Friday, February 6, 2009

The weekend is almost here

Good morning, everyone, it's 6:44am. Thank god it's Friday! It's been a long and bit crappy week. Can't wait for the warm weekend. Well, I have to go now, so the list of crimes you'll see are from this afternoon. Have a great day and be safe!

3:10 to 3:20pm - The neighborhood has gone totally insane. I've got word of a shooting that just happened around Diversey and Ridgeway. Two men were arguing, then those men brought over friends and stuff. I guess a large fight broke out because I saw 20+ people walking west on Diversey towards Hamlin as I was coming home. My source also says they saw several arguments breaking out then shots were heard. This situation will be monitored very closely.

3:22 to 3:33pm - I was gathering information about the above, so I was not paying attention. Sorry.

3:38pm - Gang disturbance. 3600 block of W Belmont. Gang members are throwing bottles at passing cars.

3:41pm - Fire. 2923 N Lowell. A car is on fire.

3:46pm - 1) Municipal ordiance. 2415 N Harding. Nothing further. 2) Suspicious vehicle. 2100 N Hamlin. A hot car is parked there.

4:05pm - Battery in progress. Harding and Barry. Large fight going on.

4:06pm - 2563David says that there's a large group of kids at the 4:05pm job. He's trying to make them scatter.

4:09pm - Check the well being. Either 2020 or 2120 (was not paying too much attention because I'm looking out my window to see if any large groups come out to fight) N Hamlin. Something about an old man needing a well being check.

4:26pm - Domestic Battery. The caller was getting beaten up and kicked on at 3915 W School but now is at 3927 W Belmont.

4:28pm - Gang or Tac unit 2563David is dispersing four for gang loitering at 2837 N Avers. Event number is 12328.

4:38pm - The ordiance thing on Harding has finally been assigned.

4:39pm - Beat 2563David gets a narcotics on the box.

5:25pm - Beat car 2543 has a traffic stop. 3600 W Shakespeare.

5:58 to 6:01pm - Beat 2524 is on a traffic stop.

6:03pm - 1) Gang disturbance. Pulaski and Diversey. A "flock" [means huge group probably] of gang members on are the corner. 2) Car alarm. 2823 N Ridgeway. The car alarm on a black car has been going off for a while [this is true because I've heard it for a while now, but I didn't call this one in. One of my neighbors probably did].

6:05pm - Disturbance. 3633 W Shakespeare. A repair crew who was fixing up things stated they come back tomorrow but they boarded up everything and the caller thinks it's a fire hazard.

6:10pm - Beat car 2524 is going in with one, probably from the gang gathering.

6:22pm - The 6:03pm jobs are coded out as 5 and 6Boy(s). Also, there is a traffic accident at Fullerton and Hamlin. Two cars. No injures.

6:32pm - Beat 2555 has a traffic stop at 3718 W Fullerton. An event number may have been drawn. If there was, it's 14826.

6:34pm - Traffic accident. North and Lawndale. Hit and run. At the car wash.

6:38pm - Person wanted. 3959 W Armitage. Female Hispanic, 19, black hat and leather jacket, is wanted for Battery to a clerk. At the Pioneer bar.

6:39pm - Beat car 2524 draws an RD from the 6:22pm job. It's HR157299 and the event number is 14503.

6:56pm - Gang disturbance. 3600 W Shakespeare. One female and seven male Hispanics, which makes a grand total of 8 gang members, are doing their thing.

6:57pm - I have to go eat now. If anything happens, please email me, folks.

7:12pm - I'm finished eating, but I'm going to take a short nap. I'll be back by 7:30pm. See you all then.

8:02pm - Back from the nap. Disturbance with a mental. 2624 N Harding. A problem with a mental.

8:08pm - One of the wagons is taking in someone from a Belmont and Central Park job and another car is doing a tinted window mission from an earlier job at 2106 N Karlov.

8:11pm - Ride w/EMS. 3107 N Hauseen Court. Homeless male is down in the alley.

8:32pm - Criminal trespass. 4116 W George. Male Hispanic just went into the garage. Fled eastbound on George.

8:51pm - Gang disturbance. 2431 N Ridgeway. Seven gangbangers representing in front.

9:04pm - Beat car 2523 says the 8:32pm job is bona fided. ET has been ordered. The car canvassed the area. An RD has been drawn. Supervisor 2520 was notifed.

9:09pm - Sounds like a wagon is needed at 3636 W Armitage.

9:24pm - Ride w/ EMS. 3910 W George. Intoxicated male is down in the hallway.

9:28pm - Someone has a traffic stop at North and Central Park.

9:59pm - 1) Beat 2543 has a traffic stop at Belden and Pulaski. 2) DUI driver. Diversey and Ridgeway. Red Honda is speeding westbound. The driver is drunk.

10:08pm - Beat car 2543 is taking one in from the traffic stop.

10:23pm - Domestic disturbance. 2507 N Kildare. Nothing further.

10:28pm - Beat 2548 asks for a call back on the 10:23pm job.

10:56pm - Beat car 2543 asks for an ambulance at Fullerton and Konster, regarding the 10:23pm job.

11:06pm - Battery in progress. Monticello and Palmer. Also coming in as 3607 W Palmer. Male beating up female.

11:14pm - Domestic disturbance. 2911 N Springfield. Problem with the intoxicated boyfriend.

11:34pm - 1) Old disturbance. Avers and Dickens. No further information. 2) Beat 2544 needs an event number for three curfew violators at 2130 N Kedvale.

11:46pm - Domestic disturbance. 2925 N Springfield. Husband/wife problems. Alcohol may be involved.

11:47pm - Disturbance. 4163 W Fletcher. Teens causing problems.

11:48 to 11:50pm - EMERGENCY on Zone 12. Subject armed with a pistol. Waller and Race. Going towards Central. Male Black, 5'8, blue jeans.

11:50pm - Someone is in custody, but another guy, wearing a black and white flannel, is still out there.

11:51 to 11:58pm - Police/dispatch chatter about this Waller and Race fiasco.

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