Thursday, February 5, 2009

Stolen car may have been found

Good evening, everyone, its 7:20pm. Sorry for almost not posting. Today has been a tiring day for me with the very long train rides to and from DuSable Muesum, but it was nice. Anyway, here is crime for the next hour before I head to bed.

7:16pm - Info for the police. 2118 N Avers. The caller reports that their car was stolen but the Secretary of State may have just found it somewhere.

7:27pm - EMERGENCY on Zone 12. Male Black is running in the 400 block of N Lavergne. I will continue to mointor is.

7:28pm - Subject is running northbound in the west alley of Lavergne. Wearing all black.

7:29 to 7:33pm - Police/dispatch chatter regarding the foot chase.

7:33pm - Subject is in custody at 433 N Lawler.

7:41pm - 1) The 7:16pm job is a 5Boy. 2) Beat car 2525 gets a parker on Hamlin.

7:58pm - Some police/dispatch chatter regarding children being left alone at 2641 N Ridgeway.

8:07pm - Fire. Couple of calls. First ticket states a car is on fire then the second call says the factory is on fire. Diversey and Karlov is the location.

8:12pm - I have to go now. Good night everyone and be safe.

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