Sunday, January 18, 2009

"Girlfriend" beating up someone

Good evening, everyone, it's 7:19pm. Well, my mom had the radio today from 10am-7:12pm. I had it from 8-10am but nothing was going on. Well, now, here is crime for this evening.

7:12pm - Battery in progress. Belmont and Konster. The "girlfriend" is beating up the caller.

7:15pm - A slow down is given at Belmont and Konster per Beat car 2521.

8:18pm - Parker. 3002 N Springfield. No further information.

8:42pm - Sex offense. 2956 N Springfield. Male with khaki coat and blue jeans exposed himself.

8:49pm - EMS run. 2988 N Milwaukee. Male threw a vodka bottle and now he's bleeding.

9:46pm - Domestic disturbance. 3943 W Diversey. The boyfriend (or husband, didn't catch) threatened to blow the caller's brians out via text message on a cell phone. The offender is coming from 101st and Hoyne.

9:53pm - Beat car 2544 is going into 25 to write up the tows from a job (which I didn't know about until now) at 2446 N Avers.

10:23pm - One of the beats is going in with someone from the Fullerton and Tripp-ish area.

10:27pm - Beat car 2524 is finishing up on paper on the 9:46pm job and they get a music disturbance at 3655 W Diversey. Loud music coming from apartment 1 rear.

10:31pm - Suspicious vehicle. Diversey and Konster. Car is driving slowly through the area with lights off.

11:04pm - Something happened in the coverage area. Forgot what, though.

11:14pm - A Gang or Tac unit is heading in with one at 2122 N Central Park.

11:56pm - Disturbance. 3909 W Belmont. Male came in and now is refusing to leave.

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