Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Barking Dog On Hamlin

Good afternoon, everyone, it's 4:26pm. I'm glad to be home. A big brawl broke out at school today, therefore it was crazy. Anyway, I'm heading to my Beat meeting tomorrow night, so I am not too sure if there will be a post tomorrow. We'll see. So, here is crime for this afternoon and evening.

4:42pm - Barking dog. 2646 N Hamlin.

4:57pm - Gang disturbance. 2438 N Tripp. 10 loitering.

5:07pm - Vandalism. 2525 N Ridgeway. Male Black in all black tagging.

5:12pm - A girl from Ames Middle School, 1920 N. Hamlin, has gone missing. She is 4'2, 90 lbs and has a pink Tinkerbelle backpack. She was supposed to come home after school and hasn't been seen since school by the parent. There was a further description but I did not catch it.

5:17pm - Suspicious vehicle. 3969 W Barry. 1980's Ford, maroon in color, has a broken window and it's been sitting in the alley for the last few days.

5:40 to 6:38pm - I wasn't paying attention. Sorry.

6:49pm - I have to go eat. I'll be back soon.

8:36pm - I'm sorry I never came back tonight. I got caught up having some fun with a friend of mine. And I have to go to sleep. I may be back tomorrow. Good night, everyone.

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