Thursday, January 29, 2009

Basketball game today

Hi. It's 6:41am. I have a basketball game today at school, VS Uplift. Hope we win. Here is crime for this afternoon.

3:49pm - A slow down is given on some kind of incident that took place on the 3100 block of N Kenneth. Yes, I'm back. I'm in a much better mood then I was this morning. We won our basketball game VS Uplift, 52 to 50, to be exact. Great job to my team members! If anybody wants to see pictures, please email me and discuss it with me. The photos I took aren't allowed to go online, per a teacher of mine.

4:13pm - Shots fired. 41XX W Barry. Did not catch an exact address, but someone's window was shot out.

4:16pm - A Polish speaker officer is requested at the 4:13pm shots fired.

4:52pm - Domestic disturbance. 3045 N Hamlin. 28 yr old daughter has got to go (LOL!).

5:06pm - Here's some action. Battery in progress. Milwaukee and Lawndale. Two males fighting.

5:09pm - Beat car 2524 is at the fight at Milwaukee and Lawndale. They think they may have an offender.

5:13pm - Beat 2522 is on the scene of the fiasco at Milwaukee and Lawndale.

5:25pm - Somebody has been arrested from the 5:06pm incident. An RD was pulled for Battery. It is HR144617 and the event number is 12331.

6:08pm - They're calling back at the 4:52pm job. Now the daughter's calling.

6:37pm - Holding the offender. 3934 W Diversey. At the Walgreens. Male teen being held for shoplifting.

6:46pm - Violation order of protection. 3149 N Springfield. Father/mother dispute over a child.

6:53pm - I'm going to go eat now. I'll be back soon.

Around 7:10pm - Beat car 2544 tells dispatch that the 6:46pm job may be relocating to 3118 N Harding.

Around 7:13pm - Missing person. 2958 N Harding. 13 yr old is out.

7:22pm - I'm back from eating dinner.

7:25pm - Someone is requesting a supervisor from the 6:46pm j0b.

7:49pm - Sounds like the call at 2958 N Harding was coded out since the 13 yr old returned home.

8:01pm - Domestic disturbance. 3923 W Altgeld. Boyfriend is threatening.

8:16pm - Gang disturbance. 2940 N Avers. Gang bangers flashing signs.

8:24pm - I have to go now. Good night, everyone, and stay safe!

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