Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Theft At Aidi's On Wrightwood

Good afternoon, everyone, it's 4:32pm. Today was an ok day. I'm glad to be home. Anyway, today is another rainy and cold day. Here is crime for this afternoon and evening.

4:47pm - Theft. Tripp and Altgeld. White Chrysler with a plate of 976064 stole some stuff. They're also calling at 4030 W. Wrightwood, at Aidi's.

4:51pm - Reckless driver. Somewhere on Milwaukee within 25.

4:52pm - Beat 2590 is asking for a call back over on the 4:47pm job. Update, at 4:54pm - The caller is not involved. They just witnessed it. It happened at Aidi's.

5:00pm - Police/Dispatch chatter about the 4:47pm job.

5:20pm - Gang disturbance. Lawndale and Wrightwood. 5 or 6 of them flashing signs and throwing bricks.

5:55pm - Beat car 2524 was flagged down at Konster and Altgeld.

5:57pm - Domestic disturbance. 2312 N Springfield. 14 yr old fighting the entire family.

6:12pm - The 5:57pm kid is being removed from the house.

6:30pm - I have to go eat. I'll be back.

7:00pm - I'm back.

7:17pm - Battery. 3121 N Milwaukee. Complainant was attacked by another male.

7:18pm - A Gang or Tac unit has six on the hood at 3640 W Shakespeare. They need a car with a working PDT.

7:47pm - Suspicious person. 4004 W Wellington. Male White flashing a flashlight into the complainant's apartment.

7:55pm - Person w/ a gun. 3631 W Dickens. Male Hispanic with a red hoodie has a gun.

8:01pm - I have to go. Good night everybody. By the way, the 7:55pm job is 19P.

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