Saturday, October 17, 2009

Downer Gets Moved on Milwaukee

Good evening, everyone, it's 7:30pm. Today's been a good day for me. Anyway, there's been reports of fights breaking out on Milwaukee (Belmont to Central Park) within the last 30 to 45 minutes. I'll monitor that. So, here's crime for tonight.

7:32pm - Beat 2542 asks Dispatch if there's a call of a person down at 3028 N Milwaukee. If there is, it can be coded out. The person was moved along.

7:49pm - Check the well being. 3850 W North. Guy out of breath is requesting police.

7:51pm - Battery in progress. 3900 block of W Dickens. 4 male and 4 female teens throwing bottles at each other.

8:02pm - Violation order of protection. 4323 W Schubert. Offender was on scene 30 minutes ago but is gone. Complainant wants a report.

8:14pm - Battery in progress. 3094 N Milwaukee. It's got some time on it, but two guys are fighting with sticks.

8:24pm - The 7:51pm job is coded. Nobody's there. It was assigned at 8:15, so of course.

8:30pm - Parkers. On 2523's Beat. Also, there's a disturbance on 2524's Beat.

8:31pm - An RD number has been pulled from the 8:02pm job. It's HR593628 with the event number of 15178.

8:39pm - Beat 4517 wants his units to meet him at Fullerton and Central Park.

8:43pm - Check the well being. 3635 W Dickens. 75 yr old father lives in an apartment at this location and hasn't been heard from. Complainant, obviously, lives at a different location.

8:47pm - A unit has a stop somewhere on Ridgeway.

9:33pm - Beat 4519Boy has a traffic stop at Armitage and Central Park.

9:41pm - Beat 4519B is at Wabansia and Central Park asking for a Spanish speaker.

9:46pm - A unit has a stop in the alley of 3760 W Fullerton.

9:54pm - EMS run. 3143 N Milwaukee. Female having trouble breathing in front of a restaurant (I think it may be Taco Bell, but the address of Taco Bell is 3163).

9:57pm - Beat 4519Charlie has a traffic stop at McLean and Lawndale.

10:10pm - Attempted Burglary(?). 1640 N Harding. Someone attempted to get into the building. Complainant was called about this at work.

10:38pm - Disturbance. 2954 N Hamlin. Males walking in the street towards Wellington.

10:49pm - A 4519 unit has a stop at 3631 W Armitage.

11:08pm - Beat 4519Eddie has a stop at 3800 W Armitage.

11:49pm - Parker. 4449 W Altgeld. Couple of calls for a Nissan violating premits.

11:56pm - A unit has two curfews at Armitage and Central Park.

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