Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Gunshots Ring Out On Ridgeway Last Night

Good morning, everyone. There was a shoot-out on Ridgeway last night at about 11:30pm. I had front row seating to it. I was awoken by 3 to 4 gunshots in front of the house. My mom was still up. She was about to call 911 but she didn't have to. An unmarked unit sped down here with lights and sirens, following a car that sped off at top speed. They came out of the alley then proceeded north.

The scanner was turned on this point. Beat 2561Charlie was in pursuit of this car. They on-viewed the Shots Fired by this car. The people in this car were gangbangers, shooting at another car with more gangbangers in it. The offenders drove the car up to 3130 North Davlin Court to where they bailed on foot. Officers gave chase, to no avail.

A few minutes, they returned later to my block, with flashlights. They were investigating. Within minutes, they found what they were looking for. There was a gun hidden in the bushes a few doors down from where I reside. Obviously, as the offenders drove by, they threw the gun out the car.

It's not known if anybody was shot, or if there were shell casings found, but there was in fact a shooting last night.

This is probably from a gang war that has probably erupted within the local area. I knew I should've call 911 earlier in the day when I saw a group of rowdy kids up the street from me. They're just kids, but it's gotten to the point around here where you need to call the police on anyone or anything. I encourage all residents to take part and ATTEND YOUR BEAT MEETINGS, CALL 911 WHEN NEEDED, PICK UP TRASH, ETC. The police can't do this by theirselves anymore. They need our help. I will definately help them out. Anybody want to join?

Comments or questions? Send them here, or to my email address.

Thank you and have a nice day,

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Lisa said...

Hopefully they can use prints on the gun and car to catch these guys. Keep us posted...

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

I think that'll happen, Lisa. I saw a detective out here and the Evidence Tech putting the gun in a handbag and they took some photos of it. Scanner reports had officers taking it to Area 5 for investigation.

Natalia said...

I heard it to as I was falling asleep. How scary. I will try to attend our caps meeting. Its the 28th at the copernicus center or did they change the place?

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

Natalia, you're right, it was scary. The meeting is on the 28th and it's still over at Copernicus. The vote will be held this month whether to move it or not.