Sunday, October 18, 2009

Loud Party on Avers

Good morning, everyone, it's 12:00am. Today is finally going to be a little warmer with some sun. That is good. Anyway, I'll be here until dinner, so here is crime for today.

12:01am - Disturbance. 3034 N Avers. Loud party on the 2. With that, I'm done blogging for tonight. Good night, everyone.

9:30am - I'm back. Good morning.

10:00am - Parker. 4200 W Fullerton and 3607 W Diversey.

10:11am - Disturbance. 2814 N Lawndale. Landlord making loud noises.

10:58am - Parker. 3137 N Harding. Chevy Blazer blocking the alley.

11:01am - Person calling for help. 3607 W Fullerton. At Tony's.

11:13am - They're calling back on the 10:11am job.

12:24pm - They're calling back for a third time at 2814 N Lawndale.

12:35pm - Theft. 2020 N Hamlin. Someone took over $1000 off the credit card.

1:08pm - A flash from Zone 3 is given out on Zone 12's air. Wanted for stealing a man's bike at 2800 N Troy is two male Hispanics, one with a yellow hat, and another who is about 5'7 to 5'8 and faded jeans. They went westbound. 1414 suspects they came into 25.

1:15pm - Beat car 2525 asks for a call back at the 12:35pm job.

1:25pm - They're calling for a fourth time on Lawndale. 2523 says there's nothing more he can do for the complainant.

1:29pm - Battery in progress. Palmer and Pulaski. Male beating a female in a black SUV just north of the intersection.

1:31pm - A slow down is being given at the 1:29pm job.

1:45pm - Burglar alarm. 3142 N Lowell.

2:13pm - Now the lady at 2814 N Lawndale claims the landlord threatened her. She's intoxicated.

2:20pm - 2814 N Lawndale is being coded 19P. The woman is told not to call again. Dispatch is told to send the wagon if she calls again to lock her up.

2:29pm - Parker. 4426 W Parker. Premits.

3:23pm - Battery in progress. 2525 N Hamlin. Two males fist fighting.

3:24pm - A slow down is being given on the 3:23pm job. This job is related to a traffic accident that hasn't been assigned yet. The car crashed into a mother's car.

3:25pm - The Battery part of the 3:23pm job is 19P.

4:44pm - Gang disturbance. On 2525's Beat.

5:07pm - A unit had a handwaver at Belmont and Ridgeway regarding an older model black Jeep that pulled out a gun on the person at Belmont and Monticello. There are three offenders. They're male Hispanics.

5:34pm - Battery in progress. 2144 N Karlov.

5:49pm - Battery in progress. 2830 N Lawndale. Mentally challenged 16 yr old daughter is getting attacked by a 13 yr old in front. I think the "mentally challenged" girl may be the gangbanger who lives with her father over there. There's history at this address involving gangs.

6:06pm - The 5:49pm job is being coded out for now. They'll call back later for a report. They need some more information.

6:08pm - Domestic Battery. Konster and Wrightwood. Complainant was hit in the back and hand by the girlfriend.

6:12pm - 1) Selling on 2525's Beat. 2) Loud music disturbance. 2517 N Hamlin.

6:23pm - 1) Battery in progress. 2122 N Avers. 20 people fighting. 2) EMS run. Wabansia and Springfield. Male overdosing on the street.

6:28pm - The Avers fight is coded 19P. Nobody's fighting.

6:44pm - Disturbance. Lawndale and Schubert. 15 yr old male on a scooter riding up and down the sidewalk.

6:56pm - I'm going to go. I'll be back tomorrow. Good night, everyone.

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