Monday, February 16, 2009

Pit bull runs loose on Schubert

Good morning, it's 8:55am. Today is my final day off from school. I've enjoyed my extended weekend. I'm going to have the radio all day today, so here is crime for today.

8:54am - Vicious animal. 3600 W Schubert. A pit bull is running eastbound. Appears to be running into 14.

9:07am - The 8:54am job is coded out 2Boy.

9:13am - Resident panick alarm. 2529 N Pulaski. Lang Custom Windows. Keypad motion.

9:16am - Now there's a second call at the 9:13am job. Assault in progress. Two men are threatening the owner.

9:24am - The 9:13/9:16am jobs are coded out 5Boy. It was a disturbance, but the owner felt threatened. Also, there is a big hole in front of the location per Beat car 2524. Dispatch will notify Streets and Sanitation.

9:25am - Suspicious person. 2400 block of N Springfield. Male Hispanic, about 5'10, in his 20s to 30s, blue bomber jacket with a white hoodie keeps walking back and forth on the blocking, looking at houses.

9:32am - Beat 2524 has a subject stopped by CVS at Fullerton and Pulaski. They need a working computer.

9:56am - Beat car 2506 is doing parkers on the 3100 block of N Harding.

10:34am - Beat 2523 asks for an S.O.B Burglary mission on the Beat. The event number is 05467.

10:44am - The 9:25am job is coded out 5Boy.

10:45am - EMERGENCY on Zone 12. Foot chase. Units 6752Frank, Eddie and Adam have a chase at about 300 N Lockwood. Running in the vacant lot.

10:46am - The offender is in custody at Lockwood and Fulton. Back to regular Zone 12.

11:28am - Gang or Tac unit 2563Boy has a street stop at 3046 N Kenneth. They ask to run a name, but dispatch says that'll take a minute since they're logging on to different computers because they were "relocated".

11:37am - 2563Boy is going in with one from 3046 N Kenneth.

12:01pm - Suspicious person. 4143 W Fullerton. Male Hispanic with a beard driving around in a red Durango. Unknown why he's suspicious.

12:30pm - A Gang or Tac unit gets two sellings. Since the locations are unknown (for now), I'm putting it up here.

12:49pm - EMERGENCY on Zone 12. Male Black with blue jeans running northbound on Lockwood.

12:50pm - Two guys are running, so I can't get too good of descriptions. They're coming towards Latrobe and Washington.

12:51pm - The male with the pland jacket is in custody.

12:52pm - They're looking for the second offender at 170 N Latrobe.

12:53pm - They're giving up on the second offender because they lost him. It appears that the 6752 team was involved in this chase as well. They're getting a work out today. Back to regular Zone 12.

1:33pm - Beat car 2546 needs an unmarked unit to assist him with a possible Aggravated Assault offender's car in sight at Killbourn and Wrightwood. He saw someone go outside from a building and get in the car for a second, then the person went back in I think it was 2563Boy who said they'd go help. The vehicle is a Chevy SUV.

1:37pm - Beat 2563Charlie is dispersing three for narcotics loitering at 2416 N Tripp. The event number is 08785.

1:38pm - The vehicle from 2546's thing just drove off. The car is heading west on Schubert from Killbourn. No lights or sirens activated as of yet.

1:39pm - Now the vehicle is coming up to Kenton and Diversey, near Burger King. About 20 seconds later, the vehicle is heading west on Diversey from Kenton.

1:40pm - The vehicle is stopping for 2546 at McDonalds on Diversey. The subjects are compiling. 2546 tells everyone to use caution because this vehicle and the subjects may have been used in a "person with a gun" call two days ago.

1:46pm - Police/dispatch chatter regarding the 1:33 to 1:40pm thing.

1:56pm - Beat car 2546 is going in with one from the 1:33 to 1:46pm thing.

2:09pm - Auto theft. Diversey and Springfield. A Chevy was just stolen.

2:12pm - Police/dispatch chatter about the 2:09pm job.

2:14pm - More chatter about the 2:09pm job.

Around 2:30pm - An arrest was made from the 2:09pm job at Fullerton and Killbourn.

2:46pm - Burglar alarm. 3738 W Shakespeare. General motion.

2:52pm to 2:54pm - EMERGENCY on Zone 12. Foot chase. Long and Chicago. Male is running in an alley. Couple of minutes later, the offender is custody.

3:49pm - Beat 2563David needs a female for a search at Hamlin and North.

3:56 to 3:57pm - EMERGENCY on Zone 12. Male Black is running northbound in front of Austin High School, 231 N Pine.

3:58pm - The person is in custody at 219 N Pine. A slow down is also given.

3:59pm - The 6752 team did this chase as well.

4:33pm - Person wanted. 3850 W Fullerton. Male Hispanic with a black hoodie and jeans is at the location after being banned from there after commiting a crime.

4:37pm - Attempted robbery. 2451 N Kildare. Male Hispanic, 5'6, with a beard threatened the caller for their phone.

4:39pm - Traffic accident. 2817 N Harding. Two cars.

4:40pm - A slow down is given for the 4:37pm job.

4:43pm - A male Hispanic, 5'6 to 5'7, scruffy beard, 19-20 yrs old is wanted for the 4:37pm job. It's an actual robbery. The cell phone was taken. The offender has been known for commiting lots of strong-arm robberies in the area of Kildare-Altgeld-Pulaski-Wrightwood.

4:56pm - Two RD numbers have been pulled for two robberies that have happened. The first RD is being pulled for 4156 W Fullerton. It's HR173227. The second RD is pulled for 2558 N Pulaski. It's HR173228. The event number is 11960 on both RDs.

5:02pm - Parker. 1900 block of N Harding. Premits.

5:46pm - Beat car 2525 gets a selling on the Beat on the PDT.

5:52pm - Info for the police. 2420 N Springfield. Teens have been mixing chemicals and putting them in pop bottles so they explode. Caller wants to make a report and to show the police the bottles.

6:00pm - Narcotics. 3142 N Hamlin. Males selling drugs.

6:02pm - Beat 2555 advises dispatch that if there any calls under the viaduct at 1804 N. Lawndale about two males graffiting, they are not graffiting. They're painting over all of the graffiting.

6:09pm - One of the units needs a working computer for a traffic stop at Fullerton and Tripp.

6:16pm - Battery in progress. Domestic related. Couple of calls. 1820 and 1832 N Harding. Brother in-law fighting with someone.

6:19pm - A slow down is given on the 6:16pm job.

6:23pm - Beat car 2535 needs an ambulance at 1832 N Harding for a woman having stomach pains.

6:27pm - Beat 2535 pulls an RD number from the 6:16pm job. It's HR173353 with the event of 13678.

6:56pm - I have to go eat now. Will be back soon.

7:23pm - I'm back from dinner.

7:38pm - Beat car 2530 wants 2522 to meet him on the northeast corner of Fullerton and Tripp.

7:52pm - I have to go now. Good night, everyone, and be safe. I'll be back tomorrow morning.


Steve said...

I just wanted to offer my thanks as a Logan Square denizen for such an informative blog. Keep up the good work!

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

You, and everyone else who reads my blog, are welcome :-). I enjoy informing everyone of the latest criminal happenings in the neighborhood so that everyone is safe and aware.

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

Here is information I have on a shooting that occurred on this day.

RD: HR173733
Date/time: Mon, 16 Feb 2009 23:14:00
Location: SIDEWALK
Domestic related: N
Ward: 30