Friday, February 20, 2009

My observations on school

Hey, everyone, this week has been okay.

Febuary 17: On Tuesday, things were pretty calm. I saw a few regular altercations and some fooling around, but nothing major happened. Also, today, we had a second assembly on school safety. This time, Dr. Artia stated that he got most of the gangbangers out (but of course some are still around). He also said he will still work with the police commander, police officers and staff to continue to keep the school safe. He is also working with the police commander to keep suspended people out of the area of school. The police are emailed pictures of who is suspended every morning and if a suspended students are within 2 blocks from school, they will be arrested for trespassing and most of the crowd of protested to that. In fact, most of the crowd protested to what most of Dr. Artia said. They were not happy. A couple of times, a girl got up and questioned him. Other issues were discussed as well including seeing your consulers about schedules for next year, etc. Tomorrow, I will not be in school due to a doctor's appointment and Thursday, we're going to the Mexican muesum near 18th and Damen.

February 18: I was not in school on Wednesday due to some personal business.

February 19: On Thursday, we went on a field trip to the Mexican muesum near 18th and Damen. It was a very nice experience, then we went to the food court at Lincolnwood Town Mall to grab a bite to eat, then we went back to school and talked about the trip.

February 20: On Friday, things were actually a bit active. I saw a fight almost break out in computer class. Two kids were arguing and a punch was thrown. When the teacher saw it, they stopped. Other than that, there was just general loudness and arguments. Glad the weekend is here since I need to catch up on my sleep.

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