 2531 had damage to his squad car during the speed chase. No injures.

5:42pm - Suspicious person (more like Assault). 3055 N Milwaukee. At the deil. A male followed the caller to the store and cursed the caller out.

5:52pm - I'm going to go until after dinner. Going to talk with some friends. I'll be back.

8:01pm - I'm finally back. Sorry that took so long, lol.

8:04pm - EMERGENCY on Zone 12. Male Black running west in the alley near Parkside and West End.

8:05pm - The offender is in custody. West End and Parkside. East alley.

8:07pm - Domestic Battery. 2716 N Ridgeway. Someone was hit.

8:11pm - Person with a gun. 3935 W Diversey. Apartment 303. The ex boyfriend is threatening to shoot the caller.

8:17pm - A slow down is given at 3935 W Diversey. An officer also asks for a call back.

8:18pm - 1) Domestic Battery. Diversey and Lawndale. The ex wife attacked the caller in the parking lot of the old store. 2) Burglar report. 3716 W Diversey. No further information.

8:47pm - Parker. 2149 N Karlov. No further information.

8:48pm - The burglary at 3716 W Diversey is bona fided. A supervisor was notified. An RD number was pulled too. ET was also ordered.

9:02pm - EMERGENCY on Zone 12. Foot chase. 1100 block of N Harding. Male Black running.

9:03pm to 9:06pm - Police/dispatch chatter regarding the foot chase.

9:07pm - The offender is in custody. 1113 N Harding.

9:19pm - Domestic Battery. 3048 N Hauseen Court. Someone was hit.

9:35pm - Beat car 2524 is asking for a call back at 3048 N Hauseen Court. When dispatch does the call back, it's revealed that the caller is eight to ten doors down.

10:00pm hour - Was not paying attention.

11:15pm - 1) Disturbance. 3149 N Springfield. No further information. 2) Disturbance (more like a parker). 1700 N Monticello. People who do not live on the block are parked there. 3) Parker. 2321 N Avers. Sliver and grey car parked in the alley. 4) Disturbance. 4435 W Altgeld. No further information.

11:42pm - The job on Monticello is coded out 6Boy.

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