Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Parker on 2524's beat

Good morning, everyone, it's 6:19am. Well, today is going to be a warmer day (just about 40 degrees) so I think the crime may go up today. Anywho, here is crime for this morning before I go to school and when I get back home.

5:42am - Beat car 2524 gets a parker on the beat.

5:46am - Suspicious vehicle. 2837 N Ridgeway. Black SUV has had it's emergency lights on all night. I can confirm seeing this.

6:05am - Beat 2535 does a premise check at 1747 N Springfield, at the pumping station.

6:44am - I have to go now, everyone. Have a great day, folks.

3:19pm - I'm back and there's a gang disturbance at 2810 N Hamlin. Gang members yelling out of a blue car.

3:30pm - Theft. 1937 N Ridgeway. Someone stole the caller's purse while she was doing laundry.

3:42pm - Gang disturbance. Somewhere on Hamlin. Gang members yelling slogans and stuff out of a blue SUV. I think this may be related to the 3:19pm job.

4:04pm - Ride w/ Fire. 2830 N Lawndale. Someone hears a strange noise that sounds like a fire. I see multiple fire trucks head that way.

4:09pm - I see 2525's car rushing down my street, enroute to the 4:04pm job.

4:39pm - Beat car 2524 is doing a follow-up at 3850 W Fullerton under RD number HR185090.

5:21pm - Gang disturbance. 1819 N Hamlin. Gang member flashing signs.

5:32pm - Battery. Milwaukee and Central Park. Caller was beaten up by someone who he was involved in a traffic accident with. The vitcim is at Milwaukee and Belmont but he is heading back to the scene.

5:35pm - 1) Disturbance. 1601 N Western. At the Pizza Hut. Disturbance with a male. 2) Municipal ordiance violation. 1707 N Rockwell. Something about a male.

5:38pm - Battery in progress. Kedzie/Logan Square Blue Line station. There's a fight on train car 2248.

5:45pm - 1) Beat 1495 says that there's no accident at Milwaukee and Central Park, and the caller refused a report. 19David. 2) Request for a supervisor. Milwaukee and Gresham. Someone wants a supervisor. Could be related to the 5:32pm job.

5:46pm - Yes, I'm listening to 14 and 25 at the same time (25 on the scanner, 14 on the computer but the thing on the computer only picks up a few jobs as it mointors many other zones). Anyway, there's a Battery in progress at 3940 W Fullerton. Two males fighting in the CVS store.

5:48pm - A slow down is given at the 5:46pm job.

5:49pm - Beat 2523 asks to be held down at the 5:46pm job.

6:06pm - Disturbance. 2827 N Pulaski. A female walked into the firehouse, saying she was having problems with her landlord.

6:10pm - Gang disturbance. 2059 N Karlov. Gangbangers chasing cars.

6:12pm - Beat car 2523 is asking for a history check at 2717 N Hamlin for today. Dispatch tells them that there's nothing.

6:26 to 6:37pm - I was socalizing with my mom, so I wasn't paying attention. Sorry.

6:41pm - Parker. 2750 N Lawndale. Dump truck on a residence.

6:42pm - I have to go eat now. Will be back soon.

7:12pm - I'm back from my dinner.

7:16pm - Beat 2573 is trying to break up a street disturbance at Davlin and Milwaukee.

7:20pm - Assist the citizen. 2941 N Springfield. Someone needs an escort getting belongings.

7:26pm - Sex offense. Monticello or Central Park and Armitage. There's a naked man.

7:29pm - One of the units asks for an event number for a stop at 2101 N Lawndale. The event number is 15135.

7:46pm - Beat car 2525 gets a selling on the box.

7:48pm - Disturbance. 1600 N Springfield. Teens hanging out on the corner.

8:05pm - I have to go now. Good night, everyone, and I'll be back tomorrow morning.


brewer a said...

I know you have a scanner, but here is a site that streams a bunch of chicago districts.


AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

Thank you very much for the link :-). Unfortunely, it doesn't look like the frequencies are separated (which is what I'm looking for). This is good to listen to, though.