Friday, February 27, 2009

My observations on school

Hi, everyone, this week was average.

February 23: On Monday, things were the same as Friday (February 20). That fight actually happened this time, though.

February 24: On Tuesday, things were hetic, especially around my lunch time. While enroute to a class around 9:45am, I saw several girls arguing, then things were calm again until my lunch. At lunch, I saw a heated argument involving some girls with one girl just yelling at everybody else, then I saw a group of boys/girls gathering around of what may have been an argument. After lunch, I saw a couple more arguments but nothing big.

February 25: On Wednesday, things got wild at about 12:30pm. I had a great day and saw nearly no altercations. In my 2nd period class, we were having a discussion about "Romeo and Juliet" which we're reading right now and people were saying some funny things but they also said things that were more serious and ... just part of the discussion. I even said some things and I think I made some new friends today. However, a melee broke out around 12:30pm. This happened right outside of my gym class. I've got no numbers on how many kids were fighting, but it was pretty intense since several teachers had to break it up. Security and police also broke it up. Other than the brawl, things were actually calm. I'm sure there will be another fight tomorrow, but I will have no insight on it because I'm going on a field trip to the Muesum of Contemporary Photography.

February 26: Thursday was a pretty good day. We went on that field trip to the Muesum of Contemporary Photography. It was nice, except for getting caught in that soaking rain, LOL. Also, at school, the African American Hertiage Assembly was held. I heard it was nice, but I will have to wait and see until I get to see it tomorrow.

February 27: On Friday, things were calm. I only observed here and there altercations. We had an assembly today which was nice. In my class, one of our teachers cooked up very nice food as part of African American Heritage month.

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