Monday, January 5, 2009

Back to school

Good morning, everyone, it's 10:06am. I'm currently in school (computer class to be exact), so I'll be back later with crime and an article about school today. See you guys later.

4:32pm - 1) Shots fired. 3739 W Wrightwood. Couple of shots fired. Anoymous caller. 2) Vicious animal. 4141 W Oakdale. The neighbor's dog at 4137 W Oakdale just tried to bite the caller's puppy.

5:00pm - Recover the stolen auto. 4317 W Altgeld. Someone has recovered their car.

5:18pm - Parker. 41XX W Armitage. No further information.

5:42pm - Shots fired. 2428 N Monticello. A few shots fired.

5:43pm - A slow down has been given for 2428 N Monticello.

5:49pm - 2428 N Monticello is coded out 19Paul by Beat car 2555, who thinks it's fireworks going off.

5:51pm - Disturbance. Milwaukee and Avers. Teens breaking bottles.

6:04pm - The backlog has been taken out of 25.

6:11pm - One of the Beat cars has a traffic stop at Central Park and Cortland. Dispatch is running a plate for them.

7:34pm - Something's going on at 3105 N Davlin Court. The caller's neighbor beat her up earlier and she had a report made. She also had to go to the hospital earlier for this incident. The neighbor is probably bothering her or something.

Around 7:50pm - Shots fired. 2641 N Ridgeway. Couple of shots fired.

8:19pm - I have to go now. Good night to everyone out there. I'll be back tomorrow morning.

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