Thursday, February 19, 2009

Serial rapist may be in Logan Square

I got an email this morning from a friend of mine regarding a serial rapist that might be on the loose in Logan Square (from a Chicgo Tribune article, which is,0,7156225.story). So far, there has been two attacks this month, the latest occurring yesterday morning at 2:30am on the 2100 block of N Maplewood. In that attack, the vitcim was attacked by a male who had a knife. He forced the vitcim into a "quiet" (I'll use this word instead) area and raped the vitcim. The other attack happened on the 2300 block of W Moffat on the 5th of this month. Both attacks are believed to be related.

Now people are going to get raped around here? What is this world coming to?? You better hope the police catch this creep, or you (the readers) or me could be next. I hope both vitcims are alright, but I give advice to the latest vitcim: Turn Off Your Music Player when walking the streets! Please! You'll be safer if you do.

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