Sunday, October 25, 2009

Shooting In 2100 Block Of Lawndale

Yet another shooting occurred in Logan Square. That's not unusual these days, right? Nope. Anyway, a male was shot in the buttocks at about Lawndale and Shakespeare. At about 1:45am this morning. Here is what Chicago Breaking News said.

Seems we're gun happy in Logan Square, aren't we? I think so, with all of these shootings lately. But this one I'm not too surprised about. I'm not really surprised because that area is almost all Section 8. While I'm not saying everyone living in Section 8 is bad (and quite frankly the good people hate living with these bad people I'm sure), there is LOTS of trouble that comes with it. And that whole area of Armitage-Hamlin-Palmer-Central Park is just about all Section 8 so this was bound to happen soon, in my opinion.

I think it's time officers stepped up patrol in that corridor. What do you think? Comments or questions can be sent to either here or my email address.

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Alex said...


The intersection of Dickens and Lawndale is absolutely a train wreck. As for my little corner of the suck, there are some good folks over here. Yesterday about 12 of us got together and boarded up a crack house on the 3700 blk. of McClean. I talked to the officers on site last night, and they believe he is a cobra. Of course all the witnesses could say was, "I don know". The major problem on that corner is the building at 2105-7 N. Lawndale. If you have a source on beat 2525 ask about the Singleton house. All the cops know it. Keep up the good job.


AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

Hi Alex. I definately would say that corner is a train wreck, judging from all the 911 calls that come in for that area. There are so many problems that it reminds me of some of the southwestern parts of our district (which covers Austin, one of the roughest neighborhoods in the entire city).

I am glad to hear that you guys boarded up that house. One less problem for that area. Also, I'm glad that the 3700 block of W McLean has seemed to calmed down over the last few months. At this time last year, it was simliar to the Lawndale and Dickens situation. But it seems to have really cooled off over there.

But now it seems all of the problems have moved to the corner of Dickens and Lanwndale, and the 3600 block of W Shakespeare.

I definately know that 2107 Lawndale is a major problem. 911 calls are made at this address just about everyday, and sometimes even twice a day.

Unfortunely, I do not have a source on Beat 2525. But I would really like to know more about the Singleton house.

As for this guy being a Cobra, well ... no surprise. It's just gotten to the point here where I feel everyone getting shot is a gang member lately. And as for the witnesses, due to it being real bad down there in that area, are probably either afraid to, or they're under the "Don't Snitch" code.

Thanks for your comment.