Monday, July 21, 2014

BULLETIN: End Of Blog (For Me)

Hello, everyone. I hope all of you are doing well. I wanted to give an explanation on why I have not been updating at all in the last couple of months and want to also explain my reason for completing my vision for doing this blog, at least at this moment in time. I have lost the battle I was fighting in time management. I have horrible time management skills. I am taking a summer class at school (which, thankfully, ends this Thursday) and have a part-time job on campus, in addition to being involved with the Student Government Association. I also have family, church-related and "religious" (spiritual) obligations I've been attending to. I've been getting swamped with homework and other things, and also have a large number of archives to catch up on.

To be completely honest, I have also lost considerable interest in updating regularly and also being involved in the community. With little efforts being put in by others to improve the neighborhood (at least from my view point from the part of the area I live in), and also with the busy life I am leading, I am starting to feel as if it is no longer a necessity for me to update. I have lost my fire and passion to update and to keep going with this effort. When I started this blog nearly six years ago, I saw a clear vision for it. That vision was to keep the neighborhood informed and to have community build relationships with the police, elected officials and among each other. I saw our community improving significantly and a light at the end of the tunnel to many of the problems we face in Logan Square and in Avondale. Fortunately, to report, that vision has came to pass considerably. There has been certainly much effort made, especially in the 14th and 17th Districts, and with listening for the amount of time I have been listening, so much has changed and for the better. There has been major improvements and honestly, it really seems as if crime has gone down dramatically in those parts of the area. The 25th District is another story. Although I have not seen or heard any activity in my area much at all this summer, there are other parts of 25 that are getting hammered and little to nothing is being done about it by anyone. With that said, and I have said this elsewhere too, I do not have the time or energy to respond and do something about problems that are not particularity in my area anymore. That does sound selfish, but I want to be truthful.

If anyone wants to at all help keep this effort going, or to even contribute ideas, please do let me know. I will still be checking my crime blotter e-mail address ( I am going to be deleting the Facebook page due to inactivity, but if and when I do decide to return, I will create a new one along with a Twitter account. But for now, I am ending my reign of doing this blog. The blog will NOT be deleted, as I want to keep it up to give people an idea of how things have happened over the years, and there is possibility that I may return in the near future. To be honest, I have very mixed emotions about making this big decision, but I strongly feel it is time for me to move on at least for now and to further investigate what my life's purpose is. I am not really too sure what I am supposed to be doing and want to discover it. I also am honestly just burned out from many things in life, in need of time to really reevaluate myself, and in need of time to discover life. With that said, I truly also want to have this effort keep going. There are not many words I can describe to say how I would feel if there was another strong leader who could take charge and pick up from where I left off. I want this momentum to be revived and brought back to my original vision of being a neighborhood voice, to unify people and keep each other informed. I don't want the little fire that is left to completely burn out.

I am so grateful and thankful to where this blog has taken us -- me in having so many doors opened in my life and this leading me to a path in life where I otherwise would have not known, and meeting so many great people such as yourselves -- and you guys in talking to the police and elected officials to demand change in the area where we all love and call home. Not many words can describe what this blog has done, and it is not because of just me at all. Many of you have been part of the effort and no amount of words or even gifts could tell the appreciation I have for all of you for sticking by my side for so long. Spiritually speaking, this blog honestly helped me to come into relationship with God by meeting someone very special to my heart a couple of years ago in the CAPS program who I would not have met through this blog and who told me about God's love for me in such a profound way that has changed the very fiber of my being. I also feel honestly as if this blog has been God's Will for me to do in life. I don't know what my next assignment in life is, but with the faith I have, as well with the education and skills I am obtaining, I will discover it. It may even lead me back to where I started, which is here. I truly, truly love and appreciate every single and last one of you. I will be always grateful and thankful for all of you, even the "haters". I owe a special thank you to Craig Gernhardt, the author of the Broken Heart AKA The Morse Hellhole blog in Rogers Park, who helped me to discover my interest in doing this blog. A special thank you also goes out to the CAPS Beat 2523 program, as well as the Avondale Neighborhood Association, who has supported me so much in the last few years. A special thank you goes out to my mother and sister for encouraging me from day one, as well as many of you who have been with me since the beginning.

Please note that no one but me has made this decision. I am not being pressured into doing it under any circumstances. This is a choice I am making for many reasons. Please also note that this is NOT goodbye, but more of a "see you later" decision. While I will not make the promise for certainly that I may return, I definitely have the option and definitely have it in consideration for the future.

Also, if anyone is at all interested, my church will be showing a family move this coming Wednesday, July 23rd at 7:15pm, called "God's NOT Dead". You can get in for FREE. We're located at Mont Clare Banquet Hall, 2957 North Harlem Avenue. Would love to see all of you!

Truly Yours,
Tim "Timmy" Granzow
Author, Avondale/Logan Square Crime Blotter

Friday, July 11, 2014

Man Tries To Grab Person @ Cortland/Humboldt, DOA On Paulina

Good morning, everyone, it's 10:30am. .

10:31am - Assault. Cortland and Humboldt. Man just tried to grab the caller.

10:44am - DOA. 1734 N Paulina. At one of the apartments, a resident has passed away.

11:05am - EMS run. 3004 W Armitage. Man laid out in front.

11:14am - Parker. 2222 N Western. Truck parked on the residential.

11:24am - Battery. 2634 W Barry. At the moving place. The manager attacked an employee. The offender is a male Hispanic, 48 years of age with a hammer.

11:27am - Parker. 2200 block of N Lister. Vehicles parked in violation of street cleaning.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

People Fighting On Hamlin, Gang Disturbance In 20 Sector Of 25

Good morning, everyone, it's 12am. .

12:04am - Battery in progress. 16XX N Hamlin. Eight people fighting in front.

12:06am - 1) Gang disturbance on the 20 sector of 25. 2) Traffic accident. Wrightwood and Springfield. Car traveling at a high rate of speed towards Avers on Wrightwood.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Fourth Of July 2014 Coverage

Good morning, everyone, and happy 4th of July to all! It's 11:34am. . We'll just see how it goes for this evening in terms of my monitoring. I truly hope everyone has a great holiday with their friends and loved ones, and remembers how hard we had to fight to gain our independence back in the 1700s. With that, here's crime at various points for today.

12:04pm - Municipal ordinance violation. 24XX N Tripp. Man working on car in front.

12:46pm - Parker. 41XX W Barry.

1:21pm - Disturbance. 31XX N Lawndale. People and drinking in the alley.

2:05pm - Beat 2583 is asking for a foot patrol event number on the 4400 block of W Diversey. It's 09117.

2:50pm - Fire. 16XX N Springfield. Van.

4:51pm - Loud music disturbance. 26XX N Springfield.

5:27pm - Parker. On 2525's Beat.

5:38pm - Battery in progress. 40XX W Oakdale. People fighting.

5:46pm - Battery in progress. 31XX N Lawndale. Upstairs tenant is being beaten up.

6:40pm - I'm going to go until later. I'll be monitoring 14 and 17 at different times throughout the night alongside with 25. I'll see you all later.

7:20pm - I'm here with 14 for the next ten minutes.

7:21pm - Residential alarm. 19XX N Wood.

7:26pm - Parker and burglar alarm on 1411's Beat.

7:27pm - 1) Fireworks. 23XX W Wolfram. 2) Fireworks. Diversey and Oakley. 3) Beat 1400XRay is telling Dispatch to code out all fireworks complaints that do not have a caller's name on them.

7:28pm - Burglar alarm. 21XX W Cortland.

7:30pm - I'm going to go for a little while. I'll be back.

8:36pm - I'm back, with 14. Good evening, everyone.

8:38pm - Reckless driver. Francisco and Schubert. Kids "flying" around on scooters.

8:40pm - Fireworks. 21XX N Hoyne.

8:45pm - Fireworks. 27XX N Mozart.

8:50pm - Fireworks. Lyndale and Hamilton.

8:52pm - Fireworks. 18XX N Hermitage.

8:53pm - Alarm. 21XX W Cortland.

8:54pm - Fireworks. Maplewood and Lyndale.

8:57pm - Fireworks. Homer and Leavitt.

9:01pm - 1) Fireworks. Hoyne and Moffat. 2) Alarm. 19XX N Leavitt. 3) Beat car 1434 is advising Dispatch that there are some real heavy fireworks going off on their Beat, so there will probably be more alarm calls.

9:02pm - Fireworks. 2100 N Oakley.

9:03pm - Beat 1461Eddie is doing a premise check at the Damen Blue Line station, and will also be taking one into 14 from there.

9:04pm - Alarm. 1940-42 N California. At the healthcare place. Foyer glass break motion.

9:09pm - 1) Fireworks. 17XX N Paulina. 2) Fireworks. 21XX W Homer.

9:12pm - Fireworks. 34XX W Belden.

9:17pm - Fireworks. 31XX N Christiana.

9:19pm - Alarm. 20XX W McLean.

9:20pm - Fireworks. 27XX W Medill.

9:28pm - 1) Fireworks. 2200 N Hamilton. 2) Fireworks. 21XX N Oakley.

9:29pm - Alarm. 18XX N Washtenaw.

9:31pmShots Fired. 17XX N Drake. Male in the alley has a gun and just fired off eight gunshots.

9:32pm - 1) Fireworks. Dickens and Wolcott. 2) Fireworks. 22XX W Dickens.

9:33pm - Fireworks. 21XX N St. Louis.

9:36pm - 1) Fireworks. 28XX N Sawyer. 2) Fireworks. Hoyne and Homer. 3) Fireworks. 18XX N Wilmot. 4) Assault in progress. 3048 W Fullerton. At the liquor store. Male Black, 30s, with a green cap and a white t-shirt just threatened the caller.

9:39pm - Fireworks. 3100 N Christiana. Group of teens lighting off fireworks and disturbing the peace.

9:40pm - 1) Fireworks. 28XX W Lyndale. 2) Fireworks. 

9:44pm - Fireworks. 2254 N Milwaukee Ave.

9:45pm - Fireworks. 18XX N Humboldt.

9:48pm - Fireworks. 30XX N Elbridge.

9:50pm - Fireworks. Pulaski Park.

9:52pm - Disturbance. 2525 N Milwaukee Ave. Male Black with a gray hoodie and black jacket is going through trash cans in the rear.

9:53pm - 1) Shots Fired. 25XX W Moffat. 2) Fireworks. Whipple and Schubert.

10:00pm - Robbery. 2700 W North Ave. By the liquor store. 30 year old man was robbed and was injured, EMS is en route.

10:01pm - Fireworks. 27XX N Washtenaw.

10:03pm - Fireworks. 2100 block of W McLean.

10:07pm - Fireworks. 3242 W George. At the Logandale school. Kids lighting off fireworks in front.

10:08pm - They're calling back on the 9:12pm job. They're throwing fireworks under cars this time.

10:10pm - Disturbance. 25XX W Moffat. Drunk woman causing problems. She's the same woman who called in the 9:53pm shots fired.

10:14pm - Fireworks. 25XX W Moffat.

10:22pm - Fire. Kimball/Diversey/Milwaukee Ave. At one of the buildings on Milwaukee Ave., a porch is on fire. Possibly because of fireworks.

10:29pm - 1) Fireworks. 31XX N Christiana. 2) Fireworks. Cortland and Campbell. 3) Fireworks. Point and Chanay.

10:30pm - EMS run. 28XX N Milwaukee Ave. Someone's hands and legs was injured due to fireworks.

10:32pm - Fireworks. 3200 block of W Dickens.

10:37pm - Fireworks. Somewhere in 14.

10:38pm - Check the well being. 1700 block of N St. Louis. Woman screaming that she's been hit in the head, she sounds drunk.

10:42pm - 1) Disturbance. belmont kedzie. Male approaching vehicles very aggressively. 2) Fireworks. schubert kimball.

10:45pm - 1400X is advising the units to pay attention to the Damen and Western CTA stops on the Blue Line, as there are large groups of people coming off of the O'Hare-bound trains from the Navy Pier fireworks.

10:47pm - Beat 1480 is saying that the street lights are out on the 2100 block of N Western.

11:08pm - Shots fired/person with a gun. 1700 block of N St. Louis. Man in a orange t-shirt and khaki shorts is firing off a gun.

11:09pm - 1) Person down. 29XX N Allen. Man passed out in the alley. 2) They're calling back on the 10:30pm job. 3) Fireworks. 20XX N Campbell. 4) 

11:10pm - 1) Fireworks. 19XX N Kimball. 2) Fireworks. 1900 block of N Sawyer.

11:11pm - Check the well being. 19XX N Humboldt. Woman with two small children appears to be disoriented, one of the children approached the caller.

11:20pm - Switching over to 17, please standby...

11:50pm - Loud music disturbance. 34XX N Hamlin.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Woman With Sucidial Thoughts @ Novak Construction, Traffic Accident On Belmont This Morning

Good morning, everyone, it's 8:49am. .

9:36am - EMS run. 3423 N Drake. At Novak Construction. 22 year old woman with suicidal thoughts.

11:00am - There was a three-car accident at 3453 W Belmont this morning. It's under RD number HX327893.

12:46pm - Disturbance. Avondale Park (3516 W. School St). Male Hispanic, 19 years old, tattoos on his forearms and biceps, wearing a white t-shirt and blue jeans, was told to leave once already today. He refused and is now being told to leave for a second time, and this time, he is mouthing off something.

2:18pm - Reckless driver. Milwaukee and Pulaski Rd. Sliver Dodge Caravan with a partial plate of 1644 is driving recklessly.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

CAPS Beat Meetings For July 2014

1411/1412 - No meeting in July.
1413/1414 - Thursday, July 10th @ 7:00pm, Logan Square Public Library (3030 West Fullerton Ave.)
1421 - Wednesday, July 9th @ 6:30pm, Humboldt Park Library (1605 North Troy St.)
1422 - No meeting in July.
**1431 - Thursday, July 17th @ 7:00pm, Haas Park (2402 North Washtenaw Ave.)
1432/1433 - No meeting in July.
1434 - No meeting in July.

1732 - Wednesday, July 9th @ 7:00pm, Athletic Park Fieldhouse (3546 West Addison St.)
1733 - No meeting in July.

2523 - Wednesday, July 23rd @ 6:30pm, St. Joesph's (4021 West Belmont Ave.)
2524 - No meeting in July.
2525 - Tuesday, July 15th @ 6:30pm, Mozart Park (2036 North Avers Ave.)
2535 - Meeting occurred today. Next meeting will be in September.

* In addition to CAPS Beat 2523's meetings, the following Beat meetings I need/want to attend are: 1411/1412, 1413/1414, 1431 and 1432/1433.
** I plan on attending this meeting in July.

Males Flashing Gang Signs @ Altgeld/Monticello, Gangbangers @ Monticello/Fullerton

Good evening, everyone, it's 9:08pm. It's good to finally be able to blog after a couple of weeks of being inactive. I've been extremely busy with school, especially now that I have a part-time job on campus as a Student Ambassador. I do truly apologize. Although I cannot promise July will be much better, I will try my very best to update more regularly. I am looking into ways of getting additional resources to assist me in doing this blog, so that the community is updated on information. I actually do have an additional resource already, which could be a new Twitter page I have created. This Twitter page is solely going to focus on giving the community live updates on what's going on as I listen to the scanner. My handle is @ALSCBCrimeBlog if you want to follow me. This evening, I am monitoring 25 from now until midnight, then I plan on covering 17 all day tomorrow. Here's crime for this evening.

9:09pm - Gang disturbance. Altgeld and Monticello. Group of males on the corner flashing gang signs.

9:22pm - Gang disturbance. Monticello and Fullerton.

9:44pm - 1) Commercial alarm. 4446 W Diversey. At the dental place. Front glass side break. 2) Fireworks. 31XX N Davlin.

10:46pm - Disturbance. Armitage and Central Park. Group of males drinking in front of the liquor store.

11:46pm - Shots Fired. Hamlin and North Ave. Three gunshots heard.

11:47pm - Beat 2506Boy is saying they're fireworks.

11:55pm - Shots Fired. 3610 W North Ave. Two gunshots fired per the shots blotter.

12:00am - I'm going to go for the night. I'll be back tomorrow. Have a good night, everyone!