Saturday, June 15, 2013

Puerto Rican Festival Coverage, Day #3

Good afternoon, everyone, it's 4:55pm. Sorry I'm late. I've been listening since about 12:30, but off and on, and there were no PR Fest-related calls whatsoever until about 2:30, and until now, there hasn't been too much going on. Things are starting to pick up now, though, so I'm going to start monitoring. I'm monitoring day #3 of the Puerto Rican Festival in Humboldt Park this afternoon, from now until whenever things really start calming down. Like Thursday, my official coverage boundaries today will differ from my traditional monitoring boundaries. I'm monitoring Zones C, D, E, G, P, Q and S. Zone S is specifically set up for the festival, and it covers Homan to Western between Division and North Ave. Basically, my boundaries for today are pretty much Central Park to the west and Palmer to the north, with various boundaries to the east and south. The eastern borders are Leavitt (Palmer to Armitage), Damen (Armitage to North Ave.) and Western (North Ave. to Division), respectively, with the southern borders being North Ave. (Damen to Western) and Division (Western to Homan). We will see how things go today, and if things are considerably calm, then I will only cover the PR Fest until about 7 or 8pm tonight and will monitor something else tomorrow. For those of you who are new to the blog, or just need a reminder, but I do NOT cover this festival to be negative under any circumstances. If anything, I want everyone who goes to have a fantastic time. With that being said, however, at the PR Fest, we tend to run into numerous gang and crime issues, and quite frankly, I have heard some really alarming things in the previous years of monitoring it. My readers who have been on this blog for a long time can attest to that. I also cover it so that residents can keep up with what is going on in their community. With all of that said, I will no longer delay supplying what goes on today. Here's crime.

4:58pm - Disturbance. 2744 W Division. Group loitering and drinking in front. They've been calling here for about two hours now.

5:05pm - A citizen is reporting that a group of gangbangers at North and Albany just ran up on some cars going by and broke out some windows.

5:10pm - Gang disturbance. Washtenaw and North Ave. They're shouting gang slogans and throwing bottles.

5:14pm - Disturbance. 2738 W North Ave. Group on the roof, throwing things.

5:18pm - Gang disturbance. Division and California. Group out there on the corner.

5:23pm - Disturbance. 3142 W North Ave. Guy bothering people by the gas station.

5:31pm - Humboldt Park Command Post is reporting a very large group of gangbangers at Homan and Crystal, they're blocking off the entire street. A unit needs to go check it out. Beat 4312 says that he's going to have the 4310 and 4312 teams check it out.

5:34pm - Gang disturbance. Division and Kedzie. Group throwing bottles on the corner.

5:43pm - Beat car 1422 is saying that the 5:34pm group is over in the 11th District now, headed towards Haddon on Kedzie. They're headed to the 5:31pm gang disturbance.

5:44pm - A unit is dispersing four from 3400 W Beach for gang loitering. Console time is 17:44 and the event number is 13612.

5:45pm - Disturbance. 1600 N Francisco. People urinating in the alley.

5:49pm - 1) The gangbangers are back out over at Division/Kedzie. Twenty male teens throwing up gang signs. 2) We've got a potential speed chase starting up at Kimball and Palmer. Beat car 1413 is saying that a car with a plate of 640P283 just took off from them. Headed west on Palmer towards St. Louis.

5:50pm - 1413 lost the car. Shakespeare and Central Park.

5:53pm - Disturbance. 2032 N Milwaukee Ave. Female causing a problem with the employees.

5:56pm - Disturbance. 2700 block of W Division. Large group gathering all up and down the block, a few calls are coming in.

6:00pm - Disturbance. 19XX N Drake. Group of drinkers in front.

6:13pm - Person w/ a gun. 1622 N California. Male Hispanic, 19 years old, 5'7, black shirt, beige shorts and glasses has a gun. He's with three other guys.

6:15pm - Beat 1400XRay is giving a slow down over at the 6:13pm job.

6:24pm - Beat 4312Charlie is dispersing five for gang loitering at 3054 W Division. Console time is 18:24 and the event number is 14313.

6:30pm - Gang disturbance. Washtenaw and Division. Large group on the corner.

6:33pm - 1) A slow down is being given on the 6:30pm job. Everything's fine. 2) Disturbance. 1500 N Fairfield.

6:34pm - Shots Fired. 19XX N Kimball. One shot heard.

6:35pm - Battery in progress. Wabansia and California. Group fighting on the street.

6:40pm - A slow down is being given on the 6:35pm job. They're dispersing.

6:44pm - Assault in progress. 19XX N Mozart. Man walking down the street with a bat, he's got a group of people behind him telling him "don't do it".

6:47pm - A slow down is being given on the 6:44pm job. No one's around.

6:55pm - EMS run. California and Cortland. Man in his 30s down by the tire shop, possibly might have been stabbed.

6:57pm - Okay, it's bona fide at California/Cortland. The guy WAS stabbed. Ambulance 48 is on scene.

7:04pm - Battery in progress. LeMoyne and Washtenaw. Group fighting in the street. (Dispatched at 7:35).

7:08pm - Battery in progress. 16XX N Washtenaw. Group of ten gangbangers are fighting in the alley. (Dispatched at 7:18).

7:09pm - Beat 1462David is dispersing 15 for gang loitering from Spaulding and North Ave. Console time is 19:09 and the event number is 14617.

7:10pm - 1400X is asking Beat 1490 how things look on Fullerton. She's at Fullerton and Sawyer, saying Fullerton is wide open. Things are good for now. Sounds like the PR Fest crowds are going to begin pushing west into 25 shortly.

7:18pmPerson w/ a knife. 35XX W McLean. Male Hispanic with an orange shirt and black shorts has a knife, and he's waving it at everyone.

7:19pm - Traffic barricades from the TMAs are needed at Washtenaw/Division.

7:22pm - Beat 2520 has North closed off at Central Park, headed east towards the Festival.

7:24pm - Assault in progress. 2744 W Division. 15 people in front are yelling, throwing water at people, loitering, etc.

7:30pm - Disturbance. Somewhere on Division. Guy running through the street, waving a flag.

7:31pm - Check the well being. 18XX N Kedzie. Caller hasn't seen their neighbor in a few days and now there's files on the window inside.

7:33pm - Battery report. North and Washtenaw. Caller is back home at an address on Cortland, but says they were beaten up at this intersection.

7:37pm - Shots Fired. 26XX W Crystal. Five shots fired, three to five people out in front seemed like they were trying to get someone to come out from the apartment building.

7:38pm - 1400X is headed over to Crystal. Also, Beat car 1421 is on scene at the 7:31pm job, asking for a call back. They had this call yesterday, too, apparently.

7:39pm - Car 42 is reminding Dispatch that she must dispatch all gang disturbances and "Shots Fired" calls on Citywide 5 also. There's officers on the detail who are only listening to this frequency.

7:40pm - 1400X is giving a slow down on Crystal. Call back is being requested.

7:41pm - 1) Dispatch just got off the phone with the Crystal caller, and they said they don't know anything and saw nothing. 2) Beat 4312David is dispersing five for gang loitering at 16XX N Sawyer. Console time is 19:41 and the event number is 15736.

7:54pm - EMS run. 19XX N Kimball. Man down.

8:13pm - Beat 1465David is pulling an RD number from 1400 Luis Munoz Marine Drive, for narcotics I believe. It's HW320430 with the event number of 16118.

8:19pm - Unit is dispersing 20 from somewhere along North Ave.

8:23pm - Beat 2548 is blocking traffic on North at Central Park, asking if they should let the buses through. Car 43 says yes.

8:32pm - Disturbance. Western and Milwaukee Ave. Guy waving a flag in the street.

8:35pm - Disturbance. 13XX N Kedzie. People partying in the street.

8:41pm - Disturbance. 1200 N California. Drinkers, loiters, etc.

8:44pm - Gang disturbance. 1622 N California.

8:55pm - 4312D is dispersing ten from Evergreen and Homan for gang loitering. Console time is 20:55 and the event number is 16756.

8:56pm - Beat 1462Eddie has someone running from 2657 W Crystal. Male Hispanic with a hat. Might have a gun. Beat 1465Adam is en route.

8:57pm - A slow down is being given on Crystal. This is where the "Shots Fired" happened an hour ago.

9:05pm - Criminal trespass in progress. 12XX N Maplewood. Drinkers in front, on the caller's property.

9:12pm - Fireworks. On 1431's Beat.

9:16pm - 4312D is taking two in from a stop at Kedzie and North Ave.

9:18pm - We've got a big fight breaking out. 2731 W Division. This is on 12's side, but a 14th District unit just on-viewed it. More cars are needed.

9:19pm - And just like that, a slow down is being given at 2731 Division, per Beat car 1212.

9:26pm - Battery in progress. Hirsch and Kedzie. Ten to 15 males fighting.

9:28pm - Multiple calls are coming in for the 9:26pm job.

9:29pm - A slow down is being given on the 9:26pm job. The crowd's dispersing.

9:31pm - Beat 4312 has about 100 people partying in the street and what not at Whipple and North Ave. They need a couple of cars. Another unit is saying that 16th and 17th District Tac units should be right there to assist.

9:32pm - Still cars needed at Whipple/North Ave. Crowd's getting really rowdy and one person needs to go to jail.

9:34pm - 4312's guy ran from him. He ran into the park, and the officer is saying for the other officers to let him go. Meanwhile, the crowd is headed west on North Ave., passing Kedzie. Sounds like they'll be in 25 shortly. They're acting a fool.

9:36pm - If anyone has a police scanner and is willing to help me monitor 25 this evening, I ask you to please either comment here, leave a post on the Facebook page or e-mail me at I'm really busy keeping up with everything in 14, but 25's starting to get a little crazy, too. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. Thank you!

9:40pm - Just FYI to everyone out there: Although this on 12's side, we just had information given by Beat 1465David that a female was shot in a black vehicle over at Division and Mozart. Victim is headed to St. Mary's at this time.

9:43pm - 1) Battery. 25XX W Moffat. Caller's boyfriend was hit in the back of the head. 2) There's some conflict as into what side of Division this shooting happened on. Some people are saying 14, others are saying 12. Either way, Beat car 1213Robert is being assigned to do the paper at St. Mary's.

9:45pm - Now it's being said the female was NOT shot. She was hit with a bottle.

9:59pm - 1) Beat 1465Eddie is taking two in from 2900 W North Ave. 2) Arson in progress. 26XX W Crystal. Someone just threw a cocktail and a car caught fire.

10:02pm - Battery in progress. LeMoyne/Washtenaw. 30 people fighting, one gangbanger is supposedly running and holding his side with a visible shiny object. Few calls are coming in.

10:03pm - Shots Fired. 21XX N Campbell. Six heard

10:04pm - Beat car 1423R is giving a slow down on the 10:02pm job. Crowd's dispersing.

10:05pm - 1) Beat car 1431R is giving a slow down on the 10:03pm job. 2) Shots Fired. 24XX W Charleston.

10:12pm - 1) Loud music disturbance. Spaulding and Dickens. 2) Disturbance. 35XX W McLean. Drunk male on the porch. 3) 4312 wants all the 4310 units to meet him at Division and Francisco.

10:14pm - Fireworks. Mozart and North Ave. Male and female threw fireworks into the street.

10:15pm - Loud music disturbance. 17XX N Rockwell.

10:16pm - An outside unit just got flagged down at North and Francisco. The citizen is reporting there was just a skirmish on the street.

10:28pm - Disturbance. Albany and Wabansia. Group on the corner loitering.

10:34pm - Person w/ a gun. North and Washtenaw. Male Hispanic, bald, 5'7 to 5'8, glasses with a red shirt is walking back and fun with a gun. He's just north of North Ave.

10:35pm - Disturbance. Albany/Wabansia. Ten to 15 teens on the corner, being loud and using construction materials to block off the street.

10:40pm to 10:54pm - I stepped away from the radio, but I don't think much happened. I'm sorry, guys.

10:56pm - 1) Shots Fired. Albany/Wabansia. Several gunshots heard. 2) Gang disturbance. 16XX N Washtenaw. Group loitering in front.

10:57pm - Disturbance. 3262 W Armitage. Guy stumbling around in the alley and what not.

11:24pm - Person stabbed. St. Mary's Hospital. Four stabbing victims from the PR Fest. Wow.....

11:31pm - Assault in progress. 32XX W Evergreen. Neighbor is in the caller's apartment, threatening the caller.

11:38pm - 1) Assault in progress. Spaulding and Dickens. Bunch of people getting ready to fight on the street, possibly gang-related. There's two carloads of people plus a few motorcycles. 2) More cars needed at Division and Kedzie. Large crowd heard in the background.

11:39pm - A slow down is being given at Kedzie/Division. Quite a few units on scene.

11:46pm - All the units at Division/Kedzie are being thanked for their prompt response.

11:48pm - Gang disturbance. Crystal and Washtenaw. Large group of intoxicated gang members are yelling and harassing people.

11:50pm - Gang disturbance. 1951 N Western. At the McDonalds. Group of gangbangers gathering behind there.

11:51pm - 1) Gang disturbance. 32XX W North Ave. They're hanging out and playing loud music. 2) Loud music disturbance. 33XX W Crystal.

11:56pm - Gang disturbance. Crystal/Washtenaw.


Anonymous said...

Timmy, will you be covering the Bud Biliken parade in August??? It celebrates African-American educational achievements.

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

I plan on covering it this year, provided I can get a date of the parade and if my radio will work on the frequency the parade's on. I definitely want to cover it this year.

Anonymous said...

The South Side Irish parade causes as much crime problems as the PR festival. A huge amount of arrests for fights, public drinking/urination, sex in public, underage drinking, ect...

Myrna Roman said...

Great job.
Stuff you won't hear on TV.

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

Thank you, Myrna :).

Anonymous said...


How many people stabbed and shot during Irish parade. Either you are looking for a reaction or just stupid. Not to mention they actually stopped it for a while because it was not a family event anymore. I hear all the gangbangers cry for mama and flip behind close doors. Little babies.

Charles Whitman said...

I'm surprised they still do the fest in Humboldt park. Its not their park anymore. It's been taken over by the yuppies. Perhaps they can do their fest in Riis park in 25. That's an area more to their likeness of nonsense.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't appear that this years PR festival was violent. Just a lot of calls for teens horsing around acting like teenagers. I actually attended the festival & didn't just listen to a police scanner.

Anonymous said...

shit, 835, there was a lot of violence and gang activity in HP. i was listening to the scanner last night and heard the call come in for the 16 year old who got shot in the arm and back. he died. everyone knows what the PR fest leads to.

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

Charles, the immediate area of Humboldt Park is hardly yuppie, as you put it. There is still quite the Hispanic population in that area. All the yuppies are, at least from what I've observed from being on North Ave. a few times, east of Western. Besides, Riis Park already has the Cuban festival and then when the Mexican Independence celebrations occurr, Riis Park is one of the main hangout areas.

Anonymous 8:35, admittedly, from what I've heard in the last couple of years, last year was way worse, but things this year were still real bad, especially with the four stabbing victims who all ended up at St. Mary's Hospital, and then there was a shooting at North and Kedzie where it's being reported the person who was shot died some time afterwards. Also, from what I've heard from both the scanner and from residents who live right near HP, there's certainly no chance of me going down there during the Fest. If I knew the Fest was going to be orderly and calm, then I certainly would've went. Also, a good percent of those calls last night were not just "teenagers horsing around". There were some legit crimes and incidents that occurred.

Anonymous 10:17, I couldn't have said it better.