Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Big group fight on the West Side

Good afternoon, everyone, it's 4:25pm. Yeah, I know, I was not here this morning, but I overslept. I got up at like 6:50am this morning (should've been up at 5:30am) and missed my bus (though I got a ride to school and arrived around 9:10am). Well, now I'm here and let's get down to crime mointoring.

4:02pm - Breaking news. Large group fight breaks out in 15. Location of the huge melee is at Lake and Central. No word on the quanity of the crowd, but Beat car 1586 is calling for more cars.

4:03pm - A slow down is given at Lake and Central.

4:05pm - Now the fight has been taken to Fulton and Central.

4:07pm - No more cars are needed at Fulton and Central.

4:22pm - Gang disturbance. Wrightwood and Central Park. Group of gang members representing on the corner.

4:43pm - Breaking news. Person shot. Latrobe and Palmer. A male was shot in the leg about 200 to 400 feet away from Northwest Middle School. The vitcim may be in a gang. There were multiple and multiple calls of shots fired in the area, including one call coming from Northwest's main office.

4:47pm - Domestic disturbance. Fullerton and Monticello. A heated argument on the corner.

4:51pm - Shots fired. 4404 W Fullerton. A few shots fired in the area.

4:53pm - The vitcim is being taken to the hospital. He was shot once in the leg, but he's doing okay. In fact, the police arrested the vitcim just yesterday.

4:54pm - Battery. 3738 W McLean. A known neighbor just hit the caller in the face.

4:58pm - Person shot. At least SIX people have been shot in the gas station at 4401 W Fullerton. EMS is in route in route.

4:59pm - Domestic disturbance. Belden and Harding. A couple arguing in a green car.

5:00pm - The gas station clerk at the gas station saids nobody has been shot, but an offender did flee eastbound from the shots fired at 4:51pm/4:54pm jobs.

5:04pm - The offenders from the 4:43pm job are Latin ... something. It's a gang. Also, the vitcim's parents do not speak English at all.

5:15 to 5:35pm - Police/dispatch chatter about something going down at 3738 W McLean.

5:40pm - Shots fired. 2500 N Monticello. Couple of shots fired.

5:42pm - According to a witness, the shots fired are fireworks. It's coded out 19Paul.

6:00pm hour - Did not pay attention.

7:55 to 8:03pm - Beat 2590 is saying there is too much nonsense in the area of Barry and Monticello again to be ingored. Large group of people have bulit up and there has been multiple calls of shots fired again, especially in the area of Ridgeway and Milwaukee. A dark, four door Chevy blazer is involved in the shooting. Some police cars are being asked to circle the area for a while.

8:29pm - I have to go now. Good night everyone. I'll back tomorrow. If anything goes down and you see/hear it, PLEASE, do not be afraid to email me about it. Crimes committed should be known by everyone in the community.

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