Friday, October 9, 2009

Disturbance On Scene Of An Accident

Good afternoon, everyone, it's 5:06pm. School was again kind of crazy. Anyway, I'm attending the Homecoming Dance at the school which goes 7-10pm. I'll be leaving around 6 and getting back around 10:30 or 11pm. I can't wait to go. So I'll just be here for about 45 minutes or so. Also, tomorrow, I'm mointoring 17. Here is crime for this afternoon, and maybe evening.

5:36pm - Traffic accident. 3159 N Pulaski. A Grey Chevy Monte Carlo with a plate of 95572470 rear-ended the complainant's car. The driver of the Monte Carlo is uncooperative.

5:55pm - I'm going now. I'll see you guys either later or tomorrow (have a good night in that case).


Anonymous said...

Hello, I live in Logan Square and I was wondering if you knew anything about a shooting that occured on Lyndale just west of Campbell early this morning (October 9th) at around 6:30. It woak me up and this morning there were cop cars everywhere at some house on Lyndale and I'm wondering what went on but I can't find anything online about it. Thanks for the site, it's really interesting!

Anonymous said...

hope you had fun at the dance! : )

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

Anonymous 10:35, I didn't hear anything about it. I'll make a post, however.

Anonymous 10:54, I had lots of fun. My legs are still a bit sore from last night.