Monday, March 31, 2014

Two Juveniles Relocated To KPHS, Car Left In Middle Of Street On Shakespeare

Good morning, everyone, it's 9:54am. .

9:57am - Beat 2577Sam is relocating two juvys from 4400 W Fullerton over to Kelvyn Park High School. Event number is 04439.

10:51am - Suspicious vehicle. 36XX W Shakespeare. White 4-door Crystler was left in the middle of the street.

11:14am - Parker. Palmer and Springfield. Semi blocking the intersection.

11:45am - Wires down. 38XX W Dickens. Live electrical wires are down and are laying across a couple of cars.

12:02pm - Disturbance. 3607 W Fullerton. At Tony's. Panhandler in front of there needs to be shagged, he's got a pit bull with him and he's in a wheelchair.

12:45pm - Parker. On 2535's Beat.

12:47pm - EMS run. 38XX W George. Person down.

1:30pm - EMS run. Pulaski and Armitage. Drunk person fell and got injured.

1:39pm - Battery. 1920 N Hamlin. At the Ames Middle school. 14 year old student struck a teacher.

2:33pm - Alarm. 24XX N Tripp. Garage door.

3:14pm - Gang disturbance. 27XX N Harding. Four guys and three females out in front yelling, involved in gang activity. One guy has on a baby blue t-shirt with a hat and a missing tooth and another one has on a black shirt.

3:28pm - Battery. 2000 N Keystone. Gangbanger just beat up the caller at this location, took their car keys and busted out the car windows.

3:31pm - Beat 2506Eddie is taking one in from the 3:14pm job.

4:34pm - Battery in progress. 3149 N Springfield. People fighting inside one of the apartments.

4:41pm - A slow down is being given on the 4:34pm job.

4:52pm - Beat 2505 is on a gang suppression mission at Koz Park.

4:59pm - Gang disturbance. 28XX N Harding. Four to five male Hispanics flashing gang signs and shouting gang slogans by the alley.

5:04pm - Beat car 2524 is writing some contact cards and ANOVs over at the car wash at 2550 N Pulaski Rd.

5:17pm - Gang disturbance. Fullerton and Lawndale. Group of people on the corner loitering, some have bats.

5:37pm - Disturbance. 3711 W Fullerton. Customer is arguing with an employee in the store.

5:52pm - Battery in progress. Monticello and Fullerton. Group of four people fighting.

5:54pm - Gang disturbance. Wellington and Avers.

6:00pm - Robbery report. 28XX N Springfield. Two male Hispanics in their 20s, one with short black hair and a biege shirt, followed by the other one who had on a brown shirt and black pants, robbed the caller of their wallet. They implied that they had a weapon. Fled south towards Diversey on Springfield.

6:05pm - 1) Beat car 2524 has a handwaver at 3055 N Milwaukee in regards to a vagrant who's sleeping and won't get up. 2) Disturbance. Hamlin and Lyndale.

6:09pm - Burglary report. 37XX W McLean.

6:31pm - The 6:09pm burglary is notified, per Beat car 2525. Beat 2530 is notified.

6:40pm - Beat 2565Adam needs a transport unit at 39XX W Diversey from a street stop. They're taking in four. Beat 2573, the wagon, is coming over.

6:54pm - I have to go eat. I'll be back in a little while.

7:28pm - I'm back. Good evening, everyone.

8:26pm - Disturbance. 28XX N Kildare.

8:41pm - Beat 2566Charlie needs a female officer to assist them on a street stop at 2100 N Pulaski Rd.

8:50pm - They're calling in the 8:26pm job as an "assault in progress" now. Beat car 2523 is giving the job a 19P, saying that it's nonsense.

10:10pm - Disturbance. 3084 N Milwaukee Ave. At Bristol's Lounge. Patron refusing to leave.

10:17pm - 1) Parker. 3900 W North Ave. 2) Parker. 16XX N Harding.

10:20pm - Missing person report. 29XX N Springfield. 15 year old Shawn Miller moving.

10:44pm - Beat car 2565Charlie just had a car take off from them at Palmer and Central Park. 2014 sliver Chevy with a plate of V246494, headed north on Central Park towards Belden.

10:45pm - North on Lawndale from Fullerton. They're giving a disregard.

10:46pm - Passing Wrightwood, still on Lawndale.

11:49pm - Gang disturbance. 18XX N Central Park. Four to five guys in the alley throwing up signs.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Commerical Alarm On Fullerton, Gangbangers Beating Up Guy On Armitage

Good morning, everyone, it's 2:44am. I'm monitoring 25 from now until .

2:47am - Commercial alarm. 3732 W Fullerton. At the jewelry store. General motion.

2:53am - Battery in progress. 3702 W Armitage. Group of gangbangers beating up a guy.

3:00am - EMS is needed on Armitage, per Beat car 2523Robert. Male got punched in the face several times.

3:15am - Assault in progress. 28XX N Ridgeway. Five male Hispanics shouting at each other in front.

3:20am - 2523R needs a Spanish speaker at 37XX W Diversey. Beat car 2534Robert is coming over.

3:22am - 2523R is taking in two into 25 from the Diversey location. It was a traffic stop with a DUI.

3:25am - Traffic accident. Belmont and Milwaukee Ave. Hit-and-run. Male in a green car with a plate of N572246 that had an intoxicated driver in it, car fled towards Hamlin on Belmont.

3:54am - Beat car 2525Robert needs another car at a traffic stop over at Pulaski and Altgeld. 2523R is coming over, and is saying that they just heard six to eight loud reports north of a job they had on the 2500  block of N Harding. Sounds like it's a few blocks north of them, so possibly around Schubert or Diversey. Beat 2520Robert is responding to the loud reports.

3:55am - 1) Shots Fired. Diversey and Hamlin. Several shots were heard in the area. 2) Shots Fired. Ridgeway and Diversey. Three shots heard with someone yelling for help. 3) Shots Fired. 28XX N Ridgeway. Three shots heard.

3:57am - Person w/ a gun. Ridgeway/Diversey. Male Hispanic, 20, with a black, red and yellow striped beanie with a pom pom has a gun. He fled towards George on Ridgeway. Tires were heard screeching upon the gunshots being fired.

3:58am - 1) Disturbance. 3700 W Diversey. People heard yelling in front. 2) Shots Fired. 37XX W Diversey. Three shots fired by a male Hispanic with a black hoodie and khaki pants, last seen running towards Ridgeway on Diversey.

3:59am - Up to three people may be involved in this incident, and MULTIPLE calls are still pouring in.

4:02am - 2520R says that a black Ranger was involved, per a citizen.

4:14am - 2525R is taking one in into 25 from their stop at Pulaski/Altgeld. Console time is 04:14 hours.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Man With Gun On Belmont, Commerical Alarm At Burger King On Belmont

Good morning, everyone, it's 12am. I'm monitoring 17 this morning from now until about 4:30am or so. We'll see. I also plan on monitoring 25 this weekend and at the start of this coming week, before the 1st. Here's crime for today.

12:54am - Person w/ a gun. 29XX W Belmont. Male Black, 6'5, with a gun in the backyard. He's wearing all dark clothing and is in the alley, as if he's looking for someone.

12:59am - Beat car 1733Robert is giving a slow down.

1:08am - Commercial alarm. 2828 W Belmont. At the Burger King. Front door motion.

1:10am - 10-1. 10-1. Belmont and Central. 25th District unit calling in a 10-1 at a bar fight at the bar on the corner, which is Chicago By Night. So far, Beat car 1632Robert is being assigned, and Beat car 1622Robert is going over.

1:11am - 25th District is giving a slow down on the 10-1.

1:19am - Beat 2510Robert is requesting a supervisor from 16 to come over to Chicago By Night. Beat 1620Robert is going.

2:03am - Commercial alarm. 3243 N California.

4:20am - I'm going to go for the night. I'll be back later today or tomorrow. Have a good night, everyone!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Highly Intoxicated Man Hits His Head On Belmont

Good evening, everyone, it's 9:14pm. Sorry I've been gone for the last week or so, but again, I've been busy with school and Student Government. But I'm here now. I'm covering 17 tonight from now until midnight, then I may cover 17 past midnight into the overnight and early morning hours. I will be checking tomorrow to see what other monitoring I need to do of our area for the remainder of this month. Hope everyone has been well. Here's crime for tonight.

9:47pm - Beat car 1732 needs an ambulance at 3405 W Belmont, on the 14th District side, because they've got a highly intoxicated man who has a big bump on his head. Dispatch will call EMS.

10:05pm - 1732 is duping the job to Ambulance 40, coded as a 9Ida.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Commercial Alarms In 17, Parker On 1733's Beat

Good morning, everyone, it's 7:09am. I'm monitoring 17 all day today. . Here's crime for today.

7:29am - Commercial alarm. 3500 N Kimball. At the Home Depot.

7:38am - Commercial alarm. 3349 N Elston. At the NBM company.

12:18pm - Parker. On 1733's Beat.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Missing Found In 14, Two Guys Jumped On @ Diversey River Bowl

Good morning, everyone, it's 12am. I'm monitoring 14 this morning until 4:10am, then I'm going to cover 25 until 8:15am. I may also do some other monitoring of either 14, 17 and/or 25 today. We'll see. I'd like to apologize for not really being around this week. I've been extremely busy with school and what not, but since I have minimal homework this weekend, I should be able to blog. I also plan on catching up on monitoring from the past couple of months or so. Here's crime for today.

12:03am - From a job in the 11:00pm hour last night, Beat car 1432Robert found Marcos Gonzalez at the address they were given on the 2300 block of N Leavitt. With Beat 1420Robert's permission, they'd like to relocate him to 49XX W. School St., where Beat car 1634Robert is. 1420R says okay. Console time is 00:03 hours.

12:05am - Battery victims. 2211 W Diversey. At the Diversey River Bowl. Two guys were battered and jumped on by three occupants in a sliver Dodge Charger with a plate of N725150 that fled east on Diversey past the Chicago River into 19.

12:06am - 1) Dispatch is saying that the plate from Diversey comes back to an address in 19 on the 2300 block of N Ashland. 2) Beat car 1422Robert is giving a flash out from the 11:27pm job last night. Wanted for the auto theft is a dark complected male, approximately 5'9 with dark hair, wearing gloves and is about 180 to 200 lbs. One headlight on the car is brighter than the other, both lights are blue LEDs.

12:08am - An RD number is being given out from the 11:11pm job last night in relations to the guy who hit his head on a glass door on the 3300 block of W Schubert. Beat car 1412Robert says it's a battery and needs an RD number for a "0460" (simple battery) at this location. It's HX194163 with the event number of 18345. The call came out at 23:11 hours on yesterday's date.

12:15am - Beat car 1411Robert is giving out a flash from the River Bowl incident. This happened about 25 minutes ago. Wanted is a 4-door sliver Dodge Charger with tinted windows with two male Blacks and two female Blacks in the car. The offenders in particular were 20 to 22 years old, 5'10 to 6 feet, 170-190 lbs, all wearing dark clothing. They fled in the vehicle, east on Diversey towards Leavitt, past the river into the 19th District.

12:19am - Burglary in progress. 24XX N Western. Basement apartment is being broken into, the offenders are in there now.

12:23am - 1) Disturbance. 27XX N Artesian. Group of people loitering in front, causing problems. 2) Beat car 1421Robert is giving a slow down on the burglary.

12:26am - An RD number is being given from the River Bowl incident. It's HX194177 with the event number of 18895.

12:29am - 1421R is coding out the burglary as a 14Paul. They thank all assisting units.

12:30am - Beat 1480 is advising units to stay off the 2100 and 2200 blocks of N Milwaukee due to the Blue Line construction CTA is doing.

12:38am - Person w/ a gun. 20XX N Drake. Gangbangers are having a house party and there's a whole bunch of them out in front, they're yelling and throwing bottles. In addition to that, the anonymous caller saw one with a gun. The one with a gun is a male Hispanic with a black cap and black jacket. A red pick-up is also involved. Event number is 00484.

12:41am - 1) Beat 1462Charlie is giving a slow down on Drake. 2) EMS run. 3137 W Logan Blvd. At the bar. Female bartender having a seizure.

1:21am - 1) Loud music disturbance. 18XX N St. Louis. Loud party with loud music. 2) Disturbance. North and Kimball. Carriage cab #1872 is having a problem with an intoxicated female who won't pay the fare. Facing west on North Ave.

1:22am - Battery in progress. 2001 N Milwaukee Ave. At the Walgreen's. Someone is fighting with security.

1:24am - 1) 1432R is giving a slow down on the 1:22am job. 2) Battery in progress. 3420 W North Ave. Several males attacking a female.

1:25am - 1432R is now giving a disregard.

1:26am - Beat 1499, 14th District Watch Commander, is giving a slow down at 3420 on North Ave. Beat car 1413Robert is also on scene, but handling the other call down by the corner, and they're saying they can't find the cab. Dispatch is calling the cabbie back.

1:28am - No answer on 1413R's call back.

1:33am - Disturbance. Kedzie and Milwaukee Ave. Man sleeping on the Blue Line shuttle bus, bus number is #4381.

1:51am - 1) Assist the unit. Elston and California. Beat 5321 needs an assist at this location. They're saying it's no emergency. 2) 1421R is on a follow-up at 18XX N. Fairfield, from the missing mother and her two daughters.

1:53am - Battery. 27XX W Cortland. Male Hispanic, 5'7, medium build last seen wearing a black leather jacket just attacked the caller's wife in the alley. He fled west in the north alley of Cortland, then in north in the alley between Washtenaw and Fairfield towards Bloomingdale.

1:55am - Another call just came in on the 1:53am job. This one says that the male approached the caller's wife as she was coming home and tried to grab something out of her pants pocket, then grabbed her coat.

1:56am - Traffic accident. 17XX N Western. Hit-and-run.

1:57am - Burglary. 29XX N Wisner. Known male just tried to break into the caller's house.

1:58am - Disturbance. 2410 N Milwaukee Ave. Problem with a customer.

2:14am - Disturbance. 2047 N Milwaukee Ave. People in the parking lot making too much noise.

2:23am - Battery in progress. North Ave./Damen/Milwaukee Ave. People fighting in the street with pipes and other weapons.

2:30am - Beat 1481Charlie needs EMS at 2036 W North Ave. They've got a battery victim from the 2:23am fight.

2:32am - EMS is on the way for 1481C's victim.

2:34am - Beat car 1412Robert is pulling an RD number from the 1:57am job. It's HX194267 with the event number is 01723.

2:51am - 1481C is heading over to St. Mary's from the 2:23am job to check on their victim.

2:54am - Disturbance. 2753 N Western. Male wearing a pink scarf and glasses is screaming at the bus stop.

2:55am - Traffic accident. Humboldt and Armitage. Hit-and-run. Caller was hit by a car. EMS is en route.

3:08am - Parker. 2900 block of N Whipple. Sliver SUV blocking the hydrant.

3:16am - Disturbance. 2949 W Fullerton. Banging noise in front, unsure what's going on.

3:26am - Beat car 1431Robert is being sent into 14 to take one to the Area for Beat 1462Charlie.

3:34am - Disturbance. 21XX N Sawyer. People outside being loud.

3:42am - Sex offense. 3339 W Belmont. At the Chase Bank ATM. People in the ATM lobby having sex.

3:48am - Beat 1410Robert has a street stop at 16XX N Central Park. He's okay.

3:51am - 1410R is running an ID. Within seconds, it's coming back clear.

3:55am - Theft in progress. 3001 N Kedzie. Flash cab #982 has a passenger in it that will not pay the fare.

4:10am - I'm here with 25. Done with 14.

4:51am - Beat car 2524Robert has a traffic stop at Parker and Pulaski.

8:15am - I'm going to go. I may or may not be back today. If not, I'll see you all tomorrow. Have a great morning, everyone!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Male Goes Through Burned Out Garage On Wabansia, Man Stands In Street @ Elston/Damen Begging

Good morning, everyone, it's 9:06am. I'm monitoring 14 this morning from now until 11:30am, then again from 9:22pm to midnight. I also plan on monitoring 25 today from 2pm to 5pm. Here's crime for portions of today.

9:18am - Criminal trespass in progress. 32XX W Wabansia. Male seen going through a burned out garage.

9:27am - Disturbance. Elston and Damen. Elderly male White standing in the middle of the street, begging for money.

9:38am - Parker. 1629 N Ashland. At the Treehouse Humane Society. Black Honda in the loading zone.

9:43am - Beat 1465Boy is doing a follow-up at 23XX N Spaulding. Event number is 04508.

9:58am - Disturbance. 2838 W North Ave. At the Burger King. Male Hispanic, 35, with a black jacket and blue jeans, who is harassing the employees and he needs to be escorted out.

10:04am - Beat 1446 is assisting Beat car 1421 at the 9:58am job.

10:12am - Parker. 16XX N Oakley. Moving truck blocking the driveway.

10:16am - Parker. 13XX W Wabansia. Factory drivers double parked in the street.

10:20am - Battery report. 2744 N Western. Protestor outside is harassing the people inside the abortion clinic. But that's not a battery, though.....

10:29am - 1465B is doing a follow-up now at 32XX N Elston.

10:34am - Residential alarm. 18XX N Talman.

10:37am - Disturbance. Damen and The Kennedy Expressway. Man throwing trash into the street.

10:40am - Beat 1482 is running a name at 2205 W Armitage. He's got another unit with him.

10:41am - 1482's I.D. is coming up clear and valid so far.

10:44am - Oh, nevermind. The I.D. is not clear after all. The person has a warrant out on them for larceny.

10:49am - Cage car needed on Armitage. Beat car 1422 is coming over.

11:10am - Parker. 32XX W Palmer. Green Volkswagen Jeta blocking the driveway.

11:13am - They're calling back on the 10:34am job. They're saying it was the dog walker.

11:21am - Traffic accident. Francis and California. CTA bus VS car.

11:26am - Traffic accident. California and McLean. Sunrise Transportation school bus VS vehicle, there's a child and a bus attendant on the school bus.

11:28am - The 11:21am and 11:26am jobs are one in the same, actually. School bus VS CTA bus.

11:30am - Fire. 17XX N Wood. Blue Jeep Cherokee on fire in front.

11:31am - I'm going to go until 2:00. I'll be back then. Have a great start to your afternoon, everyone!

2:00pm - I'm back, with 25. Good afternoon, everyone.

5:00pm - I'm going to go until 9:22. I'll be back then. Have a great start to your evening, everyone!

9:22pm - I'm back. Good evening, everyone.

9:23pm - Suspicious vehicle. francis bingham. Anonymous caller says that two occupants in a dark 4-door newer model car keep circling the block.

9:31pm - Commercial alarm. 1767 N Milwaukee Ave. At the Aldi.

9:59pm - DUI driver. north california. Gray Dodge Caravan with an unknown plate is running lights and stop signs, headed towards Washtenaw on North Ave.

10:02pm - Loud music disturbance. 21XX W Fullerton.

10:10pm - Beat 1481David is doing a park check at Holestin.

10:22pm - Person w/ a knife. 20XX N California. Male Hispanic with a gray shirt and blue jeans is either drunk or on drugs, causing a loud ruckus and he has a knife.

10:23pm - Beat 1480 is giving a slow down on the 10:22pm job.

10:25pm - No answer on 1480's call back.

10:28pm - Disturbance. 16XX N Artesian. People loitering in front.

10:46pm - Suspicious person. armitage st. louis. Male Hispanic is trying car doors.

10:47pm - Traffic accident. north kedzie. Car VS pedestrian. EMS is en route.

10:50pm - Battery in progress. 2620 N Milwaukee Ave. At the Logan Square Blue Line station. CTA worker being attacked on the platform by a male White in his 40s wearing work boots. Event number is 18042.

10:57pm - Beat car 1411Robert is giving a slow down on the 10:50pm job. Transit police are on scene as well.

11:00pm - 1411R says that this job will be duped to Beat 7381Frank, the transit unit. They'll stay on scene for a few more minutes, though.

11:11pm - Suspicious person. 33XX W Schubert. Very intoxicated male White with a shaved head is in the courtyard with his head bleeding, the glass to the door is also broken so the caller isn't sure about what's going on.

11:19pm - 1) Car alarm. 25XX W Lyndale. 2) Recovery. north paulina.

11:20pm - Beat car 1412Robert needs EMS at the 11:11pm job.

11:25pm - Criminal trespass in progress. 21XX W North Ave. Unknown female just broke into the boyfriend's car, won't get out and is now jumping into the caller's car.

11:27pm - Auto theft. armitage monticello. Caller's car, which is a 2006 gray Nissan Maximum with a plate of 204R037, was stolen from this location. Caller is calling from their home a few blocks away over in 14.

11:30pm - Battery in progress. armitage kimball. People fighting.

11:31pm - Shots Fired. armitage kimball. Five shots fired by the bus stop. Probably a gang fight going on....

11:33pm - 1) The calls 14's got will be also sent over to Zone 12 for information. 2) Person down. 2935 N Milwaukee Ave. At Moe's Tavern. Male White, 40s or 50s, with a brown jacket and black pants, fell on the ground and is unable to get up.

11:34pm - Beat cars 1413Robert and 1434Robert are giving slow downs are being given on the 11:30/11:31pm jobs.

11:36pm - The 11:27pm person is calling back, saying that they found their car. Over at wabansia monticello.

11:37pm - 1434R is giving information on the 11:30/11:31pm jobs. A witness is saying that there were no shots fired or even a gun implied. What it was were occupants in two vehicles that were fighting in traffic on the corner. One car was a gray Sedan car. The occupants were busting out each other's windows out.

11:40pm - 1) Support unit request. 23XX N Leavitt. Beat car 1634Robert is asking if a unit can go over to locate a person there to let them know that a Marcos Gonzalez is reported as missing. 2) Beat 1410Robert has a traffic stop at palmer sacramento.

11:48pm - Gang disturbance. 16XX N Kedzie. Gang members arguing on the street, car was driving on the sidewalk trying to hit someone.

11:53pm - Burglar alarm. 1701 N Milwaukee Ave. At the Bucktown-Wicker Park Library. First floor east wall motion. Keyholders will wait to come out until CPD says it's bona fide.

11:56pm - Beat 1402, 14th District Desk, is giving a flash out from a missing. Missing from 18XX N Fairfield is Valerie J. Rodriguez, who is the mother of two other missings from this location. She is a female Hispanic, 23 years old, last seen wearing a black winter coat, pink blouse, blue dress pants and black boots/ She is 4'11, 300 lbs, heavy built, black hair, brown eyes and is light complected. She has in her company her 3 and 5 year old daughters. The 5 year old daughter is Mayra Rodriguez, who is 3 feet tall, 60-70 lbs, dark brown hair, brown eyes and is olive complected. She was also seen wearing a black coat. The other daughter, 3, is Emma Rodriguez, who is about 2 and a half feet tall, between 50-60 lbs, slim build, black hair, brown eyes and is light complected, last seen wearing a pink coat.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Election Day, 2014 (Primaries)

Good morning, everyone, it's 7:16am. Today is Election Day in the Illinois primaries, and it is time to vote, my friends. If you already haven't done so, go out and VOTE! I usually don't talk about politics and everything, but today's is VERY important. Today, we are voting for Governor/Lt. Governor, U.S. Senator, Attorney General, Secretary of State, Comptroller, State Representatives, U.S. Representatives, State Senators, Judges, County Commissioners, County Clerk, County Board President, County Sheriff, County Treasurer, Metropolitan Water Reclamation District Commissioners and a couple of other offices. There are also some referendums to be voted on. Finally, some individual precincts and Wards have special votes to be voted on (i.e. the issue with Ames Middle School).

All polls opened today at 6:00am, and will close at 7:00pm. Having said that, here is some advice for all of you going out to vote today, and here are some important numbers:
- If you see anything suspicious at the polls, like voter fraud, harassment, etc., be sure to call the Board of Elections at (312)-269-7870. All activities need to be reported.
- To verify registration and for proper Precinct Polling Place, call (312)-269-1604.
- For the Chicago Board of Elections Main Line, call (312)-269-7900.
- PLEASE be patient with the election judges, election volunteers, poll watchers, etc.

If you can, please bring a camera with you to your polling place to take pictures of any funny business, and send them to me at, or on the Facebook page if you are a fan.

I need your help today. Please. Kindly be sure to tell me how voting went at your polling place. I will need your Precinct number, Ward, and a basic summary of what you saw.

This post will be updated throughout the day.

Update #1, 7:20am - Here is a list of ALL Candidates running in this race.

Update #2, 8:28am - Out of kindness for all of you, I will provide everyone a detailed list of all the precincts, Wards and polling locations in the blog coverage area. The Avondale/Logan Square Crime Blotter covers Wards 1, 2, 26, 30, 31, 32, 33 and 35. Below this list, I will have a link up for the addresses of all of these polling places.
Ward 1:
Precinct #1
Precinct #2
Precinct #7
Precinct #9
Precinct #13
Precinct #16
Precinct #17
Precinct #19
Precinct #20
Precinct #22
Precinct #23
Precinct #26
Precinct #27
Precinct #28
Precinct #29
Precinct #30
Precinct #31
Precinct #34
Precinct #41
Precinct #42
Precinct #43
Precinct #44

Ward 2:
Precinct #15
Precinct #20
Precinct #25

Ward 26:
Precinct #7
Precinct #8
Precinct #11
Precinct #13
Precinct #14
Precinct #22
Precinct #23
Precinct #24
Precinct #29
Precinct #30
Precinct #34
Precinct #37
Precinct #38
Precinct #40
Precinct #42
Precinct #47
Precinct #49

Ward 30:
Precinct #3
Precinct #8
Precinct #15
Precinct #18
Precinct #22
Precinct #24
Precinct #25
Precinct #32

Ward 31:
Precinct #1
Precinct #4
Precinct #5
Precinct #7
Precinct #10
Precinct #13
Precinct #16
Precinct #23
Precinct #24
Precinct #26
Precinct #36
Precinct #39
Precinct #40
Precinct #41

Ward 32:
Precinct #1
Precinct #2
Precinct #3
Precinct #4
Precinct #5
Precinct #6
Precinct #11
Precinct #12
Precinct #14
Precinct #16
Precinct #17
Precinct #20
Precinct #22
Precinct #26
Precinct #28
Precinct #29
Precinct #31
Precinct #32
Precinct #33
Precinct #34
Precinct #35
Precinct #36
Precinct #37
Precinct #43

Ward 33:
Precinct #4
Precinct #5
Precinct #9
Precinct #13
Precinct #14
Precinct #19
Precinct #26
Precinct #28

Ward 35:
Precinct #1
Precinct #2
Precinct #3
Precinct #4
Precinct #5
Precinct #6
Precinct #7
Precinct #8
Precinct #10
Precinct #11
Precinct #12
Precinct #14
Precinct #15
Precinct #17
Precinct #18
Precinct #21
Precinct #24
Precinct #25
Precinct #28

Here is the list, as promised.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Woman Sends Strange Text Message, Parker On 2523's Beat

Good morning, everyone, it's 8:15am. I'm monitoring 25 today from now until 1:26pm. Tomorrow, I'm going to do special monitoring of St. Patrick's Day throughout the City, and I will see how the rest of this week will be. With that, here's crime for this morning and early afternoon.

8:17am - Check the well being. 23XX N Avers. Woman needs to be checked on in regards to a strange text message, this person was sexually assaulted a couple of weeks ago as well.

11:39am - Parker. On 2523's Beat.

12:15pm - Panic alarm. 2415 N Pulaski Rd.

12:24pm - Person calling for help. 37XX W Fullerton. Woman screamed for help out of the 2nd floor window and then someone pulled her back inside.

1:26pm - I'm going to go. I'll be back tomorrow or sometime this week. Have a great day, everyone!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Homeless People Smoking/Drinking On Artesian, Drunk Guy Goes On Entrance Ramp Of Kennedy Expressway

Good afternoon, everyone, it's 2:40pm. I'm covering 14 today, from now until . I do want to apologize for not posting much in the last couple of weeks, but I've had midterms at school to deal with, along with Student Government to deal with. In fact, I just returned from Lisle after being out of town all day yesterday on a SGA-related assignment, which is why for those of who are wondering was the fact I didn't cover the St. Patrick's Day parade. While I didn't make any promises last year, I do want to apologize for once again not covering. I will try my best to do so next year. Anyway, tomorrow, I plan on monitoring 25 from 8:15am to 1:26pm. I plan on doing special monitoring in the late afternoon and early evening hours for St. Patrick's Day on Monday. With that, here's crime for this afternoon and evening.

2:42pm - Disturbance. 27XX N Artesian. Three homeless people smoking and drinking in the alley.

2:51pm - Disturbance. North and The Kennedy Expressway. Intoxicated male covered in vomit walking on the entrance ramp of the Expressway, he's stumbling in front of cars.

2:52pm - Reckless driver. Ashland and Webster. Black Jeep with a plate of X226214 is heading south on Ashland from Webster, driving all over the place. The driver also ran four stop signs.

2:59pm - EMS run. 26XX W Logan Blvd. Agitated person on the scene, possibly a psych patient.

3:09pm - Traffic accident. 29XX N Allen. Parked car was struck.

3:22pm - Check the well being. Cortland and Elston. Male White, 30s with a black jacket, light pink shirt and jeans is bleeding from his face. He's headed towards Armitage on Elston, talking on his cell phone.

3:33pm - Parker. On 1433's Beat.

3:38pm - Beat car 1413 has a traffic stop at Drake and Palmer.

3:42pm - Parker. On 1433's Beat.

3:54pm - They're calling back on the 2:59pm job. It's a disturbance this time.

3:59pm - Person calling for help. 35XX W Armitage. Caller walked through the alley and heard a woman screaming, sounded like it came from the garage.

4:24pm - Traffic accident. Elston and Damen. Hit and run. Caller was hit on their bike by a maroon Toyota Avalon with a plate of N440460, EMS is en route.

4:26pm - Disturbance. 28XX N Talman. Problem with the landlord.

4:31pm - Suspicious vehicle. Western and Wabansia.

5:20pm - Vice complaint. 20XX N Bingham. 20 to 30 people causing a problem on the block by climbing onto the railroad tracks while doing drugs.

5:25pm - Beat car 1433 has about 100 bikers on the corner of Milwaukee and Talman. They're not causing any problems but they are gathered. Beat 1430 is notified of this.

7:08pm - I have to go eat. I'll be back soon.

7:32pm - I'm back. Good evening, everyone.

8:20pm - Assault. Somewhere in the area. Male White, short hair with a green t-shirt and blue jeans just threatened the cab driver.

8:21pm - Disturbance. 32XX W Fullerton. Intoxicated male on the stoop.

8:29pm - Disturbance. 18XX N Wolcott. Two intoxicated males screaming at each other in front.

9:20pm - Parker. 17XX W Wabansia. Car blocking the driveway.

9:22pm - I'm going to go for the night. I'll be back tomorrow. Have a good night, everyone!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Car Blocking Hydrant On Palmer, Non-Derivable Accident @ Belden/Leavitt

Good morning, everyone, it's 8:13am. .

8:16am - Parker. 30XX W Palmer. Car blocking the hydrant.

8:18am - Traffic accident. Belden and Leavitt. Two cars, non-derivable.

8:43am - Parker. Honore and Wabansia. Commercial dark blue van with a plate of 186780 blocking the view of a crosswalk.

8:57am - 1) Information for the CPD. 26XX N St. Louis. City snow plow truck hit a couple of light poles and one looks like it's about to fall over. 2) Disturbance. 2954 N California. Dispute with a tow truck driver.

9:06am - I'm going to go for the day. I'll be back tomorrow. Have a great day, everyone!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Gangbangers Acting A Fool On Ridgeway, DUI Driver @ Pulaski Rd./Armitage

Good afternoon, everyone, it's 3:41pm. .

3:42pm - Gang disturbance. 28XX N Ridgeway. Eight to ten gangbangers walking towards George, flashing/shouting gang signs and yelling at a driver of a gray car. They're all over the block....

3:49pm - Gang disturbance. Diversey and Ridgeway.

3:50pm - DUI driver. Pulaski and Armitage. Blue Jeep with a plate of P129513 is headed towards Springfield, appears to be driving drunk.

3:52pm - Beat car 2523 is on the 2800 block of N. Ridgeway, frisking a couple of these guys and talking to them. They're still walking back and forth. Got a bad feeling about later on....

3:57pm - Beat 2544 is now on scene with 2523. The guys are gone for now but they're sitting on the block.

4:20pm - Just heard some yelling outside, so they're still in the area.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Female Officer Needed @ Wabansia/Avers, Person Banging On Window On Harding

Good morning, everyone, it's 12am. I'm monitoring 25 this morning from now until about 2:30am or so, then I'm going to go to bed. I plan on covering 25 again later today from 7:44pm to 11:44pm. It's finally getting warmer out, so I'm thankful for that. Here's crime for portions of today.

12:04am - Beat car 2534Robert needs a female officer for a search at Wabansia and Avers. Beat car 2535Robert is coming over.

12:42am - Suspicious person. 26XX N Harding. Someone's banging on the apartment window, the guy is going around the block and is making lots of noise on the block as well.

12:48am - Beat car 2524Robert is asking for a call back over . Dispatch is giving it a try.

12:51am - No answer on 2524R's call back. They're saying it's just some kids watching a loud TV.

1:22am - Commercial alarm. 3855 W Fullerton.

2:21am - Disturbance. Lawndale and Belmont. Two people in a cab refusing to pay the fare.

2:44am - I'm going to go for the night/day. I'll be back tomorrow. Have a great night, everyone!

3:41am - I'm back, briefly.

3:50am - Information for the CPD. 37XX W Diversey. Two males arguing on the street, one mentioned he was going to get a gun.

4:02am - Some call in the area.

4:10am - I'm going to go now, for real. I'll be back tomorrow. Have a great day, everyone!

Friday, March 7, 2014

Bike-Riding Teens W/ Knives On Lyndale, Gangbangers By Daycare Flashing Gang Signs

Good afternoon, everyone, it's 1:26pm. .

1:27pm - Disturbance. 37XX W Lyndale. Two teenagers on bikes, riding through the area with knives. Woah....

1:56pm - Gang disturbance. Armitage and Keystone. Group by the daycare flashing gang signs.

2:33pm - Disturbance. Central Park and Oakdale. Problem with the private booting company.

3:45pm - Backlog in 25 at 15:45 hours. Beat 2530 is notified.

3:55pm - Person down. 4459 W Diversey. Man passed out in front.

4:18pm - Criminal damage. 2036 N Avers. At Mozart Park. Fitness center was vandalized.

4:42pm - Traffic accident. Diversey and Pulaski.

5:50pm - Beat 2552 is on a post-shooting mission from Fullerton to North Ave., Central Park to Kilbourn. Event number is 12887.

6:20pm - Disturbance. 3801 W Belmont. At the Dunkin' Donuts. Drunk guy causing a problem.

6:28pm - Suspicious person. 25XX N Kostner. Male at the door stating he's from the cable company.

6:50pm - I have to go eat. I'll be back soon.

7:10pm - I'm back. Good evening, everyone.

7:33pm - As it turns out, I have a bunch of homework to do. I may or may not come back this evening. If not, I'll see you all tomorrow.

11:43pm - I'm back. Good evening, everyone.

11:44pm - 1) Parker. On 2525Robert's Beat. 2) Disturbance. On 2525R's Beat.

11:47pm - Disturbance. 28XX N Ridgeway. Gangbangers having a party in the foreclosed apartment (or building). Probably the Cobras who were living here "turning up". Great....

11:54pm - Disturbance. 38XX W North Ave. Intoxicated guy sleeping in the caller's apartment.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Student Hits Fellow Student @ Ames Middle School, Street Vendors @ Schubert/Lawndale

Good afternoon, everyone, it's 3:56pm. .

3:59pm - Battery report. 1920 N Hamlin. At the Ames Middle School. Caller's son was hit by another student.

4:14pm - Disturbance. Schubert and Lawndale. Caller wants to complain about the street vendors.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

CAPS Beat Meetings For March 2014

1411/1412 - No meeting in March.
1413/1414 - Thursday, March 13th @ 6:30pm, Logan Square Boys and Girls Club (3228 West Palmer)
1421 - Wednesday, March 12th @ 6:30pm, Humboldt Park Library (1605 North Troy)
1422 - No meeting in March.
1431 - Thursday, March 20th @ 7:00pm, Haas Park (2402 North Washtenaw)
1432/1433 - No meeting in March.
1434 - No meeting in March.

1732 - Wednesday, March 12th @ 7:00pm, Avondale Park Fieldhouse (3516 West School St.)
1733 - No meeting in March.

2523 - Wednesday, March 26th @ 6:30pm, St. Joesph's (4021 West Belmont Ave.)
2524 - No meeting in March.
2525 - Tuesday, March 18th @ 6:30pm, Mozart Park (2036 North Avers)
2535 - Please call the 25th District CAPS Office at (312)-746-5090 to determine the time and date of this meeting.

* In addition to CAPS Beat 2523's meetings, the following Beat meetings I need/want to attend are: 1411/1412, 1413/1414, 1431, 1432/1433, 1434, 1732, 2524 and 2525.