Saturday, February 21, 2009

Intoxicated daughter causing problems

Good (early) morning, everyone, it's 12:15am. Today, I'm covering 25 until about 1:26pm, then I'm going to switch the radio over to 14 until 8:37pm, then I'll hand over my radio to my mom until 10pm, then I'll get the radio until 11:31pm. Don't be too surprised if the crime level falls at least a little. A major snowstorm is due to hit today. Here is crime for today.

12:13am - Domestic disturbance. 3740 W Cortland. Intoxicated daughter. This is the last call I'm covering for the night. Good night, everyone, and be safe.

9:30am - I'm back. Battery in progress. 2765 N Killbourn. Male and female fighting on the 3rd floor.

9:43am - Beat car 2525 wants an event number for a DOC mission.

9:44am - The 9:30am job is coded out 5Boy.

9:46am - Burglar report. 3102 N Haussen Court. No further information.

9:56am - Beat 2522 needs a Polish speaker at the 9:46am job.

9:59am - Beat car 2522 needs to call the 1st Deputy about the 9:46am job.

10:01am - Beat 2535 is doing a premise check at 1747 N Springfield, the pumping station.

10:05am - Beat car 2524 wants an event number for a Violent Zone mission. It's 05817.

10:23am - The car that was stolen from the 9:46am job is at 1413 N Kolin. The owners are out of town, so they can't pick it up.

10:29am - 1) Some police/dispatch chatter regarding the 9:46am job. 2) Auto theft. 3118 N Killbourn. A car was just stolen. Unknown direction of flight.

10:42am - Police/dispatch chatter regarding the 10:29am theft.

10:53am - An RD is drawn from the 9:46am job. It's HR181527 with the event of 05277.

10:56am - 1) Beat 2521 is going into 25 with this whole thing. 2) Beat car 2525 is switching over to Citywide 3 for something I don't know about (I'll admit, I wasn't paying too much attention for the last 25 minutes).

11:22am - Food vendor. Belmont and Monticello. People selling food without a license.

11:31am - Something about the 11:22am job and other chatter by a cop who I couldn't make out.

12:01pm - Ride w/ fire. 3033 N Avers. A female is down.

12:08pm - Criminal trespass in progress. 2727 N Ridgeway. Three males went into the vacant 2nd floor.

12:15pm - Beat 2546 had a "gang related" stop at about 3800 W Armitage but he is going to code it out.

12:17pm - Domestic battery. 2236 N Central Park. Female beat up the caller and is still on scene.

12:24pm - Ambulance 48 is taking the 12:01pm vitcim to the hospital. She's a possible stroke vitcim.

12:39pm - An RD number has been drawn from the 12:17pm job. It's HR181685 with the event number of 07886. Beat car 2546 is transporting the offender to 25.

12:41pm - Beat 2532 has a traffic stop at Milwaukee and Lawndale.

12:42pm - Domestic disturbance. 4048 W Barry. The boyfriend is threatening.

12:43pm - Beat car 2532 asks for a two man unit to help transport a vehicle into 25 from his traffic stop.

12:45pm - The 12:08pm job is coded out 19Paul and unit 2506Charlie is going to help out 2532.

12:48pm - A backlog has been put into 25.

12:50pm - Beat 2521 asks for a call back on the 12:42pm job because nobody's fighting.

12:52pm - 1) No answer on the call back on the 12:42pm job, so it's coded out 1Boy. 2) Domestic disturbance. 3904 W Altgeld. Husband is not letting the caller leave.

1:00pm - An RD has been pulled from somewhere that 2524 has. It's HR181719.

1:14pm - 1) The backlog has been taken out of 25. 2) Alarm. 3744 W George. No further information.

1:26pm - Switching the radio over to 14 now until 8:37pm.

1:33pm - Prostitution. 3100 block of N Elston. No further information.

1:37pm - The 14th district desk asks for a POD event number for the POD at 2120 N Bingham. The event number is 09213.

1:40pm - Beat car 1412 gets a parker on the beat after lunch.

1:49pm - Assist the citizen. 2817 N Kimball. A citizen needs help getting belongings.

2:03pm - Theft. 1715 N Damen. About to hit the time. Two male Blacks, one wearing a army green camouflage coat, stole stuff.

2:13pm - Traffic accident. North and Elston. 3 car accident.

2:21pm - Parker. 1656 N Western. Car blocking driveway.

2:22pm - Beat 1414 asks for two event numbers. The first one is for the DOC and the second one is for an auto theft mission on the beat. The event number for the DOC is 09921 and the event number for the mission is 09922.

2:23pm - Assist the citizen/domestic disturbance. 1734 N Drake. The wife is trying to take belongings that don't belong to her and the caller wants her out.

3:01pm - Landlord/tenant dispute. 2105 N Sawyer. The landlord isn't fixing the electricity but the caller called back to canceled.

3:09pm - Burglar alarm. 1720 N Winchester. Residental.

3:37pm - Traffic accident. Calforina and Diversey. In front of I-Hop. 2 cars, no injures. One car is wrecked, however.

4:09pm - Beat car 1412 has a station assignment to Diversey and Western then back.

4:10pm - Domestic battery. 1710 W Wabansia. Family member hit the child.

4:11pm - Domestic disturbance. 1740 N Sawyer. Dispute with grandfather.

4:12pm - Parker. 2032 W Homer. Red car blocking the hydrant.

4:15pm - They're calling back on a parker at 1710 W North.

4:22pm - A lady just got O.Ced by a male at 2408 N Kedzie. She needs an ambulance.

4:25pm - Violation order of protection. 2111 W Churchill. Male White with a black coat is violating the order.

4:31pm - Update on the 4:25pm job: The offender is banging on the door.

4:35pm - Suspicious person. 2926 W Belden. A female in a red vehicle has been there since noon.

5:16pm - Auto alarm. 2828 N Sacramento. White car's alarm keeps going off.

5:17pm - Disturbance. 1853 N California. Male drinking in the alley.

5:31pm - Suspicious person. Elston and Leavitt. Three male Blacks, one in a red hoodie, another one in a black hoodie and a third one in a white hoodie were going in and out of the Circuit City and now they're standing by Staples.

5:34pm - Beat 1411 has a traffic stop at 2852 N Kedzie.

5:52pm - Residential alarm. 1646 N Paulina. No further information.

5:53pm, North and Central Park - Beat car 1405 is going in with a TBD.

6:09pm, 2820 N Sacramento - They're calling back.

6:20pm, 2820 N Sacramento - The job is coded out as 19Paul.

6:46pm, XXXX W North - Beat 1405 has a stop. He is running a plate.

6:49pm, Western and North - Traffic accident. No further information.

6:55pm, 2110 N Western - Traffic accident. Beat car 1971, while making a transport, was flagged down for a 2 car traffic accident with no injures.

7:00pm, 2619 N Spaulding - Beat 1032 needs 1412 to make a notification to a family. The son was involved in an accident and is now at Mount Sinal Hospital.

7:03pm, 2577 W Armitage - Commerical alarm. Midwest Cash and Carry. Skylight motion.

7:04pm, Diversey to Belmont on Califorina - Beat car 1411 asks for a gang mission.

7:07pm, 2619 N Spaulding - Beat 1412 made contact and I guess the family will be going to the hospital.

7:16pm, 2536 W Haddon - EMERGENCY on Zone 3. Beat cars 1388Frank and 1389Frank hear a window break from a job.

7:18pm, Armitage and Whipple - Beat 1413 is on a traffic stop, assisting 5583.

7:19pm, 3331 W Palmer - Battery/Assault. A male Black with a jean or khaki jacket was hitting a female Black with a fur jacket in front. When the caller went to help the vitcim, the male chased the caller back into their house and started banging on the door. The vitcim and the male went eastbound and the male was still hitting the vitcim.

7:25pm, Cortland and Richmond - An outdoor is being held per Beat car 1410.

7:28pm - I have to go eat now. I will be back soon.

7:53pm - I'm back from dinner.

7:58pm - Threatening suicide. At the Kedzie/Logan Square Blue Line stop. A male says he's about to jump in front of a train.

8:05pm - Beat 1413 is asking for a call back on the 7:58pm job. Dispatch tells him that it's a bad 911 cell phone.

8:08pm - Parker. 3239 W Barry. Premits.

8:13pm - Beat car 1495 has a traffic stop at 2019 N Damen.

8:20pm - Beat 1412 is writing a tow on a car at 2611 N Drake.

8:21pm - Beat car 1413 codes out the 7:58pm job as a 1Paul. They waited for two trains to come through, they checked the entire station and all persons are accounted for. Now they're doing a premise check of the station. Event number on the check is 15641.

8:22pm - Battery in progress. Armitage and Campbell. Male and female fighting by the warehouse.

8:23pm - Beat 1412 tells dispatch to cancel the tow(s).

8:29pm - Beat car 1412 is doing a mission on the beat.

8:30pm - Person down. Armitage and Stave. Male down on the sidewalk. May be related to the 8:22pm job.

8:32pm - Beat 1424 doesn't see anybody down at Armitage and Stave. Dispatch says Zone 4 kicked the job over to Zone 3 when they didn't find a person down at Armitage and Lincoln. Ambulance 3 is enroute.

8:34pm - Info for the police. At the Kedzie/Logan Squre Blue Line station. Male is threatening to kill three people.

8:36pm - The cell phone number on the 8:34pm job is different from the 7:58pm job.

8:38pm - 1) The cell phone number from the 8:34pm job is hitting off to the 1600 block of N Keystone. 2) The 8:22 and 8:30pm jobs are coded out 19Paul. 3) I'm done covering 14. I'll be back at 10pm to cover 25, but for now, I'm handing the radio to my mom. See you guys in a bit.

10:00pm - I'm back.

10:16pm - Suspicious vehicle. 2962 N Lawndale. A Chevy Malbu has been left running in the rear.

10:19pm - Person down. 2614 N Hamlin. In the alley. Male laying in the snow. EMS is enroute.

10:24pm - The vehicle from the 10:16pm job has moved along.

10:35pm - EMERGENCY on Zone 12. 4465Charlie just had a vehicle take off from them near Chicago and Laramie. The vehicle is heading east. About 30 seconds later, the vehicle was nearing Cicero.

10:36pm - The vehicle is now nearing Konster on Chicago, meaning the whole chase has moved into the 11th district (Zone 10). Back to regular Zone 12.

10:48pm - Parker. 1638 N Harding. Residental, zone, etc.

11:53pm - One of the units had a traffic stop at Schubert and Harding and draws a number for an "1811." The RD is HR182448 with the event number of 18955.

11:58pm - I'm going to go now. I will be back tomorrow morning, everyone. Good night.


Anonymous said...

Does your Mom have her own Crime Blotter? Why does she get the radio?

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

No, she does not have a crime blotter. She gets the radio because she simply likes to listen to it and I'm not really into listening 24/7. Most of the day is fine but I do have to take a break at least once.

Anonymous said...

She doesn't need to listen, she should just read the Avondale and Logan Square Crime Blotter.

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

Well, it's my radio, so if she wants to listen, she can. Besides, I have other things to do than attempt to be a 24/7 blogger for crime in the neighborhood. Don't worry, this problem isn't going to last long. I told her she needs to get her own radio by June because starting June 1, I will be monitoring all day and night besides when I'm in summer school or enjoying the weather.

I hope you do know that this is a CRIME blotter, not a family discussion blog, meaning that anymore comments towards my family will not be published. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

well sorry I was just curious.

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

That's okay, but what you were saying sounded a bit hostile to me.