Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Year's Eve 2014

Good evening, everyone! It's 10:51pm. Happy New Year's Eve to all! Yes, I am blogging, but for this evening only crossing into the first few hours of tomorrow morning as we celebrate the end of 2014 and start the new year of 2015. Being reflective, I can honestly say that this has been an amazing year in my personal life, as a lot of great things have happened, It's been a good year for my family as well. For this blog, it's been the quietest year since I started back in 2008. As you all know, in July of this year, I made the announcement that I was no longer going to do the blog regularly because I didn't have the time and did lose interest, and you all did not see a lot of effort on my end. To be completely honest, a part of me feels great to have made the decision because I've been leading an awfully busy life and it has taken some responsibility off of my hands, but I also am a bit disappointed that I didn't continue the effort of helping to keeping our neighborhood safe and enjoyable for all. I sincerely hope and pray that as this year has gone on, there has been great community involvement in all parts of the area and that the neighborhood has been the most quiet anyone has ever seen. Most importantly, it is my hope that all of you had an absolutely amazing year. But now that we're going into 2015, our best days are still yet to come. It's time to say goodbye to 2014 and ring in a new year of new ideas, new opportunities, new energy, etc. I have confidence that our neighborhood will only continue to improve even more and that more community involvement will come. As far as my status of doing this blog goes, I still do not have much time to regularly update nor do I feel like I have enough passion to resume this blog regularly. I am honestly hoping that I am inspired to update this blog again on a regular basis in 2015, and being confident that I somehow will, I will return sometime in 2015, most likely between March and June. Before I come back, I will give advanced notice and will prepare to make a full comeback. Until then, please enjoy tonight's coverage. I will be covering 25 this evening as we go into the new year. I am unfortunately not able to listen to 14 and 17 at the same time. What I plan on doing is getting my subscription renewed for RadioReference by next week, and when that happens, I will start to listen to archives. With that, here's crime for this last evening of 2014.

10:52pm - Parker. 27XX N Lawndale. Car parked in the vacant lot.

10:56pm - Assault. 19XX N Ridgeway. Three or four male Hispanics in a white Honda with tinted windows chased the caller and bumped their vehicle, fled south on Hamlin from Cortland.

11:22pm - Parker. On 2523Robert's Beat.

11:28pm - Per Beat 2530Robert, all anonymous loud music disturbances and other disturbances without a complainant will be coded as 19P.

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