Sunday, February 1, 2009

Springfield erupts in loud music

Good early morning, everyone, it's 12:11am, meaning that it is now February 1st and I've made it to my 90th post and probably nearing 700 hits on the website. This is a little bit of a milestone to me, considering all things. I'm glad I have had so many hits. That means you guys, as residents of these two neighborhoods, really care about the area. Thank you, everyone! Please continue to make comments and start doing something about the crime. I have the radio all day today, so here is crime for today.

12:05am - Loud music disturbance. 2914 N Springfield. Loud music coming from an apartment.

12:29am - Parker. 1815 N Harding. Premits. Also, this is the last call I'm covering for a few hours while I sleep, so good night to everyone and be safe.

2:16am - I'm back, for a brief moment. Person shot. Palmer and Hamlin. Someone was shot. The person is walking towards Pulaski

2:18am - Update on the 2:16am job. The offenders who shot the person are at Pulaski and Palmer, wearing ski masks.

2:19am - Beat car 2535 says there's alot of people who said they saw/heard nothing. EMS is given a disregard. I'm heading to bed for real now, so good night. If there's anything you know about this incident, email me during the night.

10:42am - I've been back for the last hour now, but it's real quiet. Anyway, some Beat car just on viewed an accident at 3806 W Fullerton.

10:56am - Burglar alarm. 1722 N Pulaski. No further information.

11:01am - I'm going to listen to EMS runs for an hour. I'll be back at noon. If anything happens during the 11am hour, email me, please.

12:01pm - I'm back.

12:37pm - Auto theft. Palmer and Keystone. Male Hispanic is trying to steal a red 4 door Chevy.

12:48pm - I'm going to go for a few minutes. I'll be back.

1:03pm - I'm back.

1:05pm - Check the well being. 2033 N Avers. Female is screaming at the top of her lungs.

1:12pm - A slow down is given at 2033 N Avers.

2:06pm - 1) Traffic accident. Wellington and Davlin. Two car accident. One party is drunk. 2) Reckless driver. 2400 N Pulaski. Male driving recklessly north on Pulaski in a green Honda.

2:15 to 3:40pm - Did not pay attention. Sorry.

4:30pm - I figured that as it got a little warmer, the criminals would come out of the wood work. A flash is given out from a Robbery that just happened at Milwaukee and Ridgeway. A male White with a skin disorder just robbed someone of $300 and implied that he had a weapon. The offender fled north on Ridgeway from Milwaukee. This is per a handwaver. By the way, anybody like the new look on the website?

4:35pm - 1) Check the well being. 2409 N Avers. Caller would like for police to check on somebody at this address because when the caller keeps calling to check on the person, other people answer and say "nasty" things to the caller and now, the caller's worried. 2) Generic. Fullerton and Hamlin. Someone took a boot off of a grey car on the southeast corner.

4:38pm - More on that robbery. It appears the call came out at 16:24 hours (4:24pm), though I didn't hear it. Anyway, the vitcim believes that the offender is in his 20s.

4:49pm - The address on the Avers job is actually 2049 N Avers.

4:58pm - An RD is going to be pulled on the 4:24pm robbery. Evidence Tech has been ordered and Area 5 has been notifed.

5:04pm - Selling somewhere on 2524's beat.

5:16pm - Robbery/Battery. 4001 W Armitage. Caller was beaten and robbed. Taken was a wallet.

5:19pm - Gang or Tac unit 2566Charlie has the vitcim. Taken also was a brown leather jacket. The offenders fled north on Pulaski.

5:28pm - Police/dispatch chatter about the robbery.

5:49pm - Suspicious vehicle. 2329 N Keeler. Black car blocking the garage and yada yada yada. Dispatch is going to code it.

6:13pm - Domestic Battery. 2211 N Keeler. Someone was just beaten up by the husband.

6:56pm - Gang disturbance. Fullerton and Hamlin. Gang members representing.

7:05pm - EMS run. 3121 N Milwaukee. At the Red Apple. Male fell down. Not sure what happened to him.

7:07pm - I have to go eat now.

7:15pm - Kidnapping report. 3715 W Shakespeare. The 12 yr old was kidnapped by mom.

7:23pm - While heading to their 7:15pm job, Beat car 2546 on views a disturbance aboard a CTA bus at Fullerton and Pulaski.

7:26pm - I'm back from eating and the bus disturbance is a 6Paul.

7:29pm - A Spainish speaker is needed at the 7:15pm job.

7:31pm - Burglary in progress. 2414 N Lawndale. Someone is breaking into the basement.

7:34pm - Check the well being. 2000 block of N Kedvale. Person a bad cell phone is requested police. Caller is not a good English speaker.

7:35pm - I have to go now. Good night, everyone, and be safe!

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