Friday, February 20, 2009

Hit and run accident at Hamlin and Schubert

Good afternoon, everyone, it's 4:39pm. School was rather active today, but that's not too surprising. Anyway, here is crime for this afternoon/evening.

4:34pm - Traffic accident. Hamlin and Schubert. Hit and run.

4:49pm - Child left alone. 3845 W Altgeld. A 9 yr old is crying that they, the brother and nephew have been left alone. The caller doesn't know what to do and the dispatcher's supervisor will stay on the phone with the child until police arrive.

4:52pm - Update on the 4:49pm job. The kid can't come down, so they have to be let in via the bell.

5:01pm - The 14th district needs a couple of cars from 25 to help out with some jobs due to an incident that occurred.

5:04pm - The 5:01pm thing is a hostage situation. They just want some cars to help out with jobs as all the cars in 14 are down on the hostage situation.

5:23pm - Beat car 2524 has a traffic stop at 2742 N Harding.

5:29pm - Beat 2524 asks for an event number from that stop. It's 13196.

5:38pm - Violation order of protection. Also coming in as a domestic. 3725 W Wabansia. The cousin who has an order of protection against him is banging on the door.

6:00pm - Parker. 24XX N Tripp. No further information.

6:02pm - DUI driver. Diversey and Konster. A Sliver Altma has a drunk driver.

6:18pm - Suspicious vehicle. George and Avers. A Mercury has been sitting on the northwest corner for 2 weeks now and gang members are buying drugs from it.

6:25pm - Beat car 2524 has a traffic stop at Diversey and Pulaski.

6:28pm - Beat 2524's person has no wants or warrants.

6:34pm - Beat car 2525 asks for a call back on the 6:00pm job.

6:37pm - The 6:00pm job caller is coming out.

6:46pm - Child left alone. Koz Park. Two female kids, aged 5-6, are in the park by theirselves.

6:48pm - I have to go eat now. I'll be back soon.

7:11pm - I'm back from dinner.

7:18pm - Parker. 2758 N Monticello. Green car parked on driveway.

7:29pm - Panick alarm. 3912 W McLean. Class bending. Keypad motion going off.

7:37pm - Gang disturbance. George and Avers. No further information.

7:42pm - Gang or Tac unit 2562David needs to head over to Kelvyn Park High School because a student has marijuana.

7:58pm - The 7:37pm job is coded out 5Boy.

7:59pm - They're calling back on the 7:18pm job.

8:05pm - I know this is way out of the coverage area, but there's a serious traffic accident at 11 S Austin. There's fighting going on, EMS has been called to the scene, car smoking, etc.

8:10pm - Oak Park PD is on scene at 11 S Austin. There is no fighting going on.

8:23pm - Beat car 4465 says 4460Boy has a 10-1 at 1718 N Karlov in the east alley. It was heard via Citywide 1 (frequency 460.175). Units are rushing to the scene.

8:24pm - Beat 2530 says he's on scene.

8:25pm - Multiple slow downs are given at the 10-1.

8:27pm - There's a request for a supervisor over at the 10-1.

8:28pm - A total disregard is given at the 10-1.

8:35pm - Police/dispatch chatter regarding the 10-1.

8:44pm - Alarm. 3955 W Belmont. No further information.

8:45pm - Police/dispatch chatter about the 11 S Austin traffic accident. The RD number is HR180824 with the event of 16231.

9:03pm - EMERGENCY on Zone 12. Foot pursuit. Washington and Lotus. Male is running from police.

9:04pm - A slow down is given since the offender is in custody.

9:19pm - Reckless driver. Armitage and Pulaski. Gang members in a white Nissan flashing signs and driving recklessly. Heading south, towards Cortland.

9:33pm - 1) The 8:44pm job is coded out 14Nora. 2) Beat car 2523 asks to be held down on an anti-violence mission from 3700 to 3900 on W George.

9:50pm - Gang disturbance. North and Avers. Gang members in a bagde car doing gang signs.

10:00pm hour - Fell asleep. Sorry. Will get this time period tomorrow.

11:31pm - 1) Disturbance. Harding and Wabansia. 2) Disturbance. 1658 N Harding. 3) Burglar report. 2109 N Pulaski. 4) There were some other things, but I didn't get to copy them.

11:35pm - Beat 6759George needs another gang car at Harding and Wabansia.

11:37pm - Check the well being. 3080 N Milwaukee. 55 yr old female is laying down at the bus stop. EMS is not enroute.

11:46pm - Disturbance. Couple of calls. 2615 and 2616 N Ridgeway. Loud music and people
yelling can be heard.

11:50pm - EMERGENCY on Zone 12. A car just took off on a 15th district unit at 320 N Pine. A red SUV was speeding southbound towards West End. There are 4 to 5 occupants in the car.

11:51 to 11:55pm - Police/dispatch chatter about the Pine thing.

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