Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's Eve

Good morning, everyone, it's 8:50am. Well, today it's New Year's Eve, the last day of 2008 (thank god), me doing Christmas colors (green/red) for this site until December 1, 2009 and my 50th post for the crime blotter. I say thank god for 2008 ending because in all honesty, this year has not been the best of years at all. I'm hoping 2009 brings a better year for my family, friends, you all and myself. This is crime for this last day of 2008 (WARNING: Limits on "updates" may start around 6:00pm because friends will be arriving and we're having a big party).

8:23am - Burglary report. 3131 N Milwaukee. At the flower shop. No further information.

9:55am - I can't report anymore crime until I get some new batteries for the radio. I don't know when that'll happen. Yep, the batteries on my radio have died.
It's 10:42am. I got a couple of batteries that haven't been used really.

10:38am - Person with a gun. Hamlin and Palmer. Male Black, dark complected pointed a gun at the caller and fled southbound a sliver car.

11:12am - Open door. 2255 N Avers. The front door is open.

11:15am - Beat 2520 is doing a premise check at Mozart Park.

11:16am - Assist the P.O. 2451 N Pulaski. A civilian dressed cop is holding an offender.

11:19am - Beat 2520 asks for the 11:16am job.

11:43am - Beat 2520 goes back to her check at Mozart Park and Beat cars 2521/2523 go in with one from the 11:16am job.

11:48am - Beat 2520 is clear from Mozart Park.

12:15pm - Theft. 4301 W Fullerton. Something about counterfeit money.

12:22pm - Person with a gun. Fullerton and Springfield. Someone is loading a gun in the alley. 45Mary75 and dispatch have a dispute about where the call came out. The original ticket came out at Fullerton and Spaulding, but dispatch saids that the call taker corrected the address. Obivously, 45Mary75 doesn't believe dispatch.

12:23pm - 45Mary, 75Charlie is on scene at Fullerton and Springfield and she does not see anything but will advise dispatch.

12:27pm - Criminal trespass in progress. 2431 N Lawndale. People are trespassing in the vacant buliding. They also have a tan van parked in the alley.

12:28pm - Beat 2520 requested a call back at the 12:22pm job.

12:29pm - There is no call back and Beat 2520 codes out the job 19Boy.

1:14pm - I'm going to go get myself cleaned up. I'll be back in the next hour.
I'm back. It's 2:58pm.

2:24pm - Recover the stolen auto. 1830 N Monticello. A vehicle needs to be recovered.

2:46pm - The vehicle was recovered and everything. Now I guess it's a code.

3:01pm - Traffic accident. Konster and Diversey. Two car accident by one of the stores.

3:31pm - 1) Domestic disturbance. 2254 N Central Park. No further information.
2) Municipal ordinance violation. 4102 W Armitage. No further information.

4:55pm - Suspicious person. 4435 W Belmont. Male White (Polish) with a bald head is acting suspicious in the grocery store.

5:05pm - Battery in progress. 2400 N Lowell. Large group of women trying to fight with a traffic aide.

5:10pm - Alarm. 2200 N Pulaski. At the Chicago ... something. No further information.

5:14pm - Beat car 2544 codes out the 5:05pm job.

5:18pm - Beat car 2525 needs the keyholder to respond to 2200 N Pulaski. An employee (or someone else) is trapped in a room.

5:27pm - A keyholder will be responding to the 5:10pm job in 20 minutes.

5:28pm - Beat 6240 is executing a search warrant at 2524 N Tripp.

5:46pm - Someone has located their missing daughter. 1625 N Harding.

5:57pm - Something's going on at 2314 N Central Park. Sounded like an alarm. They called earlier as well. It's coded out.

About 6:55pm - Disturbance. 3031 N Milwaukee. There is a disturbance at the Avondale Liquior Store.

About 9:55pm - Battery in progress. Diversey and Springfield. Gang fight aboard CTA bus #1068.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Shooting on Diversey and Lawndale Sunday (Update on 1-13-09)

I recieved an email from a concerned citizen this morning regarding a shooting at Diversey and Lawndale on Sunday at 7:15am in the morning. The citizen tells me he heard four real loud gunshots. After the gunshots, according to the citizen, people started coming outside to see what just happened. They, and the citizen who emailed me, found a man shot on the corner of Diversey and Lawndale, in the middle of the street. Gun shells were found right next to the man's body, leading the citizen and probably others to believe that someone tried to kill this man, plain and simple. It is not known if the man shot remained alive or died. I personally hope that the man is still alive. The police showed up on the scene about 3 minutes after the shots fired, from what I've been told.

I pose this question to all of you out there. What the hell is going on around here? Anybody have information? Better yet, does anybody know why the gangs around here keep going at it? I'm getting real sick and tired of the gangs fighting each other, OVER STUPID STUFF. Every day. It's the same nonsense over and over again. Last night, I wrote to you all about Diversey not being safe, and I think that's more true each and everyday. This email I got really proves that.

They fight on George. They fight on Lawndale. They throw beer bottles on Diversey. They throw up gang signs on Monticello. They shoot at each other on Ridgeway. Why? Is it because of a grudge? Someone messed with a gang member's woman/man? Being in a different gang? I don't know the answers, but I would like to know some, from our alderman (who is Ariel Reboyas) and maybe even our beat cops. They might know.

I think it is really time for the police to do foot patrols in this area. It's not helping just circling around in a squad car all day. The police need to walk the beat. Walk Monticello. Walk Lawndale. Walk Diversey. Walk Barry. Walk Springfield. Walk George. These streets really need the foot patrol. It's either that, or increase your presence, please. This nonsense is getting on the residents' last nerves. We should be able to walk Diversey without being shot, mugged or beaten.
Things were getting better around here for a time, but now things are starting to deteriorate again. I've lived here all of my life so far and I've never seen things this bad.

Update, 1/13/09: It appears that an RD was pulled on this shooting. It's HP754019. Time of occurrence is 07:18 hours. No arrests have been made. It was not domestic related. It occurred on the street. The block used was 2700 N Lawndale. The UCR code used was 041Adam. The crime is "Aggravated Battery: Handgun". So it does look like the man lived through this shooting.

Alarm at CVS

Good morning, everyone, it's 12:07am. Well, yesterday was a pretty intense day here in the neighborhood, especially from 4:30pm to 6pm. Gang members were running rampant. It appears they stopped for tonight, but who knows if they'll go at it again tomorrow or not (personally I would like if they kept the peace). Also, I may not get to report crime today at all other then before I head to bed. My sister may have to go to the emergency room because she tore a ligament following a fall on the ice a couple of days ago. So, if I don't report much today, I'll really make up for it on New Year's Eve.

12:01am - Alarm. 3948 W Fullerton. At the CVS. Some alarm is going off

12:30am - Battery in progress. 3650 W Shakespeare. People fighting in the 1st floor hallway.

12:35am - Assault in progress. 2900 N Springfield. Someone is being threatened.

12:40am - Disturbance. 3123 N Hamlin. Homeless male sleeping in the hallway. This is the last call I'm covering for a few hours while I sleep, so goodnight to you all and I shall be back in about 6 to 8 hours from now.
I'm back. It's 9:53am. I'll be here until 12:00pm, then I'll give my mom the radio until dinner then I'll have it back.

9:43am - Beat 2520 is doing a check at Koz Park.

9:52am - Theft. 3934 W Diversey. At the Walgreens. A male Hispanic just stole something.

11:22am - Sounds like something may be going down on the 2900 block of N Ridgeway or somewhere around here in a few minutes. Group of gang members walked past my block talking about fighting someone.

12:42pm - Parker. Premit violators. 3127 N Harding.

1:09pm - DUI driver. 4401 W Fullerton. A sliver Shuzki is spilling it's gas in the gas station. A gas station employee is turning off the pumps to stall this DUI driver.

2:06pm - EMERGENCY on Zone 12. Foot chase. 1100 block of N Laramie. Male Black, skull cap and black puffy coat is running northbound.

2:22pm - My mom is now the proud owner of the scanner until after my dinner time, so I'll be back with more crime in about 4 or 5 hours. By the way, it is not known if the offender from the foot chase was ever caught.
I'm back. It's 8:11pm.

6:54pm - Suspicious person. 4005 W Wellington.

6:59pm - Person with a knife. 2537 N Lowell. Someone's got a knife. The unit responding, 2543, is instructed by a supervisor to just hang out in front of this address until he arrives.

7:02pm - Beat cars 2525 and 2573 (the wagon) are also headed to the Lowell address.

7:08pm - Info for the police/possible arson. 2911 N Springfield. A blue van was doused with gasoline and the caller can smell smoke. Fire is not en route.

About 7:35pm - A big argument may be breaking in the north alley of Diversey near Lawndale. People can be heard arguing. Shots may have also been fired. This is per a good source of mine.

7:56pm - Fire. 2415 N Monticello. Huge fire is occurring.

7:58pm - Beat 2590 needs two cars to block traffic at 1) Central Park and Fullerton and 2) Hamlin and Fullerton. Traffic control is requested because of a huge fire at 2415 N Monticello.

8:00pm - Alarm. 3119 N Pulaski. At the high school/university.

8:02pm - Dispatch/police chatter about the fire.

8:04pm - A car or two is needed at the fire for crowd control.

8:09pm - More dispatch/police chatter about the fire.

8:14pm - An RD number has been pulled for this fire. No UCR code yet, though. It's HP758408.

8:18pm - Beat 2590 asks for one of the officers on scene to go to 3640 W Fullerton to block some traffic.

8:55pm - Everyone is released from the fire except for Beats 2521, 2524 and 2590. Beat car 2590 thanks everyone for their help and they can treat theirselves to a fine dinner.

8:58pm - EMERGENCY on Zone 12. Foot pursuit. 4511 W Schubert. One of the Gang or Tac units is chasing someone in the alley.

9:07pm - Now there's two people running from the 8:58pm pursuit.

9:12pm - Theft in progress. 4006 W Wellington. Someone's trying to take a boot off a car.

9:24pm - Traffic accident. McLean and Pulaski. Couple of calls on it. No further information.

9:57pm - The fire has restarted at 2415 N Monticello. On the roof.

10:09pm - EMERGENCY on Zone 12. 400 block of N LeClarie. Male Black with some kind of coat is running.

10:10pm - Now the offender is on the 400 block of N Lawler. The offender is wanted for PCS.

10:12pm - The offender is running east through the yards of 416 N Lawler. A ticket for "Assist the P.O." came in on the 500 block of N Lawler, just one block north of the foot chase. The 911 call on the 500 block of N Lawler saids the offender is wearing a grey hoodie.

10:18pm - As soon as a foot chase starts out at Adams and Lavergne, it ends. The guy is in custody. The guy ran because he is an aggravated Battery offender from Beat car 1533's job.

10:31pm - Person down. Diversey and Konster. Person down.

10:32pm - Assist EMS. 3733 W George. A friend of the caller's passed out. I can confirm EMS has arrived on scene because an ambulance and fire truck just went pass my house to go there since 3733 W George is litterally at Ridgeway and George.

10:36pm - One of the cars has a curfew violator. Diversey and Pulaski. They are transporting her to Diversey and Konster.

11:56pm - Disturbance. 3621 W Diversey. Someone's refusing to leave.

11:58pm - Missing report. 4250 W Wrightwood. The 16-yr-old son has gone missing. This is the last call I'm doing for the night, so good night everyone and I will see you all in the morning.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Diversey Avenue Is Not Safe

If you think Diversey Avenue is safe, think again. I had to go with my mom around 4:45pm this evening to go find my sister since she wasn't answering her cell phone while at her friend's house near Diversey and Drake. While we were heading there, many chaotic stuff was taking place on the street. First, there were gang members just generally on the street (not that I have a problem with that, if they're not bothering anyone or anything). They were being loud and ... just loud. But then two of them caught my attention when they jumped out at me and my mom. One was running down the street while another one was chasing the first one. My mom got frightened because she wasn't excepting that to happen. We continued to walk to my sister's friend house without any other incidents occurring.

As we were coming back, however, we saw tons of broken glass in front of the store we go to near Diversey and Lawndale. It wasn't there (or at least I didn't see it) when were heading to our destination, so there may have been a fight while we were at our destination. The glass on the ground could've hurt someone. I'm surprised nobody was injuried by this.

As we got back into my house, a gang fight was starting in the alley. Lots of yelling and screaming could be heard in the alley and there were people running into the alley.

So, there you have it, Diversey Avenue is NOT safe, at night anyway. Too many people are outside causing trouble. I really wish the police would do something about this stuff. They know what blocks are problem blocks around here. Especially the 2700 block of N Monticello, 2900 block of N Ridgeway and 3900 block of W Barry.

I advise everyone to be very alert and be careful when you're walking down Diversey at night. Something could always happen. If you have any (more) questions about the incidents, how to be safe, etc., please email me. I will be more than happy to respond.

Thank you for your time,

P.S. If anyone's interested, I have added a pic of the flyers I'm going to be putting up around the neighborhood advertising this site. I also added a pic of the sunset from a couple of nights ago for anyone interested at all. Yeah, on the crime flyer pic, I forgot to add www.avondalelogansquare, LOL.

Battery report at George and Konster

Good (early, again) morning, it's 12:30am. There was tons of shooting around 8pm last night in the neighborhood, especially on the 2900 block of N Ridgeway. I live one block south of there, so the shootings hit kind of close to home. 2590 even said at one point to have a gang and tac team to circle the area because of the nonsense. I'm pretty sure there will be "retaliation" for these shootings something during the late night, later this morning or anytime during the day today. I will keep everyone posted on the situation. Here is crime for today.

12:21am - Battery report. George and Konster. No further information.

12:40am - EMERGENCY on Zone 12. Foot chase. 1300 block of N Ridgeway. 2563Adam has one in custody, but another person is running from 2563A's partner.

12:41am - The second offender is in custody. Hirsch and Lawndale. A slow down is given.

12:54am - Loud music disturbance. 4305 W Wrightwood. Neighbors blasting loud music.

1:44am - Battery in progress. 1702 N Pulaski. People fighting in the basement.

1:47am - A slow down is given at 1702 N Pulaski.

2:25am - Beat car 2524 has a traffic stop at Diversey and Konster. Dispatch is currently running his plate.

2:26am - Beat 2524's plate comes back clear and valid.

3:20am - I believe I have been up long enough watching to make sure nothing goes down around here, though I'm postitive that sparks will fly sometime in the day. So, good night to you all and I'll be back by mid morning.
Good mid morning, LOL. It's 10:15am.

10:05am - Beat car 2523 does a park check at Koz Park. Diversey and Avers.

11:11am - Suspicious vehicle. 3800 W Wellington. Three to four unknown male Hispanics in a white chevy. They have been there since 9am.

12:27pm - Robbery in progress. Fullerton and Pulaski. At the CVS store. A male is robbing someone.

12:30pm - A slow down has been given for the Robbery in progress.

12:39pm - Reckless driver. Armitage and Pulaski. A car is speeding too much.

12:57pm - Recover stolen vehicle or auto theft. 1801 N Lawndale. Sounds like the recovered car from yesterday at the address was stolen again but somehow returned. WTH?

1:19pm - Theft in progress. Fullerton and Pulaski. Male aboard bus #5860 is pick-pocketing. The bus is traveling westbound.

1:22pm - Beat car 2525 asks for a call back on the 1:19pm job.

1:28pm - The 1:19pm job is coded out a 19Boy.

1:31pm - Battery in progress. 2057 N Keystone. Teenagers fighting on the 1st floor.

2:32pm - Something's going on at 4447 W Wellington. Not sure what.

3:16pm - Again, I didn't pay attention. Some job at 3742 W Diversey.

4:00pm hour - Wasn't paying too much attention, LOL. Sorry.

5:23pm - 1506Boy had a foot pursuit on the 5200 block of W Van Buren. He catches the offender about 40 seconds later.

5:35pm - 3850 W Fullerton. A car was just stolen from the front of a store.

5:39pm - Gang disturbance. Central Park and Barry. Seven gang members on the corner throwing bottles.

5:40pm - A flash is given at the 5:35pm job. Two male Hispanics stole a black '95 Honda Civic from the front of the store at Fullerton and Springfield.

5:50pm - Gang disturbance. Barry and Monticello. Nine gang members flashing signs.

5:51pm - As soon as the 5:50pm job is given out, it's coded out. Beat car 2523 codes it out 19Paul.

5:57pm - Suspicious person. 2700 block of N Lawndale. Male, 15 to 20 years old, is looking into car windows.

6:06pm - Beat 2590 needs a couple of cars at Central Park and Barry to monitor the area.

6:07pm - Person with a gun. Barry and Monticello. One of the gang members has a gun in his waistband.

6:17pm - Beat car 2590 advises 2543 to stay in the area of Barry and Monticello for about 30 to 45 minutes on an anti-violence mission. There is just too much nonsense in the area for the police to ignore.

6:19pm - Municipal ordinance violation. 2750 N Lawndale. Blue dump truck is parked at the address or something. The truck is also dumping garbage into the alley.

6:50pm - I'm going to give my mom the radio until she goes to bed. So I'll be back in a few hours or in the morning.
10:17pm - Person wanted. 2800 N Kenneth. Male who is wanted for jumping on a sister was spotted. In the restaurant.

10:28pm - Shots fired. 3625 W Armitage. Shots were fired. 14th district also have units responding.

10:32pm - A citizens tells Beat 2542 that a person may be shot in the alley south of Armitage from the

10:34pm - They're changing the story.

10:35pm - EMERGENCY on Zone 12. Beat 2563David has a car taking off from him at Armitage and Cicero. Going eastbound.

10:36pm - Now the car is going north on Killpatrick.

10:37pm - The car involved in the speed chase is a grayish car.

10:38pm - Foot chase. Male Black running north on Killpatrick from 2563David. Heading towards Cicero and Dickens.

10:39pm - The offender is in the backyard of a house on 4730 W Dickens. I'm monitoring this situation closely because I have a friend who lives on Cicero just south of Dickens.

10:40pm - The offender a male Black. Wearing all black. Slim build. The offender is continuing to run. Now running westbound in the alley from 4723 W Dickens.

10:41pm - The offender(s) are in custody. The other offender gave up without chase.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Active (late) night

Good morning, everyone, it's 12:04am. Well, so far, late tonight, it's been rather active in the neighborhood. There's been calls of shots fired in my area for the last few hours. Probably a big gang thing going on. I'll keep everyone posted on all of this crime occurring tonight.

12:00am - Suspicious person. 2453 N Harding. Three males tried to get into the house.

12:02am - Domestic disturbance. 2832 N Kildare. Couple arguing and fighting. 4 yr old child crying.

12:10am - It appears that everything is fine at the stuff I reported last night (really about 15 minutes ago now, lol) at 6251 W Grand.

12:40am - Burglar alarm. 3119 N Springfield. Living room motion.

12:44am - I'm going to bed now. Good night. I'll be back in about seven to eight hours.
It's 10:28am. I'm back.

9:59am - Recovery of stolen auto. 1801 N Lawndale. No further information.

Nine minutes before high noon - I observe three girls flashing gang signs on the corner of the alley and my street. They also laugh and talk too loud for their own good. They then walk northbound on Ridgeway towards George. 911 was not called because they left too fast.

12:00pm - My mom is getting the radio until after I eat, then I'll have it back.

5:39pm - Beat car 2525 has a traffic stop at Armitage and Monticello.

5:40pm - Beat 2525 needs a wagon at the traffic stop.

5:41pm - It appears that some threatening is going on at the scene of a traffic accident. 3140 N Killbourn is the address. People threatening each other.

5:42pm - Update on the 5:41pm job. Now the 3140 N Killbourn accident/Assault in progress comes in as a Battery in progress. People are now fighting each other there.

5:45pm - A slow down is given for the Assault and Battery in progress/traffic accident at 3140 N Killbourn.

5:49pm - Burglar alarm. 3642 W Belmont. No further information.
I'm back. It's 6:48pm.

6:37pm - Gang disturbance. Call number one is at Fullerton and Avers. A second call came in at Fullerton and Springfields. About 12 gang members loitering on the corners.

6:44pm - Suspicious person. Cortland and Springfield.

6:53pm - Water main has broken at the gas station. Belmont and Avers. The street is starting to flood. Water department has been notifed.

7:56pm - EMERGENCY on Zone 12. There's a 10-1 issued at 733 N Waller. 1530 needs ALL units to roll that way for a very, very large melee. All hell is breaking loose over there. You could hear the crowd in the background! It all started from a call of a person with a gun there. As 1530 arrives on scene, a big fight ensues at the scene. Within seconds, the fight was out of control, so that's why a 10-1 was given.

7:58pm - A slow down is given on the 10-1.

8:00pm - Dispatch attempts to call Beat car 2542 for a job, but he tells her that he's down there at the 10-1. That's good that a unit from 25 decided to go help the 15th district units.

8:19pm - Shots fired. 3100 N Central Park. 5 shots fired. Shots are also being fired at Ridgeway and Milwaukee. 11 shots heard on that call. Couple of calls coming in on both addresses.

8:24pm - A slow down has been given for Ridgeway and Milwaukee. An officer gives out a description of the offender who was shooting. The offender is a male Hispanic, about 5 feet tall, some kind of jacket. The offender fired five rounds. He fled southbound on Ridgeway or Monticello from Milwaukee.

8:28pm - Shots fired. 23XX N Springfield. Shots are fired.

8:29pm - Shots fired. 2974 N Ridgeway. 20 shots fired by the white house.

8:30pm - The 14th district is hearing the shots as they're responding to a call of shots fired at Milwaukee and Central Park. Near the bank.

8:31pm - The shots fired on Springfield may be fireworks.

8:33pm - A good source of mine tells me that the offenders from the shootings may be right on my block, walking around. Person #1 is wearing a grey hooded jacket. Person #2 is wearing a black hooded jacket.

9:09pm - Domestic disturbance. 2911 N Springfield. Boyfriend/girlfriend issues. Also, the caller's name sounds a bit familiar to me, but I will withhold that name.

9:13pm - Seems that earlier's activity has calmed down, though I will continue to monitor this situation.

9:28pm - They're calling back at the 9:13pm job.

9:29pm - Gang disturbance. 2969 N Ridgeway. No further information. It seems that the gang activity in the neighborhood is rising tonight, judging on all of the shots fired calls and now this call.

9:34pm - A hostage situation may be occurring. 3100 block of N Cicero. Beat 2542 is on a call of an EMS run at 3134 N Cicero and while on that call, a hand waver came up and said a woman was being held against her will.

9:35pm - 2542 isn't answering their radio. Multiple units are rushing to the scene.

9:37pm - Beat 2542 answers the radio. They're okay. There's no hostage situation going on. It's coded out 1Frank.

9:48pm - Two things, per 2590. 1) A few gang and tac units need to stay on the 2900 block of N Ridgeway. 2) The water pipe at Belmont and Avers is still going off.

10:00pm - Shift change. Goodbye Third Watch and welcome First watch.

10:45pm - Parker. 4329 W Belmont. A car is parked in the caller's handicapped spot.

11:44pm - 2569David is going in with one from 3658 W McLean.

11:51pm - Criminal damage to property. North and Ridgeway. Something involving a car.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Ski mask guy has gun

Good early morning, everyone, it's 12:31am. Well, there isn't too much to say, except that last night and early this morning were and continue to be foggy and rather active on Zone 12's radio. Today is going to be real rainy (1 to 2 inches possible). I'm also trying to find an online feed for Zone 12 so I could listen to it all day without any interruptions. I'll let you all know on my success, but here is crime for today.

12:27am - Person with a gun. Palmer and Central Park. Male with gun is wearing a ski mask.

1:16am - I'm going to go for a few hours while I sleep. Good night, everyone.

2:36am - Burglar alarm. 3651 W Schubert. At the Monroe School (my old school. Go figure. An alarm last went off on the 10th of July of this year and on the 13th, it was revealed that the school was broken into). An alarm is going off.

2:52am - A power surge hits my block. No 911 calls on it, though.

3:00am - EMS run. 2536 N Avers. Possible overdose.

3:04am - Disturbance. 4048 W Barry. The landlady changed the locks for no reason.

3:10am - There's a severe thunderstorm that may be coming into the city, according to the weather channel. WTF?
I'm back. It's 10:24am. I was up much later than excepted earlier today. I went to bed around 3:30am due to an extremely slow computer with updates on top of it.

11:44am - EMERGENCY on Zone 12. Two male Blacks are running from 1585Frank at Washington and Parkside. They're running northbound. They refused to stop.

11:45am - One person is in custody at Washington and Parkside.

11:46am - 1585F is still looking for one, who ran northbound on Parkside. He is a male Black and he has brown shoes, blue jeans and a black skull cap.

11:47am - 1585F's partner caught the other person at 130 N Parkside. A slow down is given.

11:49am - Beat car 1523 is going in with one from this foot chase.

1:14pm - Residental alarm. 4021 W Parker. No further information.

1:36pm - There is a gang disturbance somewhere on 2524's beat.

1:46pm - EMERGENCY on Zone 12. Foot pursuit. Washington and Long. Male Black running west on Washington.

1:47pm - The offender is in custody. Washington and Long. A slow down is given.

1:59pm - Disturbance. 3929 W Fullerton. Men are sleeping in the hallway.

2:59pm - Info for the police at 3944 W. Dickens, selling at 2158 N. Hamlin and parkers on 2524's beat.

3:04pm - My mom is going to take the radio, so I will not be reporting any crime here until I get it back.
6:56pm - Shots fired. Diversey and Monticello. Couple of shots fired.

11:42pm - Shots fired. Couple of calls coming in. First call at 3120 N Central Park. Then another one at Belmont and Monticello. About four to six shots fired.

11:46pm - Car on fire. 3910 W Cortland.

11:52pm - Possible 10-1. 6251 W Grand. Sounds like shots fired at the police from a job. Subject is running west. One cop is screaming for cars. He even said "WHERE THE FUCK ARE THEY?!" because I guess there was somebody running or something.

11:55pm - Shots fired. Near the action. Palmer and Melvina. Two male Hispanics are firing shots.

11:59pm - Person calling for help. Killbourn and Diversey. Female screaming for the police.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Day after Christmas

Good morning, everyone, it's 11:16am. Yeah, I know it's kind of late, but I was doing other things. Well, today is the day after Christmas. I've owned my scanner for 366 days now, and my new camera for about 30 hours. Christmas wasn't too exciting this year (as in getting presents, Christmas spirit, etc.) because of the economy, but the scanner was exciting to listen to last night, especially on the west side. Multiple melees broke out around 9:30pm. First there was one near Lockwood and whatever street at about 400N, then there was one at 1035 N Mayfield. Family fights caused the melees because they spilled into the street. There was some stuff going around here (though not nearly half as bad on the west side), but I didn't report because yesterday's post was messed up with it's HTML. Well, here is crime for today (I have the radio all day today).

10:09am - Parker. 3820 W Diversey. No further information.

11:52am - Domestic Battery. 3010 N Konster. Wife keeps hitting him.

1:26pm - What is up with all the melees in the 15th district? Austin 33 (1533) is on scene of a large fight at 1134 N Lawler (or Waller). He saids everything is okay, but there is lots of yelling and screaming heard in the background.

2:06pm - Disturbance. 2741 N Ridgeway. Argument is ensuing.

2:40pm - Recover stolen property. 4404 W Deming. A car was recovered.

2:41pm - An officer saids he already did the report for that recovery, at 1217 N. Hamlin, a little earlier in the day. It is coded out 19Paul for the latest call.

2:45pm - Beat car 2524 has a parker going to the box.

2:58pm - Person down. Milwaukee and Central Park. Man down by the bar.

3:04pm - Robbery. Milwaukee and Avers. Male Black, 6'4, black hoodie just robbed someone. Dispatch thinks this could be related to the 2:58pm job.

3:13pm - A backlog has been put into 25.

3:16pm - Beat 2524 states the 2:58pm and 3:04pm jobs are different. The 2:58pm job is coded out 15Ida. Beat car 2524 saids now he will go to Milwaukee and Avers.

3:19pm - Beat car 2524 asks for a call back.

3:21pm - Beat 2524 saids he's talking to the vitcim.

3:35pm - Something went down somewhere in the coverage area of this blog. Can't remember what and where.

3:50pm - Something happened at 2525 N Tripp. Can't remember what.

4:01pm - Parker. 2947 N Springfield. Van parked in the handicapped spot.

4:49pm - Suspicious vehicle. Harding and Armitage. A male and a dog in the car. One of two officers responding jokes that the dog is driving the car.

5:01pm - The 4:49pm job is coded out 19Boy.

5:02pm - Disturbance. 4107 W Diversey. Males causing a disturbance at the restaurant. Last I remember, there's no restaurant at THAT address on Diversey. The only thing there is a parking lot and the back of the Macy's at Diversey and Pulaski. There's a a restrarant at 3953 W. Diversey, though.

5:31pm - A flash from a Robbery from 4401 W Fullerton was given. I never even heard that call come out. Anyway, two male Hispanics aged 17 to 20, one with a red Ecko hoodie and another with a black hoodie, and one male Black, with a white hoodie, robbed the vitcim. They ran east after the robbery.

6:00pm hour - I wasn't paying too much attention to what was going on.

7:15pm - EMS run. 3085 N Hauseen Court. Sounded like a male was down.

7:33pm - Beat car 2535 has a hand waver at Armitage and Pulaski. Male waved down them down to have them help him get his car out of the snow, or ice.

8:06pm - Beat 2535 saids he assisted his hand waver. It's a 19Paul and he's heading to lunch.

8:13pm - Battery in progress. 2965 N Milwaukee. People fighting in the street. I knew this would happen. With the temperatures getting higher, people are gonna start acting out. Go figure.

8:15pm - EMS run. Diversey and Konster. Woman bleeding from the throat. She's also gagging.

8:19pm - The woman who was bleeding at the 8:15pm has relocated to the firehouse at 2827 N Pulaski.

8:24pm - Ambulance 52 is taking the woman with the bleeding neck to OLR (Our Lady of Resurrection) hospital.

8:34pm - Domestic disturbance. 2417 N Avers. Something with a boyfriend.

8:35pm - Parker. 3636 W Wolfram. In the church parking lot. Car illegally parked there.

8:40pm - Burglar alarm. 1728 N Springfield. No further information.

8:47pm - Premit parking violators. 3100 block of N Monticello.

9:02pm - Fire. 2910 N Hamlin. The house is on fire. Multiple units/fire trucks en route from all the sirens I'm hearing.

9:07pm - Breaking news. Large fight has ensued at 5231 W Gladys. Big family fight in process. Officers on scene screaming for cars.

9:08pm - O.C. DISCHARGE. Beat 1552 just sprayed mace at some combative people. One of the officers on Beat 1552 may be injured, as he is coughing his brains out over the radio.

From 9:10 to 9:30pm - Multiple officers in 15 talking about this fight on Gladys.

About 9:35pm - One of the beat cars needs an ambulance at 3838 W George. Intoxicated male needs help getting up to go to the hospital.

10:13pm - Battery. Milwaukee and Central Park. Person was battered in the bar, but is waiting outside of the bank. EMS refused.

10:14pm - Beat car 2546 needs an ambulance at 3110 N Miwaukee. Homeless male won't wake up.

10:52pm - Domestic disturbance. 3604 W Shakespeare. Male Black, dark, in his 20s, black coat with fur on it causing a problem outside.

11:26pm - Shots fired. Armitage and Kedvale. No further information.

11:27pm - Shots also fired at Armitage and Pulaski.

11:28pm - A slow down is given for Armitage and Kedvale.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas, 2008

Good morning and Merry Christmas to everyone out there! It's currently 5:13am. Yeah, I know, it's early, but I couldn't wait to open my presents anymore. I also had to make my rounds (leaving comments on various sites). Well, I've owned my police scanner for offically a year today. The scanner has proved reliable to me. My Christmas present this year was a Kodak EasyShare C813. I'm waiting for my godfather to wake up and everything, then I'll give him a call and ask if he could come over to help me set the camera up. Finally, this morning seems to be a bit active. Various stuff has been going on, but the most pressing call is right below. Here is crime for this fine Christmas early morning.

4:59am - Person stabbed. 22XX N Karlov. Person was stabbed.

5:23am - Beat car 2523 is writing up tows all along Milwaukee Avenue (Belmont to Central Park).

5:27am - The 4:59am job may be bonafied. I heard an RD number being pulled and everything from that address.

6:39am - Burglar alarm. 2729 N Avers. No further information.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Warmer day and snowstorm

Good morning to you all. It's 8:47am. Well, today is going to be a warmer day (with a high of 29; thank god) but with a snowstorm that is supposed to come in. Anywhere from 3 to 6 inches are possible with this newest storm. My mom will be taking the radio a couple of times today. First time will be around 11am or noon until 4pm, then again from 5pm to 5:30pm. I also told her I may give it to her after 10pm, but I'm not too sure about that yet. Well, here is crime for this "fine" morning.

8:38am - Disturbance. 3181 N Milwaukee. At the Shell gas station. Several people are loitering.

8:42am - Beat car 2523 codes the 8:38am job out 19Paul.

9:35am - Burglar report. 3900 W North. No further information.

10:07am - Theft in progress. 2500 N Monticello. Male Black is stealing things inside of a blue van.

10:24am - Assault. 3924 W Altgeld. Someone was threatened over a truck being parked in a clean space or something.

10:45am - Assault. 3110 N Haussen Court. Something about renting or something. I couldn't hear anything since there was somebody in here yelling over the scanner.

11:37am - EMERGENCY on Zone 12. Foot pursuit. Male Black running westbound in the alley between Superior and Chicago, in the 5000 block. He tried to jump a fence. The offender is running for PCS. The offender is wearing all black.

12:12pm - I'm going to go until 4:00pm. I'll see you guys then.
I'm back. It's 6:06pm.

About 1:25pm - Domestic Battery in progress. 2343 N Ridgeway. Someone was getting beaten. Then a call came in at 2345 N Ridgeway. Beat 2520 said a few minutes later for everyone to disregard.

6:02pm - Theft in progress. 3804 W Diversey. Three males breaking into a garage.

6:07pm - A slow down is given for 3804 W Diversesey.

6:10pm - Distrurbance. 3959 W Armitage. Loitering is happening.

6:57pm - EMERGENCY on Zone 12. Foot chase. Washington and Lockwood. Male Black running eastbound on Washington. They also said he was at Washington/Latrobe and 136 N Latrobe.

6:58pm - The offender is in custody. 128 N Latrobe.

6:59pm - 1561Adam was the officer who gave chase. 1561Adam's car is located at 113 N Lockwood (assuming that he ran out of it once he discovered the offender). 1561Charlie, 1510 and 1520 are en route to secure their vehicle.

7:01pm - 1561Adam has secured his vehicle. Also, the offender ran for PCS.

7:02pm - The address of arrest is actually 122 N Latrobe. Dispatch now opens the air. Also, I'm going to go for about 90 minutes. I'll be back.
8:54pm - I'm finally back.

8:55pm - Assault in progress. Fullerton and Keeler. A group of males are waiting for the complaint to come out of the bar.

8:58pm - Beat car 2561 is asking for a call back for the 8:55pm job.

8:59pm - EMERGENCY on Zone 12. Division and Monticello. An officer is chasing someone with a grey sweater.

9:00pm - Offender is in custody. A slow down is also being given.

9:01pm - The 8:55pm job has been coded out 19Boy. 2561 saids nobody approached him about this or had a problem in/out of the bar.

9:24pm - Domestic disturbance. 3033 N Monticello. The family is arguing.

11:29pm - I'm going to go now. Good night. I will not be here all day tomorrow. In fact, I may not even be able to make a post in the morning. The post may have to wait until I get home tomorrow at 6 or 7om tomorrow from my godmom's house. I also have to go to bed early tomorrow night (like at 10pm). I'll be back tomorrow.

Monday, December 22, 2008

My observations on school

This week has had it's ups and downs.

December 16: On Tuesday, some stuff was happening. Arguments were flaring up all this morning and some people seemed angry. I even heard at one point about a big fight happening later in the day. That turned out to be true, I guess, because there's word that a big fight broke out shortly after noon today. Around 1pm today, I saw that ALL the lockers on the 3rd floor vandalized. They had some sort of purple line of them. Other then that stuff, school was good. We had a Christmas party in my homeroom and I enjoyed it (but it was kind of weird that it was today instead of Friday).

December 17: On Wednesday, it was very insane. From almost the minute I arrived to the minute I left, arguments were ensuing. The biggest argument broke out around 8:45am. Two boys got into a loud argument about some kid who was beat up the day before. One of them was basically screaming he couldn't trust anybody. Everybody was watching. One other kid started talking about another fight that was to happen sometime in the day regarding the situation. I don't know much about the details of it, though. After that, other arguments were breaking here and there. I wouldn't be surprised if small fights broke out from those arguments. In my classroom, there were two birthdays. One for a student and another for a teacher. The party is on Friday, I heard.

December 18: On Thursday, we had a field trip. We went to the Freedom Museum on Michigan near Wacker Drive. It was a nice field trip. We learned about freedom and even got to make our own bill of rights. After we toured the museum, we hopped back on the train to Morse and then we got off there and walked to the McDonald's at Pratt and Clark, where we ate. After that, we went back to school. I'm not too sure if I'll be able to make it school tomorrow on Friday because of the huge snow amounts and ice forecasted, but I will try my very best to head to school.

December 19: On Friday, it was a pretty out of the ordinary day. First, I didn't arrive to school until about 9:10am, because of a very late bus that didn't come for me until like 7:55 or 8:00. Second, things were so calm during school, you'd think you were at another school. I liked the calmness we had. Third, so many people were absent it wasn't funny. In my class, there were only 12 of us, out of the usual 22. In my 3rd period class (Computers), I only counted nine other people in class with me. Finally, everyone was wishing each other a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, so that was nice to see. I wished some people those two things as well. In my class, other then a few worksheets, we basically did nothing besides party and watch a movie, so that was also nice. Well, to my friends and teachers who read this at Sullivan, I wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! But for those who I don't know, well ... I'll see you January 5, 2009.

- Happy Holidays to all,

P.S. My next article on school will be on January 6, 2009.

Crime blotter for December 22, 2008

Good morning, everyone, it's 9:32am. It's another bitterly cold day, but it'll be a little warmer today (about 9 or 10 degrees is forecasted). Well, here is crime for this cold day.

9:27am - Traffic accident and a parker on Beat 2523's box. Accident is at 3138 N Monticello.

9:46am - Burglar alarm. 1633 N Hamlin. At the day care.

10:28am - Disturbance. 2965 N Milwaukee. Intoxicated male is walking into traffic.

11:05am -Suspicious person. 3110 N Miwaukee. Unknown person in the stairwell.

11:32am - Disturbance. 3929 W Fullerton. No further information.

12:07pm - Disturbance. Lawndale and Armitage. At the muffler's shop.

12:13pm - Domestic disturbance. 2641 N Ridgeway. Two people having an altercation.

12:51pm - Burglar alarm. 2446 N Hamlin. Front door of a residence.

1:03pm - Open key on Zone 12. Two officers talking about the stock market. Dispatch tells officers to watch their keys.

1:05pm - Traffic accident. North and Harding. One of the parties refuses to give information.

1:11pm - Traffic accident. 4248 W Armitage. No further information.

1:15pm - Parker. 2420 N Keeler. Premit violators.

1:32pm - Traffic accident called in by Beat 1462Adam. Milwaukee and Pulaski (17th district). Dispatch said she'll relay the information to Zone 1.

1:40pm - EMERGENCY on Zone 12. Foot chase has ensued. 5500 W Washington. Male Black running west on Washington.

1:41pm - Person in custody at 5600 W Washington from the foot chase.

1:44pm - Beat car 2525 went down on a traffic stop somewhere. His plate came back clear and valid.

2:31pm - Burglary report. 1929 N Pulaski. At the group home.

2:53pm - Attempted Robbery. 2158 N Hamlin. Male came into the store with a fake gun and tried to take money.

2:57pm - Cop responding to the 2:53pm job saids the store gets "hit" alot. Really? I have not heard anything there in probably the last month or so, but if the copper saids they do, I'll have to monitor that.

3:35pm - EMERGENCY on Zone 12. Foot pursuit. 1100 block of N Keystone. Male Black, 5'7, 150 pounds with short braids is running north from 2562Adam. Subject is running for narcotics.

3:39pm - A flash has been given from the 2:53pm job. Male Black with a fake gun tried to take some money but failed. He fled south on Hamlin in a black truck with a ladder on top of it.

3:42pm - The chase on Keystone has ensued again. Male Black running from Pulaski to Keystone, on the 1100 block.

3:43pm - The offender is in custody. Officer will get back to dispatch on details in a minute. Also, 2562Eddie needs another car at 4221 W Fullerton. He also needs a female for a search. Sounds like a lot is going on, eh?

5:08pm - Assault in progress. 2343 N Avers. Two males threatening each other.

5:31pm - I'm going to go until about 7:30pm. I'll see you guys then.
I'm back. I know that took much longer then predicted.

10:58pm - Battery in progress. 2426 N Kildare. Someone's getting beaten.

10:59pm - Battery in progress. 1637 N Springfield. People fighting in the 1st floor apartment.

11:25pm - Domestic Battery. 3069 N Lawndale. No further information.

11:44pm - Parker. 2900 N Killbourn. No further information. Also, this is the last call I'm covering for tonight. I'm too tired to do anymore. Good night you all.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Bitterly cold day

Good morning, everyone, it's 1:13am. Well, I accidentally fell asleep around 11:00pm last night and woke up about 5 minutes ago. Today is going to be a bitterly cold day, with a high of only 6 degrees. Put in the wind chill and strong winds and it's going to feel like -20 degrees. Stay warm, everyone. Here is crime for today.

1:07am - Beat car 2523 asks dispatch if any calls of shots fired came out at Fullerton and Central Park anytime after midnight tonight.

1:22am - Beat 2523 is pulling an RD number for "1811" somewhere. RD is HP744112.

1:32am - Ride with fire. Garage on fire. 2431 N Harding.

1:33am - Burglar alarm. 3643 W Belmont. East Village Youth Hall. Living room motion.

2:05am - Domestic disturbance. 2448 N Avers. Someone is trying to leave but is being denied to leave.

2:11am - Check the well being. 3100 to 3111 N Haussen Court. Someone states they need police and fire. Not sure for what though. No idea on what's going on over there. Dispatch tells responding officer to use caution.

2:25am - The 2:11am job is coded out 19Boy and the beat car that responded to that call (2521) is now heading to a de-tox call at 4131 W Fullerton. Someone is trying to get their drunk friend out of the snow and needs help.

2:26am - Suspicious vehicle. Dickens and Avers. No occupants. This the last call I'm doing for a few hours while I sleep. I'll be back around 10 or 11am. See you all then.

2:32am - Parkers. 3100 block of N Harding. Again. No further information.

2:33am - O.C. DISCHARGE. 1615 N Keeler. Beat car 2534 just O.C. discharged (sprayed mace) on a combative male while responding to a call for a domestic disturbance there. Beat cars 2520, 2521, 2522 and 2531 are rushing to the scene. 2520 was the marked notifed supervisor for the O.C. discharge.

2:36am - Beat cars 2522 and 2531 have arrived on scene.

2:38am - A slow down is being given for 1615 N Keeler.

2:39am - Battery in progress. 2510 N Monticello. Several males could be heard fighting.

2:41am - No more cars are needed at 1615 N Keeler.


I'm back.

10:26am - The lights are flashing red. North and Pulaski.

10:36am - Beat car 2534 tells dispatch the lights at the 10:26am job need to be looked at. They are not hanging or anything of that sort, but they may have loose wires.

10:46am - Parker. 3900 W Diversey. A truck is parked in a driveway.

3:28pm - It's way too quiet on the radio today, lol.

3:55pm - Reckless driver. Killbourn and Diversey. Going east on Diversey. Someone in a car keeps slamming on the brakes. May cause an accident.

5:28pm - Burglar alarm. 3033 N Pulaski. Front motion for the Rent-A-Center.

5:41pm - Beat car on scene at the 5:28pm job needs the keyholder to respond. Dispatch said they'll call the keyholder.

7:04pm - I'm going to go for the night. I'll see you all tomorrow. Good night.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Crime blotter for December 20, 2008

It's 9:47am. Here is crime blotter for today.

11:06am - Check the well being. 2025 N Karlov. Arguing was heard on an open line.

11:10am - A slow down has been given for 2025 N Karlov.

11:32am - Domestic disturbance. 3120 N Davlin Court. Husband/wife altercation.

11:39am - Police arrive on the scene at the 11:32am job. Nobody is there under the name of the caller.

11:49am - The caller from the 11:32am job is now at Wellington and Davlin.

Between 11:20am and 1:30pm - If anybody calls of snowballs being thrown on the 2800 block of N Ridgeway (I'm sure somebody called it in at one point), that was just me and a friend of mine throwing snowballs at each other. Harmless fun. We had fun throwing the snowballs at each other. If we accidentally hit a house or anything, or even a person, we would apologize for it because those aren't intended targets. The intended targets are ourselves.

2:18pm - Domestic disturbance. 1929 N Harding. No further information.

2:35pm - Parker. 2506 N Avers. Green truck blocking something.

2:41pm - I'm going to go for a couple of hours. I'll be back at about 5pm.
I'm back. It's 7:56pm.

7:25pm - Burglar alarm. 3809 W Diversey. Back door of a residence.

8:27pm - Battery in progress. 3627 W Dickens. Three males fighting.

9:21pm - Parkers. 3100 block of N Harding. Premit violators.

9:33pm - Multiple calls of a car fire. 3111 N Kenneth.

9:36pm - Assault in progress. Pulaski and Cortland. Three males are holding one. Not sure what is going on.

9:42pm - Assault. 4201 W Fullerton. At the Vicki's. A mother was threatened.

10:03pm - Switched the radio to 14th district for a moment. 1423 has a traffic stop at Mozart and Diversey.

10:44pm - Sex offense. 1753 N Lawndale. Male and female "doing nasty things" inside of a parked car there.

10:50pm - Battery in progress. 3636 W Armitage. At the Armitage Hall. Two males fighting.

10:54pm - A slow down has been given for the Armitage Hall job.

10:55pm - A code will be given for the 10:50pm job. 2563David was mobling with 2563 about that.

Man killed in Logan Square

Good morning everyone, it's 9:28am. A man was killed sometime before 1:00am on the 1800 block of North Pulaski. There's few details, but it was a shooting. Here's the article about it.

Man killed in Logan Square
A shooting in the 1800 block of North Pulaski Road in Logan Square left a 29-year-old man dead early this morning, according to the Cook County medical examiner's office.

Jose Gonzalez, of the 3600 block of West Sunnyside Avenue in Albany Park, was taken to Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead at 1:20 a.m. today, the medical examiner's office said.

Police weren't able to provide additional details Saturday morning but said the shooting was under investigation.

I think this is just sad how yet another shooting has happened in the neighborhood. I wonder if this shooting had anything to do with gangs? It probably did. Well, I'll get more details on it as soon as they become available.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Final day of school and a huge snowstorm

Good morning everyone. This (early) morning, a huge snowstorm has hit the Chicago area hard. At least 8 inches has fallen here in the most southern part of Avondale, where I live. Other areas around O'Hare got about 9 inches. Chicago in general has picked up about 6 to 9 inches of snow so far. Another 1 to 3 inches are excepted today. Outside my window, some sleet is falling. There is some reports of ice causing spin outs on the roads and stuff like that.

I plan to go to school today because of none other than ... THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL FOR 2 WEEKS! Thank god! It's great that we'll be off for 2 weeks and I'll be away from Sullivan "Fight" School, but I probably will miss my friends at school. I have some very nice friends there.

Anyway, here's crime for this morning before I head off to school.

Update at 9:59am - I finally made it to school after two hours of waiting for my school bus to come pick me up. I guess they were delayed from all the snow and the fact of a substitute driver for this morning. It was very chaotic, lol. Well, I'll see you all later when I return home.
Hi everyone, I'm back. It's pm. I made it through my final day of school for two weeks. School was rather quiet today. Not alot of people were there today. Well, is here crime for this evening.

4:48pm - Gang disturbance. Wrightwood and Killbourn. Gang members representing.

4:54pm - Burglar alarm. Kelvyn Park High School (4343 W Wrightwood). No further information.

4:57pm - Beat car 2573 needs an ambulance at 3120 N Haussen Court. Intoxicated male is down.

5:37pm - Beat car 2523 has a traffic stop. George and Hamlin.

5:38pm - Beat 2523 runs a plate from the traffic stop.

5:40pm - The plate comes back clear and valid to a '92 car. The owner resides somewhere on the 2800 block of N Hamlin.

5:44pm - Fire. 3068 N Davlin Court. An outlet is on fire.

6:00pm - Reckless driver. Diversey and Central Park. Car speeding northbound in the wrong direction.

6:02pm - The recklesss driver may now be at Belmont and Central Park.

6:11pm - Disturbance. 3959 W Armitage. Someone is refusing to leave.

6:14pm - Traffic accident. Wrightwood and Tripp. No further information.

6:16pm - Beat car 2523 has gone on yet another traffic stop (good though, isn't it?) at George and Springfield. His first plate came back clear. He's running a second plate now.

6:20pm - No record came back on the second plate.

6:33pm - Beat car 2523 is going in with one from the traffic stop. 2524 needs an additional traffic crash report at Wrightwood and Tripp.

7:01pm - I'm going to eat dinner now. My mom is getting the radio until 10pm, so I will not post crime until then.
10:53pm - I'm back, but I'm not doing crime anymore tonight. Rather, I'm going to sleep, because I can no longer stay awake and it's been too long of a day for me. Good night everyone.