Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Crime blotter for February 10, 2009

Good morning, everyone, it's 6:22am. Today, I'm going on a field trip to a Swedish museum near Clark and Foster. It's real close to school, so afterwards, we may get to walk around Andersonville then we'll head back to school. Anyway, today is going to be near 70 degrees, so you all probably know that the crime will spin out of control. Don't be too surprised if there is another shooting (god forbid) or more gang fights. I'll let you guys know what goes on in my latest addition of crime blogging.

5:39am - Beat car 2523 asks for foot patrol on the 3100 block of N Harding.

6:23am - Burglar alarm. 4100 W Fullerton. At the U-Haul. Foyer siding northeast motion door.

6:24am - Parker. 1634 N Monticello. White car parked in the handicapped space.

6:43am - I have to go to school now. I will be back later. Have a great day, everyone, and I'll be back later today.

5:58pm - Sorry I'm late. I was hanging out with some friends, but now I'm back. Anyway, I've heard about a couple of stuff going down on Ridgeway. There's also another job at 3935 W Diversey.

6:37pm - Gang disturbance. 1634 N Hamlin. Bunch of them out there.

6:39pm - Disturbance. 3935 W Diversey. Someone is having a problem with a neighbor who keeps knocking on the door, begging for money.

6:44pm - Domestic disturbance. 3621 W North. The 16 yr old just walked out.

6:59pm - I have to go eat now. I'll be back soon.

7:27pm - I'm back. I've gotten word of an outdoor roll call that's going to take place at Harding and George. I wonder what's going to take place there.

8:00pm - I have to go now. Good night, everyone. I'll be back tomorrow afternoon for more of crime blotter.

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