Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Foot chase on Ridgeway last night

uGood morning, everyone, it's 6:23am. Well, I have another day of testing at school and my schedule is as follows: 2nd period from 8-9am, Division from 9:04-9:34am, 5th period from 9:38-10:38am (my lunch period), 8th period from 10:42-11:42am, Unknown period (lunch for the 4th, 6th and 7th period kids) from 11:46am-12:30pm, Gym from 12:34-1:20pm then it's time to go home at 1:30pm. Anyway, I'm getting word from a good source that there was a foot chase on Ridgeway last night, somewhere on either the 2800 or 2900 blocks. The police were chasing a man who ran from them on Springfield and made his way over to Ridgeway. I'm guessing the guy was caught because it's said the officer was handcuffing the guy a minute later with tons of police cars pulling up. There's not an exact time on when this happened, but it was probably after I went to bed at 7pm last night. Well, here is crime for this morning (from now to when my bus comes) and this afternoon.

6:23am - One of the Beat cars does a premise check at 1747 N Springfield, the pumping station.
I'm back. It's 4:29pm.

3:23pm - Criminal Sexual Assault. 2850 N Tripp. No further information.

3:30pm - I'm going to go get a haircut. I need one badly. I'll be back.

4:29pm - I'm back from my haircut.

4:54pm - Injured person report. 3143 N Milwaukee. At the Taco Bell. A female fell and got injured as she exited a CTA bus.

4:57pm - Recover stolen auto. 3927 W Belden. A '95 Buick needs to be recovered.

5:03pm - The lady from the 4:57pm job does not need a report. 19Paul.

5:12pm - Domestic disturbance. 3704 W Fullerton. The brother is fighting the caller and other people in front.

5:23pm - The caller on the 5:12pm job seems to have relocated to Hamlin and Dickens in a white van.

6:00pm - Suspicious vehicle. Schubert and Springfield. A vehicle has been sitting there for a long time.

6:10pm - I have to go eat dinner.

6:32pm - Reckless driver. North and Pulaski. Car keeps slamming on the brakes. Looks like whoever's driving is trying to cause an accident.

6:34pm - Gang disturbance. Hamlin and Altgeld. Ten gang members with bats. They look like they're waiting for someone. Also, I'm back from dinner.

6:35pm - Beat car 2524 saids they just shagged the 6:34pm group from Altgeld and Avers.

6:52pm - I have to go do some stuff before bed, so I will be back tomorrow. Good night, everyone, and be safe.


Grammar Gal said...

Tim: I read your 9:01 comment at Broken Heart. It was very inspiring.

Keep your head above the rest, do what you HAVE TO and MUST do to better your life, and the lives of others around you.

You are a GOOD HUMAN BEING. Disability is not the curse it once was. I know, because I, myself, am now disabled. People look at me, and then at my cane, and will never understand the pain I go through just to get to a grocery store.

My pain is physical. Yours seems to not be so much physical as psychological. Yet, we both move through pain to get through the days, one by one.

I greatly admire what you do, and please thank your MOM for allowing it.


AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

I'm keeping my head up above the rest everyday and it is not too easy, but I still do it.

I'm sorry that you have to go through the pain and walk with a cane just to go somewhere. It must be awful.

I have both physical (not often but it still happens) and psychological pains. Sometimes I get pains in my legs because I have a leg that's shorter then the other, headaches, etc. I do agree with you when you say we get through our pains daliy.

I'll continue to write for everyone and do this blog :-).

- Peace,