Thursday, February 12, 2009

Male slumped at gas station

Good morning, everyone, it's 12:44am. Today, I'm going to be monitoring the 14th district's radio, so it will be in this color. I will be leaving for a period of time around 11am though. Here is crime for today.

12:36am - Male slumped over the wheel. Belmont and Kimball. Male slumped over the steering wheel at the AMOCO gas station.

12:42am - One of the Beat cars has a traffic stop at North and Francisco.

Around 1:16am - Some kind of job in the coverage area. Can't remember what, though

1:21am - Gang or Tac unit asks for an event number for the direction mission in the 30 sector. It's 00954.

1:24am - Someone is going into 14 with a TBD from 2538 W Fullerton.

2:36am - I am heading to bed for a few hours. Good night to everyone.

8:57am - I'm back. Parker. 23XX N Elston. Truck is partially blocking the roadway. Has been for about a week.

9:11am - Check the well being. 2208 N Seeley. Bank One called this one in. Former employee who was fired threatened to kill self.

9:12am - Dispatch just got off the phone with the boyfriend from the 9:11am job. The person may be dead.

9:19am - A citizen is running over towards Beat 1432 at Damen or Seeley and Webster. May be related to the 9:11am fiasco.

9:20am - Theft. 2001 N Milwaukee. At Walgreens. Male Hispanic in his 30s with a red hoodie stole some stuff and fled in an unknown direction.

9:23am - The boyfriend is with the person who tried to kill theirself on the 9:11am job. The person does not feel like dying. 19Paul.

9:26am - Now a supervisor may be needed over on Seeley. The woman's acting up.

9:27am - Beat 1420 is responding to the request.

9:45am - Beat car 1420 codes out the 9:11am job. Now he's doing an outdoor roll call at Seeley and Webster. Also, a disturbance at 1821 N Drake. Someone's having a disturbance with basement tenants or something.

9:46am - The roll call is over.

9:55am - An RD number has been pulled from the 9:20am. It's HR166447 with an event number of 04564.

10:14am - Reckless driver. 2400 W North. Male in a small SUV is speeding and cutting into traffic.

10:29am - A Beat car is on a traffic stop in the north alley of Milwaukee and Kedzie.

10:30am - Sounds like Beat 1411 has a hand waver at 3450 W Diversey.

10:48am - Reckless driver. Two calls. Kimball and Fullerton. Black car blowing stop signs.

11:05am - Traffic accident. 3043 N Kimball. Property damage only.

11:21am - Fire. 2840 N Milwaukee. Buliding is on fire.

11:22am - Another call just came in on the 11:05am job. Also, multiple fire trucks in en route to the fire. I hear/see the fire trucks responding.

11:34am - Gang disturbance. 2912 W Lyndale. Four male Hispanics blocking the street, gangbanging.

11:38am - Beat car 1414 is given a slow down on the 11:34am job. Beat 1484 is in the alley with them from what it sounds like.

11:42am - The 11:21am job is coded out 16Adam.

12:18pm - Traffic accident. Damen and Webster. Car got ran off the street. The offending car went north on Damen.

12:22pm - Alarm. 1836 N Paulina. Front door.

12:23pm - The homeowner is coming in 5 minutes on the 12:22pm job.

12:28pm - It sounds like someone is now injured at the 12:18pm job. Ambulance 44 en route.

12:34pm - Auto theft. 1658 N Milwaukee. Car just stolen.

12:47pm - Burglar alarm. 2436 N Maplewood. Rear door motion.

1:09pm - Disturbance with a mental. 2911 W Dickens. Husband/wife fighting with the adult mental daughter.

1:10pm - Some info on the 1:09pm job. The daughter likes to shout alot per Beat car 1421.

1:26pm - I'm going to go out for a little bit. Will be back soon.

8:37pm - I finally came back. Sorry for being gone for so long. I will make up for this next weekend.

8:42pm - Suspicious vehicle. 2040 N Kedzie. Two male Hispanics, one with a blue coat with lines, are checking out the caller's car in the alley.

8:43pm - Beat car 1412 asks for a gang suppression mission event number. Boundaries are Wrightwood to Wellington and Kimball to Kedzie. Event number is 17602.

8:48pm - Beat 1432 has a parker on their beat.

8:53pm - Per Beat car 1420, there is an outdoor roll call at Belmont and Sacramento.

8:55pm - Burglar alarm. 2900 N River Walk. No further information.

9:02pm - Assault. 1730 N Kedzie. Someone was threatened by the neighbor.

9:09pm - The roll call is cleared.

9:27pm - One of the units was just flagged down at Fullerton and Central Park.

9:31pm - Beat 1440 wants two cars for a DOC mission at Palmer and Sacramento. Cars 1411 and 1442 are chosen from dispatch.

9:41pm - Narcotics. Central Park and Fullerton. A few male Hispanics, one with a doo rag and blue hoodie, are selling drugs on the southeast corner.

9:44pm - Parker. 2740 W Logan. No further information.

9:47pm - Domestic Battery in progress. 1658 N Bell. Husband and wife fighting.

9:56pm - Loud music disturbance. 2704 N California. Loud music coming from the location.

9:58pm - A Beat car is doing some mission on 1421's beat.

10:02pm - The earlier DOC mission is now cleared but Beat 1442 will be on a curfew mission, I'm assuming at the same location.

10:03pm - A code will be given on the 9:56pm job very shortly due to no callback.

10:05pm - Beat car 1433 asks for a Burglary mission on the beat.

10:10pm - One of the units is doing a curfew mission at Richmond and Wabansia.

10:13pm - Beat 1421 is doing some mission on the beat. Event number is 19217.

10:16pm - Beat car 1422 is going in with one from a traffic stop at Albany and Cortland.

10:17pm - Beat 1413 is on a traffic stop at 2507 W Fullerton.

10:18pm - Criminal damage in progress. Details to follow. 2827 N Central Park.

10:19pm - More information on the 10:18pm job. Two males breaking into a gold Lexus.

10:20pm - The caller is calling from the gas station at Diversey and Central Park from the 10:18pm job.

10:23pm - A flash is given out from the 10:18pm job. Two male White Hispanics, one with a black hoodie and grey sweat pants, and another with a grey hoodie and jeans broke into a car and fled westbound on Schubert from Central Park. Also, now there's a call coming in at 2727 N Central Park.

10:24pm - Beat car 1432 suggests that dispatch let the 25th district know about the 10:18pm incident.

10:28pm - A community concern number is given to a Beat car on the 2500 block of W McLean, regarding gang members congregating,

10:29pm - Suspicious person. 1634 W Wabansia. Two male Blacks came up to the anonymous caller's door and asked for someone, then fled southbound on Marshfield in a van.

10:36pm - Check the well being. 2318 N Milwaukee. Male White Hispanic is very intoxicated. EMS not needed, however.

10:47pm - 1) Beat 1432 asks for a "number" from the 10:18pm job. 2) One of the Beat cars is on a traffic stop at 2711 N Western. 3) Beat car 1434 asks for a Burglary mission on the beat.

10:58 to 11:18pm - Fell asleep. Sorry. Will cover this time period next weekend.

11:22pm - Suspicious vehicle. 2045 N Campbell. A badge car is suspicious.

11:27pm - EMS run. North and California. Male face down at the bus stop on the east side of the street.

11:28pm - Beat 1432 just drove by the 11:27pm job and the guy is okay.

11:29pm - Beat car 1431 needs an RD number from an accident. It's HR167695 and the event number is 20036.

11:33pm - Beat 1411 is on a traffic stop at Logan and Troy.

11:34pm - Beat car 1411's plate comes back clear and valid.

11:39pm - 1) Beat 1434 is heading with one on a TBD from Milwaukee and Armitage. 2) DUI driver. Western and Wabansia. Caller saw people in the car in front of him drinking liquor.

11:43pm - Beat car 1434 is on a traffic stop somewhere on Palmer.

11:45pm - Disturbance. Milwaukee and Kedzie. At the hotel. Hotel clerk will not give the caller another room because of no heat in the current room.

11:50pm - Disturbance. Cortland and Kimball. People throwing stuff at passing vehicles.

11:52pm - Beat 1414 is going to code out the 11:50pm job in a minute.

11:53pm - It's a 5Boy.

11:59pm - Beat car 1414 is on a traffic stop somewhere on Central Park.

12:00am - It's a wrap on me covering 14. Switching back to Zone 12.

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