Thursday, February 26, 2009

10-1 at Cicero and North

Good morning, everyone, it's 6:16am. It appears the crime activity is already going up and it's only 6 in the morning. I don't normally post about stuff at Cicero and North, but due to it being a 10-1 (and regardless of where they are, I post 10-1s), I had to post it. Anyway, here is crime for this morning before I go and for this afternoon/evening.

5:50am - Calling all units. 10-1 at Cicero and North. At the Walgreens. When security and a Cook County's Sheriff tried to stop a male from carjacking someone, he pulled out a gun and fled eastbound on North in the car. Units enroute.

5:52am - The car is a black PDT Cruiser with no tailights. Going east.

5:53am - One unit checked as far as Grand and Monticello and couldn't find anything.

5:54 to 5:57am - Police/chatter regarding this incident.

6:05 to 6:12am - More chatter about the 10-1.

6:18am - Generic. 3618 W Palmer. The building looks like it's going to fall. Police are asked to look mainly at the Palmer side.

6:27am - EMERGENCY on Zone 12. New information from the 5:50am job. The car was seen in the last 5 minutes heading west on North from Cicero. The offender is a male Black with a 9 .mm steel gun.

6:29am - Oak Park PD has been alerted about this incident.

6:31am - Beat car 2510 has the car stopped at North and Narrangset. 1520 is pulling up to 2510 as well as other units.

6:32am - This fisaco is over. This guy is in custody. A slow down has been given for like the 4th time.

6:33am - A total disregard is given.

6:35 to 6:36am - Police/dispatch chatter about this incident.

6:38am - Even more chatter about the 5:50am job.

6:42am - Alright, people, I have to go now. Have a great day, everyone, and I'll be back this afternoon.

4:06pm - I've been back for about 30 minutes but it's been quiet due to the rainstorm. Anyway, there's a Battery in progress at Barry and Pulaski. By the ASPIRA High School. Two females fighting.

4:09pm - Nobody's fighting at the 4:06pm job. Beat 2523 is given a wave off by 2544.

4:32pm - Beat car 2544 has a stop at Armitage and Lawndale.

4:33pm - EMERGENCY on Zone 12. Beat 1505 is on viewing a huge fight at Austin High School. He wants cars right away since he's by himself. Update at 4:34pm - A slow down is given.

4:36pm - Battery in progress. Barry/Harding/Springfield. Two males beating on one.

4:37pm - Shots fired. 4300 W Fullerton. Shots have been heard.

4:38pm - 1) Beat 2544 asks for an event number after dispersing three for gang loitering at Armitage and Lawndale. It's 11962. 2) Beat car 2524 gives a slow down at the 4:37pm job.

4:42pm - The 4:36pm/4:37pm jobs are coded out 19Boy.

5:12pm - Support unit request. 4118 W Palmer. A 19th district unit needs 2525 to look for someone who left their daughter at Illinois Masconsic Hospital.

5:13pm - Disturbance. Monticello and Barry. A woman who's walking the streets is insulting the caller.

5:17pm - Some chatter about the 5:12pm job.

5:21pm - Beat 2572 has a traffic stop at 3749 W North and is running a plate.

5:23pm - 1) Beat car 2523 has a traffic stop at 4216 W Belmont. 2) Beat 2572's plate comes back clear and valid.

5:29pm - Beat car 2523 is running a plate.

5:32pm - Beat 2523's plate comes back clear and valid.

5:34pm - Beat car 2523 is taking a male in from the 5:23pm traffic stop.

5:35pm - Battery report. 2949 N Karlov. Domestic related. The boyfriend beat the caller at 4am and this is the first time the caller has been able to call.

5:40pm - Narcotics (sounds like). 1911 N Lawndale. Two male Whites and a male Hispanic doing drugs in the alley.

5:47pm - I have to go eat now. Will be back before 6:30pm.

6:29pm - I'm back from eating.

6:42pm - Wires down. 2326 N Ridgeway. Wires in the back sparkiling. Fire is enroute.

6:56pm - 1) A better address for the 6:42pm job is 2328 N Ridgeway. These are ComEd wires. Beat 2524 is going to stay on scene until ComEd arrives. 2) Disturbance. 2307 N Kedvale. Someone's having a disturbance with the landlord.

7:15pm - Beat 2555 is going in with a TBD from 1917 N Central Park.

7:42pm - Parker. 2300 block of N Springfield. Premits.

8:04pm - Beat car 2524 states that ComEd finally arrived on scene at the 6:42pm job.

8:10pm - Fire. 2118 N Pulaski. 2nd floor. Oven's on fire.

8:11pm - I'm heading to bed now. Good night, everyone, and be safe (especially with tonight's storms). I'll be back tomorrow afternoon.


Nate said...

Hey! so to begin with i want to thank you for all the time you put in this blog it is one of the mot amazing things ever! My girlfriend and i have been living in logan square for about two years, and the work you are doing is definitely helpful with keeping safe. We constantly are checking your page for updates.
Secondly i was wondering if you knew of a website which has the meaning of all the codes and numbers that you use? most of the time we can figure them out but sometimes its hard. just wondering.
Thank you so much for everything!

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

You're welcome that I'm here to keep everyone safe and provide updates :-). Unfortunely, I don't know of any websites with codes/numbers. However, I know what some mean and I'll list them here:

10-1 = Means all units need to respond if an officer is being attacked or assaulted.
2510 = Number of Beat car (the black thing on top of a squad car).