Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A crazy day

Good afternoon, folks, it's 5:05pm. Today has been a crazy day for me. First, there was a 10-1 on Zone 12 this morning at about 6:30am. Someone's car was stolen on the 2600 block of N Newcastle and Supervisor 2520 located the car at Diversey and Lockwood, which caused a high speed chase for nearly 5 minutes. During the chase, Beat 2522 got into an accident and an officer was injured. The chase ended at about Wellington and Central, which then the guy attempted to bail on foot, but didn't get very far. Second, one of my closet friends at school had another seizure today. He was heading back to class from his lunch when it happened. He was allowed to lay down for the rest of the day following the seizure. Then finally, my school bus was involved in an accident at Peterson and Damen. Nobody was injured, but we were checked out by paramedics just to make sure. We had to make a report for the accident. After the report was finished, we went on our way and I got home at about 4:05pm.

4:19pm - 1) Gang disturbance. Belmont and Monticello. 15 gang members on all corners hanging out and causing problems. 2) Parker. Barry and Pulaski. Cars parked illegally.

4:28pm - The parker at Barry and Pulaski is coded out 4Paul.

4:33pm - Beat car 2523 codes out the 4:19pm gang disturbance as a 2Boy, but advises dispatch that problems may arise later, and that the main gang hang out area is at School and Monticello, by the Reily school.

4:45pm - Disturbance. 3700 W Fullerton. Two males are refusing to leave in front of the location.

4:47pm - Assault. 3909 W Belmont. Gang members are threatening the employees at the restrauant.

4:50 to 5:07pm - Was not paying attention. Sorry

5:12pm - Disturbance. 3940 W Fullerton. An unauthorized person is inside and now refuses to leave.

5:13pm - A slow down is given for something that happened at 4036 W Nelson. Sounds like a Battery in progress call.

5:27pm - Beat car 2507Adam asks for a neighborhood concern check at 2848 N Tripp. Event number is 12279.

5:40pm - Dog Battery (LOL). 2048 N Keystone. The neighbor's dog jumped on the caller's daughter, which scared her. Now the caller is very upset with the neighbor.

7:06pm - It has been real quite and I've had a crazy day, so I'm going to go early tonight. Good night, everyone, and be safe. I'll be back tomorrow.

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