Monday, February 2, 2009

My observations on school

Hey, everyone, this week has been average.

January 26: On Monday, things were a bit hectic. I'm not talking about the usual noisy kids. I'm talking about things like one of my classmates from the classroom suffering a real bad seizure (it was so bad that they had to go to the hospital). Then there were the schedule changes that got me a bit messed up. I have all the same classes that I had before but in my 7th period class, I had four more students from my classroom join me and another aide, so that class got crowded (it can only fit up to about 10 to 12 people). I'll get used to it after a while.

January 27: On Tuesday, things were rather calm, other then a few times of loudness. In some positive news, kids in my English class were eager to learn about Shakespeare's play of "Romeo and Juliet". Some of them even acted out a scene from the movie. Also, the school store opened up today, but Joe Moore was NOT at the opening. In fact, not a lot of people were (I wasn't due to having a class at the time).

January 28: There are no observations for this day because I was not in school due to personal family business.

January 29: On Thursday, my class and I played a game against Uplift High School. We won 52 to 50. It was a nice game. Some kids from the other classes were also allowed in to watch the game and they cheered us on. Also, today was very calm. I only saw what I think was one altercation. Nothing else happened (other then kids heading to class and talking to each other).

January 30: On Friday, things got a bit crazy in the afternoon. The morning was calm, so I will not comment on that. Anyway, in the afternoon, when I went to Algebra class, a few kids were late to class, so they got written up for it. One kid took it way too seriously and started cussing out the teacher (pretty sure that was added on to the write up). The kid also made mention of my four peers (and myself) in the class in a very uncalled for way. The student complained that he was stuck in the room with "a bunch of Special Ed [a-word] kids,". I found that to be very insulting and let several people know of my anger towards it. Also, a bunch of cops showed up around 2:25pm. Word has it that a fight may have broke out. That would've been the second fight of the day since I heard there was a scuffle in one of the hallways at noon.

February 2: On Monday, things got real wild at about noon. It was pretty calm in the morning (other then the here and there arguments), so no comments on that. But anyway, during my lunch, some guy threw stuff at another guy, which caused the first guy to get mad and argue with the guy who threw the stuff at him, which came to them getting in each other faces, then guy 2 threw milk at guy 1 then the fight broke out. The whole lunchroom stood up and started chanting stuff and looking on in excitement. Security and police quickly broke up the fight. It is believed that both guys were arrested. Other than that, nothing else really happened.

- Thanks,
Avondale/Logan Square Crime Blotter

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